36 Contemporary Large Format Porcelain Tiles

Large Format Porcelain Tiles

When I first heard of large format porcelain tiles, I tried to unleash my limits. How big would it be? Actually, there is no certain limit for large-size porcelain tiles but there are some standards to follow that would be beneficial. The best part of this tile is easy installation, therefore, can be used anywhere in your house. This special usage connects me deeply to this design element and I still fall in love day by day. It is most remarkably efficient in remodeling, kitchen remodeling, and living room remodeling.

Wide range ceramic tiles are such a convenient design element since the look is seamless even in the wall coating or floor covering. Another advantage is easy to cut for your own custom size and customized place covering the bathtub, covering the island, covering a cabinet door, or using it as a fireplace mantel. Trends are big, wide seamless look tile.

Large White Porcelain Tiles Bathtubs Ottoman Blue Wall Paper

Photo Credit | Artistic Tile

Under the sea bathroom designing withstanding soaking bathtub, free standing towel rack, Roman shower, and tile. Ready to be the next Poseidon and Amphitrite.

Contemporary Porcelain Tile Flat Panel Dark Brown Floating Cabinets White Quartz Countertops

Photo Credit | k YODER design, LLC

Antique copper- look big sizes tiles with earth tone tiles in eclectic room designing. The full height backsplash is charcoal gray subway tile with light gray grout. Floating wooden vanity type infused well into the room. Mentally refreshing…

Large Master White Porcelain Tile Black Mosaic Floor Hinged Shower Door

Photo Credit | Kelli Richards Designs

Nice minimalist projection with a floating seat and flooring tiles. The full height backsplash seems very sophisticated by having a marble-looking pattern and charcoal gray mini square flooring is the ideal material.

Large Format Porcelain Tiles Dark Hardwood Floor Pendant Light

Photo Credit | Porcetalia

Such a great living room enables a mental and physical transformation from the work environment to the home. Enormous size tiles are installed as fireplace mantels. Wood planks are homey. Symmetrically set up neutral coloring couches that are comfy.

Contemporary Marble Look Cream Porcelain Tile Countertops Backsplash

Photo Credit | Horizon Italian Tile

Contemporary sleek designing with waterfall edge raised quartz countertop material, and hickory wood breakfast bar. Travertine stone tiles on the flooring are a bonus.

Cream Sliding Glass Shower Door Stainless Steel Resistant Product Store Water Low Hardware Style

Photo Credit | Norman Sanchez Architecture

Clean and fresh remodeling with soft colors. Only this shape tile makes a big difference. Smart designing.

Extra Large Format Cream Tiles White Vessel Sink Gray Backsplash Wall Mounted Faucet

Photo Credit | The Tile People Ltd

Contemporary designing with reinforced glass vanity and reinforced glass vanity counter with double oval vessel sink. Supplements are charcoal matchstick full height backsplash and grand size tile for flooring. Catch the unforgettable moments in your room.

Multicolored Large Porcelain Tiles Gray Floor White Wall Mounted Cabines Integrated Sink Countertops

Photo Credit | Florim Ceramiche S.p.A.

Eclectic designing. The walls stucco reminds me of the bottom of the ship which is corroded by seawater. Very inspirational! Metal-free standing towel rack, floating double sink vanity, and mega-size textured tiles are very good pieces to gather. Let’s start daydreaming!

Large Contemporary Master Gray Porcelain Tile Freestanding Bathtub Quartz Countertops

Photo Credit | Cercan Tile Inc

Contemporary designing with floating vanity and elongated vessel, freestanding bathtub, and gray big size tile. Astonishingly beautiful.

White Marble Look Porcelain Tile Floor Countertops Backsplash Flat Panel Dark Cabinets

Photo Credit | Imperial Tile & Stone

Bring nature into your home. All elements coordinate well in this contemporary design: No hardware wood cabinets, marble countertops, and full-height backsplash leveled island countertop with breakfast bar and big size tile.

Large Format Porcelain Tile Flat Panel Dark Brown Cabinets White Quartz Countertops

Photo Credit | Imperial Tile & Stone

Contemporary design: Mega size medley gray tiles cover the whole floor. Two-tone suede finish countertops and two-tone cabinets are arms to the arm. Meticulously set up design.

White Porcelain Tile Gray Walls Beige Cabinets Quartzite Countertops

Photo Credit | New Jersey Tile & Stone Inc

Most elements of contemporary design are visible: Mirrored wall, island-style vanity covered all around honeycomb mosaic tile. Wall niche shelves, full high backsplash (basketweave brushed nickel backsplash) and large format ceramic tiles are all in one.

Large Contemporary Gray Tile Travertine Beige Floor Freestanding Black Bathtub

Photo Credit | Kim Duffin for Sublime Luxury Kitchens & Bathrooms

Melting of the porcelains in the same pot. Revering design ….. Black freestanding bathtub, wood-look bordered rug with floor recessed lighting, and big size marble looks flooring.

Large Gray Matt Finish Porcelain Tiles White Flat Panel Cabinets Countertops

Photo Credit | Tile Supply Solutions

If Stanley Kubrick would be alive, he would definitely add this room to his best-known movie. The product beyond this era…Color ideas need to be redefined. Full wall pantry cabinets, and full covered cabinets with ample recessed lighting, handle-free cabinets, glass floating shelf which is connected to black island hood aka island mount range hood, and gorgeous textured type.

Beige Large Porcelain Tile Flat Panel Gray Cabinets Subway Backsplash Quartz Countertops

Photo Credit | Ceramo Tiles

Contemporary design based on the tile. Here shown mostly all elements are made of tiles: Textured maxi subway tiles, gray walls are used as the cabinet doors, and tiles are also textured neutral tile. 

White Large Porcelain Tiles Freestanding Bathtub Hinged Shower Doors

Photo Credit | Florim Ceramiche S.p.A

Everywhere is marble, just a traditional low-style Turkish baths experience! In modern times, marble mega-size tiles are a magnificent replacement for marble. Full height backsplash and wide room flooring are fantastic. The jetted bathtub is charming.

Large Gray Porcelain Floor Tiles Flat Panel Dark Brown Cabinets Subway Backsplash Quartz Countertops

Photo Credit | The Tile People Ltd

Contemporary planing with gray distressed subway backsplash, Cambria polished quartz countertop, oak cabinets, and distressed gray big-size tiles are perfect. 

Dark Flat Panel Wood Cabinets Porcelain White Countertops Floor Tiles

Photo Credit | Miro Kitchen Design

Mega size tiles in a contemporary layout. White rectangle floors are an amazing pick to show the dark tan cabinets and light island. Keen eyes for satisfaction.

White Porcelain Tile Marble Floor Hinged Shower Door Quartz Countertops

Photo Credit | NV Kitchen and Bath

Modern Victorian style design projects with double sink vanity with quartz countertop, standing soaking bath, and shower. These tiles are both used in the wall and floors. The wall carries gray textured rectangle tiles well and the room looks elegant with marble look rectangular tiles. Fine taste in room design.

Large Minimalist Porcelain Tiles Dark Wood Shaker Cabinets Countertops Hinged Shower Door

Photo Credit | Porcetalia

Traditional design with marble top vanity and tiles. Tiles are matching with a marble vanity top, full high backsplash tiles, and bathtub tiles. Imagine your room reinvented!

Large Ceramic Porcelain Multi Color Mosaic Tile Bathtub Hinged Shower Door

Photo Credit | Porcetalia

Greek goddess would love this! All marble look big size tiles are both used for floors tiling and wall tiling. Glass vertical backsplash in the gives the eternity feeling and mini square marble look floor looks gorgeous.

White Large Porcelain Wall Tile Mosaic Floor Framless Shower Door Gray Walls

Photo Credit | Porcetalia

The best combination of two different tiles which are used for bathroom remodeling: Large sizes tiles and basketweave tile with black dots. I think marble look tiles coordinate well with every Carrara marble basketweave tiles. Very creative design.

Large Format Porcelain Floor Tile Black Freestanding Bathtub

Photo Credit | TileStyle

Minimalist design project with black freestanding soaking bathtub and large-size tiles. Wall tiles and tiles are the same marble look tiles and they are totally mesmerizing.

Extra Large Format Cream Tiles White Flat Panel Cabinets

Photo Credit | The Tile People Ltd

Modern design by following the simple and effective quote: “Backsplash would match with floors”. Admiring sharp eyes to combine the floor and full high backsplash as big size tile. In my opinion, textured tiles provide well-balanced motion with handle-free cabinet doors.

Large Format Ceramic Gray Tiles Freestanding Bathtub Wood Cabinets Vessel Sink

Photo Credit | Florim Ceramiche S.p.A.

Yin and YangSpa at your home! Modern design with freestanding soaking bathtub, wooden floating vanity with oval vessel sink, and big-size tile. I would like to say the opposite colors on the wall and on the floor are delicately selected. A natural tile is a wonderful option for being a tile and full high backsplash tile as much as a marble floor and marble full high backsplash.

Large Cream Ceramic Tiles Freestanding Bathtub Fireplace

Photo Credit | Florim Ceramiche S.p.A.

Freestanding jetted bathtubs with custom-designed wood coating in a modern room with an electric fireplace. Large-size tile and casement windows show the straight path of the summit. Hats off the design.

Large Marble Look Porcelain Tile Freestanding Bathtub Vessel Sink Quartz Countertops

Photo Credit | Ceramo Tiles

“Multum in Parvo”, much in a little! Minimalist design with marble look full-size tile and floating vanity with white ceramic vessel sink is an excellent example for the curious minds in-room remodeling.

Gray Tiles Walls Vessel Sink Black Concrete Countertops Medium Tone Wood Cabinets

Photo Credit | Lauren Levant Interior

Floating vanity with double sink and distressed gray large format porcelain tiles are the main elements of contemporary bathroom design. The color tone is amazing, gray and wood colors are extremely blended. The vanity countertop is brushed gray granite and vessel sinks are brushed beige porcelain. Shooting and calming design.

Large Porcelain Floor Backsplash Countertop Farmhouse Sink Tiles Blue Shaker Cabinets

Photo Credit | Imperial Tile & Stone

Neutral abstract art in the contemporary design. The breathtaking veined marble look porcelain tile backsplash is used symmetrically to make abstract art. Gray-blue cabinets and marble-coated farmhouse sink are in harmony with big size tiles which covered the whole floor as tile.

Large Contemporary Porcelain Tile Freestanding Bathtub

Photo Credit | Llama Architects

A luxury white marble carved freestanding bathtub is on the stage which is made of big-size tile. Divinely designed!

White Large Format Porcelain Tile Freestanding Towel Racks Shower Vanity

Photo Credit | Tile Supply Solutions

How lovely to see the green plants in the white room. Two types of wide-size tiles are in charge: Marble look tile and polished travertine look porcelain tile. Full high backsplash seems bright since the same marble look tile is picked.

White Large Porcelain Wall Tile Freestanding Bathtub Light Wood Floor

Photo Credit | Ceramo Tiles

Absolute beauty in large format tile which is defined as symmetrical marble looks like an abstract wall tile. Happy bath tubbing under the abstract picture.

Large Format Ceramic Tile Countertops White Vessel Sink Mirror

Photo Credit | Imperial Tile & Stone

Modern room interior design inspired by Greek Mythology. Double vessel sink floating marble vanity organically bonds to marble full high backsplash and marble-look wide size tile. Symmetrical waterfall room faucets are just the statues of the goddess where fiction meets nonfiction…

Modern Large Porcelain Cream Tiles White Vanity Wall Mounted Faucet

Photo Credit | The Tile People Ltd

Modern kitchen design by following the simple and effective quote: Admiring sharp eyes to combine the floor and full high backsplash. In my opinion, textured porcelain tiles provide well-balanced motion with handle-free kitchen cabinet doors.

Porcelain Tile Countertops Backsplash White Shaker Cabinets Floating Wall Shelves Gray Floor

Photo Credit | TileStyle

Distressed large-size porcelain tile in a transitional design. New white marble-look quartz countertops are gems. The same engineered stone is also used as a backsplash. Warm clean open shelves are welcoming to use the room more ergonomically. 

White Gray Large Size Ceramic Tile Freestanding Bathtub

Photo Credit | Minosa | Design Life Better

Two-tone large-size porcelain tiles waltz finely. Marble look tile and chalkboard look tile are good companies to emphasize the importance of freestanding bathtubs.

The Pattern Of Large Format Porcelain Tiles

Marble look or marble pattern: Since marble-like tiles are in demand, a marble-like or marble look pattern is a good option. 

Textured matte pattern: Especially in flooring this is the best pick. 

Distressed wood look pattern: It is good to have in matching idea. 

Distressed vintage pattern: Any pattern that looks old well worn goes well with many remodeling and bath remodeling as well. 

Chalkboard pattern: Mostly used in the wall, especially with high traffic areas with small kids. 

Antique hammered metal pattern: This is such fine taste porcelain and can be either used in the room as a full high backsplash or floor tile. 

Dimensions of Large Format Porcelain Tiles Information

The most appropriate tile dimensions are given below as inches: 

24×24 square, 

48 x48 square, 

72×72 square, 

48×24 rectangle, 

72×48 rectangle  and 

72×24 rectangle.  

You can go for this dimension but you can all customize your own. Thicknesses are very and easier to maintain.

Bathroom Designs With Modern Tiles

There are some basic design elements to follow in any kind of design. These are the selection of the backsplash, full high backsplash, vanity, towel cabinets, free-standing bathtub or jetted bathtub (optional), and flooring. 

By adding your beautiful big-size tiles you will have hassle-free full height backsplash and flooring. Sometimes two-tone tiles ended up with the best results. But in some designs, just itself would fit perfectly. 

Designs With Large Format Porcelain Tiles Rights Reserved

Basic design elements are almost the same as the 4-inch stone slab, backsplash, full height backsplash, and flooring are in the chart. Additionally, cabinets, islands, countertops, wall cabinets, and shelves need to be considered. The same rules are valid, so thinking hard about backsplash and flooring is not an issue anymore by using ceramic tiles to help. 

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