28 Striking Eclectic Kitchen Design Ideas & Photos


Eclectic Kitchen Design Ideas

Every interior designer would like to pile the flagpole on the top of the summit of his/her success. Eclectic design is the pathway for the dream. This is the most challenging design style but the most eye-pleasing and realistic. It helps to see the diversity and colors and synthesize them like our beautiful mother earth. In eclectic kitchen design ideas, a little bit of everything fills your spirit with happiness.

Enjoy being inspired by having my favorite pictures. Please do not forget to pin them for your future kitchen remodeling project.

Eclectic Style Fashion Eclectic Kitchens Decorating Styles

Photo Credit | Standard Kitchens

Flower and square pattern, still gray top, craftsman style L-shaped island with inner nook.

Rustic Wood Cabinets Focal Point Stainless Steel Appliances Vintage Furniture Wall Hangings

Photo Credit | Karen Berkemeyer Home

The results are just like this where industrial kitchen design meets with farmhouse kitchen has the essence of the French country design—two-tone countertops. The white island base drawer latch and base cabinets have boat cleats with contemporary curve hardware.

Bold Color Design Elements Open Shelving Light Fixtures Vintage Fittings Function Beautifully Colorful Kitchen Bold Color Design Elements

Photo Credit | La Cuisine Appliances

Blue Smeg vintage design dishwasher and Smeg small kitchen appliances in blue and black have a strong bond with a vintage distressed look and white countertops are all melted in the same pot to create an eclectic design. 

Color Palette Fits Contemporary Overall Color Palette Other Elements Refined Details

Photo Credit | Caroline Sharpnack

Industrial kitchen design, retro kitchen design, and French country design all stick together. The color selection is extraordinary for a kitchen design but turns out so calming and sophisticated. 

White Marble Countertops Colorful Kitchen Island Different Decorating Styles Perfectly Reflecting Eclectic Space 1

Photo Credit | Julia Chasman Design

Finding the right rhythm in a big crowd and dancing with the colors! Such an inspirational eclectic kitchen design with many details like Mexican wall tiles, mullion framed windows, open shelves, vintage white stove, farmhouse style woven green counter height chairs, navy blue cabinets with golden retro pull, French country style chicken wire wall cabinet door, and white modern marble look countertop.

Subway Tiles Contrasting Colors Candle Holders High Tech Gadgets Create Gin Bottles

Photo Credit | 12/12 Architects & Planners

Industrial kitchen design and traditional kitchen design give the promise to meet up.

Eclectic Style Focal Point Kitchen Island Traditional Kitchen 1

Photo Credit | Design by Nadia

Utterly eclectic! Contemporary kitchen design, craftsman kitchen design, industrial kitchen design, sophisticated. 

Eclectic Style Kitchen Cabinets Modern Small Kitchen Room Space

Photo Credit | TQ Construction

Breathtaking tuxedo kitchen style with eclectic fusion. The AB pattern for black and white in the cabinets, the black, and white curvy pattern backsplash, and the double skylight. 

Wooden Kitchen Island Countertop Mix And Match Style Room

Photo Credit | Jilco Window Corp

A little bit of everything and the result is an alive and happy kitchen. The industrial-style range hood and Chinese red door pantry cabinet are all in harmony and so adorable to spoil the homeowner. 

Eclectic Kitchen Design Space Modern Create Room

Photo Credit | Kristin Riccio Interior Design

Tudor-style kitchen with rustic and contemporary elements. How beautiful!

Contemporary Kitchen Design Modern Green Subway Tiles Hardwood Floor Quartzite Countertops

Photo Credit | Renaissance South Construction Co

The kitchen has a mirror image by having these shelves. The small kitchen island and stove are centered. Fondly eclectic design idea!

Waterfall Kitchen Island Flat Panel Cabinetry Style Quartz Counters Large Format Porcelain Backsplash 1

Photo Credit | Susan E. Brown Interior Design

Curved-end kitchen cabinets are the main element in this eclectic kitchen. The wall cabinets and kitchen island base carry this element proudly. A crisscross wine rack cabinet is installed hardware contrast with copper cone kitchen pendants

Small Kitchen Design Style Room Elements Space Painted Flat Panel Cabinets Metallic Backsplash

Photo Credit | April Balliette

Modern eclectic inspiration with glossy large format porcelain floor tiles… This one is also very rare, sometimes the color goes true pink-brown in the natural stone.

Visual Repetitions Styles Room Miter Edge Island Full Height Backsplash Gin Bottles Traditional Pub Bar Stools 1

Photo Credit | Premium Kitchens

Eclectic kitchen with three-tone cabinets, and colorful blue-green pattern backsplash. A lightbox with a square mirror and upside-down candlelight bulbs is a futuristic design element. 

Eclectic Decor Traditional Shaker Style Cabinets Visual Repetitions Elements Time Periods Space Room Mix And Match Cohesive Design

Photo Credit | Suzanne Trecco Designs

Such a great taste for eclectic kitchen design ideas combined with industrial kitchen design, farmhouse kitchen design, vintage design, and contemporary kitchen design. Color code welcomes natural daylight to this kitchen. Vintage look herringbone backsplash design has a unique look and always matches with Tajmahal quartzite

Floating Shelves Wooden Countertop Industrial Stools Match Mix Different Objects Vintage Touches

Photo Credit | La Cuisine Appliances

The partition wall with a shiplap panel is also amazing which separates the refrigerator and emphasizes the eclectic kitchen design one more time. 

Bold Eclectic Kitchen Color Or Geometric Shape Painted Cabinets Farmhouse Sink Small Kitchen

Photo Credit | Cobblestone Group Inc

The variation of the colors promotes the eclectic kitchen. Kitchen window panels, retro-style golden bar stools, and a farmhouse-style kitchen chandelier are the elements. 

Classic Marble Countertops Traditional Pub Bar Stools Kitchen Cabinets Shabby Chic Chairs Modern Cabinets Wooden Cabinets

Photo Credit | Evelyn Pierce Design Studio

The white kitchen would not be expressed as an eclectic kitchen without having a large high-ceiling window and mirror full-height backsplash, which means contemporary design; meandrous design borders, and Wolf stainless steel stove with red knobs. 

Green Cabinets Eclectic Design Turning Cool Looking Wine Traditional Kitchen Full Height Backsplash Neutral Palette

Photo Credit | Aria Stone Gallery

Make it eclectic! Using only four different tones of green remodeling dreams come true. The wall cabinets are Benjamin Moore Spring Breeze, the cabinet base is Benjamin Moore Light Touch, and the base cabinet doors are Benjamin Moore Irish Mint. The island base is matching with the Big Chill DishWasher and the color is Benjamin Moore Surf’n Turf. 

Small Elements Style Create Modern Kitchens Open Shelves White Cabinets

Photo Credit |  Anthony J. Vallée

The contemporary kitchen design with floating wall shelves embellished with seamless and a traditional butcher block kitchen island is mesmerizing.

Eclectic Kitchens Room Create Modern Quartz Countertops

Photo Credit | Reico Kitchen & Bath

If nonmatching patterns are followed and a new design seems pretty and extraordinary, the eclectic kitchen design is in the air.

Eclectic Design Kitchen Island Open Shelves Room 1

Photo Credit | Miller Photography Inc

Futuristic design infused eclectic kitchen design. Cool colors and custom-made backsplash rocks. 

Contemporary Style Eclectic Kitchen Design Blue Cabinets Quartz Countertops Farmhouse Sink

Photo Credit | Dendra Doors

Farmhouse, craftsman, beach style, and contemporary styles are together in this bright kitchen.

White Cabinets Styles Space Contemporary High Ceiling Large Format Porcelain Tiles 1

Photo Credit | Raw Urth Designs

Large kitchen windows, still gray granite countertops, and gently applied Shou Sugi Ban birch cabinets. This is a Japanese technique to torch the wood.

Contemporary Modern Cabinets Styles Shaker Cabinetry Quartz Countertops Porcelain Backsplash

Photo Credit | Lacy Collier

Eclectic comes with color selection and hardware such as in this kitchen. Wall cabinets have small pulls, and white pattern wall tiles are the bonus pieces for this project. 

Wooden Cabinets Light Fixtures Full Height Backsplash Kitchen Design Style Quartz Countertops Waterfall Island 1

Photo Credit | Fireclay Tile

Such a happy eclectic kitchen with happy yellow, gold, and white. Shaker cabinets, and wood floating shelves

Eclectic Design Focal Point Refined Details Color Palette Other Elements Quartz Countertops Marble Full Height Backsplash

Photo Credit | Solid Tops

The wall and white base cabinets with stainless steel hardware, and the blue and white two-tone kitchen island with the white countertop make this Asian-inspired modern look eclectic kitchen fantastic…

High Tech Gadgets Geometric Shape Light Fixtures Function Beautifully

Photo Credit | State Of The Art Wood Floor Gallery Corp

The black stain goes very well with an open-layout kitchen design. The contemporary design elements are a waterfall edge long island top. 

Eclectic Style VS Eclectic Decor

How to combine an Eclectic Kitchen? 
There are many ways to use the right tools together. Color, design styles, and accessories are my preferences. 
Color: The color can be either in contrast or in the same panel. 
Color in contrast: It can be easily done by using colored kitchen appliances. or picking a sharp color for the kitchen island. 
Color in the same panel: It can be doable to paint the kitchen walls, wall cabinets, base cabinets. Even the cabinet doors can be painted in different tones of the desired color. 

Rustic Wood Cabinets For Eclectic Kitchen Designs

Design Styles: Many designs can be used to show an eclectic kitchen. Please consider the rule of thumb of using at least three designs together. If it is less, the dual combination will be named transitional kitchen design. I can name the most seen design styles in eclectic kitchens as Industrial Kitchen Design, Contemporary, Kitchen Design, Vintage Kitchen Design, Farmhouse Kitchen Design, Coastal Beach Kitchen Design, French Country Kitchen Design, Retro Design Kitchen, Art Nouveau Kitchen Design, and Futuristic Kitchen Design. 

Eclectic Kitchen Design Ideas

Accessories, kitchen appliances, and patterns: The varieties of hardware, fresh-colored kitchen appliances, and mix-match pattern fabrics can provide the right eclectic kitchen design ideas.