35 Stylish Bathroom Backsplash Ideas


The backsplash in the bathroom has an equal mission backsplash in the kitchen. The main waterproof tool is to cover the wall. Besides that, the cosmetic appearance is also considerable in bathroom backsplash ideas. Since the bathroom backsplash tiles have more square footage than the kitchen backsplash, it will show their beauty strongly.

One powerful element can conquer the bathroom without any challenge, therefore the tiles fill in the interior designers, interior decorators, and home remodeling contractors’ dreams.

The picture that I was picking for you mesmerized me already. I hope you like to take a tour and hop from one to another …

Bathroom Vanity Backsplash Bathroom Sink Backsplash Tile Natural Stone White Subway Tile Focal Point

Photo Credit | J. Kurtz Design

Inspired by the French style, vintage style vanity, and white subway tiles for backsplash and shower covering. Marble look vanity top and industrial framed mirror are the other eclectic elements in this great bathroom design. 

Mosaic Tiles Behind The Sink White Sink Modern Walls Material Ceramic

Photo Credit | Advantes Group

The matchstick backsplash is made out of glass and the color palette is brown to white. Double sconces over the mirrors show the beauty of all elements. 

Backsplash Ideas Blue Space Grout Floor Pattern Sinks Contemporary Concrete Light Ceiling Texture Classic Dark Materials

Photo Credit | Lee Meier Interiors

Floating espresso vanity cabinets would not be completed without having a glass matchstick backsplash which is used below and over the cabinets. Amazing bathroom design. 

Bathroom Backsplash Sink Subway Tiles Wall Modern Wood White Tile Glass Countertop Style Mirror Walls Large Format Floor

Photo Credit | RN Interior Design

Asian style bathroom backsplash ideas with square elements: The vanity cabinet doors have small girds, the vanity top is thick glass, and the marble flooring amazed me immensely. 

Bathroom Backsplash Wall Marble Glass Mosaic Blue Dark Green Round Shower Room Bold Light

Photo Credit | Bultman Architecture

The unique colors blend well with the apothecary vanity top and antique white vanity cabinetry. Envying design. 

Bathroom Backsplash Wall Round Vessel Sink Shower Traditional Classic Ceiling Create

Photo Credit | Modern Bathroom

Traditional bathroom backsplash ideas with marble flooring, marble mosaic borders, cream color bathroom vanity, and titanium gold vanity top are the best picks for marble vessel sink and marble backsplash. 

Bathroom Backsplash Ideas Subway Tile Backsplash Wall Tiles Countertop Modern Contemporary

Photo Credit | Extreme Developers, Inc

Soft colors are dancing in this modern bathroom vanity top over the oak vanity cabinetry is so charming. Especially the gray glossy long wall tiles especially give a fresh look.

Bathroom Backsplash Ideas Mosaic Tiles Vanity Modern Wall Wood Marble Sink Stone Behind

Photo Credit | Atelier BOOMTOWN

Two-tone backsplash in a contemporary bathroom backsplash ideas with brown-black floating vanity bottom and white apothecary vanity top.

Bathroom Backsplash Ideas Wall Vanity Modern Wood Marble Countertop Behind Ceramic Material Space Sinks

Photo Credit | Ceramic Tile Design

Large format polish travertine tiles are one of the substituting backsplash elements. They are actually used for flooring but also for wall covering. The white vanity top and beautiful cabinetry with finger hold cabinet pull and frosted glass cabinet door and walnut drawers coordinate well with the wall art. 

Bathroom Backsplash Ideas Vanity Gray Mosaic Painted Floor Pattern Grout Contemporary Materials Rustic Shades Floor Style

Photo Credit | Trilogy Cabinets & Design

Sustainable bathroom design by using the matching earth elements: Integrated sink which is void filled, sealed and polished, pebble stone full height backsplash with white grout and floating wood vanity. Natural essence and relaxing oasis duo for being eye candy… 

Materials Pattern Bathroom Backsplash Ideas Waterfall Edge Mirror Glass White Countertops Vanity Wall Tiles

Photo Credit | Christopher Burton Homes, Inc

Espresso cabinets with white vanity top and white porcelain vessel sink, large format vertical layout backsplash, and mother of pearl matchstick backsplash satisfy the hunger of rich taste homeowners

Modern Bathroom Backsplash Ideas Bathroom Sink White Bathroom Wood Marble Gray Ceramic Pattern

Photo Credit | Amanda Kirkpatrick Photography

Redefining gray and soft yellow in a modern bathroom will be very joyful. The apothecary design marble vanity top has yellow and gray bold veins and solid gray cabinetry and beige gray large format porcelain tiles are the best trios ever.

Bathroom Sink Bathroom Backsplash Ideas Tile Backsplash White Sink Modern Marble Countertop Ceramic Mosaic

Photo Credit | SLIC Design

Wide-open bathroom design with large window and balcony door. Navy blue towel cabinets, navy blue corner medicine cabinets, black and white flooring, and black and white veined marble

Ceramic Sinks Blue Style Walls Gray Mirror Modern Countertop Bathroom Backsplash Ideas

Photo Credit | Jackson Design & Remodeling

The color palette for the honeycomb tile blends the color and the transitions are very smooth. The pattern is increasing through the shower wall. Red to orange, orange to gray and white is a rare artisan work. 

Tile Bathroom Sink Subway Tile Backsplash Vanity Marble Modern Ideas Charcoal Flat Front Cabinets

Photo Credit | Cynthia Prizant – Prizant Design, LLC

Soft brownish-gray is always a relaxing backsplash and grays are very calming matching the vanity cabinet color. The backsplash reflects all the lights coming from the bathroom lighting fixtures and recessed lighting

Modern Countertops Cabinetry Subway Tiles Bathroom Backsplash Vanity Ceramic Contemporary Shower Paint

Photo Credit | Cornerstone Architects

High ceiling three-tone contemporary bathroom design. the gray veined marble, gray glass white vein pattern subway backsplash, light gray large format porcelain tiles. 

Modern Ideas White Tile Ceramic Grout Behind Style Glass Countertop Marble Wood Bathroom Backsplash

Photo Credit | Soda Pop Design Inc

Three-dimensional white backsplash with white vanity top and handle free-floating brown cabinets in a white bathroom design. Pampered picture. 

Modern Ideas Tile Sink Tiles Bathroom Backsplash Grey Quartz Countertops Large Format Porcelain Floor Bathtub Mirror

Photo Credit | DesRosiers Architects

Three-dimensional large format porcelain tiles are used as a backsplash and contrast with the bathroom vanity. 

Subway Tile Backsplash Painted Wood Wall Tiles Marble Countertop Mirror Glass Style Behind Gray

Photo Credit | Crisp Architects

Modern farmhouse style bathroom design with black large porcelain tile flooring. The bathroom window is centered for a mirror image in the bathroom, and the open shelves under the vanity have spacious organizing units. Ergonomic design with details.

White Bathroom Wall Mounted Glass Tiles Mix And Match White Tiles Round Green Paint

Photo Credit | Crosby Creations Drafting & Design Services, LLC

The designer would spend time making the best color palette since the backsplash has the same colors as the flooring and vanity.

Bathroom Backsplash Room Shower Neutral Rustic Statement Visual Shade Create Traditional Matches Bold Backsplashes

Photo Credit | Project Homeworks

The cabinetry color is very solid navy blue and matches well with taupe flooring and white Carrara marble matchstick backsplash. 

Bathroom Backsplash Shades Visual Grout Bold Natural Concrete Mix Paint Create Style Modern

Photo Credit | BY DESIGN Builders

Modern bathroom backsplash ideas with warm wood travertine large format porcelain tiles on the wall covering. Unique and good-looking design. 

Dark Tile Bathroom Backsplash Wall Dark Painted Space Room Materials Texture Shades Contemporary Ceramic

Photo Credit | Tierra Concepts

Long floating vanity base with white vanity top and three-dimensional mini mosaic backsplash are all in harmony. The backsplash is framed with the same material as the bathroom mirror and matches also with the wallpaper. All the details melt in the same pot.

Bathroom Backsplash Ideas Subway Tile White Sink Mirror Stone Wood Style

Photo Credit | Wood Customs

An elongated rectangle vessel sink, golden faucet, and white subway backsplash with charcoal grout are so temporary in this bathroom backsplash ideas. 

Bathroom Backsplash Ideas Pattern Contemporary Floor Behind Gray Stone Ceiling Black Granite Countertop

Photo Credit | Extreme Developers, Inc

Hardwood flooring is black herringbone layout tiles with white grout and shower flooring is the same material by having diamond layout tiles. 

Bathroom Backsplash Ideas Focal Point Wall Material Sinks Neutral Rustic Matches Green Visual

Photo Credit | Jackson Design & Remodeling

Bedrosioans black over white pattern flooring tiles and green glass vertical stripe backsplash demonstrate a strong rich touch in this bathroom and take all the attention by having a softwood color vanity and white vanity top. Perspective lover’s dream design.

Bathroom Backsplash Ideas Wall Mirror Walls Grout Painted Pattern Concrete Light Room Shower

Photo Credit | Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath

Two-tone bathroom backsplash ideas by using only brown and white tones. Brown hickory hardwood flooring ribboned with white glossy cabinets and dark brown hickory wood double sink vanity top. The meticulously combined pieces go forever in design. 

Contemporary Material Backsplashes Painted Blue Mirror Glass Marble Vanity Wood Modern Wall Vanity Sink Bathroom Backsplash Ideas

Photo Credit | K2 Kitchens

Narrow long floating cabinets with double sink top and classic marble backsplash and marble flooring. A classic sophisticated design. 

Vanity Bathroom Backsplash Ideas Bathroom Sink Bathroom Vanity Backsplash Tile Wall Modern Wood Mirror Style

Photo Credit | Contemporary Bathroom

High-ceiling bathrooms need a more detail-oriented design without cutting the perspective and distracting the view. Here the full-height backsplash reaches up the skylight and the white floating vanity is kept compact. Color tones give an additional bonus to this loving bathroom.

Backsplash Tile Bathroom Backsplash Ideas Modern Mirror White Tiles Wall Marble

Photo Credit | Outline Interiors

Tuxedo bathroom with three-dimensional look flooring, white vanity, and black faucet and black trims. The wall has been epoxy sealed since the backsplash is not used. This is also a good idea if the budget is low for bathroom remodeling. Please ask your contractor and designer about the epoxy sealed wall paint. 

Sinks Ceramic Blue Walls Mosaic Style Gray Bathroom Backsplash Ideas Bathroom Sink Tile

Photo Credit | Trinity Builders & Design, Inc

A colored and textured backsplash follows the trend and provides the extra perspective, especially in small bathrooms. The second option is using the double sconce on each side of the bathroom mirror to improve the spacious look. The stainless steel fixtures are the best options. Troy Lighting, Hendrix model double torch scones have a futuristic design and look like dynamic art which glimpse a spectacular victory.  QStone Statuary Classic quartz vanity top also stands for this victory. 

Walls Mirror Quartz Countertop Vanity Walls Sink Tiles Ideas Backsplash

Photo Credit | Xstyles Bath + More, Inc

Gray, golden, and silver tones on Italian glass backsplash. The elongated hexagons are elegant. The integrated double sink vanity top is very unique. The other Italian touch admits to attention as well. A trough under mount white ceramic sink with overflow. It is a perfect modern addition to bathroom remodeling.  Hats off to the designer and sink designer Scarabeo, Teorema 2 collection. 

Ideas Sink Vanity Marble Bathroom Backsplash Modern Mirror Material Ceramic Blue Pattern Dark Cabinet

Photo Credit | Kitchen Studio Monterey

The three-dimensional backsplash inspired by the bamboo stalk supports the idea of sustainability and recycling. Green and brown softly attach to each other and the result turns out in excellent shape.

Sink Tiles Bathroom Backsplash Modern Marble Pattern Painted Shower Shades Grout Ceramic Ceiling Dark Cabinetry Vessel Sink

Photo Credit | Soda Pop Design Inc

It is also used as a shower wall cover and wall cover near the standing bathtub. By having fewer elements showing the most beautiful is called the design of the art. 

Modern Ideas Tiles Tile Sink Pattern Painted Contemporary Shower Natural Ceramic Grout Room Materials Bathroom Backsplash

Photo Credit | Form Collective

Mesmerizing Cambria Bentley is used as an abstract piece on the shower wall and over the vanity. On the shower side, I see a little child with a mask on his face and carrying a white star and walking through the mountains. What do you think? This is also a very good example of natural three-tone bathroom design ideas. Black, white, and wood color are always very inspirational. 

Subway Tile Backsplash Ideas

No matter what if the bathroom backsplash tiles are porcelain, glass, marble, quartz, or granite, if you go for custom, you can go any type but typically used backsplash tiles for bathroom backsplash ideas are:
Subway backsplash: This is a classic tile, and I can say a safe bet.  
Matchstick backsplash: The modernized form of subway backsplash. the tiny long rectangular tiles with the flowing layout of the subway tiles. It can be used vertically or horizontally 
Mosaic backsplash: This historical tile layout never fades. 
Three-dimensional backsplash or textured backsplash: Modern-looking backsplash with many different levels and perspectives. Sometimes pattern following tiles is a good addition to bathroom design.  It gives a more homey spirit to the bathroom. Endless combinations and endless colors make them very popular.  
Over-size tile backsplash: Natural stone-looking and wood-looking tiles bring an eye-candy taste to your bathroom remodeling. 

Bathroom Backsplash Materials

Bathroom backsplash materials are either a protective coat of epoxy paint or resin, porcelain, marble, marble look material, granite, or quartz in tile or slab format. If it is not polished, the travertine backsplash is not a convenient option in the bathroom. The stained glass panel backsplash is good to use if there is a backlit behind it.