22 Trendy Yellow Granite Kitchen Countertops Ideas


If you are looking for warm earth color options for your kitchen countertop selection yellow granite kitchen countertops colors would be the right choice. They are a mostly yellow tone colored stone with dark, grey, and ivory mixture to go well with almost all of the colors while designing the kitchen. I also strongly recommend these granite colors to the homeowners who love the yellow color in their kitchen. If you look closer it can be found all kinds of yellow tones from dark to light.

The good thing is about yellow granites which have no imitation yet in the manufactured stone world. Moreover, they are really hard to copy the pattern of these unique granite colors. So, they are almost unique in their world to serve the homeowners. Using these granites any type of cream or beige color paint would be the right direction to go with.

White Kitchen Cabinets Cream Travertine Backsplash Solarius Granite Countertops Dark Floors 1

Photo Credit | La Pietra Marble

Solarius granite has the convenience of a perfect color combination to work with two different cabinet colors in the same kitchen.

White Oak Kitchen Cabinets Travertine Backsplash Solarius Granite Countertop Dark Hardwood 1

Photo Credit | Karr Bick Kitchen and Bath

Outstanding kitchen paired with white oak cabinets with a clear satin finish and Amber Yellow granite countertop.

Tiberius Gold Granite Countertops Dark Cabinet Mosaic Tile Backsplash Gray Floor

Photo Credit | Marble of the World

Appealing kitchen decorated with cherry wood cabinets and a Tiberius Gold granite countertop.

Juparana Yellow Granite Countertop Light Wood Cabinet Cream Floor Tile

Photo Credit | Real Stone and Granite Corporation

One of the design ideas could be to match the Juparana Yellow granite countertop with a travertine backsplash to have similar countertop colors.

Cloudy Yellow Granite Kitchen Counters Oak Cabinets Cream Floor Tile

Photo Credit | Cook Remodeling & Custom Construction

In some situations, it is possible to make Cloudy Yellow granite work with medium-dark cabinets as well as the cream floor combinations.

Golden Dream Granite Countertop Terra Cotta Backsplash Medium Tone Cabinet

Photo Credit | Crisp Architects

Beautiful matching of the medium tone cabinet combinations with Golden Dream granite countertop.

Fantasy Gold Granite Countertop Oak Cabinet Beige Tile Backsplash Dark Hardwood Floor

Photo Credit | Oak & Arrow Homes

The kitchen is featured also walnut stain hardwood floor and a Fantasy Gold granite counter. The beige color backsplash between cabinets looks good with an under-mount sink on it.

yellow river granite counter Beige Floor Tile White Kitchen Cabinet Cream Backsplash

Photo Credit | La Pietra Tile & Stone

The natural stone cream tile backsplash laid on the Yellow River granite counter nicely to evoke a mid-century modern feel.

Amidala Gold Granite Countertop Backsplash Dark Hardwood Floor Brown Cabinet

Photo Credit | Mont Surfaces by Mont Granite

Without wall cabinets which replaced with windows show us a modern designed kitchen is leaving in one large area in the middle. Using Amidala Gold granite top works the best.

Madura Gold Granite Countertop White Cabinet Stone Slab Backsplash Dark Hardwood

Photo Credit | Granite Grannies

Outstanding kitchen with Madura Gold granite countertop and white wood with clove finish cabinets.

Golden Ivory Granite Cherry Cabinets White Wall Tile Cream Floor

Photo Credit | Granite Grannies

Breathtaking traditional kitchen paired with Golden Ivory granite countertop and dark cabinets.

Golden Eagle Granite Countertop Beige Cabinet Cream Backsplash Tile Dark Hardwood Floor

Photo Credit | Michael Nash Design, Build & Homes

Remarkable kitchen designed with Golden Eagle granite countertop and glazed white cabinets along with cream backsplash.

Yellow Granite Countertop Dark Brown Cabinet Cream Backsplash Tile

Photo Credit | Timberlake Design-Build

Captivating modern kitchen equipped with yellow granite kitchen countertops and brown cabinets along with creamy beige ceramic floor tiles.

Sienna Beige Granite Countertop Rustic Wood Cabinet Brick Copper Backsplash Porcelain Floor Tile

Photo Credit | Nova Tile & Stone

Sienna Beige granite counters, dark cabinets can be used with brick copper color backsplash.

Amidala Gold Granite Countertop Dark Hardwood Floor Shaker Medium Tone Cabinet

Photo Credit | Andre Rothblatt Architecture

Amidala Gold granite countertop with medium tone cabinets is one of the best choices that you are going to make while remodeling your kitchen to give a masculine and warm look to the kitchen.

Dark Cabinets Sienna Beige Granite Countertops Beige Color Backsplash

Photo Credit | MLBaxley Photography

This is definitely a recommended combination, please keep in mind that using Sienna Beige for your kitchen remodeling projects is very crucial.

Shaker Maple Cabinetry Sienna Beige Granite Countertop Glass Subway Backsplash Porcelain Tile Floor

Photo Credit | Main Line Kitchen Design

This small kitchen is very elegant with rich, light, natural wood cabinets and Sienna Beige granite countertops.

Juparana Golden Granite Countertop Light Wood Shaker Cabinet Travertine Backsplash Multi Color Floor Tile

Photo Credit | Plumb Square Builders

The catch is here to give a nice contrast with matching color mixed on the Juparana Golden granite countertops. Another good combination of granite tops with dark cabinets.

Golden Crystal Granite Countertop Cream Backsplash Dark Cabinet Porcelain Floor Tile

Photo Credit | Marrokal Design & Remodeling

If I bring to your attention dark maple glazed cabinets have enough contrast with Golden Crystal granite counters.

Gray Glass Subway Style Backsplash Medium Light Cabinets Sienna Beige Granite Tops

Photo Credit | Main Line Kitchen Design

Sienna Beige paired well enough because of the grey color porcelain subway backsplash. On the other hand, using dark floor tiles create good contrast as a secondary element in the kitchen.

Sienna Beige Granite Countertop Cream Wood Cabinetry Natural Brick Backsplash Porcelain Floor Tile

Photo Credit | Realty Restoration

Traditional kitchen equipped with Sienna Beige granite top with cream cabinets. Perfect combination with brick backsplash and painting.

Golden Beach Granite Countertop White Cabinet Natural Stone Tile Backsplash Hardwood Floor

Photo Credit | Kitchen Associates

Using the Golden Beach granite counter and cream stone tile as a backsplash to the bottom of the wall cabinets is a very smart idea.

Backsplash And Cabinet Designs For Yellow Granite Countertops

While remodeling the kitchen, floors are secondary important because sometimes for existing homes people intend not to change it most of the time. Yellow granite is more compatible with dark cabinets if you want to compare white cabinet colors. I would definitely use these granite colors with dark cabinets if you are fall in love with the stone itself.

For cabinet ideas, dark colors will pop up more to make contrast and look very nice. White color cabinetry is the right decision and you can not go wrong with it. This stone matches much better with white cabinets. There are no preferences on that but it really depends on what you like basically. Besides, the yellow is golden, the dark’s like burgundy which makes the stonework well with white or dark cabinets very well. To tell the truth that yellow granite with white cabinets complement more if you compare the other colors.

For backsplash ideas, yellow gold mixed tones are usually used to create the transition between countertop to cabinets. Besides, options are endless and you can increase by using different backsplash colors or styles. It goes well with either dark cabinet color or light cabinetry. Mosaic-style white color mixed with some gray or black would be a perfect choice. You can also use cream, and beige tones are in demand now.

For flooring ideas, dark colors are more popular for yellow granite but sometimes light beige color tiles would be used too. Flooring goes reverse directions when it comes to the point. The floors are usually darker colors preferably either wood or natural stone tiles.

How to Take Care Yellow Granite Kitchen Countertops?

Most of the granite is the same quality only darker ones little denser than lighter ones. Plus if the quarry recently opens usually the first blocks are much softer than the ones deep inside the quarry.

The yellow granite kitchen countertop also needs care once a year. It is an easy process than marble and some other porous materials. Since yellow countertops lighter color you may need to seal them every year or sooner. It is a very easy process everybody can do it. Just pour the sealer on top of the granite and wipe it till the surface absorb it. Leave it overnight or as much as without using it and clean it up with soap and water. After that, it is ready to use again…

List of the Most Popular Yellow Granite Countertop Colors

Yellow River, Golden Beach, Sienna Beige, Juparana Golden, Amidala Gold, Golden Eagle, Fantasy Gold, Golden Ivory, Golden Dream, Solarius, Juparana Yellow, Tiberius Gold.

What Is The Average Cost for Yellow Granite Kitchen Countertops?

Finally, the price for 3cm yellow granites is about $45 per square foot. The pricing level indicates nothing related to the quality only shows how much is the square foot price. Classic green slabs and blue material collection from every country space to open new home.