32 Metal Washstand Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Metal Washstand Bathroom Vanity

Metal washstand bathroom vanity is also known as a free-standing metal sink, metal bathroom sink stands, or metal washstand sink. You might be familiar with any of the definitions or these keywords might seem new to you. Therefore, only this time I would like to add a little quiz into my article: 

1)Do you have a confined space in your bathroom? 

2)Do you obsess over cleaning the bathroom flooring? 

3)Do you have an open mind for different bathroom design ideas? 

If one of the above questions is “yes”, my article will lead you to your future bathroom remodeling project by adding a metal washstand bathroom vanity. 

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Photo Credit | Stuart Silk Architects

Contemporary bathroom design with a set of metal washstand vanities. The vanity top is high-quality chestnut with espresso finish, faucets are wall-mounted and modern vessel sinks are white porcelain. A large one-piece vanity mirror and light fixtures on the mirror provide a deep perspective. 

Metal Bathroom Base Material Vanities Aesthetic Free Shipping Hardware Porcelain White Sinks

Photo Credit | CW Design, LLC

The ideal washstand vanity options come with an open shelf under the sink. Space saver and functional design. A horizontal line chrome bar can also be used as the towel holder. Marble and chrome are a good combo if the bathroom flooring and mirror are also considered. 

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Photo Credit | CM.S. Vicas Interiors

This is the typical example of how a small space for the bathroom vanity turns into a spacious look. The color selection is important as the washstand bathroom vanity selection. 

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Photo Credit | Dragonfly Tile & Stone Works, Inc

Eclectic design by having the metal pedestal console vanity sink. In my opinion, the designer was inspired by the Ancient Greek Amphora Vase. The window seal is used as a shelf and Wall murals are French Country style. Subway tiles and flooring are Victorian Styles. It is hard to combine these features together in beautiful bathroom vanities. 

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Photo Credit | Tarkus Tile, Inc

Clean, neat, elegant, and airy… Metal console sink base with the ballpoint feet. The two-level towel rack is a very smart idea: Hang the kid’s towel into the pedestal legs of the sink, and hand towels are in a round towel rack nearby the sink.

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Photo Credit | Don Ziebell

Contemporary design with white standing bathtub, large format porcelain tiles, and bold looking contemporary metal washstand. Enhance the space with this console sink which features a washbasin and steel base. 

Bathroom Wallpaper Number Base Services Glass Price Single Console Design Creating Mirror

Photo Credit | Susan Fisher Photography

The thick perforated glass is chosen to be a backsplash. The protection of the unique design wallpaper and the reflection of the light on the high-quality ceramic console sink is satisfactory results. The little bench has a storage room under it and is very efficient to hide all the bathroom clusters. Mirrored door wall cabinets are also another option for ” out of sight out of mind” style organizing. 

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Photo Credit | HomeTech Renovations, Inc

Very fine and elegant looking french country style metal washstand bathroom vanities with stone top. Artisan labor is easily noticeable in the connection of white wood wall panels and medical cabinets. Two-tone bathroom flooring is a great idea to separate wet and dry floors. 

Per Page Vanities Style Material Sink Free Shipping Metal Mosaic Tiles

Photo Credit | brandes maselli architects

Such an impressive eclectic design by the inspiring victorian bathroom. The material selection is very precise as wood, mosaic tiles, and metals. The coffered ceiling is bordered by a dark chestnut wood crown. The dark chestnut is also used as the wood panels, wood flooring which looks like a wooden carpet, arched door crown, and open shelf towel rack. Two different types of mosaic tiles are in charge for flooring and full high backsplash. Victorian style reflective candle sconces are handcrafted and hand-finished which hold one taper or 3″ pillar candle. Modern French style stone top metal washstand bathroom vanities are drop-dead gorgeous. 

Blue Motif Floor Tiles Porcelain Sinks Marble Countertop Oval Mirrors Towel Rock

Photo Credit | Rustico Tile and Stone

The Mediterranean style bathroom design with beautiful and colorful floor tiling, alluring gray marble top and alluring gray marble backsplash, oval pivot mirrors, and open shelf metal washstand console sink. The base of the open shelf is also metal pipes and this see-through design improves the illusion. 

Black Backsplash Dark Wood Floor Carrara Marble Base Material

Photo Credit | J.A.S. Design-Build

Shades of gray are dancing in this bathroom. The metal washstand bathroom vanities have ballpoint legs. The horizontal pipe panels substitute for the free-standing towel racks

Large Format Gray Porcelain Floor Tiles Hinged Shower Door Marble Countertops

Photo Credit | Carl Mayfield Architectural Photographer

Bolt and contemporary design: Prestigious look is supported by having white marble top vanity over metal legs, large format porcelain tiles, and modern sconce features patterned metal outer which illuminates the bathroom with its fabulous look.

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Photo Credit | Hanson Fine Building

Earth tone french country bathroom vanities with eye-catching white marble vanity top and metal washstand sink. 

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Photo Credit | HSH Interiors

Can you guess where this brushed brass console sink with black marble top is? A) In an architecture design office B) In a fancy hotel lobby C) In a modern city restaurant D) The showroom in a store. Looking forward to your comments soon. 

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Photo Credit | Giambastiani Design

That picture reminds me of my childhood, even though I used to have a step stool to wash my hands, my desire was to look into the mirror and I was rushing a kitchen stool, climbing on top of it and seeing myself against the mirror. The airy layout of the metal washstand over the stone top vanity.

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Photo Credit | Meriwether Inc

Teal blue and white bathroom with high-quality porcelain sink washstand. The freestanding towel rack is under the sink and extra towels are in the basket. Minimalist ideas with a black iron wire basket increase your organization in that compact space. 

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Photo Credit | J.S. Brown & Co

Simple and effective vanity design. High-quality porcelain washstand sinks with metal legs are very convenient for small remodeling. Underneath the shelf is a great storage idea!

Marble Free United Kingdom Per Page Vanities Style Material Vanity Bathroom Freestanding Bathtub

Photo Credit | KannCept Design, Inc

Transitional bathroom design by having contemporary bathroom design and Victorian-style bathroom design. White porcelain standing bathtub, white porcelain standing washstand sink with metal legs, and Victorian Style Dressing Armoire with glass door become indispensable.

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Photo Credit | Renew Properties

Contemporary bathroom vanity design by having the black stone top and metal washstand. The wallpaper is like a natural abstract. The mirror and the sconces reflect all the light on the fixtures and wallpaper. 

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Photo Credit | Tara Seawright Interior Design

By using the magical illusion, the small chamber turns into a living space in bathroom remodeling. The secret word is the washstand vanity. Very resourceful and sharp design. 

Bathroom Vanities Base Material Vanity PerPage Style

Photo Credit | Stuart Silk Architects

A metal washstand sink with a stone top and see-through perforated shelf is just right to show the beauty. The metal stand can also be used as a free-standing towel rack which is an utterly trendy design element.

Calacatta Gold Marble Floor Tiles Dark Wood Cabinets Countertops Bathroom Vanities Split Faced And Stacked Statuary Tile

Photo Credit | Orren Pickell Building Group

I always admire the fusion between different design options. In here the bathroom has double vanity sinks with natural stone tops. The seductive part is having a vanity cabinet and metal washstand at the same time. Underneath the framed sink lays the matching stone shelf which is connected to the chrome legs. Matchstick and mosaic stone full high backsplash are following a pattern to cover the whole bathroom wall. The designer has a keen eye for a mirror image in the bathroom remodeling therefore the brown vanity was centered meticulously.  

Bathroom Vanities Base Material Miter Edge Carrara Marble Countertop Powder Room Style Console

Photo Credit | Blackline Renovations

Apothecary interior design is one of a kind design that is inspired by the vintage pharmacy stores, vintage wallpapers, and antique-looking tiles and flooring. Here is the best example of a modernized washstand with rich bold lines and square corners. The designer has a great taste to insert the tumbled brass finish into soft arabesque marble flooring and peach and cream patterned wallpaper. It is such a refreshing bathroom design. The crafted porcelain sink basin and encapsulated stone top are all gorgeous.

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Photo Credit |Lav•ish – The Bath Gallery

It is very visible that this bathroom is just like a cubby hole. The washstand bathroom vanity idea combines with the white tone, it provides an amazing illusion and your bathroom seems larger. The shelf under the sink console is also another supportive element for this illusion. 

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Photo Credit | J.A.S. Design-Build

Contemporary farmhouse-style bathroom design. Double sink metal leg vanity with ballpoint legs cooperates happily with the white wooden shelf with finely selected corbels and white bathroom cabinets with mirror doors. Natural stone top and mosaic tile flooring are included to multiply happiness. 

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Photo Credit | Sweetlake Interior Design LLC

The Carrara natural stone is a classic, eternal material for bathroom design. The Carrara stone wall cover, Carrara backsplash, and Carrara top, and Carrara flooring are very impressive. To emphasize the details of the white stone, the vanity is the right element for the design. 

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Photo Credit | Gaulhofer Windows USA

I was trying to make the layout of the bathroom in my mind about this beautiful beach house. I think this is a very narrow and long bathroom and needs some professional work. Sleeping cars in the train compartments are the inspiration point. Everything is compact and in a row. I admire the idea of centering the bathtub to the bathroom windows and using the sides as the metal washstand sink vanities. The plumbing cost would be higher but the design is priceless. 

Customer Features Bath Modern Hardware Per Page Vanities Style Sink

Photo Credit | Christine Huvé Interior Design

Lovely apothecary design vanity top with metal legs. Everything is handy even the toilet roll holder is not visible. The color selection is soft but at the same time, it has enough contrast to pop up the 8 inches thick vanity top.

Bathroom Vanity Sink Style Great New Home Kitchen White Perfect Styles Width

Photo Credit | Toulmin Homes

Simple and classic lines in bathroom design: Honeycomb flooring, Carrara stone vanity top with ballpoint metal legs, and medicine cabinets with mirror doors. Tranquility and serenity are together.

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Photo Credit | The Tile Shop

Apothecary design vanity with meandrous style ceramic backsplash borders and natural stone details and Carrara stone flooring. The Greek Goddesses visit this bathroom.

Sink Vanity Style Number Services Single Top Perfect New Home White Bathroom Vanity

Photo Credit | Heritage Bathrooms

Black, white, and copper would not be expressed beautifully without having a Victorian design bathroom idea. 

Bathroom Vanity Sink Style Single Services Number Shop Features Width Perfect New White

Photo Credit | Heritage Bathrooms

Modern and cozy bathroom by binding the details like a spider web: White porcelain standing bathtub, birch flooring, stepped ladder layout subway tile, chrome finish metal washstand bathroom vanity, classic wall mirror, and gray and white wallpaper ( which reflects from the mirror) are meticulously selected

How To Make A Tiny Bathroom Feel Bigger With Metal Bathroom Vanities?

There are many different ways to do this illustration and illusion trick. I think my followers will value my writing style by itemizing the most memorable tips in three or four steps. Tiny bathroom transformations in only four hints make everyone happy. 

Playing with the colors: Usually bright and light colors are the right choice for small bathrooms. But sometimes a mirror and dark colors have the same illusion. Adding some high gloss over the dark color makes your project bolder: Make a tiny bathroom feel bigger. The large pattern wallpapers with opposite colors satisfy your hunger in cramped bathroom design. 

Adding glass elements into your bathroom: Opt for glass rather than fabric or furniture is a good hint. Instead of shower curtains, you can go for glass shower doors. Instead of bathroom vanity cabinets, a metal washstand vanity with a glass shelf would be some doable selections. 

Thinking of the compact fixture: What if the towel rack, the toilet roll holder, and the shelf are all in one package? Metal washstand bathroom vanity ideas will provide this. 

Clearing the vision on the bathroom floor: Since the limited bathroom space is in the hand, the illusion is our magic word. The attention would be somewhere but a cubbyhole. Bathroom flooring should contain any pattern, color, or material. The designer’s role in creating the right trouble focusing. Washstand vanity is the strongest element in a small bathroom design and it also helps in clearing the bathroom floor.  

Base Material For Washstand Vanity Bathroom Ideas

A washstand vanity can take part in any bathroom design idea without any hesitation.

My favorites are farmhouse bathroom design, french country bathroom design, Victorian bathroom design, eclectic bathroom design, transitional bathroom design, contemporary bathroom design, feng shui bathroom design, modern bathroom design, and apothecary bathroom design. 

Hope you will be satisfied with my 32 pictures of the metal washstand vanity. Please pin them for your future bathroom project.