46 White Marble Kitchen Countertops Design Ideas


Marbles are generally one of the most beautiful natural stones which are more porous than granite and quartzite. White marble kitchen countertops are much easier to get staining than the other natural countertop materials. These stones have been around for many many years. White marbles have been used since the time of Ancient Rome. But lately, it has had a wider usage area on kitchen countertop applications. White marbles would be a unique application for your kitchen remodeling process. Besides, white color marbles are generally the first choice for use as kitchen tops projects.

One of the greatest attractions of white countertops is that they’re accessible in a wide assortment of characteristic colorations. Interesting veining adjustments are another advantage which is just white marbles have it. That scratching is less obvious on white marble than on dark ones.

It can be dressed up with a polished finish or made more casual as well as a honed finish. The kitchen also traditionally is the space where most social events take place. To keep everyone in your home interested, it is always a good idea to have some sort of conversation piece beautiful white countertops. Besides, it is a rising trend lately among homeowners.

The most common finishes are polished and honed for the white marble. Finishing affects the look and performance of marble counters.

Honed (or Matte) Finish: Honing the surface opens the porosities of the marble while making it more vulnerable to staining.

Polished Finish: While polished marble is the less porous of the finishes, it’s the most delicate to getting etched by household acids and cleaners.

Here are some gorgeous kitchens which we bring to your attention to cabinet decorations. Our picture gallery will show you the kitchen countertop with white marble tops to make you inspire while you are making a decision.

Interior Design Honed Marble Kitchen Countertop Wear And Tear Types Of Marble Stone Red Wine Quartz Material

Photo Credit | Renaissance Design Studio

The bright and open design formed in this kitchen which flushes with white cabinetry and white marble kitchen countertops.

Calacatta Marble Slabs Stain Architecture Design Luxury Etching Maintenance Homeowners Sealing Beauty Designers

Photo Credit | nsidesign

The most straightforward method for making your kitchen appear to be unique than typical ones is to have two-tone cabinets.

Interior Design Quartz Veining Slabs Granite Stains Architecture Luxury Etching Homeowners Materials Designers Scratches Quality

Photo Credit | Laurysen Kitchens

The profoundly textural tile backsplash joined with white marble counters in this kitchen adds an eye-catching layer to this contemporary designed area.

Italian Courtesy Inspiration World Quality Scratches Veins Sign Call Tips Calacatta Marble Interior Design Ideas Quartz

Photo Credit | Warmington & North

The smooth, reflexive dark cabinetry in this kitchen gives a strong antithesis to the delicate tones.

Quartz Interior Slabs Sign Veins Call Inspiration Stunning Designer Pattern

Photo Credit | Sarah Gallop Design

The all-white kitchen which has white marble counters acts in ideal concordance with contemporary white cabinets.

Subway Checkered Flooring Quartz Ideas Natural Veining Material Honed Slabs

Photo Credit | Case Design/Remodeling

The floor is black and white checkered tile flooring which becomes an interesting finish.

Full Height Cabinet Farmhouse Sink Dark Hardwood Floor Materials Sealing Quality

Photo Credit | Cameo Kitchens

Dark hardwood accents and especially light-colored backsplash are highlighted by the white marble counter nicely.

Custom Made White Kitchen Cabinets Marble Counters Subway Style Backsplash Dark Glossy Hardwood

Photo Credit | Equilibrium Interior Design

Especially, traditional kitchen with white countertops to catch the attention. The dark glossy hardwood floor is priceless that effectively balanced with white countertops.

Shaker Cabinet Glossy Brown Floor Subway Tiles Surface Design

Photo Credit | TWdesign

This kitchen features a strong balance between various modern elements, from the glossy brown flooring to the sleek white cabinetry.

White Marble Countertop Backsplash Dark Wood Flat Panel Cabinet Porcelain Tile

Photo Credit | Boswell Construction

In any event, alternating colors like the light brown floor, dark wood cabinets, white backsplash, and white countertops would keep any colors away from dominating the room.

White Marble Countertop Shaker Cabinet Mosaic Tile Backsplash Dark Hardwood Floor

Photo Credit | Studio Dearborn

Separating the island to cook space from the eating area of the counter is also a genius idea and it allows the individual spaces to remain steady.

Medium Dark Hardwood Floor White Marble Countertops Cabinets Subway Tile Backsplash

Photo Credit | Pickell Architecture

A white marble top is a major factor here. Informing both the white cabinets and a medium-dark hardwood which have combined like a piece of art in this kitchen.

White Kitchen Dark Brown Island Cabinets Subway Backsplash Hardwood Floor 2

Photo Credit | John Johnstone

Bold white and dark brown combined cabinets are balanced by white marble counters and as well as the floors.

Dark Gray Island Subway Tiles Hardwood Floor

Photo Credit | Smithouse

White marble in a dark island cabinet and dark hardwood floor are the perfect combinations in the kitchen or vice versa.

Mosaic Tiles Dark Walnut Floor

Photo Credit | Courthouse Contractors

Cabinet and countertop combination plus contras together are very important along with the grey wall color.

Light Green Ceramic Subway backsplash White Carrara Counters Kitchen Cabinets Dark Plank Floor Island Cabinet

Photo Credit | Fiorella Design

Green color ceramic tile on the wall to create a great combination with surrounding white color cabinets.

Dark Hardwood Floor Porcelain Farmhouse Sink Subway

Photo Credit | Rebekah Zaveloff KitchenLab

This is like a dream picture when you look at a nicely designed kitchen. It looks perfect white glass cabinet door style along with white subway tile.

Gray Cabinet Dark Hardwood Floor

Photo Credit | Custom Stone Interiors

This kitchen has also the same stone slab backsplash, light color wall paint, grey color cabinet, and dark hardwood floor.

Subway Tiles Dark Wood Floor

Photo Credit | Melissa Miranda Interior Design

A very practical kitchen island with modern bar stools along with pendant lights are the fanciest elements of the kitchen.

Dark Black Cabinets Hardwood Floor White Carrara Marble Countertops Full Height Backsplash

Photo Credit | Tammy Johnson

Here is the white marble-like this with movement in it looks gorgeous when applied as a full high backsplash.

Calacatta Gold Marble Countertops Backsplash Dark Brown White Cabinets Hardwood Floor

Photo Credit | St. Clair Kitchen & Home by Antoinette Fraser

Nice application with the dark brown and white cabinet which combined dark floor for the Calacatta Gold marble.

White Shaker Cabinets Subway Tile Backsplash Calacatta Gold Marble Counters Dark Hardwood Floor

Photo Credit | Matthew Bolt Graphic Studio

Calacatta Gold has also a lot of patterns and movement throughout the slab. It may be too much for somebody who gives a strong character.

Dark Hardwood Floor Mosaic Backsplash Tiles White Cabinets Calacatta Gold Marble Countertops

Photo Credit | La Pietra Marble

Calacatta marble counters are classic and also it is beautiful, but nothing that really captures the look of this stone.

White Marble Countertops Kitchen Cabinets Subway Tile Backsplash Dark Hardwood Flooring

Photo Credit | Dijeau Poage Construction

The materials and colors can bring numerous different designs in a room together. White marble helps to ground the space and shield it.

Two Farm House Sink Dark Gray Cabinets White Marble Countertops Hardwood Floor

Photo Credit | Kohler

White marble kitchen countertops add an intense complexity to the dark wood cabinetry all around the kitchen.

Black Kitchen Cabinets White Marble Countertops Gray Slate Backsplash Multi Colored Hardwood Floor 1

Photo Credit | Unknown

While white countertops and multi-colored dark hardwood flooring are in a range of configurations. White marble counters are pleasantly outlined with dark cabinetry as well.

Dark Gray Cabinets White Mitered Edge Island Countertops Porcealin Floor Tiles Subway Backsplash

Photo Credit | Jules Art of Living

The massive island features a white marble countertop and dark stained wood cabinets. White subway backsplash tiles are in contrast.

White Marble Countertop Cabinet Full Height Backsplash Dark Hardwood Floor

Photo Credit | Beck/Allen Cabinetry

I love the large island in this kitchen which is topped with white marble and supported full-height backsplash slab.

Gray Shaker Cabinetry White Subway Tile Backsplash Marble Countertops Light Hardwood Floor

Photo Credit | Joe Schmelzer

The contemporary shape of the dark wood cabinetry meshes perfectly with white countertops.

White Marble Countertop Cabinet Tile Backsplash Dark

Photo Credit | DEANE Inc | Distinctive Design & Cabinetry

High-gloss white cabinets and white countertops allow for the solid dark accents of hardwood floors.

Gray island White Kitchen Cabinets Marble Countertops Subway Backsplash Light Floor

Photo Credit | Michael Robert Construction

The white marble countertops break up the bright white colors of the room which pops more of the color.

Dark Wood Flooring White Marble Countertops Cabinets Porcelain Subway Backsplash Tiles

Photo Credit | Linda McDougald Design

A series of pendant lights hang above the rich dark wood flooring of this kitchen which spiked with sleek white cabinetry.

White Marble Countertops Cabinets Subway Backsplash Tiles Oak Hardwood Floor

Photo Credit | Holly Bender Interiors

The white marble tops paired naturally with this look, then adding white cabinetry with an extra layer of freshness and offering visual enthusiasm for an exceptional change in colors.

White Marble Countertops Kitchen Cabinets Micro Tile Backsplash Dark Hardwood

Photo Credit | Fitzgerald Stone & More

The white marble countertop, along with a micro tile backsplash adds a further layer of detail to this kitchen. The dark butcher block wood counter space creates a nice contrast.

Modern White Cabinets Backsplash Marble Countertops Dark Hardwood Flooring

Photo Credit | Crips Architects

Especially, a large island center in this kitchen over dark hardwood flooring stands out nicely. Moreover, white cabinets and white backsplash can be benefited from these similar tones.

White Marble Countertops Cabinets Textured Porcelain Tile Backsplash Rustic Hardwood Floor

Photo Credit | LKM Design

Moreover, classic style mosaic backsplash and rustic hardwood floors are exposed to balance out the use of white in the space.

White Marble Countertops Cabinets Subway Tile Backsplash Dark Brown Hardwood Floor

Photo Credit | Kuche+Cucina

Bright cabinets, bright walls, bright accents, even the floor is a bright and white marble countertop along with the white subway backsplash tile.

White Marble Countertop Subway Backsplash Tile Cabinet Dark Hardwood Floor

Photo Credit | Dijeau Poage Construction

Nicely picked pendant lights with a divided recess lighted ceiling along with both sided windows also allow fresh sun lights.

Off White Kitchen Cabinet Honed White Marble Countertop Subway Tile Backsplash Dark Hardwood Floor

Photo Credit | Sarah Gallop Design

What a wonderful kitchen designing combination of white subway tile backsplash along with white marble tops.

White Shaker Style Cabinets Carrara Marble Counters Walnut Stained Hardwood Floor

Photo Credit | Luxcraft Cabinets

The contemporary kitchen layout with White Carrara marble countertop and white shaker style cabinet also looks great sits on top of the dark hardwood floor.

White Calacatta Gold Marble Countertop Backsplash White Shaker Cabinet Beige Floor Tile

Photo Credit | Marble of the World

It is designed for a contemporary look by using a white Calacatta Gold marble countertop and white cabinets.

White Wall Dark Base Cabinet Combinations Carrara Marble Countertops Hardwood Floor

Photo Credit | Forum Phi-Architecture

A stunning high ceiling design gives the kitchen a very different look. An open floor plan with wide windows looks breathtaking.

White Marble Countertop Blue Island White Kitchen Cabinet Subway Backsplash Tile Dark Hardwood Floor

Photo Credit | Studio Dearborn

This is a perfect combination of the blue cabinet, dark hardwood flooring with white marble countertop decorating.

White Marble Countertop White Kitchen Cabinet Subway Tile Backsplash Dark Hardwood Floor

Photo Credit | John McClain Design

White marble is the first choice with the backsplash pattern. It’s such a wonderful, impressive, yet astonishing counter material.

Flat Panel White Cabinets Dark Cherry Hardwood Floor Calacatta Gold Marble Countertops Backsplash Tiles

Photo Credit | L K DeFrances & Associates

It is a striking kitchen designed with Calacatta Gold marble and white cabinets. It has a quite bit of veining, and I think it is strikingly unique.

White Carrara Marble Countertop Backsplash Dark Wood Cabinet Hardwood Floor

Photo Credit | Paramount Stone

This beautiful stone makes a remarkable result when it is combined with dark cabinets. This color application is usually good for the modern kitchen.

How To Take Care White Marble Kitchen Countertops?

The care of marble is a little bit tricky because the porous surface can absorb any liquid easily and quickly. My best advice would be if that happens clean up before the liquid evaporates from the surface. Secondly, using sealer would be a good idea more often like every six(6) mounts or so to prevent not to get a stain on your countertops.

How to care about white marble? There are two ways to do that, first and most effective one is to clean up after you make a mass. Second, use a strong sealer more often like almost every 6 mounts or less. If you do this you will be fine and no need to scare getting marble tops for your kitchen remodeling projects. So marble itself is not a maintenance-free countertop material. If you do enough cleaning and care it will not get stains easily. Let’s say if you spill something on it you have to clean it before the evaporation process starts. On the other hand, there are a couple of things that are downsizing for this stone which are pricing and scratching.

Backsplash And Cabinet Designs For White Marble Kitchen Countertops

When people are investing in a home remodeling project, they want to make sure that the results not only please them but add value to their home and save some money if they can. At the end of the day after the renovation project is done if you catch this combination, you are good to go. White marble is adaptable, mixing well with different styles and a wide variety of white and off-white cabinets. On the other hand, cabinet colors could be dark and white, paint color could be grey, white, or very light cream.

For the backsplash, the best is to use the stone itself but could be pricey, other than that white or grey tiles can be used.

White natural stone tops are perfect with white color cabinets which also make space look bigger and airier. In addition, pendant and recess lights stand out which gives contrast with dark floor color and stainless steel appliances.


White Marble Countertops With Dark Cabinets Ideas

Black & White lovers come here!!! This beautiful stone makes a remarkable result when it is combined with dark cabinets. Some people love many color combinations in the kitchen and as well as in life, but at the same time, some love the black and white period. This color application is usually good for modern and contemporary kitchens.

White Marble Countertop With White Cabinets Ideas

White marble tops white cabinets ideas are always an exciting task for kitchen designing. First of all, the white marble countertop is always trendy for your kitchen designing. People were influenced by designer magazines and some other publications.

Maybe after that, they decided to put more white marble counters in their kitchen. Besides, clean-looking white color kitchens with gleaming marble tile or white subway tile backsplash would be a perfect combination.