30 Adorable Glass Mullion Kitchen Cabinet Doors

In this article, I would like to introduce you to a timeless kitchen design element that can be added to your kitchen remodeling with a variety of costs. Mullion Kitchen Cabinet Doors will pamper your kitchen and also help to show your personality. Really effective way of displaying your dinnerware or kitchen accessories and a really reflective way of perspective even if it is used over the glass doors or mirrored doors.

Confused with Mullion, Muntin, and Grid? 

Usually, these three terms substitute each other with a nuance that is only recognized by the interior designers. Mullion, Muntin, and Grid actually are used to express all exterior designs as window treatments.

The oldest is Muntin, which separates individually panes of glass and is used for strengthening against hurricanes and heavy wind.

The second oldest is Grid, which protects the house from burglary and is made of iron or heavy wood just like Muntin. 

The newest addition is the Mullion, which can be applied from the inside and/or outside for more decorative, artistic ways. Even though Mullion is the youngest, according to Designing Buildings Wiki, the use of the mullions dates back to the 10th century. 

They all run with horizontal and vertical lines and some steam bending arches made of cherry and alder woods from the Gothic era.  


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Photo Credit | Olympic Kitchens

Mullion inserts over white cabinet doors and over glass doors: This archy grid is the modern form of radius pattern. Looks very elegant and curvy which provides a different perspective to your space. 

White Marble Floor Tiles Use Found Inc Used Using Product Mosaic Backsplash Quartz Countertops

Photo Credit | Olympic Kitchens

Only one pair of mullions pamper your style. White craftsman style kitchen with glass door, glass shelf, arched mullion insert. Inside the cabinet lighting brings an extra sophistication to this kitchen.

White Quartz Countertops Taupe Backsplash Dark Floor Use Found Inc Used Using Product

Photo Credit | Stephanie Kratz Interiors

Frosted glass doors with softly arched mullions in a white kitchen. This transitional kitchen is treated by the cabinet doors. The upper cabinets have warm inner cabinet lighting and doors have frosted glass which supplies plenty of kitchen lighting and the ambient looks ample.

Shaker Cabinetry Quartz Counters Mosaic Tile Backsplash Miter Island Edge Use Find Home Give Buy 2021

Photo Credit | Kitchen Intuitions

Two-tone kitchen ideas with mullion cabinet doors in a white transitional kitchen. The white and gray cabinets blend well with white quartz countertops and arched mullion glass door cabinets and golden hardware embellish this beauty.

White Quartz Tops Hardwood Flooring Grey Island Cabinetry Find Home Give Buy 2021

Photo Credit | Kitchen Intuitions

When interior design turns into art the result is irresistible. Head to toe details is kitchen skylights in a high ceiling, opaque kitchen pendants with the fenced frame, white cabinets and mullion insert grids over the glass doors, full high backsplash which is made of elongated honeycomb porcelain ceramic, stainless steel appliances, white quartz countertops, and white quartz island top and hickory hardwood floor. 

Purple Cabinetry Quartz Counters Find Home Give Find 2021 Buy

Photo Credit | Peppertree Kitchen & Bath

One of a kind eclectic style kitchen where the colors, details, and laces dance arm to arm: Farmhouse style pantry cabinet, soft pastel lilac color cabinets with glass doors and mullion inserts which is perfect for displaying the collectibles, victorian style mirror is such a great substitute for mirror backsplash insert behind the modern electrical glass cooktop, vintage style lace-covered mirror backsplash and white quartz countertop, white quartz island top with raised breakfast bar and fancy flower pattern teal velvet breakfast chairs. Utterly magnificent! 

Miter Edge Island Countertop Hardwood Floor Subway Backsplash Made Color Look Please Options Items

Photo Credit | E.W. Kitchens

White craftsman kitchen with cross grid glass cabinet door. Display units are so amazing and also the dynamic of dimensions in the kitchen looks great. 

Contemporary Custom White Cabinetry Marble Countertop Hardwood Floor Farmhouse Sink

Photo Credit | Fieldstone Cabinetry

Modern white farmhouse kitchen style with an artisan touch. The display wall cabinet is crown molded and a pedestal column added. The Colonial or French door style grid matches the window’s grid. The drawers behind the wall cabinet are very stylish and carry a rich taste. The off-white cabinets are the right selections. 

Marble Counters Gray Backsplash Hardwood Floor Made Color Look Please Options Items

Photo Credit | Hylan Design, Ltd

I love the idea of adding mirrors on the cabinet doors. This makes a huge difference in kitchen lighting and perspective. 

Grey Cabinetry Marble Counters Subway Tile Hardwood Floor Love Suggest Add Search Create Style

Photo Credit | Crown Point Cabinetry

Transitional kitchen ideas can be defined in different ways: The light gray cabinets and marble look countertops and marble look island tops catch the kitchen remodeling trend this year. Another trend is having the glass door wall cabinets to play with kitchen lighting and to show your decorative kitchen accessories.

Love Suggest Add Search Create Style Eat In Kitchen Hardwood Floor Enginereed Stone Tops Marble Backsplash

Photo Credit | Normandy Remodeling

Traditional kitchen with two-tone kitchen cabinets and mullion cabinet doors. Elegant looking and artistry count. 

Brown Cabinet Granite Butcher Block Countertop Travertine Floor

Photo Credit | Shane D. Inman

Brown dominated the traditional kitchen with the hues of cream. Typhoon Bordeaux granite countertop is a bonus just like colonial-style wall cabinet doors. 

Dark Wood Inserts Mullions Bar Stools Quartz Tops

Photo Credit | Cheryl Scrymgeour Designs

White craftsman kitchen with custom mullion inserts: This kitchen is very flirty with the curvy effects of the specific kitchen design elements: The roman shades on the kitchen window, oval shape crystal kitchen pendant, tulip shape mullion cabinet door, and range hood corbels need to be recognized. Just a note for the range hood corbels: Besides being a supporting element for the countertops they are elegant transformers in your kitchen remodeling and their instant beauty has a powerful infusion into the kitchen design. 

Mirrored Mullions Quartz Counters Hardwood Farmhouse Sink Wood Inserts Backspkash Hood Faucet Stove

Photo Credit | Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Gray kitchen cabinetry with three-dimensional modern hexagonal backsplash and white countertops. Mullion design on the glass doors and inside the cabinet lighting makes the difference demonstrated. 

Mullion Doors Mosaic Tile Backsplash Cream Floor Items

Photo Credit | KraftMaid

How to show the color contrast in a white kitchen design? As you see in the picture, inside the cabinets are cherry colors and match with the butcher block island top. The white island base and the white wall cabinets are embellished with double-arched mullion cabinet doors. Therefore to help the visibility of color shows more than you can imagine… 

Medium Tone Wood Floor Quartzite Counters Mosaic Tile Backsplash Inserts Grey Cabinet 1

Photo Credit | Dream Kitchens, Inc

Classic distressed taupe color cabinets with beautiful cross-style mullion doors. This door grit looks amazing and has a flow… 

Mosaic Tile Backsplash Quartzite Counters Dark Wood Floor Insets Red Pendants Bar Stools 1

Photo Credit | The Viking Craftsman

White craftsman kitchen with matching details: The coffered ceilings are divided into dimensional squares with molding which matches with the square glass doors with simple mullion on them. Black kitchen island and black countertops are matching as well as white cabinets and white island top. Red accessories are also in balance with the red kitchen pendants and red burner knobs. 


Style Suggest Inserts Cabinet Door Pendant Green White Countertops

Photo Credit | Karr Bick Kitchen and Bath

Sage green cabinetry with marble countertop and mullion display. The contrast comes with the red burner knobs and red tulips. The kitchen style is artisan craftsman style with a galley kitchen layout. 

Subway Backsplash Travertine Floor Mosaic Tile Black Countertops

Photo Credit | Venegas and Company

Arched wood gothic grids on the white glass wall cabinet. This craftsman-style, victorian-infused kitchen design carries the mullions elegantly. 

Mullion Doors Glass Cabinet Door Custom Coffered Ceiling Marble Tile Floor

Photo Credit | Bisulk Kitchens

Mullion design has endless combinations and endless patterns. In this beautiful white modernized traditional style kitchen, the arched gothic grids (Cathedral Mullion) are combined with the colonial-style mullion. Mullions help to reflect the light of crystal kitchen pendants and display the beautiful crystal dinnerware. Roman shades and Greek pedestal columns, embellished molding are the supportive elements for the glossing. 

Mullions Glass Cabinet Options Marble Countertops Farmhouse Sink

Photo Credit | TR Design-Build Firm

Artistics mullion inserts on the top of the wall cabinets in the brown kitchen.

Granite Countertop White Cabinet Glass Shelves

Photo Credit | WoodArt Fine Cabinetry

Grids on the windows are the inspiration to point out the mullions on the glass door kitchen cabinets. Sometimes going back to the origin refreshes all your knowledge. A white transitional kitchen with granite countertop, off-white glass door wall cabinets, and cream subway backsplash are all amazing.

Rustic Mullion Cabinet Door Mosaic Backsplash Gray Floor Shaker Cabinet

Photo Credit | KraftMaid

Let me change my style and give advice on these glass door wall cabinets: My vote goes for the multiple cross mullion inserts for them. The reason is cutting the sleek lines in this kitchen and bringing a texture. 

Mullions Inserts Search Suggest Quartz Countertops

Photo Credit |  Karr Bick Kitchen and Bath

Cherry cabinets with glass door display units. Under cabinet led lights, kitchen recessed light, inside the cabinet recessed lights are the must show the fine details. 

Mullion Cabinet Door Mosaic Beige Backsplash Dark Porcelain Floor Tiles

Photo Credit | KraftMaid

Gorgeous traditional kitchen with diamond-shaped mullion grids over the mirrored kitchen wall cabinets. Luxury and elegance speak for themselves. 

Dark Glass Mullion Cabinet Door Taupe Backsplash Tiles BUtcher Block Island Countertop

Photo Credit | KraftMaid

In a Georgian-style kitchen, the most attractive elements are the glass door cabinets with mullion inserts, arches, inlets, and fine artisan hand-carved pieces. The iron-framed mullion cabinet doors and hand-carved flower motives are one of a kind. Antique look ebony island cabinets and custom made ebony range hood have the contrast with butcher block island top and light oak color kitchen perimeter cabinets. 

Green Cabinetry Granite Countertop Brick Wall Glass Product Use Add items


Modern kitchen with hues of the taupe color cabinets. The display cabinets are so unique with crown molding. 

Maple Cabinet Cocoa Glaze Dark Floor Glass Coffered Ceiling

Photo Credit | KraftMaid

Beautiful Georgian Style off-white kitchen with mullion kitchen cabinets, arched open shelves, and arched molding, and custom-built crossed wine rack.

Green Granite Countertops Mosaic Tile Backsplash Hardwood Floor Pendant Lighting

Photo Credit | Cameo Kitchens, Inc

Such a lovely combination in transitional kitchen design ideas: White cabinets, Costa Esmeralda granite countertops, and Costa Esmeralda island top, arabesque style green backsplash, and double arched mullion grids.

Coastal Kitchens Shaker Cabinet Multicolor Backsplash Glass Tile Quartz Countertops Farmhouse Sink Open Concept Pendant Lights

Photo Credit | Lisa Michael Interiors

Colonial style mullion kitchen doors in a modern farmhouse kitchen and two-tone cabinets. Benjamin Moore Dove Wing white base cabinets and Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments island base are the friendliest combos ever for the kitchen remodeling projects. Their dimensional subway tiles and roman shades are the finest additions to the kitchen design.

Mullion Doors For Kitchen Cabinets

Confused with the Design Style of Mullion? 

The Types of Mullion Kitchen Cabinet Doors are almost endless. Creative interior designers can make anything possible. Their best friend is Laser Cut Machines. Since the variety is endless instead of giving names, numerical order is the best way. (Hint: read all the details under each picture of the Mullion Kitchen Cabinet Doors and get some idea about the classical names).

Materials For Mullion Insert For Kitchen Cabinet Glass Doors 

Let me order the materials for Mullion Kitchen Cabinet Doors ascendingly: 

1. MDF: All you need is a jigsaw, MDF plate, and pattern for the mullion. It can be an entertaining weekend project for refacing the kitchen cabinets. 

2. Overlay: With this option, durable polyester materials are the best and can be easily glued to your kitchen glass door cabinet or even to the kitchen window. You can also add a batten into your wall with a matching design. 

3. Curved wood or steam bending wood: This is a real artisan look and takes time to build the right design. The exact curves can not be formed in the first shot but the result is like a masterpiece in your kitchen.

Easy Design Rules For Mullion Kitchen Cabinet Doors

When Mullion is in charge, they blend with your home decoration and window treatment. Therefore, it can be welcomed by any kitchen design element. Muntin is quite different and it brings a great contrast for interior or exterior design. 

Hope you like my picks while you are in the middle of a kitchen remodeling project.