35 Stunning Coastal Kitchen Design Ideas


Beach House Kitchen Decor Ideas:

I have always been inspired by coastal kitchen design ideas since I grew up nearby the shore. I was collecting many items like driftwood, rounded stones, and opaque glass pieces, seashells. Hermit crab’s life, small fish school, urchins, underwater treasures.

White Quartz Counters Medium Tone Hardwood Subway Tiles Cabinetry Pendant Lightings copy

Photo Credit | Flagg Coastal Homes

Beach house kitchen makeover ideas: Coastal kitchen white colors by following the coastal color code: Seafoam cabinets and navy blue island make you think that you are on the shore.

Quartz Counters Shaker Cabinetry Pendant Lights Subway Wall Tile Hardwood Flooring Shaker Cabinetry Black Hardware

Photo Credit | Alexander Design Group, Inc

Tuxedo kitchen inspired by coastal kitchen theme: The lighthouse style over island kitchen pendants is amazing with an overhang island that can hide your stool. Soft white wooden panels on the coffered ceiling and soft white cabinets are in harmony with white countertops, white subway tile, and weathered wood flooring. 

Light Taupe Wood Cabinetry Super White Quartzite Counters Cement Backsplash Hardwood Flooring Pendant Lights

Photo Credit | Frank Pitman Designs

Craftsman-style kitchen meets with coastal kitchen decor elements: Sand tones and distressed taupe cabinets have a wonderful vibe. Patterned backsplash and two-tone countertops set well to empower the feeling of the beach house.

White Marble Counters Shaker Cabinetry Subway Tiles Plank Hardwood Flooring Miter Edge

Photo Credit | Airoom Architects-Builders-Remodelers

Coastal kitchen with neutral colors: Two-tone wood cabinets and two-tone countertops are.

Medium Tone Flooring Subway Marble Backsplash White Cabinetry Marble Counters Farmhouse Sink

Photo Credit | Barbara Brown Photography

Celebrate Christmas in a summer house: Dove wing cabinets with white tone countertops and a dark kitchen island base reminds me of the winter on the beach house. Lovely selection for coastal decorating ideas.

Beach Style Light Wood Floor White Shaker Cabinetry Marble Counters Mosaic Backsplash Pendant Lightings

Photo Credit | Emeritus

High ceiling, ample windows, and white coastal kitchen! Does not it look like the top flooring of the lighthouse? Would not be amazing if you are pampered with this coastal kitchen theme? Two thumbs up for decorating ideas. The raised bar top is looking at the beach boasted by bottom-top windows.

Beach Style White Kitchen Black Windows Light Hardwood Flooring Quartz Counters Cabinetry

Photo Credit | Flagg Coastal Homes

Open layout coastal kitchen follows the step of tuxedo kitchen design. The black sinks on both the countertop and island top and the black-framed French windows are the dark sides of the project. A tropical plant and tree landscape is a fine addition.

Gray Hardwood Flooring Thick White Quartz Counters Shaker Cabinetry Marble Backsplash

Photo Credit | Kennedy Cole Interior Design

Imagination counts a blue sailing boat with a white deck and white sailcloth in this beautiful coastal kitchen. Oh, I did forget the white clouds. Now go back to the analogy: The blue kitchen island base represents the sailing boat, and clouds are the full high marble backsplash… Blue and white combinations are the theme colors for this room.

Great Room Beach Style Kitchen Island Quartzite Counters Multicolored Mosaic Backsplash White Cabinetry Medium Tone Flooring

Photo Credit | Francie Milano Kitchens Inc

Vacation in a cruise ship or lifetime vacation summer house! Double island and water drop opaque over island pendants, mosaic wall tiles, and counters. All have a feeling of the seashore. Soft lighting in the ambiance increases the levity. 

Gray Hardwood Floor Glass Tile Backsplash Quartzite Counters White Cabinetry

Photo Credit | Francie Milano Kitchens Inc

Coastal kitchen with two-tone cabinets, subway tiles, open wall shelves, and seafoam and sea bubble feeling counter height chairs. The flooring is a distressed silver poplar. Marble look countertops are a big bonus. Thumbs up for the blue-gray coastal decor.

Medium Tone Hardwood Flooring White Kitchen Blue Island Cabinet Quartz Counters Subway Backsplash

Photo Credit | Violandi + Warner Interiors

Navy blue and white beach house kitchen cabinets. Home, welcoming and heartwarming. This is a very good example of beach-themed kitchen decorating. Beach house coastal kitchen designs have always attracted the attention of homeowners. 

Gray Hardwood Flooring Multicolored Wall Tiles White Blue Cabinet Concrete Quartz Countertop

Photo Credit | Flagg Coastal Homes

Singing Sandpipers in your kitchen. The lovely decor of the beach house style kitchen: Nautical blue painted kitchen with white cabinets and light wooden cottage style bar stools completed the room.

Brown Floor Quartz Counters Blue Island White Kitchen Cabinet Subway Backsplash Pendant Lights

Photo Credit | Stephen Alexander Homes & Neighborhoods

Driftwoods are floating on the waves. The refreshing beach house kitchen cabinets. Coastal decor ideas, beach cottage, wall decor, and light and airy kitchen cabinets. Nautical beach kitchen white cabinetry, wooden flooring, vintage bar stools, and painted walls have always made homeowners happy.

White Quartz Countertops Tile Backsplash Hardwood Flooring Shaker Cabinetry Pendant Lights

Photo Credit | Stephen Alexander Homes & Neighborhoods

See-thru coastal wall decor: Windows, clear image stools, clear image mullion cabinetry, and more… Just for leveling up your relaxation and your comfort. Light-painted beach-style kitchen wooden furniture adds such a touch to the room as if you think you are at the seaside.

Gray Cabinet White Quartz Countertop Hardwood Floor Pendant Lightings

Photo Credit | April Balliette

Magical view with magical coastal kitchen. The strong color code following turns out to be a stress-free home environment. 

Contemporary Coast Kitchen Grey Island White Kitchen Cabinetry Quartz Counters Laminate Floor Ceramic Backsplash

Photo Credit | Larissa Hicks- S&W Kitchens, Inc

Two-tone cabinets open space kitchen welcomes the daylight in a beach house. Coastal kitchen decor ideas are endless. Coastal-style kitchen decor is so relaxing and makes the space inviting.

Brown Hardwood Flooring Gray Subway Backsplash White Cabinetry Marble Counters

Photo Credit | Alexander Design Group, Inc

Traditional white coastal kitchen decor in a beach house. The colors are soft and calming like the back of the navy blue fabric on the chair. The meticulous design shows itself and the hardwood floors bond very well.

Light Hardwood Floor Glass Front Wall Cabinets Mosaic Tile Backsplash Brown Cabinetry White Quartz Counters

Photo Credit | Beasley & Henley Interior Design

Earth tones in coastal kitchen design ideas. Spell a cast for dreams come true for the beach house adaptation. Cream-painted walls, wooden flooring, and stainless steel appliances illuminate the interior beach life.

Brown Fantasy Granite Counters White Shaker Cabinetry Grey Backsplash Dark Hardwood Flooring Farmhouse Sink Pendant Lightings

Photo Credit | Alexander Design Group, Inc

Modern coastal kitchen with a Mediterranean influence. Can you feel the breeze of the ocean? White cabinetry with blue accents for the breakfast nook, and arabesque tile inlet. 

Shaker White Cabinetry Grey Subway Tiles Medium Tone Hardwood Quartzite Counters Pendant Lights Farmhouse Sink

Photo Credit | CVI Design – Carly Visser

Coastal kitchen counters carry the rich taste of design. The Mediterranean, Mexican, and Moroccan have beautiful patterns. Red, white, or pink corals are another option. Just use your imagination for your coastal decor.

Marble Counters White Cabinetry Cherry Hardwood Farmhouse Sink Pendant Lights

Photo Credit | Airoom Architects-Builders-Remodelers

Open space kitchen decor with overhang island: I could imagine the ocean behind the tropical trees. Finely selected decor elements make your beach house more stunning.

White Quartz Counters Brown Flooring Blue Cabinetry Grey Backsplash

Photo Credit | Shelton Design//Build

These pendants have warm tones and provide some underwater ambiance for the coastal modern kitchen. White cabinetry is picked as wall cabinetry and blue cabinetry is for the base.

Super White Quartzite Miter Edge Countertop Gray Cabinetry Subway Tile Medium Tone Hardwood Floor Pendant Lights

Photo Credit | Michael Robert Construction

Blue-gray and white are dancing in this coastal kitchen. Marble look counters are like a gem coming from the pirate ship. Soothing design with balanced color coding. 

Coastal Kitchen Remodel White Counters Taupe Flat Panel Cabinetry Beige Large Size Tiles

Photo Credit | Emeritus

Artisan combination of three-tone cabinets and two-tone countertops in a coastal kitchen. Dark glass door cabinets are the real treasure over the sand color tiles. 

White Shaker Cabinetry Carrara Marble Counters Subway Backsplash Brown Hardwood Glass Doors

Photo Credit | REHAB Kitchen & Bath

Welcome to the deck! Modern coastal kitchen design ideas with white cabinetry. The vein on the dunes or the beach plants or driftwood colors can be added. Based on the climate or location fresh colors would be added to your pallet. 

Medium Tone Hardwood Flooring White Cabinetry Subway Tile Pendant Lightings

Photo Credit | Kennedy Cole Interior Design

Beachy kitchens: Open space layout kitchen style in a summer coastal home. Two-tone painted cabinets and two-tone countertops are mesmerizing. The overhang double island saves space for the breakfast stools. The three-dimensional subway backsplash looks like an accent piece. Neutral tones call a party for any season. 

Brown Quartzite Counters Gray Cabinets Multicolored Backsplash Farmhouse Sink Hardwood Flooring

Photo Credit | Francie Milano Kitchens Inc

Head-to-toe, upscale coastal kitchen using the richest essential elements. Keen-eyed designers deserve applause.

Hand Made Tile Backsplash White Cabinetry Beige Floor Quartzite Counters

Photo Credit | Hive LA Home

Mediterranean-style coastal kitchen: Neat and ergonomic beach house kitchen life. This is one of the small coastal kitchen decor ideas.

Quartzite Counters White Cabinetry Marble Backsplash Light Hardwood Floor Farmhouse Sink Pendant Lights

Photo Credit | Flagg Coastal Homes

Coral reef and driftwood accents make this coastal kitchen more authentic Inspiring backsplash design with marble subway tile. It is so charming that looks like a beach cottage.

Medium Tone Hardwood Open Concept Kitchen Marble Countertops Backsplash White Cabinetry

Photo Credit | Blackband Design

Open space layout kitchen decor in a beach house. Two-tone counters in a beach kitchen are a classic beauty. Rattan and bamboo stools complete the picture for the beach cottage. 

Quartz Counters White Cabinets Dark Wood Floor Subway Backsplash Pendant Lightings

Photo Credit | Stephen Alexander Homes & Neighborhoods

Coastal style decorating ideas such as nautical wooded bar theme concept, kitchen coastal interior decor ideas, shades of blue white kitchen coastal decor wood light ideas.

White Glass Tile Backsplash White Appliances Light Hardwood Flooring Quartz Counters Cabinetry Pendant Lights

Photo Credit | Stephen Alexander Homes & Neighborhoods

Sailing deck-inspired beach kitchen life in white. The island has a white wood panel similar to the range hood.

Multicolored Glass Blue Tile Island Cabinet Quartz Countertop Brown Porcelain Flooring

Photo Credit | Larissa Hicks- S&W Kitchens, Inc

Delightful coastal kitchen light and airy decor ideas: Sand dune-style countertops. Subway tile backsplash for coastal effect kitchen ideas. Blue decor interior design beach style ideas to make the kitchen coastal feelings.

Medium Dark Hardwood Flooring Porcelain Backsplash Tile Quartz Counters Farmhouse Sink White Blue Cabinetry

Photo Credit | Flagg Coastal Homes

Caribbean vacation in a coastal house. If you are lucky to spot a sailing boat over the seas, your colors would get some additional navy blues and blacks.

Rich Toned Hardwood Flooring Grey Shaker Cabinetry Brown Fantasy Granite Counters Waterfall Edge

Photo Credit | Beasley & Henley Interior Design

Can you feel the freshness of the waves? I can feel it in the full high backsplash, on the countertops, and on the waterfall edge island top. Dove Wing’s color cabinetry and fume-color breakfast chairs support this feeling. Blue painted modern kitchen features weathered wood flooring and shades of the blue modern cottage-style stone slab to cover the wall.

White Kind Of Countertop Is The Best For Coastals?

If you picked the countertop with veins, if you would like to emphasize a beautiful backsplash you can go for plain look countertops. The color also expresses your personality. 

White Kind Of Breakfast Chairs Are The Best For Coastal Kitchen Ideas?

Mostly in beach houses, easy-clean material would be convenient: Clear plastic, wood, rattan, wicker, metal, and bamboo are the options. If the fabric seat chairs or leather chairs are in charge they also look good. 

What Kitchen Design Is The Best For The Coastal Kitchen Ideas?

Craftsman style kitchen, traditional kitchen, transitional kitchen, farmhouse, and eclectic kitchen can be picked and coastal accents would be added. 

Is There Any Specific Flooring For Coastal Decorating Ideas?

No. But distressed flooring will give a fancy look. You can go for large-format ceramic tiles or wood flooring.