31 Unique Full Height Kitchen Backsplash Designs

Full Height Kitchen Backsplash

Full height kitchen backsplash is both a protective and aesthetically pleasing design element that is always trendy and functional. The layout is either behind the stove or behind the sink or both. Full height backsplash ideas are mostly known for flat-panel stones but backsplash tile pieces. 

I picked the pictures with pleasure. Hoping they would be good eye candies for your full height backsplash searching… 

Full Backsplash Height Natural Stone Inch Look Line Spills Tiles Menu Entire Cover

ID# 101101 |Photo Credit | Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove

Black and white just like the high mountains and ridges and the floating corner shelves look like the sleighs…

Height Backsplashes Kitchen Design 4 Inch Ceiling Space Save Wall

ID# 101102 |Photo Credit | Opustone

Golden onyx full high backsplash in an ultra-modern kitchen concept. The artisan labor of the onyx is a blessing. 

Contact Submit Remodeling Phone Slab Custom Walls Call Room Style Website

ID# 101103 |Photo Credit | Bellisa Design

Ostras Blanco full high backsplash and countertop with charcoal cabinetry. The admirable butcher block island top pleases my eyes. 

Visually Showroom Posts High Prefer Backsplashes Ceiling Standard Upper Cabinets

ID# 101104 |Photo Credit | Sweetlake Interior Design LLC

The soft tones of Calacatta Gold quartz harmonically infused golden light fixtures, golden faucets and hardware, and even golden curved legged, curved details, rounded accents, gray leather chairs which are designed for luxury and aesthetic seekers. 

Full Height Ceiling Inches Quartz Cambria Benefits Slab Protection

ID# 101105 |Photo Credit | Cambria

Cambria Skara Brae quartz has a great dimension either having a feeling of the standpoint in the long beach or snowy mountains. Here, with the high ceiling, the mountain breeze is a possibility in your kitchen The white floating shelves are almost invisible and won’t cut the view of the high plateau…

Full Height Material Granite Stone Budget Surface Phone Create Website

ID# 101106 |Photo Credit | FSC Home Remodeling

Netuno Bordeaux is one of the unique granite and the designer definitely take advantage and transfers a lying leopard cub on his mother’s back. The white kitchen turns into a loving and cuddling natural place. 

Space Full Height Kitchen Inches Material Typhoon Bordeaux

ID# 101107 |Photo Credit | Granite Grannies

Traditional white kitchen with one-of-a-kind Typhoon Bordeaux countertop. It is also used as a full high backsplash

Kitchen Inch Standard Backsplash Wall Backsplashes Look Ceiling Stone

ID# 101108 |Photo Credit | Madison Van Wylen

White kitchen with Cambria Skara Brae. The vertical use of the full high backsplash is such a great idea and boomerang style waves provide an extra slow flow… Keen-eyed interior designers deserve a big applause for having a different perspective. 

Height 4 Inch Backsplashes Wall Space Budget Paint Look

ID# 101109 |Photo Credit | CR Home

Reach the summit of a mountain in your dream kitchen. Distinctive backsplash matches with white countertop and off-white cabinetry. 

Benefits Budget Shelves Cost

Photo Credit | New Generation Home Improvements

Contemporary kitchen with bamboo cabinetry and white quartz slabs. Waterfall edge island top and full high backsplash take all the attention. 

Height Kitchen Backsplashes Typhoon Bordeaux Countertops Brown Shaker Cabinetry

Photo Credit | Granite Connection, LLC

Stunning Typhoon Bordeaux with triple functionality in a cherry cabinets kitchen. The warm tones are supported with orange melange kitchen pendants

Height Space Quartz Counter Low Maintenance Engineered

Photo Credit | Granitex, Corp

Cherry cabinets with white marble look like countertops and full high backsplash. 

Backsplash Height Backsplashes Ceiling Inches Quartz Counters Tile Protection 1

Photo Credit | Johnston Home Interior Design

Open layout kitchen connected to the living room. The mirror image is provided by using the range hood centered, small floating kitchen shelves, and cylinder tube kitchen pendants are on the side. Light and pastel tones of gray and brown are matching with the quartz. As you noticed, the coffee table top, island top, countertop, and full high backsplash are made out of the same material. Very detail-oriented design. 

Super White Quartzite Kitchen Full Height Backsplash Stone Surfaces Gray Cabinetry 1

Photo Credit | AbbyElle Style

I see with my little eyes a rising bird with wide-open wings. Nearby the wings there are two half-horse silhouettes facing the birds. Hands-free white cabinets, high ceilings, large kitchen windows, and gray quartzite are the main elements. Waterfall edge island top impacts a huge difference in the total picture as much as a full high backsplash. 

Super White Quartzite Counter Height Dark Cabinetry Light Floor Pendant Lightings

Photo Credit | Pioneer Architecture, LLC

Transitional kitchen remodeling idea with onyx and distressed black cabinets. Under the cabinet lighting shows the shine of the full high backsplash. 

Upper Cabinets Standard Full Height Backsplash 4 Inches Countertop

Photo Credit | Kaufman Segal Design

Contemporary kitchen by using handle-free blue base cabinets, frosted glass door cabinets, and titanium full high backsplash. Titanium granite countertop and titanium granite island top are the proof eco-friendly sustainable interior design. 

Material Granite Countertops Budget Surface Materials Tile Marble Benefits Homeowners Cabinet Cost

Photo Credit | Sheppard’s Countertops

The mesmerizing parts are the backlit full high backsplash and backlit island base. The soft light illuminated the surroundings. 

Standard Create Aesthetic Protection Install Project Paint Decide Cooking Taller

Photo Credit | Denise Morrison Interiors & House of Morrison

Calacatta Verona quartz would not be expressed beautifully without having a full-height backsplash in a transitional kitchen. The color code for kitchen design elements is very soft and charming as well. 

Material Wall Inches Surface Homeowners Contact Submit Cost Marble Materials Tile Budget High Look

Photo Credit | WAM Interior Design

Two-tone transitional kitchen with white full height backsplash, white counter, and white island top. All the base cabinets are espresso brown and all the white wall cabinets have glass doors with glass shelves. The perspective is amazing.

Full Height Kitchen Design Countertop 4 Inches Materials Benefits Standard

Photo Credit | d2 interieurs

White open layout kitchen with white full high backsplash, waterfall edge island top, and countertop.

Height Look High Website Standard Full Tile Stone

Photo Credit | Kitchen & Bath Concepts

Two-tone cabinets transitional kitchen with white quartz full high backsplash. The infinite feeling is very satisfying…

Height Space Stone Countertops Benefits

Photo Credit | Marblex Design International, Inc

Two-tone cabinetry transitional kitchen with dreamy quartzite, soft cream, blue, pink, and gray veins has a smooth flow and looks like a masterpiece in the kitchen. Especially behind the stove backsplash part…

Full Height Kitchen Backsplash Stone Slab Backsplash Full Height Inch Backsplash Wall

Photo Credit | Neolithic Design Stone and Tile

Contemporary kitchen with seamless touch. The essence of blue is dancing with white and soft brown. 

Standard Kitchen Surface Material Inches

Photo Credit | Ann Lowengart Interiors

Contemporary kitchen with white marble with black and gray bolt veins. I can call this kitchen “marble is everywhere!” Cleanliness is next to godliness. 

Backsplashes Material Benefits Standard Tile Website

Photo Credit | Norfolk Kitchen & Bath

Cambria Skara Brae is an engineered stone, which can be used as either a countertop. For my assumption, york cabinets with Seabreeze paint are one of the matching colors to show the strength of the Cambria Skara Brae. 

Height Standard Backsplash Kitchen

Photo Credit | Abruzzo Kitchen & Bath

Two-tone cabinets transitional kitchen welcomes an elegant backsplash which has gray fine veins. The color palette of soft gray and white are bonded well by having this backsplash.

Height Inch Backsplash Ceiling Homeowners Gray Cabinetry Quartz Counters Bar Stools Pendant Lights

Photo Credit |  Custom Stone Interiors LLC

Gray cabinets craftsman-designed kitchen with white full high backsplash. That smells fantastic and fancy. 

Height Look Natural Website Wall Viscount White Counters White Cabinetry

Photo Credit | Village Home Stores

The waves and the swirl on Viscount White melt my heart. The red wall color adds a festive look to this snowy look kitchen.

Height Floating Shelves Black Island Countertop Pendant Lights High Ceiling

Photo Credit | Denise Morrison Interiors & House of Morrison

Amazing symmetry in the full-height backsplash layout made this chalet-style kitchen so unique. The mirror image goes further by having golden trim kitchen milky glass globe pendants and floating shelves. The black Silestone island top has just the right contrast for the all-color palette.

Cherry Wood Cabinetry Black Backsplashes Height Backsplash Farmhouse Sink Cream Floor 1

Photo Credit | Cameo Kitchens, Inc

Titanium gold granite, with in two-tone cabinets kitchen remodeling. Rich and fully integrated design. 

Full High Backsplash Stone Slab Backsplash Onyx Marble Backsplash

Photo Credit | Lynda Martin at Camelback Interior Design

Imagine that the Bangles Eternal Flame song is playing in the background. The walnut wood countertop and walnut wood cabinetry are both adorable. The symmetrical design of the natural wood patterns seems very original and out of the box. The designer and homeowner have definitely a bold taste for inspiration.

Stone Slab Height Backsplash Materials

The full height backsplash material selection provides a wide variety from clear plastic to backlit onyx

Below are my picks for your review. 

Clear plastic ones: This is very helpful if you have some wallpaper or mural behind the stove or sink. The installation may bring some challenges but if you are in good hands you do not need to worry about it. 

Metal ones: Either plain or hammered stainless steel full height stone slab or copper full height stone slab turns beautiful in your project. 

Glass ones: Just like a clear plastic stone slab backsplash, it needs some attention while installation is done. Either clear reinforced glass full high backsplash or stained glass full high backsplash are both pretty additions for design ideas. 

Epoxy sealed concrete backsplash: This is very sustainable and also very fashionable these days. The detail-oriented team converts your kitchen into a dream kitchen. 

Stone ones: Speaking about the natural stone I would like to mention marble, granite, onyx, and quartzite slabs for full height backsplash ideas. It needs some craftsmanship during the installation to have a flowing pattern or create symmetry but the natural abstract pieces will make your kitchen very unique. 

Engineered stone ones: I would like to mention Cambria, Silestone, Ceaaserstone. Handstone, Viaterra slabs for your kitchen renovation process. 

Backsplash Height Matching Home Design Styles

Full height backsplash matching home design styles is actually pretty straightforward, It goes with almost any home design. 

Full High Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

The most popular designs are listed as contemporary, traditional, transitional, rustic, minimalist, and craftsman-style home interiors. I also picked one Tudor Style Home Interior for your reference.