28 Illuminated Custom Kitchen Backlit Countertop Lighting

Kitchen Backlit Countertop Lighting

What is kitchen backlit countertop lighting ideas for remodeling purpose do so? The mystery and unknown accelerate the curiosity and motivation. Today I would like to introduce you to extraordinary lighting by using the semi-transparent material in kitchen remodeling and kitchen design which takes everyone’s attention at first sight.  

Led Panels Led Light Translucent Material Led Lights Backlighting Surface Hot Spots Panel Onyx Stone Countertops Backlight Save Custom Materials

Photo Credit | SLABlite, Inc

Admiring wet bar remodeling with honey onyx countertop and backlit under. The homeowner would like to give a fresh look to the dark cabinet, three-dimension backsplash, and glass open shelves wet bar new look by replacing the old granite countertop. The best pick comes with honey onyx.

Illumination Support Surfaces Acrylic Space Design System Power Edge Strips Stones Evenly Company Features Match Free Marble Slab Cristallo Hours Installed Example

Photo Credit | Presidio Tile, LLC

Custom-made thick porcelain slab in an eclectic kitchen. The kitchen backlit countertop idea gets richer with this porcelain slab. 

Panels Lighting Panel Translucent Stone Material Best Backlighting Hot Spots Countertop Led

Photo Credit | YK Stone Center Inc

Ultra-modern wet bar design with the two-tone countertop, custom made, red porcelain matchstick backsplash, milky white onyx wet bar top with backlit and wall panel. The red backsplash makes an analogy with red coral reefs under the Red Sea. Very unique look design. 

Led Panels Translucent Material Light Stone Material Backlit Backlight Save Custom Materials Countertop Installation Lights Solution Counter Kitchen Install

Photo Credit | Tutto Interiors

Two-tone cabinets, contemporary kitchen with raised breakfast bar. The raised breakfast bar is made out of perforated thick stained glass and the backlit is used under. Soothing and relaxing design.

Quartz Acrylic Lit Countertop Stone Installation Illuminate Space Quartz Design System Edge Features Slab

Photo Credit | Craig O’Connell Architecture

Backlit marble onyx is used as a countertop and full high backsplash in a mirror image kitchen. The center high beam on the ceiling and faucet and sides are glass shelf glass door cabinets. Inside the cabinet lighting matches with the backlit and the kitchen seems so charming.

Even Like Best Color Counter Glass Quartzite Surfaces Natural Solution Quartzite Installation Project Leds Save Custom Backlight Material Translucent Countertops

Photo Credit | SLABlite, Inc

Lovely gray onyx! One of my favorite onyxes shows its beauty. Kitchen backlit counter lighting design rocks. 

Led Panels Light Backlighting Surface Lighting Countertop Translucent Material Project

Photo Credit | SLABlite, Inc

You may blame me for using this picture not being related to kitchen design but I really admire the backlit onyx full high backsplash, floating bath bench, and floating vanity. Even the blue under the bench under the vanity lighting has the best contrast with the soft yellow light beams. Imagine that you will have light taupe color kitchen floating cabinets and kitchen backlit countertops by adding yellow onyx and blue lighting under the base cabinets. Would it not be wonderful? 

Led Panels Led Light Backlighting Surface Lighting Panel Countertop Even Source Color Support

Photo Credit | Sheppard’s Countertops

Modern Mona Lisa in abstract form in the kitchen island base. A very placid backlit miter folded quartzite project with soft daylight background.

Led Panels Surface Lighting Panel Even Like Custom Save Materials Backlight Material Translucent

Photo Credit | 186 Lighting Design Group

Stunning yellow onyx backlit marble island base balance with soft light gray cabinets and gray countertop and dark finish walnut hardwood flooring.

Led Panels Surface Backlighting Lighting Material Custom Materials Installation Solution Counter Kitchen

Photo Credit | StyleHaus Interiors

A breathtaking u shaped open layout kitchen design with waterfall edge base cabinets. Kitchen backlit countertop lighting meets with natural lighting.

Surface Light Panels Led Lighting Panel Materials Counter Support Color Best Like Even

Photo Credit |  M2 Design Group

Two-tone cabinets, two-tone countertops craftsman kitchen design by having the kitchen backlit countertop lighting. This kitchen allures the glow in the daylight. 
Led Surface Light Panel Materials Arclic Best Source Like

Photo Credit | Ellen Pandorf Interior Design

An art piece in your kitchen. If the right color palette meets with the right material, the interior designer can do anything… Yellow onyx wall panel and countertop sustain an eternal flow. I am assuming that the countertop also has a waterfall edge for continuity. 

Led Surface Light Lighting

Photo Credit | Day One Lighting

Sometimes nature speaks what we listen to. In this interior design, I can hear that onyx speaks and rustic cabinets listen to. 

Led Surface Light Leds Acrylic Best

Photo Credit | Gilbert Countertop Backlighting

This is an acrylic resin countertop inspired by an amber crystal which is orange calcite with travertine marble inclusions. Amber crystals are the cursors for self-improvement and flexibility. This flexibility relates to creative thinking as well. Having said that, seeing this kitchen design picture raised my spirits.  

Project Illuminated Leds Installation Solution Quartzite Surfaces Natural Glass Counter Bath Illuminate Lit Install Contractor Quartz

Photo Credit | ddcnycla

Entertainment is endless, the soft natural backlit with white onyx for wet bar countertop and wet bar base. I am adding some Nordic Jazz as background music. What is your matching music with this wet bar design?

Phone Commercial Create Thin Number Architectural Color Customers Sinks Fabricated Best Call Source Like Size Even Light Translucent Materials Panels Lighting Backlighting

Photo Credit | Martini-Samartino Design Group, LLC

U-shaped wet bar design with yellow onyx countertop and yellow onyx floating shelves. Brown cabinets and travertine mosaic backsplash and wet bar base carry the yellow onyx with pride. The backlit is not only under the countertop, it is also under the floating shelves.

Panel Light Panels Backlighting Onyx Countertop Custom Save Project Illuminated Materials Leds Project Glass Surfaces Support Bath Install Lit Power Evenly Company Strips Acrylic

Photo Credit | Craig O’Connell Architecture

Onyx marble kitchen backlit countertop and full high backsplash with light cherry handle-free cabinets.

Led Panels Backlighting Surface Lighting Save Custom Materials Leds Even Like Size Source Best Color Number Example

Photo Credit | Impala Kitchens and Bathrooms

Lapis brown granite countertop and backlit honey onyx island base make my dream true. Creative and detail-oriented contemporary kitchen design.

Even Source Like Size Best Color Hours Phone Commercial Create Match Stones Evenly Edge System Space Illumination Support Illuminate

Photo Credit | Teri Fotheringham Photography

Kitchen backlit countertop lighting with amber onyx and espresso cabinets. The thick onyx island top is just like a masterpiece in this open layout picture.

Natural Like Solution Project Material Translucent Countertops Countertop Panel Lighting Surface Backlighting

Photo Credit | SLABlite, Inc

For semi-transparent countertop selection, engineered stones are one of the best options. The blues lover loves the blue fusion without having Monday blue by having Caesarstone’s Concetto Collection Blue Agate. 


Led Panels Light Backlighting Surface Lighting Panel Countertop Material Like

Photo Credit | Spazio Marble and Granite

Contemporary kitchen design by having glossy light gray cabinets and touchless cabinet doors and raised breakfast bar with kitchen backlit countertop lighting. Creative and ergonomic design. The countertop is Cristallo quartz is a marvelous engineered stone.
Led Panels Led Light Surface Lighting Panel Countertop Translucent Illuminate Bath System Like Size Even


Two-tone countertop rustic kitchen design with backlit marble island top. Kitchen backlit countertop lighting provides a translucent shine to the open layout surrounding. 

Led Panels Surface Even

Photo Credit | Integrated Resources Group

Another inspirational picture that makes my day about kitchen backlit countertop lighting. The fine and artisan labor of the vanity base and vanity top can be applied to a kitchen waterfall island top and kitchen island base. Yellow onyx can go with any neutral color. The same hue will look different under different light and under different color pallets. This special feature would be ended with a great turnout in a kitchen remodeling project. 

Marble Led Surface Light Panel Backlighting Material Solution Illuminate

Photo Credit | DesignerStone(R) Panels

Backlit is everywhere and just in the right location. The ceiling hang wine glass rack embellishment, the crown of the natural color cabinets, and raised breakfast bar top with waterfall edge are all made of onyx like Caeserstone. Fine test results a valuable design. 

Light Surface Led Translucent Surfaces Natural Glass Install Like Color

Photo Credit | ImagiLux

Caesarstone Brown Agate countertop in a kitchen backlit countertop lighting project. Expresso cabinets, matchstick glass backsplash, and Agata itself look so tempting.

Led Panels Light Surface Lighting Material Solution Installation

Photo Credit | SGDI – Sarah Gallop Design Inc

Cambria Skara Brae performs on the stage as a very good example for kitchen backlit countertop. Its soft but bold veins pop up if the backlit is used. Here the wall panel pellucid lighting is provided by having a front face of Cambria Skara Brae. 

Led Panels Surface Backlighting

Photo Credit | Day One Lighting

This is such an inspirational idea. The matching vanity top and wall panel with lighting behind. This can be applied to any kitchen remodeling idea as well. I keep imagining a white kitchen with honey onyx kitchen backlit countertop lighting and a side wall like this. 

Led Panels Light Surface Panel Custom Solution

Photo Credit | Sweetlake Interior Design LLC

Sophisticated gray onyx waterfall edge base cabinets in a connection of a wine cellar. Large-format porcelain tiles and ceiling height cabinetry go very well with soft kitchen lighting and give a deep perspective for the visual placement. 

Led Panels For Kitchen Backlit Countertop Lighting

The sorting for the materials for the kitchen and backlit countertop lighting ideas is easy as natural countertop material and man-made countertop materials. 
The only natural material is onyx which is quite rare and has a unique look. It has swirling patterns, fine veins just like marble, and soft pastel tones. The only disadvantage is easily stretching and having a vintage look shortly. Just because of the layered minerals inside the onyx, onyx radiates the ethereal, balanced and soft light. This lighting folds the beauty of the stone double. No matter what, mother earth is a mystical and magical artist and lets us touch with lighting. 
Since this unique beauty is not very affordable, the man-made slabs are replaced with the onyx. Below are the man-made materials for your review.
Quartzite: I can name the Cambria Skara Brae and Caesarstone Brown Agateand Caesarstone Blue Agate. The advantages of those are like onyx itself, the stone is beautiful with or without backlit.  It means you can turn on/off the backlit with your preferences. 
Epoxy resin: The soft color added epoxy resin countertops are also good translucent slabs. Sometimes the color looks like crystal amber. If you would like to add this into your remodeling process you should turn on the backlit all the time.  
Perforated Heavy Glass: Any color you can add for your taste. Just like epoxy resin, please mind turning on the backlit. 

How Does Backlit Work? Led Light…

Especially in the dark, dim lighting gives a meditative level of relaxation. Backlit provides this soft and relaxing condition. But even under the daylight or combined with the other kitchen lighting, expecting stunning results is a catch. 

Before installing the countertop, LED light strips are added as framed light fixtures. The trick is the uniform distribution of the lighting. Therefore a diffuser can be used as a waxed paper or plexiglass panel like the top layer of the frame.

The desired light level can be provided by LED light color scale basically from warm light to soft light, soft light to daylight, daylight to crystal light. Then the kitchen countertop or island top, or wet bar top, or raised breakfast bar top is installed. Sometimes installation ends up with a waterfall edge countertop or base of the island top. 

Kitchen Design With Kitchen Backlit Countertop Lighting

There is no restriction for the kitchen design ideas while using the kitchen backlit countertop lighting. But usually, rustic kitchen design, contemporary kitchen design, and eclectic kitchen design ideas welcome the backlit.
Wishing you a bright interior home design and exterior design glow all year long. If you like the backlit ideas please pin them to share with your friends.