30 Porcelain Kitchen Countertops Ideas And Pictures


Porcelain Kitchen Countertops Ideas

Porcelain kitchen countertops ideas: The first time you hear about porcelain kitchen countertops, also known as nano glass kitchen countertops, you have the impression that they will be fragile. Not to worry! This industrial porcelain is known as an iron lady because of its elegant appearance on the outside and strength on the inside. The raw material of porcelain is Silica, which is similar to glass. This countertop competes with granite and quartz due to its high heat of 1800 degrees C and natural ingredients. Consider how the veins can outshine the natural marble veins with a bright shine on the surface.

Enjoy bright porcelain kitchen countertops ideas while browsing my top picks for you.
Unglazed Porcelain Countertops Ceramic Knives White China Clay

Photo Credit | Think Chic Interiors

The kitchen is designed using porcelain slabs almost everywhere in the space. The coating that started from the countertops continued with the backsplashes on the walls and ended with a custom-made hood. This look is completed with gray shaker cabinets with contemporary pendant lights and finished with brass plated faucets. 

Solid Color Porcelain Countertops Cost Glazed Porcelain Slab Most Chemicals

Photo Credit | Poet Interiors

The most beautiful feature of the porcelain countertop is that although the product is done thin, it can give a feeling of a thicker look, which is achieved with a waterfall edge on the kitchen island.

Porcelain Slabs Natural Stone Quartz Countertops

Photo Credit | Rodrozen Design + Build

This kitchen has special stained rift-sawn oak cabinets with porcelain countertops and backsplash. These combinations give a contemporary look with the natural color of wooden flooring.

Porcelain Tiles Granite Countertops Wood Grain

Photo Credit | VersaTile Surfaces

Recently, porcelain countertops and backsplash with the same design have been indispensable for contemporary kitchens. This new countertop material which is porcelain slabs between the two-tone kitchen cabinets can change the energy of the space.

Waterfall Porcelain Countertop Powdered China Stone

Photo Credit | Boswell Construction

If you like countertops with thick edges, welcome to the world of porcelain slabs. Because they bring a new dimension to the irreplaceable marble-look countertop ideas lately, and they have become a new favorite of homeowners and designers because they can be installed with a thick feel despite their thin production.

Porcelain Surface Porcelain Counters Hot Pots

Photo Credit | designpad architecture

If you like a more modern look and still want to add a different touch to your kitchen, you can achieve it by using gray porcelain countertops that match the light blue subway backsplash color. The accent shelves on the wall and the contemporary pendant lamp also transform the kitchen into a meaningful place.

Kitchen Countertops Square Edge Mineral Oxides

Photo Credit | Rogue Home Interiors

Can we say that the most preferred kitchen idea is an open-concept eat-in kitchen? Since that is the idea for the countertop used in the kitchen island with an extra overhang is a porcelain slab with a thicker edge, and the rest of the kitchen is designed with small black touches.

Extra Large Porcelain Slabs Engineered Stone

Photo Credit | Touzet Studio

This kitchen shows that we know no limits to black. Black porcelain countertop with thickened edges and other colors that do not disturb our eyes.

Highly Durable Material Consistent Pattern Top Surface

Photo Credit | Missy Stewart Designs

A kitchen design that tells us the perfect picture. We can say that the perfect match of a striking white and a strong brown is on display. On the other hand, porcelain slabs, which represent the modern kitchen, are everywhere.

Countertop Fabricator Square Foot Lightweight Material

Photo Credit | James Witt Homes

Here are the indispensable thick-edged porcelain kitchen countertops ideas for the contemporary kitchen. White thin porcelain slabs with a marble look are used on black island cabinets which are a very popular product lately.

Existing Countertops Full Sized Slabs Rusted Steel

Photo Credit | Bow Valley Kitchens Ltd

The new symbol of modernity in kitchens is porcelain countertops with a thick feel. Another feature of porcelain slabs is that they prevent color pollution by using only two colors giving freshness to small kitchens.

Glaze Decreases Porosity Other Natural Stone

Photo Credit | Bow Valley Kitchens Ltd

Glossy-finished white kitchen cabinets and thick-edged countertops above the two islands look incredible. Modernity emanates from every corner of the kitchen. The lighting design, LED lights under the island cabinets, and contemporarily designed pendant lights are breathtaking.

Entire Kitchen Island Uv Light Resistance

Photo Credit | McClellan Architects

In this kitchen, the lighting above the island looks great and gives life to the porcelain countertop underneath. Due to the peculiarity of the design, the porcelain countertop seems to be continued from floor to ceiling, providing an illusionist look.

Extremely Durable Pigmented Glaze Fabrication Process

Photo Credit | McCutcheon Construction Inc

I think that you see a clean and neat kitchen that the designer designed by considering all the details and has nothing to disturb the eye. Some of the most important features of porcelain are that it is made of light and thin materials, so we can use it to cover both the walls and the surroundings of the island.

Acidic Foods Natural Pigments Scratch Resistant

Photo Credit | Cambridge Construction LLC

The porcelain slab covering the wide wall behind the sink in the kitchen, dominated by these magnificent white tones, looks like a piece of art. The miter-edge island is extended to allow eating with bar stoles, while the cooktop on the island makes cooking fun.

Extremely Common Material Typical Thickness Shiny Finish

Photo Credit | Sweetlake Interior Design LLC

This custom-designed island has two sinks. The waterfall edge island made of porcelain is thickened by making miter. The same porcelain slabs are used for the counter, backsplash, and hood. The hood is covered with the same porcelain slab as the backsplash to make it disappear.

Stain Resistant Completely Impervious Non Porous


This high-ceiling kitchen has a large island. It gives the space a wonderful feeling of warmth, as the gray cabinets match the grayish waves inside the porcelain slabs. Backsplashes made of the same material under the hood add an elegant look to the kitchen.

Pigmented Glazes Heat Resistant Kitchen Remodel

Photo Credit | Trendy Surfaces

This magnificent contemporary kitchen consists of a combination of black and white. The island, the front surface of which is covered with black mosaic tiles, and the side surfaces covered with thin porcelain slabs offer us examples from the future.

Clay Based Materials Edge Styles Dice Food

Photo Credit | Shana Cunningham Designs, LLC

This kitchen design does not tire the eyes. It was created without going into too many details with porcelain slabs. Gray cabinets matched with gray-toned countertops and the backsplash made of the same material give us ideas for two-tone kitchens.

12mm Porcelain Countertops Concrete Finishes Edge Style

Photo Credit | Trendy Surfaces

Don’t you think we are facing the eternal contemporary? Definitely, the most important feature of this kitchen is that everything is made of porcelain. When you look at the island, the sink and cooktop are integrated with the surface, so no extra material is used.

12mm Porcelain Slabs Uv Rays Scratch Proof Porcelain Countertops

Photo Credit | Trendy Surfaces

You can see a very good example of the idea of ​​a two-story island in the picture above. These types of designs take advantage of the lightweight of porcelain slabs. We can adjust the edge thickness of the porcelain slab as much as we want and we can get a thick edge image to create a contemporary look.

12mm Porcelain Countertops Highly Durable Ultraviolet Light

Photo Credit | Trendy Surfaces

We are faced with the versatile use of porcelain slabs in this kitchen. The thick-sided table, which is an extension of the island is made entirely of porcelain slab and looks like a continuation of the island. On the other hand, the porcelain slab covering the wall adds a cosmic depth to the room.

Heat Resistance 12mm Porcelain Countertops Fewer Seams In Depth

Photo Credit | Bilotta Kitchen and Home

There are two sinks in this “G” shaped kitchen with large wide windows. One of them is the main sink facing the window behind it, and the other is the peninsula, which is extended with porcelain slabs. White porcelain slabs cover the natural color cabinets and add a wonderful pattern to the kitchen.

Contemporary Porcelain Countertops 12mm Printed Design

Photo Credit | Strand Design

I don’t know if luxury is enough to describe the kitchen seen in this picture, but porcelain slabs are sure to challenge this definition.

Porcelain Countertops Hardiest Granite 12mm Interior Color 1

Photo Credit | Goldbeck Architects

This kitchen where there are no wall cabinets with excessive use of porcelain slabs has created a good example of contemporary kitchen design. Plain white cabinets and wood flooring in a neutral color are the other features of this magnificent kitchen.

Porcelain Countertops Cutting Board Blunt Force 12mm Slabs

Photo Credit | Narratif

What can be said about the kitchen in the picture above? Cabinets, counters, and backsplashes are dominated by whites, only wood flooring creates contrast. The fact that the porcelain used for the waterfall edge on the island and the backsplash are the same that adds a unique beauty.

Natural Stone Porcelain Countertops High Temperature 12mm Same Color

Photo Credit | William Guidero Planning and Design

Nowadays, covering hoods with porcelain plates is a new style and we love this trend. But another feature here is that the two slabs are combined in the middle as a book match, giving the infinity feeling.

High Temperature Knives Damaging Porcelain Countertops 12mm Porcelain Slab

Photo Credit | REH Interiors | Restyle Home Staging

This bartop designed with porcelain slabs provides a peaceful and relaxing environment to relieve the tiredness of your stressful day. Perfectly designed for couples to chat with each other while cooking and relieve the tiredness of the day.

Patterns Depending Porcelain Countertops 12mm Slab Porcelain Countertop

Photo Credit | Mr. & Mrs. Construction & Remodeling

In the kitchen where white is used excessively while only the natural light color floor creates a contrast. Porcelain slabs, which look like marble, have covered the space between the shaker cabinets and all the counter surfaces. It has not left any empty space by covering the wall where the hood is located.

Installation Options Porcelain Countertops 12mm Porcelain Countertop

Photo Credit | Mia Rao Design

Imagine a kitchen made up of only brown and white colors. Calacatta porcelain countertops and their matching porcelain backsplashes add warmth and contrast to flat panel cabinets. Gold-colored fixtures, stainless steel appliances, and dark wood flooring are among the other important elements of the kitchen.

Comparison Of Porcelain Countertops Cost With Other Materials

The tempered glass kitchen countertops are transparent. Recycled glass kitchen countertops are semi-transparent. However, nano glass kitchen countertops are opaque. Nano glass kitchen countertops, on the other hand, are opaque. If used as a wall cover or full-height backsplash, the aesthetic is. Porcelain countertops are non-porous, high-performance, and easy maintenance.
On the other hand, porcelain is a sustainable material. Like quartz, onyx, and granite countertops, it is easy to clean, heat resistant, and hygienic. The interior designers find insightful porcelain countertops that are an eco-friendly alternative to quartz countertops, granite countertops, and onyx countertops.

Kitchen Design Ideas With Glazed Porcelain Slabs

Its flexible patterns are matching to any kitchen style. It is an excellent choice for kitchen remodeling; it can also be used as a wall cover, backsplash, and countertop.

Contemporary Porcelain Kitchen Countertops Ideas

Contemporary kitchen style, transitional kitchen style, traditional kitchen style, eclectic kitchen style, boho kitchen style, minimalist kitchen style, Asian kitchen style, European kitchen style, and feng shui kitchen style are some examples of matching kitchen styles.