36 Stunning Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash Patterns And Colors


I was always wondering where the subway tile kitchen backsplash name comes from. Proud to be American, it was used in Newyork’s first Metro Station in 1904 and designed as a symbol of simplicity and cleanliness by two American designers: George C. Heins and Christoper Grant La Farge are the God Father of this invention.  

Now you may wonder why Subway Backsplash Tiles are still used in kitchen remodeling as a particular design element.  Without controversy, it would be a serendipity supporter or an appealing art piece in kitchen design. According to color code selection, Subway Backsplash Tiles have a soothing, cleansing and purity feeling or bring joy and dynamism to a monochromatic kitchen.

Time to share my weekly pics with you. Hope you like them all.

White Shaker Cabinetry Quartzite Counters Subway Tile Backsplash Gray Floor

Photo Credit | Synonymous

The white kitchen is always refreshing. I would say a layer cake with white topping: Bottom layer is grey large format porcelain tile, white cabinets are the second layer of the cake, white countertop also complement white kitchen backsplash tiles is the topping with black sprinkles (black grout with white subway tiles).

Black Granite Counters Wood Floor Modern Pendant Lightings Bar Stools Fictures Subway Tiles

Photo Credit | G.W. Smith Lumber Co

Traditional three-tone kitchen: This is an eternal kitchen design. Picking neutral colors always turn out satisfactory and soothe your mood. Black, white, and wood colors dance in this kitchen. Hickory hardwood flooring, leather bar stools, honed slate island top, black honed granite countertops, and white shaker cabinets and white glossy tile would not be shown that much attractive without having the two-tone kitchen chandeliers. 

Brown Island Cabinet Wood Flooring Quartz Counters Subway Wall Tiles Pendant Lightings

Photo Credit | Ryann Reed Design Build

Modern farmhouse kitchen in two-tone cabinets: Very clean and neat design which supports the beauty of white countertop by adding white glossy mosaic tile. 

Shaker Cabinetry Quartz Counters Medium Tone Wood Flooring Natural Stone Subway Backsplash

Photo Credit | Jeff Puckett Construction Inc

Traditional two-tone cabinets kitchen remodeling: The shades of black, gray, and white invites everybody to get involved with the party. Hickory hardwood flooring is a bonus. Marble look grey wall tile and diamond-patterned inlet are the best additions.

Beige Handmade Subway Backsplash White Gray Shaker Cabinet Black Granite Countertops Pendant Lights

Photo Credit | The Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn

Modern kitchen with two-tone color code: Cabinets have white and charcoal colors, countertops carry absolute black granite and granite look quartz countertops and backsplash selection goes for medley tan color and sand color. Inlet tile in herringbone style or aka mini herringbone finish. Kitchen island pendants are faced with opaque glass with dark frames which are the best pick for this room.

Grey Glass Wall Tile Brown Cabinet Quartz Countertop Wood Flooring

Photo Credit | Mother Hubbard’s Custom Cabinetry

Traditional kitchen design with light cherry cabinets: The color selection for the wall tile is just perfect. Grey tiles with grey patterned borders match both stainless steel appliances and white engineered stone countertops.

Brown Fantasy Granite Countertops Grey Cabinetry Vinyl Flooring Glass Subway

Photo Credit | Main Line Kitchen Design

Craftsman kitchen with grey cabinets. The Distressing effect on the cabinet doors and hardwood floor make this kitchen more charming. Grey vein granite countertops and grey tile are both the living particles of this kitchen. Love the space-saving oven and microwave in the corner unit.

Quartz Countertops Grey Shaker Cabinetry Brown Wood Flooring Multicolored Glass Tiles Pendant Lights

Photo Credit | Main Line Kitchen Design

The updated form of beautiful multicolored tile is a matchstick. The same rectangles in miniature form but in a sliding pattern. Two-tone cabinetry two-tone countertops traditional kitchen design with matchstick style. I would say a tuxedo kitchen in different shades. Charcoal cabinetry is the best substitute for black. Thumbs up design. 

Black Hood Pendant Lightings Island Cabinet Grout White Subway Tile Light Flooring

Photo Credit | Chango & Co

Meticulously specified tuxedo kitchen: Full high covered wall tiles kitchen backsplash signed by black grouts, white tiles, white kitchen cabinetry tied with black hardware, black island carries the white countertop. Even the kilim rug is picked as black and white. Dreamy touch can be totally felt.

Open Concept Eat In Kitchen Subway Tile Pendant Lightings Black Counters Medium Tone Hardwood

Photo Credit | Pickell Architecture

Transitional kitchen in white with two-tone countertops: This kitchen brings me joy and pushes me to invite my friends for a brunch to create a friendly environment. 

Granite Counters Subway Tile Hardwood Flooring Farmhouse Style Contemporary Cabinetry

Photo Credit | WINN Design+Build

Traditional kitchen with honed black countertop and Turkish Coffee hardwood flooring. The best backsplash search to pick is light taupe which completes the puzzle. 

Simple Contrasting Design Straight Look Perfect Space Blue Subway Tile Hardwood Flooring Quartz Countersjpg

Photo Credit | WINN Design+Build

Traditional kitchen with two-tone cabinetry, grey ceramic full high backsplash, and oak hardwood flooring. Marble look quartz countertops are like eye candies.

Green Cabinetry Vintage Bar Stools Hardwood Flooring Pendant Lightings Subway Tile Quartz Counters

Photo Credit | WINN Design+Build

Zen kitchen with sage cabinetry, light green backsplash tile, and white countertop. Are you ready to meditate while cooking?  

Contemporary Installation Modern Natural Look Cabinetry Timeless Corner Space Big Island Subway Tile hardwood Coffered Ceiling

Photo Credit | Echelon Custom Homes

Traditional kitchen with artisan touch: Coffered ceiling, full-round accent window over the sink, raised accent island with fancy doors, two-tone quartz countertops, hickory hardwood flooring, two-tone cabinetry, and two-tone backsplash. Lean on the elements for design support. 

Traditional Classic Kitchen Ceramic Subway Tile Dark Cabinetry Hammered Copper Pendant Litghtings Marble Counters

Photo Credit | Kitchens By Kleweno

Modern rustic kitchen with marble island top and quartz countertops. Distressed cabinetry and industrial stoves oppositeness immensely. Square tiles are marble and dark grout balance the color distribution. The sophisticated crown inlet seems like an art piece. 

Navy Blue Subway Tile White Grout Taupe Cabinetry Beige Flooring Quartz Counters

Photo Credit | Cabinets To Go

Navy herringbone backsplash in a neutral color kitchen with white countertops. If dark color tiles are picked in a lighter color kitchen design, they can be popped up just like an art piece. Applied theory of interior design. Inspiring. 

Honed Black Granite Counters Shaker White Cabinetry Grey Subway Tile Hardwood Flooring Farmhouse Kitchen

Photo Credit | WINN Design+Build

Taupe tile in a white kitchen: Inlet is herringbone style backsplash and gives a movement to this plain-looking peaceful kitchen. 

Giallo Napoli Granite Counters Gray Subway Tile Modern Cabinet

Photo Credit | Knight Construction Design Inc

U shape kitchen with white cabinetry, Santa Cecilia granite countertops, and glazed brown subway tile, and brown pattern framed inlet. Play with the colors just play with the play dough. Very creative design. 

Small Cottage Modern Farmhouse Sink Brown Floor Quartz Counters Open Shelves

Photo Credit | G.W. Smith Lumber Co

Eclectic kitchen design with white cabinet and white subway tile. The grout of the tile is picked as black. Since the design is inspired by industrial kitchens by adding open shelves with iron pipelines and wood combinations, everything comes in a wrapped package. 

Porcelain Subway Backsplash Farmhouse Grey Quality Wall Paint Beige Vinyl Floor

Photo Credit | Ryann Reed Design Build

White kitchen with stainless steel appliances and grey ceramic subway tile. Glossy tiles reflect the light and give a spacious look to the kitchen. 

Dark Wood Flooring Multicolored Granite Surface Blue Cabinetry Subway Backsplash Farmhouse Design

Photo Credit | Ryann Reed Design Build

Modern Mediterranean kitchen design with two-tone color code: Azure cabinetry and maple cabinetry, white countertops and patterned granite countertop, white subway tile, and Mediterranean ceramic decorative tile are the promises of the bold statement.

Interesting Clean Look Natural Stone Subway Beige Backsplash Granite Countertops Medium Tone Cabinetry

Photo Credit | Hamish Anderson Custom Homes

Gorgeous rustic kitchen design with a modern touch: The tree trunk support beam, maple high beam, travertine hardwood flooring with patterned tile design, travertine three-dimensional backsplash, open shelving, glass door cabinetry, oak kitchen cabinetry, natural look countertops, perforated glass raised breakfast bar over the natural stone, and hand-blown Murano pendants. I think this kitchen has an award-winning design. 

Black Soapstone Countertop Gray Porcelain Subway Backsplash Light Wood Cabinetry

Photo Credit | The Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn

Contemporary kitchen with oak cabinetry:  All the designed elements bond organically; Textured glass cabinet doors and open shelf, absolute black granite countertop, oak hardwood flooring, and grey matte ceramic subway tile.

Soapstone Countertops Subway Backsplash White Cabinetry Gray Paint Pendant Lightings Eat In Kitchen Open Concept

Photo Credit | Main Line Kitchen Design

Two-tone transitional kitchen design in tuxedo kitchen: Three-dimensional glossy backsplash tile comes with texture and completes the picture.

Quartz Counters Farmhouse Sink White Subway Tile High Ceiling Timeless Contrasting

Photo Credit | Main Line Kitchen Design

Craftsman kitchen in white kitchen remodeling: The crown molding over the modern cabinetry and the cabinet lighting has definitely an artisan touch. Under the cabinet lighting shows the excellence of the countertop and white subway.


Shaker Cabinetry Medium Tone Wood Flooring Green Subway Tile Marble Counters

Photo Credit | Nystrom Design

The dark color ceramic backsplash is back in white kitchen design! Medley green forest subway tile kitchen backsplash goes well with all neutral colors and white. Two-tone countertops are white quartz countertop and butcher block island top. Mirror image in the white craftsman kitchen: The power of symmetry shakes hands with the power of contradiction.

Wood Counters Black Subway Tile Hardware Light Hardwood Flooring Yellow Paint Cabinetry

Photo Credit | Paul Johnson Carpentry & Remodeling

White kitchen with dark subway tiles. These metal three-dimensional subway tiles are easy to clean and shine forever. Brushed iron hardware, brushed iron pendant cooperates the tile which needs a keen eye designer.

Clean Lines Timeless Contrasting Finish Open Space Different Hood Modern Home

Photo Credit | CVI Design – Carly Visser

Craftsman kitchen with two-tone cabinetry and two-tone countertops: Grey and white friendship celebrate the color harmony. White subway tile is specially selected to provide the best support for this celebration.

Blue Cabinetry Subway Tiles Hardwood Flooring Quartz Counters Intersting Free Stand Table

Photo Credit | WINN Design+Build

The design is loyally followed by having the beautiful colors: Navy kitchen cabinetry and navy floating shelf with quartz countertop and glossy subway backsplash is like the coxed four-sailing on the maple hardwood flooring. Bow for detail-oriented design.

Cutting Edge Users Friendly Perfect Finish Timeless Pattern Subway Tile hardwood Flooring Granite Counters Modern Cabinet

Photo Credit | WINN Design+Build

White craftsman kitchen with taupe glass backsplash, copper inlet, and white countertops. Dark hardwood flooring deserves the high five.  Full covered walls designed home to share the ideas for a project like this is stunning.

Grey Shaker Cabinetry Subway Tile Floating Shelves Porcelain Flooring Quartz Counters

Photo Credit | Waypoint Living Spaces

Modern kitchen with grey cabinetry, light grey hardwood flooring, quartz countertops, and white subway. Clean lines matched with cabinetry and flooring to create a sign for classic kitchens. Refreshing design. 

Popular Subway Tile Copper Hood Quartz Counters Hardwood Flooring Pendant Lightings Farmhouse Kitchen Traditional Contrast Colors

Photo Credit | Kitchens By Kleweno

Traditional kitchen with artisan touch: Coffered ceiling, full-round accent window over the sink, raised accent island with glass doors, two-tone quartz countertops, hickory hardwood flooring, two-tone cabinetry, and two-tone backsplash.

Site Make Quality Add High Find Big Users Free Stand Island Beige Subway Tile Marble Counters Hardwood Flooring Farmhouse Pendant Lightings

Photo Credit | kelly mcguill home

Traditional kitchen project with full covered the walls with taupe tile and cauliflower blue and white cabinetry. Quartz countertops are the best company for light grey backsplash.

Modern Pendant Lightings Grey Subway Tile Brown Fantasy Granite Counters Shaker Cabinetry Hardwood Flooring

Photo Credit | WINN Design+Build

Transitional kitchen with gorgeous granite countertops and grey tile. I think the tile is semi-gloss ceramic and color is a safe bet. This project involves tile installation with white grout.

Natural Stones Honed Granite Counter Surface Subway Tile Gold Kitchen Fixtures Hardware Marble Island

Photo Credit | kelly mcguill home

Farmhouse kitchen with high ceiling and full high backsplash: Two-tone countertops provide the right balance in the colors. Golden faucet and golden hardware are for the warm touches. 

Grey Subway Tile Quartz Counters Brown Hardwood Flooring Pendant Lightings

Photo Credit | COMPANY-NAME

Traditional kitchen ideas with dove wing cabinets and petroleum blue island. Grey backsplash, quartz countertop, and birch hardwood flooring combine well with the other elements. Subway tile backsplashes pattern adds ideas to create a simple sweet home to find a classic match.

Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash Layouts

There are some patterns for the layouts of 3″ by 6″ tiles. Tile sizes would vary for your expectations. 

Strict rows: The rows and columns are seen like an Xcel spreadsheet.  

Sliding pattern rows: Rows have either following the center connection or 1/3 connection.  ( 2 row or 3-row patterns) 

Herringbone: The other name is fishbone. It brings a creative movement into your wall and can be the best decorative kitchen install elements.     

Matchstick pattern rows: The rows are  4 and up to row patterns dividing the tile into 1/4 and 1/8 etc.

Subway Tiles Backsplash Materials

Subway Backsplash Tile Materials are mostly ceramic but substitutes vary with your design. Marble, travertine, slate, brick, metal, and glass turn out admiring satisfactions.

White Subway Tile Color And Beyond

Since the grey kitchen is competing with the white kitchen, grey is one of the popular colors. White is a classic since it was introduced in 1904. Taupe is a very neutral color to match with almost anything. Dark green, dark blue, black, dark brown is back since the cabinet’s color is getting lighter to make a contrast.

Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash Grout Color Trend

Grout is the hidden backbone for artisan work. If the white Subway Backsplash Tile is picked any color matching with your cabinet can be used. Tuxedo kitchen even has black grout in between the white tiles. As an opinion, I may add the name of the color: Bright white, snow white, antique white, alabaster, bone, linen, haystack, canvas, new taupe, oyster grey, natural grey, pewter, and black. But those names would not frame your imagination. From red to purple or yellow you can pick any of the color matchings with your backsplash.