32 Cool And Functional Small Bathroom Design Ideas With Showers

Small Bathroom Design Ideas

One of the most challenging interior design tasks is working with small bathroom design ideas. It is actually a self-run contest by showing all the designer’s talent, combining the most known tricks, looking around out of the box, and providing the most satisfying design. 

I really enjoy picking the pictures for you. I hope you like the picks as well.

Small Bathroom Design Ideas Floor Space Storage Space Shower Enclosure Artificial Light All The Difference Toilet Paper Family Bathroom Floating Shelf

Photo Credit | J.E.O. Construction

Small but good-looking. Large format white marble tiles for the wall are a great idea for the small bathroom remodeling. Hexagonal floor tile is picked as a small size. The contrast between the floor tile and wall tile, even if it is the same color, will disturb the attention and no one will face the cubby hole space syndrome. The other advantage of this small bathroom is the windows on both sides of the wall. 

Small Bathroom Ideas Pedestal Sink Make A Small Bathroom Small Bathrooms Shower Curtain Same Tiles Walk In Shower Clear Glass Door Shower Head Small Spaces Whole Room

Photo Credit | KBF by Audi Contractors

Natural color wood-looking wall tiles and floor tiles are separated.

Floating Shelves Surface Space Vertical Space Compact Space Grout Lines Gallery Wall Medicine Cabinet Square Footage Open Space

Photo Credit | Spazio LA Tile Gallery

The knee wall and two shower windows are the fundamental small bathroom design elements. 

Small Bathroom Ideas Entire Bathroom Wet Room Entire Wall Attic Space Counter Space

Photo Credit | Haller Architecture & Design

Eclectic small bathroom design ideas are always very solution-oriented. Marble walls and many inlets in the bathtub walls with the charcoal gray vanity top and bathtub frame. 

Reflective Surfaces Wall Space Wall Hung Toilet Shower Floor Wall Tiles

Photo Credit | Lemmo Architecture and Design

Hats off to small bathroom design ideas by using all hard tricks together: Large walk-in shower window and large mirrored medicine cabinet with black vanity faucet and showerhead.  

Glass Shower Shelf Space Glossy Ceramic Tiles Small Bathroom Ideas

Photo Credit | Kitchens by Coco

What takes the most attention in this limited-space bathroom? You are right, it is yellow queen bee wallpaper. The designer knows well how to treat the homeowner by adding just a Graham & Brown wallpaper into the design

Small Bathroom Small Space Room Feel Shower Room Floating Vanity More Space

Photo Credit | HD Squared Architects, LLC

This is such a great example of using the long rectangle tiles on the vertical layout in a small bathroom design.

Small Bathroom Design Ideas Pedestal Sink Small Bathrooms

Photo Credit | Tanya Capaldo Designs

If you pick the right gray tones and add some golden accents, your small bathroom idea!

Small Bathroom Design Ideas Floor Space Powder Room

Photo Credit | Bearded Builders

Gorgeous eclectic bathroom design with elongated white porcelain wall tiles which is known as Picket Florencia Super Bianco ceramic wall tile and Menara hexagon Bermuda navy blue and white handmade cement tile and floating wooden vanity with white top and modern wall niche over the toilet bowl.

Square Footage Small Bathroom Design Ideas Room Feel

Photo Credit | Elza B. Design, Inc

Charmful shower in a small bathroom design. Four different types of tiles are used to provide aesthetic motion. Enchanting…

Natural Light Small Bathroom Small Space Shower Curtain Grout Lines

Photo Credit | Dimora Interiors

Tuxedo-style small bathroom design ideas are always trendy. Double choices for the small bathroom remodeling.

Natural Light Small Bathroom Small Space Bathroom Feel Medicine Cabinet

Photo Credit | Design Loft Company

Three-tone small bathroom design ideas are trendy and always satisfying. This natural look color palette is one of my favorites as well: Natural wood color, black and white…

White Bathroom Small Spaces Small Bathroom Ideas Powder Room

Photo Credit | General Assembly

Such creative floor tiles with hexagonal patterns. Georama geometric mosaic tiles rock these days. 

White Bathroom Small Bathrooms Small Bathroom Entire Room Wet Room

Photo Credit | Katie Leede & Company Studio

The floating vanity sink melts in the same pot to make the best small bathroom design idea.

Wet Room Small Bathrooms Powder Room Feel Artificial Light Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Photo Credit | Overland Remodeling & Builders

This vertical layout transfers an eternity look into your limited space. Plus it is very trendy since the wood-looking porcelain tiles are giving a neutral freshness to any design. The Atlantic Ash 8″x48″ porcelain wood look tile is performed in this project. 

Small Space Small Bathroom Design Ideas Natural Light Powder Room

Photo Credit | Racing Green

Thinking out of the box is the key element of creativity. Two thumbs-up design. 

Tiny Bathroom Small Bathroom Small Space Natural Light Save Space Draw Attention Shower Stall Pocket Doors Shower Screen Same Tile Compact Spaces

Photo Credit | Canyon Design Build

Tudor-style homes have small bathroom designs with two different sizes of hexagonal tiles. One panel is blue hexagonal wall tiles with white grout. The white vanity cabinet is the piece of the satisfying puzzle. 

Compact Bathroom Powder Room Small Room Reflect Light Entire Room White Bathroom Shower Niche Master Bedroom Clear Glass Doors

Photo Credit | Spazio LA Tile Gallery

The three-dimensional wall tiles with the inlet provide a smooth motion in a small bathroom design

Narrow Bathroom A Few Floating Shelves More Space Light Fixtures Larger Space Ensuite Bathroom Tiny Space

Photo Credit | WINN Design+Build

White Calacatta marble is used as large format rectangle wall tiles and mini herringbone floor tiles in a small bathroom design.

Light Wood Cabinets Whole Space Corner Sink Saving Space Extra Surface Space

Photo Credit | Alicia Calhoon

Two-Piece elongated comfort height toilet with Aqua Piston Technology. 

Small Bathroom Small Space Room Feel Usable Space Small Or Large Tiles

Photo Credit | Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery

Farrow & Ball Duck green paint is used as the bathroom window frame and wall panels in a small bathroom by using a Victorian-style bathroom. The wall colors are also from Farrow & Ball Wimborne White.

Small Bathroom Ideas Small Space Bathroom Accessories Bathroom Feel

Photo Credit | haywoodmade interiors

When the bathroom has a large shower window, playing with the shades and using contrast is always fun. The pedestal sink and toilet bowl are from the Kohler Memoirs series Kohler pedestal bathroom sink.

Small Bathroom Design Ideas Small Room Wet Room

Photo Credit | Robert Frank Interiors

Modern retro-style small bathroom ideas with gray subway tiles wall panels and a white vanity cabinet with a white top are all doable design elements in bathroom remodeling. 

Small Bathroom Design Ideas Reflective Surface Glass Shower

Photo Credit | Haven Development Group, Inc

Think about having two different cakes, one is decorated with a floral design and it has white vanilla cake and marble cake.

Small Bathroom Design Ideas Reflective Surfaces

Photo Credit | Ritual House Inc

The bathroom mirror is the basic element to make this small bathroom beautiful. 

Bathroom Feel Small Bathroom Ideas Small Space Natural Light

Photo Credit | Michael Robert Construction

Layered contrast is the main individual in the small bathroom ideas and the designer has keen eyes to use the layered contrast twice here: In between the shower ceiling and shower flooring white mini honeycomb tiles, the white powder coating shiplap planks are installed. The second is the vanity side; Gray and white floral design wallpaper, shiplap planks, and Sherwin Williams Black Swan purplish-gray bathroom vanity cabinet.

Storage Space Small Bathroom Shower Enclosure Walk In Shower

Photo Credit | Alair Homes Plano

Love the walking shower in a white and navy blue small bathroom design. My favorite tile is looking for an abstract masterpiece in this bathroom: Manera, 8″ x 9″ cement patterned wall, and floor tile in navy Blue/White color won’t let you go wrong. It always has a sparkling dimension even on the floor or on the wall.

Powder Room Small Bathroom Ideas Natural Light Medicine Cabinet

Photo Credit | Four Brothers Design + Build

Light taupe color tiles and dark vanity cabinets have a rich connection in these small bathroom ideas.

Make A Small Bathroom White Bathroom Powder Room

Photo Credit | Grandeur Hills Group, Inc

Contemporary style small bathroom design ideas carry the tuxedo taste and fusion with elegance. Adorable design.

Glass Shower Small Bathroom Design Ideas Powder Room Small Space

Photo Credit | Berceli

Black and white are always happy to have neutral color design elements. The marble shower wall and wall panel are very sophisticated and match with herringbone design wood look ceramic floor tiles. 

Floor Space Small Bathroom Design Ideas Natural Light Small Bathrooms Storage Space

Photo Credit | Tali Hardonag Architect

Go green and sustainable for any possible bathroom remodeling: Scenery would be everyone’s bathroom dreams. 

Make A Small Bathroom Design Ideas Small Space Small Bathrooms

Photo Credit | Milan Design + Build

Natural look three-tone tiles horizontally & vertically laid out. This design has a feeling of passing a gate to catch the dreams behind the wall. 

Tiny Bathroom With Storage Space

Small bathroom design ideas welcome variable visual illusions. I would like to categorize some simple ones for bathroom remodeling. 
Color Selection: If you would like to use basic materials the best way is to play with colors. Usually, contrast colors like tuxedo designs are the most solution-oriented designs. Three-tone color bathroom design is trendy and mostly black, off-white and wood colors are the best combo. The white color bathroom design style never ends. 
Material Selection: The main element in a small bathroom design is the tile. The different sizes, layouts, and dimension tiles provide a perfect perspective and help distribute the attention to tiny spaces. Floor tiles, wall tiles, large format porcelain tiles
Vanity and Mirror Selection: Vanity can be used for storage areas therefore it can be full-size vanity or floating vanity. The mirror would be more than one to increase the reflection. 
Layering: Layering can be done in two ways either with layering colors or with the layering materials

Floor Space For Small Bathroom Design Ideas

It is always asked for designers to create some storage and bathroom organizers. 
The two most effective ways are:  Built-in niches on the shower wall or over the toilet bowl wall and using storage bins under the floating shelves.