36 Best Gray Granite Kitchen Countertops Ideas



Gray granite kitchen countertops: For instance, you do not want to change the existing cabinetry. So you may want to design accordingly. They are usually uniform throughout each slab. As you get closer to these stones, shiny minerals become more visible.

White Cabinetry Grey Luna Pearl Counters Porcelain Floor 2

Photo Credit | Kitchen to Bath Concepts

Beautiful white cabinet with white granite countertop combined with white subway tile. 

Cream Subway Backsplash Tiles Gray Luna Pearl Granite Countertops White Cabinets

Photo Credit | Wade Design & Construction

Gray granite kitchen countertops can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your kitchen. Luna Peral granite features a medium to dark gray background with lighter gray speckles and veining. 

Black Glass Subway BacksplashWhite Cabinets Gray Luna Pearl Granite Countertops Dark Hardwood

Photo Credit | Schell Brothers

The kitchen countertop is a very important quartz surface natural material to cover the space.

Black Cabinets Gray Caledonia Granite Countertops White Tile Backsplash Orange Porcelain Floor

Photo Credit | Dettaglio Interior Design

The New Caledonia granite countertop provides a perfect look, and this kitchen has a design worthy of an award-winning.

Granite Countertop Grey Marble Quartz Black Gold Blue Sign Slab See Search Flecks Green

Photo Credit | KC Drafting & Design

Mosaic glass tiles became a transitional element between the New Caledonia granite countertop and light grey cabinetry. Black granite and brown granite kitchen countertops can be used instead of grey granite.

Modern Quartzite Kitchen Grey Stone White Granite Kitchen Countertop Brown Granite Black Granite Solid Gold Design

Photo Credit | Norris Furniture & Interiors

The nicely designed kitchen which has made cabinets on the island is birch with a dark chocolate stain. Modern kitchen cabinets with white granite countertops boast the space like a gem.

Cream Glass Subway Backsplash Tiles Brown Cabinets Steel Gray Granite Countertops

Photo Credit | Cameo Kitchens

Cream color subway style backsplash also creates a nice transitional with under cabinet lights.

White Shaker Cabinets Subway Marble Backsplash Tiles Steel Gray Granite Countertops

Photo Credit | Core Home Solutions

Granite countertop design with blue cabinetry. Black quartz space-free sign surface.

Azul Platino Granite Countertops White Shaker Cabinets Gray Subway Backsplash Tile Medium Dark Hardwood

Photo Credit | Case Design/Remodeling

The outstanding kitchen featured a white cabinet with an Azul Platino granite countertop and grey subway tiles.

Light Hardwood Floor Gray Azul Platino Granite Countertops White Cabinets Subway Style Backsplash Tiles

Photo Credit | The Stratford Companies

Modern granite countertop with black, blue, and gray tones.

Gray Azul Platino Granite Countertops Dark Brown Cabinets Beige Subway Backsplash Hardwood Floor

Photo Credit | At Home Design and Staging

Azul Platino’s granite countertop design idea can reveal its natural beauty more when paired with dark cabinets. It pairs well with both light and dark-colored cabinets, creating a sleek and modern look. Consider using Azul Platino granite countertops with white or light gray cabinets for a contemporary and timeless design.

Mosaic Marble Backsplash Tiles Flat Front White Cabinets Azul Aran Granite Countertops Dark Hardwood

Photo Credit | TorontoGranite.com

The natural wood floor looks like a single solid piece from a distance. Silver Cloud granite showcases a soft gray background with swirling patterns and hints of white and black. 

Azul Aran Granite Countertops Gray Subway Backsplash White Cabinets Porcelain Tiles

Photo Credit | Cold Spring Kitchens

Gray color provides a versatile option that can complement a range of cabinet colors. Pair with  Silver Cloud granite countertops with white or light wood cabinets for a fresh and airy feel. Grey wall tiles and a porcelain floor tile collection are a great addition.

Silver Cloud Granite Countertops White Cabinets Subway Backsplash Dark Hardwood Floor

Photo Credit | Kalamazoo Custom Kitchens & Baths

Silver Cloud white granite countertop design ideas with an outstanding kitchen paired with a grey island cabinet. These are perfect granite slabs with veins to put in for the kitchen remodeling project.

Silver Cloud Granite Countertop Full Height Backsplash Black Kitchen Brown Island Cabinets

Photo Credit | Stone Surfaces Inc.

Full-height stone slabs and a white porcelain farmhouse sink on the island became a finishing touch for this remarkable modern kitchen. Silver Cloud grey/white granite is a unique natural stone that has veins on it.

Silver Cloud Granite Countertops Espresso Dark Shaker Cabinets Gray Subway Backslash Tile

Photo Credit | Cosmos Marble and Granite

Silver Cloud granite countertop design ideas are to make with espresso color cabinet and cream color floor. You can not use black granite counters with espresso color cabinets, so this stone is the only stone you can use with darker cabinet colors.

Vanilla Ice Granite Countertops Cream Mosaic Tile Backsplash White Cabinets dark Hardwood Floor

Photo Credit | Martha O’Hara Interiors

Vanilla Ice granite countertop combined with dark hardwood flooring. These farmhouse kitchen homeowners are popular choices because of the color combinations.

Gray Kitchen Granite Countertops Cabinets Slab Backsplash Porcelain Floor Tiles

Photo Credit | Pauline Soffa Design

A small U-shaped kitchen was also designed 4″ high backsplash from the grey quartzite which was used for the countertop. Classic-style kitchen cabinets have granite that looks like quartzite.

Search Gray Granite Countertop Gold Sign Slab Beige Flecks Brown Floor

Photo Credit | Classic Cabinetry

Inspiration for a contemporary kitchen with a brown granite countertop with a raw wood brown surface, and porcelain floor tiles.

Gray Luna Pearl Granite Countertops White Cabinets Subway Backsplash Dark Hardwood Floor

Photo Credit | Cameo Kitchens

Gray granite kitchen countertops feature a dark background with specks of gray, silver, and occasionally green or blue. It adds depth and drama to the kitchen and pairs well with light-colored cabinets, creating a striking contrast. Consider using gray granite countertops with white or cream cabinets for a bold and modern look.

White Granite Countertop Black Granite Kitchen Countertop Brown Granite Stone Farmhouse Gold Design Solid Quartzite Search

Photo Credit | Kitchen Magic

I believe the white color cabinetry is the best choice to go with gray granites. Lately, we can also add the gray color cabinetry to the list.

Luna Pearl Granite Countertops Dark Cabinets Hardwood Floor Glass Subway Backsplash Tiles

Photo Credit | Chi Renovation & Design

This gorgeous kitchen with Luna Pearl tops has a historic dark oak cabinet.

White Cabinets Gray New Caledonia Granite Countertops Cream Brick Backsplash Cherry Hardwood

Photo Credit | Keri Morel Designs

The kitchen featured a New Caledonia granite countertop that has a white cabinet with crown molding that boasts a very good contrast. The Countertops granite looks like white marble.

Dark Brown Engineered Hardwood Floor White Cabinets Steel Gray Granite Counters Cream Backsplash

Photo Credit | Ideal Cabinetry Design

Steel Grey granite combines with the flooring material in hand-scraped hickory throughout the kitchen.

Cashew Color Stained Maple Cabinets Leather Finish Steel Gray Granite Countertops White Subway Backsplash Tiles

Photo Credit | Gilmans Kitchens and Baths

The beautiful kitchen has a peninsula with an overhang to put bar stools to create a cozy talking spot for the homeowners.

Steel Gray Granite Countertops White Cabinets Glass Mosaic Tile Backsplash Gray Floor

Photo Credit | Turan Designs, Inc.

Here is a great example for those who do not know about existing white cabinets which have a great combination from bottom to top.

Azul Platino Grnaite Countertops White Gray Cabinets Subway Backsplash Tile Dark Hardwood Floor

Photo Credit | Design 1 Kitchen & Bath

While designing the kitchen if you don’t want to go crazy and try to stay consistent I would recommend grey-color granite counters.

Mosaic Backsplash Tiles Gray Azul Platino Granite Countertops White Cabinets Hardwood Floor

Photo Credit | GTM Architects

The distribution of all kinds of colors across the border also makes it easy to match almost any color that is in the kitchen design. Seriously, homeowners have only one choice regarding cabinet color selections.

Gray Glass Subway Backsplash Tiles Azul Aran Granite Countertops White Cabinets Porcelain Floor

Photo Credit | Fina Designs

You might consider this is white granite as well the way it looks.

Shaker White Cabinetry Vintage Look Hardwood Floor Azul Aran Granite Counters Mosaic Tile Backsplash

Photo Credit | Begrand Fast Design

Natural stone countertop slabs with black farmhouse sink to see the beauty. Gold-black mixed stone is also good for bathroom usage.

Azul Aran Granite Countertops Brown Cabinets Light Hardwood Floor Marble Backsplash

Photo Credit | Jones Design-Build

Gray granite countertops are characterized by a creamy white background with gray and black speckles and veining. It has a soft and elegant appearance that complements a variety of cabinet colors. Pair gray granite countertops with white or light gray cabinets for a refined and timeless design.

Cream Cabinets Natural Travertine Floor Tiles Silver Cloud Granite Countertops Backsplash

Photo Credit | Tristan Goff Handcrafted Furniture

Silver Cloud Leathered granite features a textured, leathered finish that adds a unique and tactile element to the countertop surface. It has a medium to dark gray color with subtle variations and movement. Pair Silver Cloud leathered granite countertops with light-colored cabinets and warm-toned accents for a rustic or industrial-inspired kitchen.

Silver Cloud Granite Countertops Full Height Backsplash White Cabinet Gray Floor Tile

Photo Credit | Houzz

This contemporary kitchen is paired with a nice European look with white glossy cabinets and Silver Cloud tops.

Vanilla Ice Granite Countertops White Shaker Cabinets Subway Backsplash Dark Hardwood Floor

Photo Credit | Pine Street Carpenters & The Kitchen Studio

White blends really well with white cabinets in bright colors and Vanilla Ice granite counters. White color cabinets are most widely used for this granite and create contrast because of the dark gray bedrock. It is a very contemporary look with white cabinets but it was always a character with dark ones too.

Gray Kitchen Countertops Light Cabinets Porcelain Floor Tile

Photo Credit | Hans Krug Fine European Cabinetry

It does not matter which cabinet color you use but cream and white colors would be your choices. White and gray color tiles will be the best choice for either dark or white color cabinets used. Some marble countertop slab surface has granite looks.

Gray Kitchen Granite Countertops Cream Cabinets Wall Paint Reddish Porcelain Floor Tile

Photo Credit | Mid Continent Cabinetry

The vintage look-off red porcelain floor went well with cream cabinets and gray granite counters.

Gray Granite Kitchen Countertops, Cabinet, Backsplash, And Flooring Ideas

The key is while designing that without losing the concept and not being crazy about color picking. Keep it with relative tones of colors and create contrast. Of course, your taste is also important, and start from there…

There are no preferences but usually, try to create contrast which would be your dilemma during the remodeling process. Flooring also could be dark hardwood or dark porcelain tiles. As a result, these stones are perfect who are looking for a white kitchen concept with a budget.

Gray Granite Countertops

Gray granite kitchen countertops are outstanding complex stones that have a huge amount of variation. First of all, these stones have an overall light gray color mixed with some whites. If you look at them from a distance, you see them like a sky full of stars. When you get closer to inspect you start seeing the natural beauty of these stones.

Gray Granite Countertop

When selecting gray granite countertops, consider the overall color scheme, lighting, and desired style of your kitchen. Gray granite offers versatility and can be incorporated into various design themes, ranging from modern to traditional. Classic design quartz surface free beige see green flecks veins project gold slabs like white natural stone.