39 Wonderful Kitchen Waterfall Edge Island Countertop

Mitered Waterfall Edge Island Countertop

Waterfall edge island countertop aka mitered edge island top or countertop brings a sharp image to your kitchen design. The exact 90 degrees edge with the same material of the countertop provides continuity, eternity, and a deeper perspective into your kitchen remodeling project. 


Appearance Creating Bar Slab Details Visual Wow Match Continuous Hide Concrete

Photo Credit | ADŌR Homes

Retro-style kitchen in white bordered with waterfall edge island top, and clear acrylic chairs with golden legs need some contrast. This comes with walnut hardwood flooring and black iron kitchen chandeliers with gold trims.

Stunning Post Think Rest Dramatic Dream Wooden Search Beauty Contrast

Photo Credit | Rocky Mountain Stone Co., Inc

The beautiful marble look of Cambria is the main element in this modern kitchen design. It is used as a full high backsplash to have the unique pattern of the mountain peak covered with snow. The same engineered stone is also used as the waterfall edge island countertop. To show the stone’s attraction, the island top has no sink. 

Spaces Process Look Surface Statement Islands Installation Granite

Photo Credit | Authentic Custom Homes

Eternity effect in a two-tone transitional kitchen: The eternity effect can be provided in different ways in your kitchen remodeling project. Using vertical lines is one of them. This example contains two vertical lines; a vertical subway backsplash layout and vertical long metal handle on the cabinet doors. The second idea is to have the waterfall edge island in the kitchen. In this way, you can keep the eternity effect. The third way is by adding perforated glass or clear acrylic glass into the design. Here, the perforated glass-raised breakfast bar is one of the greatest examples. For sure the designer’s point of view is pretty wide to apply this effect. 

Sleek Seating Traditional Cost Design Cabinetry Floor Create Room

Photo Credit | BODesign

The second kitchen sink is located at the far end of the island so there is enough space for entertainment and dining. 

Contemporary Natural Counter Trend Style Materials Classic Material Modern Waterfall Effect

Photo Credit | Houzz

The kitchen island has one-side seating and plenty of room for a family of five. Overhang and waterfall edge island countertop gather esthetically the family for any meal. The TV and living room are in the right place to catch up with others or to stick to the screen. Clear bulb amazing over island kitchen pendants in a lightbox is definitely a great addition. 

Wood Space Edges Stone Quartz Clean Lines Contemporary Kitchen Wow Factor

Photo Credit | Luci.D Interiors

The homeowner fell in love with the illusions and kitchen lighting. The mirror backsplash, high ceiling with wood panels and skylight window, over island kitchen pendants, and under the overhanging countertop led lights to send me already a fairytale. The eternity feeling is well satisfying! Mirrors, and waterfall edge island. The material would be an engineering stone to provide the translucent medium.

Continuous Flow Countertops Create A Waterfall Countertop Material Waterfall Island

Photo Credit | Liz Caan & Co

White cabinets, glass door cabinets, open shelf cabinets, French-style kitchen windows behind the farmhouse sink, the plastic panel-covered high ceilings, and the breakfast nook is well combined by having the waterfall edge island countertop.

Natural Stone Edge Focal Point Waterfall Countertops Waterfall Edges

Photo Credit | Seaside Construction – Custom Home Builder

The two-tone color cabinets, floating kitchen shelves, waterfall edge island, and glossy subway tile with charcoal grouts are from the up-to-date style. High ceiling with wall height cabinets with crown, customized wood panel range hood with crown, and hickory wood hardwood flooring are from the craftsman style kitchen. Just a quick hint: Roller ladder in the kitchen is a very helpful tool to collect all clutter in the higher kitchen cabinets. Organizing and storage are getting more functional by having it. 

Creating Bar Appearance White Details Slab Visual Wow Match Concrete Hide Continuous

Photo Credit | D.K. Boos Glass Inc

Floating elements are long floating kitchen shelves and a floating-style breakfast bar that is connected to the island.

Hide Concrete Think Post Stunning Dream Dramatic Rest Wooden Search Beuty

Photo Credit | Union Design

Espresso cabinets are very inspirational, especially the wall cabinets with glass doors and glass shelves, and the inside cabinet lighting are sophisticated immensely. The beauty of a stone is well recognized in this kitchen. The waterfall edge island looks like a masterpiece. 

Contrast Spaces Process Look Surface Statement Installation Granite


Dark cabinets, wood color floating kitchen shelves, natural look wood floating breakfast bar connected to waterfall countertops edge, and high ceilings covered with wood panels. The kitchen recessed light and over-island kitchen pendant are the last touch-up elements for this kitchen remodeling. 

Sleek Seating Traditional Cost Design Cabinetry Floor Create Room Natural

Photo Credit | Green Basements & Remodeling

This tuxedo kitchen has a dropped ceiling in an open layout plan. The overhang for the island has a beautiful waterfall countertops edge. The stone is Cambria Harrogate and it is also used as a countertop and full high backsplash that provide a soft ambient into the modern look. 

Counter Trend Style Materials Classic Cabinet Marble Material Modern Waterfall Effect

Photo Credit | Cindy Aplanalp & Chairma Design Group

High ceilings with crown moldings and walnut hardwood floors have enough contrast to give the perspective in this kitchen. Cambria Queensbury quartz is like a gem over the island and it shows its beauty when the waterfall edge is selected.

Bar Details Think Rest Dramatic Wooden Search Beauty Contrast Process

Photo Credit | The Cabinet en-Counter, Inc

Under the soft kitchen lighting, the shine of stainless steel and white countertop and island tops are like the stars. An eat-in kitchen with a waterfall edge island is a privilege. Heartwarming design. 

Look Surface Statement Islands Sleek Seating Cabinetry Floor Room

Photo Credit | S. B. Long Interiors

This open-layout kitchen is embellished with a double-sided fireplace insert. To complete the contrast, the fireplace has a black frame as well. 

Natural Counter Trend Style Materials Cabinet Marble Material Modern

Photo Credit | Design West

It is very rare to see the waterfall edge island which repeats itself in the kitchen. The designer must have a wide and wise imagination. 

Wood Space Edges Stone Quartz Countertop Material Focal Point Natural Stone

Photo Credit | PentaVia Custom Homes

All sorts of kitchen design elements are happily collected: High ceiling from craftsman style kitchen, high beams and wooden panels on the ceiling are from farmhouse kitchen style, metal-framed glass kitchen pendants and metal framed black range hood is from retro style kitchen, sleek look cabinets with glass door, full high backsplash, and waterfall island edge.

Waterfall Countertop Edhe Mitered Edge Black Cabinetry Stone Slab Backsplash Pendant Lights

Photo Credit | 3rd Street Custom Homes

Tuxedo kitchen with mirror image. The stove is centered and on the side are the glass door black cabinets. 

Think Beauty Look Sleek Cabinetry Floor Room Natural Counter

Photo Credit | Bachly Construction

Minimalistic kitchen design with a natural color palette. Wood color, handle-free cabinets, white countertop, and an island top. The waterfall edge island has an overhang for entertainment purposes. 

Trend Style Materials Cabinet Marble Material Modern Space Wood Edges Quartz Stone

Photo Credit | Ari Loar Interiors, Inc

A contemporary brown kitchen with a three-dimensional full high backsplash provides bold attention to the island. The parallel kitchen islands are the main element of this open layout design. One of the kitchen islands is for sure storage and preparation and the second is for gathering and entertaining which has been popular for more than two decades. 

Mitered Waterfall Countertop Edge Dark Harwood Flooring Pendant Lightings

Photo Credit | DEANE Inc | Distinctive Design & Cabinetry

Beautiful Milano Beige countertop which is used as a waterfall edge island top as well.

Mitered Waterfall Countertop Modern Marble Space Look Travertine Mosaic Tiles

Photo Credit | HD2020

This kitchen remodeling steals my heart. The balance between the colors and the balance between the patterns are just right to have a clean and simple look but sophisticated as well. Dark cabinets are in harmony with the island waterfall edge countertops. The floor seems like travertine flooring and also bonds well with the Cambria countertops.

Visual Think Look Room Style Counter Materials Marble Material Modern Farmhouse Sink Subway Backsplash Mitered Waterfall Countertop

Photo Credit | Interior Intuitions, Inc

The eclectic kitchen is one of the most detail-oriented kitchen designs which also comes with artisan labor and performance-based experience. 

Wood Space Quartz Waterfall Countertop Visual Think Look Room Counter

Photo Credit | Pure Builders Inc

This transitional kitchen looks very rich and deep for perspective. Two-tone cabinets and two-tone countertops follow the color code. A Black and white diamond pattern full of high backsplash is like a bridge. Vintage black straw over island kitchen pendants is see-through. The island top has subtle straight veins to support the eternity feeling. 

Mitered Waterfall Countertop Materials Marble Material Modern Space Wood Quartz Stone Slab Backsplash

Photo Credit | Lenton Company, Inc

Contemporary kitchen design with simple kitchen elements. The modern art gallery is in the kitchen. 

Fusion Quartzite Mitered Waterfall Countertop Mosaic Tiles Backsplash

Photo Credit | Creative Design Construction, Inc

The earthy, wavy pattern has a feeling of a velvet touch in the kitchen. Dancing colors call the dancing queen in the kitchen. 

Mitered Waterfall Countertop Space Wood Modern Material Marble Cabinet Counter Look Think Light Color Cabinetry

Photo Credit | The Cabinet en-Counter, Inc

Chalet Style kitchen is the trickiest design and if you are not in good hands the result is not satisfactory. The angles on the ceiling can either turn your kitchen remodeling into a disaster or a miracle. I can see the miracle of contemporary design here. Let me walk you through the ceiling to the bottom; the bright white ceiling is the right choice for a chalet-style design. The eye-level wall cabinets are the best decision for the Chalet Style design. I think the cabinet height is 36 inches for this project. The bamboo cabinets always have wonderful subtle inserts for any design. Here they combined well with white three-dimensional backsplash tiles and quartz insert. Engineered stone also served as a waterfall edge kitchen island and took all attention and nobody noticed the dead angles on the ceilings. Double high five to the designer.

Mitered Waterfall Countertop Look Modern Space Wood Dark Hardwood Flooring


White craftsman kitchen style with artisan labor. The finely selected color palette for each and dark cherry hardwood flooring match all with the stainless steel appliances and black built-in microwave.

Mitered Quartzite Waterfall Countertop Space Flat Panel Wood Cabinetry Look Full Height Backsplash

Photo Credit | WPL Interior Design

Brown and white have always been compelling attractions, especially in up-to-date design. A picture speaks for itself. Warm and welcoming…

Space Look Waterfall Countertop Edge Floating Shelves Dark Hardwood Pendant Lightings

Photo Credit | Creekstone Designs and Remodeling

Contemporary white kitchen with white cabinets and glossy white countertop. Very compact and easy to maintain. The open layout is an additional feature for this kitchen. 

Mitered Waterfall Countertop Edge Modern Space Wood Look Glass Subway Tile Backsplash

Photo Credit | Cardamon Design

Pastel greens are back in kitchen design and their refreshments value the kitchen remodeling. 

Mitered Edge Waterfall Countertop Look Pendant Lights Hardwood Floor Full High Backsplash

Photo Credit | Brad Dassler-Bethel . Architect

Transitional kitchen with light taupe cabinets and marble-like countertops. The quartz has a unique abstract on the waterfall edge. Please share your comments via Pinterest on what you see on the waterfall edge.  

Mitered Edge Waterfall Countertop Modern Space Subway Backsplash Look Cream Travertine Floor Tiles

Photo Credit | CJM Communities

White color combinations with marble-like countertops, and glass door wall cabinets. It will be a pleasure to have your guest in this kitchen.

Quartz Waterfall Countertop Edge Look Modern Light Hardwood Full Height Backsplash

Photo Credit | Root Architecture

Simple lines create a huge impact on the kitchen renovation. This kitchen has very sleek and simple lines and at the same time keeps the balance between black and white. Plenty of kitchen lighting shows the elegance of the countertops. The column on each side of the waterfall kitchen island is the best part of the bold and deep looking. 

White Carrara Marble Waterfall Countertop Orange Cabinetry Hardwood Flooring Copper Pendant Lights

Photo Credit | bldg.collectie architecture + design

I can name the colors happy and joyful. Orange kitchen island base and white marble island top with black veins, copper sphere island.

Brown Wood Waterfall Countertop Mitered Edge Space Look

Photo Credit | clbnetwork.com

Up-to-date design with stainless steel cabinets and alder wood waterfall edge kitchen island.

Waterfall Countertop Mitered Edge Space Look Dark Cabinetry Quartz Tops Light Floors

Photo Credit | Bold Construction

Waterfall countertops with a combination of quartz stone and lovely chestnut cabinets. The corner bookshelf tells a lot about this kitchen: Learn together, cook together and laugh together. 

Mosaic Tile Backsplash Flat Panel Cabinetry Light Hardwood Floor Waterfall Countertop Mitered Edge

Photo Credit | Signature Designs Kitchen & Bath

Craftsman style kitchen which collects the best elements together: First of all, if there is a corner window in the kitchen, this corner is booked for a corner sink. This hint works for all sizes of kitchens. Unfortunately, corner sinks are smaller than regular sinks and the corner sink won’t let enough stepping area. The benefit is definitely a wider sink. Since it is a step in position the countertop needs to be beveled. Here the countertop is ended with a half waterfall edge which provides a continuity look in the design.  and also combine well with the kitchen island top which has a mitered edge as well. Let me take your attention to the wall cabinets; white wall cabinets are handle-free. If life gives you free cabinets in the kitchen, it means you should focus on your meditation. The less crowd in the big picture the better. Let me talk about the kitchen island: I really admired the box thinking of the designer. Usually, the curved kitchen island is like a quarter circle keeping the convex part inside the rectangle island. This opens more square feet of space in the layout. Hats off to design. 

Blue Cabinetry Quartz Waterfall Countertop Mitered Edge Subway Backsplash Look Space

Photo Credit | Signature Designs Kitchen & Bath

The traditional design is always the credited design and always gets the most applause. Wide kitchen windows, mitered edge kitchen island, and black cabinets are mesmerizing. 

Material Selection For Waterfall Countertop Edge Island

The waterfall edge kitchen island is a visual treat therefore the right material selection for the island top affects the end result. 

In some cases, waterfall edge kitchen islands can connect to a  perforated glass or driftwood to make a raised breakfast bar or to have a gathering table. 

Design Selection For Waterfall Edges 

Luckily, this wonderful design element goes well with any design. The only difficulty comes with the patterned countertops. Matching the patterns on both sides needs artisan labor and also increases the cost of the material and labor. 

Hope you like my pictures and they will be inspirational for your next kitchen remodeling by adding a mitered edge kitchen island.