32 Captivating Kitchen Skylight Over The Island


Kitchen Skylight Over The Island

The kitchen skylight over the island is a new analogy for the attic room skylight and the Peter Pan story. It usually entails reaching for the stars, daydreaming, enjoying the sunshine, taking a deep breath, and getting away from one’s daily routine.

Look through my favorite photographs that I have hand-picked just for you. Enjoy a breathable kitchen for your comfort.

Natural Light Bright Space Vaulted Ceiling Large Skylights Benefits Stylish

Photo Credit | Surfaces USA

In kitchen remodeling, the great way to show the beauty of one kitchen element is by using the “less is more” style: Countertop and island top are both mitered. Both countertop, island top, and full-height backsplash are all made of the same quartz slab. The skylights above the kitchen island brighten all over the kitchen and help focus on the island’s beauty. 

Kitchen Island Fresh Air Wall Space Roof Windows Interior Design

Photo Credit | Roundhouse

Tudor house kitchen with skylights embellished with mitered counters. The kitchen island countertop and full-height backsplash are marble look engineered slabs. The countertop is stainless steel. The two-tone blue cabinets and cherry wood accent on the kitchen island show that the kitchen is transitional style. 

Just The Kitchen Dining Space Bring Natural Light Installation Lit Flood

Photo Credit | Kitchens By Holloways

What is the best way to show the white island top? Using the contrast colors in the kitchen like black and dark navy blue cabinets and some daylight from the top. This is a great idea for kitchen skylights. The cabinet paint colors are Behr Black Smoke and Behr Navy Matte.

Dining Room Storage Space Skylight Pulls Additional Light Room House

Photo Credit | Houzz

The skylights can be placed over the busiest countertop or the eat-in kitchen island in a kitchen. This kitchen has plenty of natural light and bright orbital planets of glass bowl pendants.

Dining Area White Cabinets Artificial Light Modern Kitchen Space Elegant

Photo Credit | A2studio

Magic trio (black, white, and natural wood) is in a contemporary kitchen. Extended kitchen island top for extra leg room, waterfall edge, full height backsplash, tree-toned cabinets, skylights, and natural light are envying.

Gorgeous Kitchen More Light Dining Space Fresh Air Style Daylight Walls

Photo Credit | Luci.D Interiors

The ultra-modern beach house kitchen with ultramodern kitchen design elements: Backlit onyx with mitered edge island top, mirrored full-height backsplash, stainless steel appliances, cathedral ceiling, and three skylights windows create almost a virtual kitchen space in virtual reality.

Sloped Ceilings Chic Kitchen Skylight Room Glass Create Blue

Photo Credit | Lauren Smyth

Tudor house kitchen design with a minimalist approach. The three skylights, kitchen windows, open layout concept, and white countertops are reminding of the free space. It is all designed for relaxation and happiness.

Union Studio Beautiful White Kitchen Area Lighting Main Source

Photo Credit | Chisholm Design

Two-tone cabinetry, white counters, large format travertine floor tiles, and clearstory skylight windows in a transitional kitchen in a Tudor house design. Placid and peaceful!

Two Large Skylights Bright Rooms Features Kitchen Wood Beams Brown Granite Countertops

Photo Credit | Houzz

Rustic kitchen with a partition wall, baltic brown countertops, high ceiling beams, and a roof light. This kitchen invites everyone to live an epic life. 

Beautiful Kitchens Windows Light Ceiling Sunlight Drawers Sink

Photo Credit | Union Studio

A veneer brick wall and contemporary design come in a package with a divided skylight and black and white large pendants. It is a real pampering in remodeling.

Kitchen Flooring Heat Marble Countertops Flat Handy Illuminated Paint

Photo Credit | Lydia Maskiell Interiors

How to best display an oversized island while you entertain your guests at a wine party? The answer is smartly hidden in the design: Tugging the stools under the island and spotting the island top with the skylight and chandelier.

Modern Kitchen Island Natural Light Sloped Ceilings Dining Area Benefits Heat

Photo Credit | Aine Sweeney

Open layout two-tone kitchen design in a chalet house with supporting high beams and clearstory skylights welcome the sunshine generously. 

Kitchen Island Skylight Window Blue Walls Daylight Benefits Space

Photo Credit | Humphrey Munson

Pyramid-shaped skylight in a craftsmanship kitchen design. I bet the cook has the best working place and never complains about the job. If the cook gets bored, looking around is a great pleasure.

Natural Light Kitchen Skylight Room Space Roof Glass House

Photo Credit | The Holland Companies

The white kitchen with skylight looks elegant and bold by installing mitered edge countertops and one dominant element; Quartz slab… Inspirational design!

Natural Light Kitchen Island Room Light Roof Skylights Lit Stylish

Photo Credit | Morrison Interiors

The custom home has a custom kitchen with an interior trim skylight. The crown molding skylight frames pair with the white wall cabinets’ crown molding. Every little detail makes your environment beautiful.

Full Natural Light Fresh Air Interior Design Skylights Glass Ceiling House Windows

Photo Credit | JLF & Associates, Inc

The eclectic kitchen with a pyramid hip roof light inspires me to model many more storm and wind-resistant single homes that allow ventilation. Hats off design combining interior and architecture in the same picture!

Skylights Ceiling Room Roof Glass Windows Wall

Photo Credit | Vin de Garde Wine Cellars Inc

Contemporary kitchen design with meticulously calculated roof windows: Both windows are designed to spread daylight on each countertop. The glossy taupe cabinets will help to double the lights by having the best reflection. 

Natural Light Skylights Room Space Windows Lighting Style Kitchen Cabinets Storage

Photo Credit | Anders Lasater Architects

The coastal kitchen in white is charming. I admire the ship’s plank ceilings and skylights.

Beautiful Kitchens Ceiling Room Skylights Modern

Photo Credit | Fairly Modern

Two-tone contemporary kitchen with Cambria Skara Brae slabs and square roof window. Mind-blowing design!

Skylights Light Space Ceiling Roof Miter Edge Waterfall Island Kitchen Installation Skylight

Photo Credit | Urban Angles

The feature of this handleless kitchen is above my limits: Glossy white cabinetry, elevated ceilings, mitered edge countertops, waterfall edge island top, stainless steel appliance, mirrored backsplash, high beam ceilings, shiplap ceiling planks, and a skylight will be a dream for every homeowner. 

Kitchen Skylights Modern Skylight House Bright Room Gray Cabinets Pendant Light

Photo Credit | Lewis Alderson & Co

Gorgeous open layout concept in eclectic design! Inspirational styles are southern design, Victorian design, French country design, and Boho design. The two big bonuses are the high ceiling in the kitchen and the dimmable remote control roof light. 

Kitchen Ceiling Skylight Space Window Skylights Pendant Light Breakfast Nook Blue Island Cabinets

Photo Credit | Natural Angle

Craftsman kitchen design in a Tudor house. In the Tudor house style, the high ceilings provide a voluminous perspective and the feeling of a breathable environment. This idea strengthens from head to toe in kitchen design by using the two skylight windows, large format porcelain tiles, u-shaped breakfast nooks, and glass door cabinetry. Take a deep breath and enjoy the homey life.

Kitchen Space Skylight Room Shelves Waterfall Edge Island Style Large Porcelain Tiles Flooring Skylights

Photo Credit | Houzz

Waterfall edge marble look kitchen island top, handleless base cabinets, integrated refrigerator, built-in oven, and microwave are all space-saving in this kitchen. The mess-free-looking contemporary kitchen design is crowned by extra sunlight with the skylight windows and easy-to-clean large-format marble tiles.

Modern Kitchen Skylights Room Waterfall Edge Island Over Skylight Wall Installation Heat

Photo Credit | Michael Downes – UA Creative

The contemporary white kitchen design is admirable! The mitered edge waterfall edge kitchen island top looks like floating since the mirrored base is used. The island base mirror is paired with the backsplash mirror. The feeling of 5D eternity surrounds the homeowners and guests very quickly. Kitchen skylights, mirrored kitchen pendants, large format porcelain tiles, and handleless cabinets are the parts of the dimensional powers. 

Kitchen Modern Skylight Room Lighting Wood Ceilings Skylights Marble Backsplash White Countertops

Photo Credit | MMAD Architecture

Patterned Dekton Vera island base and Dekton Vera backsplash go well with Uyuni Dekton countertops in a white kitchen. It seems like a show of a natural monument under the skylight window and through the kitchen window. 

Bright Kitchen Skylight Features Shelves Black Cabinets Sunlight Skylights Travertine Floor Tiles

Photo Credit | deVOL Kitchens

One of my favorite kitchen designs is tropical. The hip roof with a roof light is my personal choice. Inserting the tuxedo kitchen design into the tropical kitchen design yields an exceptional turnout. Metal legs on the live edge table are a bonus.

Kitchen Ceiling Window Skylights Over Island Heat Skylight Subway Backsplash White Cabinets

Photo Credit | Houzz

White transitional kitchen design in a Tudor house. I admit the artisan labor on cathedral ceilings, wooden window shutters, and two large skylight windows.

Skylight Room Kitchen Wood Post Window Skylights Black Cabinet Bar Stools

Photo Credit | Fine-Fitted Interiors

Scandinavian-style angle ceiling and modern farmhouse kitchen design rock. Hit two birds with one stone. The skylight windows have access to ventilation and easy cleaning. 

Modern Ranch Style Kitchen Skylights Wood Skylight Windows Light

Photo Credit | Urbana Design Studio

Clearstory skylight in a sustainable kitchen design. Enlightened purity in contemporary kitchen concept: White countertops, handleless white glossy finish wall cabinets, birch base cabinets, mitered edge kitchen island top, stainless steel appliances, and two large roof lights are part of the puzzles.

Natural Light Fresh Air Kitchen Island Room Skylight Window Example

Photo Credit | Lydia Maskiell Interiors

Shining kitchen design includes not only a roof light and kitchen windows but also a custom-made fish skin gold backsplash with white trim. Captivating design.

Contemporary Kitchen Skylights Rooms Pendant Light Skylight Heat Glass

Photo Credit | AM Kitchen & Bath

The sea sparkle effect in the kitchen is a rare gem! The daylight and pendant light are used right, the countertops are finely picked, and the color combinations are meticulously fit. Thumbs up for the kitchen design!

Modern Kitchen Skylights Wood Mosaic Tile Backsplash Skylight Over Island Cambria Countertops

Photo Credit | Kala Performance Homes

Kitchen makeover with skylight and stainless steel island range hood. Envying.

Dining Space With Natural Light

The size of skylights is regulated in the United States. According to the Department of Energy website, the size of a skylight should never be more than 5% of the floor area in rooms with many windows and no more than 15% of the total floor area in rooms with few windows. The second restriction applies to the skylight slope: It must equal the home’s geographical latitude plus 5 -15 degrees.
Interior designers can work with custom skylight companies to create many skylight shapes to match the homeowner’s specifications. 
When installing skylights, there are two shapes to consider.
Installation of kitchen skylights on a flat roof: These skylights have square and rectangular shapes. Furthermore, it does not imply that it is round. The most common three-dimensional skylight installation options are a hip roof, dome, and rectangular pyramid.

Dining Room With Vaulted Ceiling

Before discussing kitchen styles, the significance of house style for a skylight can be determined. The most practical house styles are the tropical house with a hip roof, the Tudor house style, the Chalet house style, and the Scandinavian house style; additionally, the kitchen styles that complement skylight ideas.

Kitchen Skylight Over Island Design Ideas

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