30 Layered Fireplace Mantel Ideas With Stylish Living Rooms

Layered Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideas With Living Rooms

Home decoration has some basic design elements and one of them is the layered fireplace mantel ideas. Fireplace addition serves either decoration or energy saving in the room. Some layered fireplace is used in the living room, entertainment room, master bedroom, kitchen, or in the master bathroom.

Layering is an important part of interior design since it provides perspective, depth, and the most important feeling of living. Without layering, the emptiness of the space won’t bring a warm feeling.  On these hot summer days, only the Southern Hemisphere has a chance to use the fireplace but it still touched my heart.

Who does not like the soft ambiance around the fireplace while kindled flames are dancing inside the firebox?  

White Carrara Marble Carpet Dark Wood Floor Gray Walls Furniture

Photo Credit | Amy Kartheiser Design

Layered fireplace with marble and wood frames. Mantle legs and breastplate are angled 45 degrees. Wood mantle legs are also giving 3D effects by having another 45 degrees angle. The accent rug, marble frame, and wall art over the fireplace are all color matching. The craftsmanship speaks for itself. 

Medium Dark Wood Floor Cast Stone Surrounds Cream Wall TV Shelf

Photo Credit | Saltbox Architecture

Pedestal column fireplace with the molded mantle. Both sides have custom-made bookcases, therefore a layered fireplace is being functional for everyday life besides standing elegant. The black fireplace glass door brings plenty of contrast to this room.

Grey Walls Furnitures Carpet Cream Mental

Photo Credit | Michael Abrams Interiors

Decorative and elegant layered fireplace, I love the molding style 45 degrees connections at the edges. Color selection provides a soft surrounding. 

Cast Stone Surrounds Shelf Ideas Furniturte High Ceiling

Photo Credit | Designs by Craig Veenker

Such a decorative layered fireplace combined with natural slate and wood. This fireplace has been centered and both sides have bookcases and an entertainment center. Earth tones and cream color living room furniture, armchairs, and carpets are beautifully matched with the fireplaces.

Dark Hardwood Floor Beige Walls Shelf Wall Mounted TV Layerd Fireplace

Photo Credit | Designs by Craig Veenker

Framed fireplace layered with the round mirror. The fireplace is centered and contrast color bookcases create the mirror image in the living room. 

Absolute Black Granite Surrounds Layered Mantel Fireplace Light Wood Floor White Wall

Photo Credit | Laura of Pembroke

The technique to show the layers in fireplace design is called a double framed fireplace. This provides a layering itself but at the same time over the mantel, layering is supported with the nice blue wall artwork. Layering is limitless in interior design.

Light Wood Oak Flooring Grey Wall Paneling Furniture

Photo Credit | Hendricks Churchill

Layered mantel over the double-framed fireplace. Craftsman-style wall panels and hand-woven Turkish rug carry the quality items. 

BlackMarble Surround Cream Carpet Walls Floor Furnitue Shelf


Double framed layered fireplace in a cream color palette modern and stunning room. The granite and wood combination brings some three-dimensional perspective to this room.

Sweet Shapes Statement Framed Stand Hanging Picture

Photo Credit | Kennedy Cole Interior Design

Double framed marble layered fireplace mantel ideas with a wall hooked up TV. Marble goes well with the gray and blue home decoration.

Blog Greenery Natural Light Decorative Makeover Mirrors

Photo Credit | Laurence Cafritz Builders

Double framed pedestal fireplace layered with wall arts. The coffered ceiling is also another option for layering the living room. The designer has extremely deep knowledge about layering and perspectives. Hats off design.

Picture Dark Wood Floor Black Stone Surrounds Beams Credit Objets

Photo Credit | Guidobono Building Company

Layered fireplace with mantel and wall art. The layered design can be seen in any part of the living room: The rug is layered with antelope skin, and the curtains and blinds. Layering brings a feeling of life living!

Candlesticks Ceiling Gorgeous House Layer Create Inspiration Tips

Photo Credit | Alexander Design Group, Inc

Three-dimensional look layered fireplace layered dropbox lighting. Gorgeous design. 

Plants Elegant Gold Gallery Diy Photo Table Paint Frame Mantels

Photo Credit | Carmel Building & Design

The layered fireplace is the focal point of this neutral-looking living room. The wall artwork is centered to emphasize the mirror image and the sconce are symmetrically installed.

Dark Wood Floor Beige Limestone Surrounds Cream Walls Vases Stone Rustic Credit Decorate

Photo Credit | Clean Design

Travertine layered fireplace is also layered with accent accessories and abstract wall art. 

Artwork Accessories Brick Vintage Display Wood Floor Shelves Grey Cabinets

Photo Credit | G.A. White Homes

Utterly impressive, enhancing the living room’s sleek and elegant style. This electrical fireplace is built-in and recessed the wall. Wall art frame and fireplace frame are made of the same Cambria engineered stone and they are embellishing the slate-covered wall. Open shelves have contrasted with the layered fireplace and high ceilings are a bonus. Two thumbs up fireplace design.

Large Format Porcelain Tiles Surrounds Dark Ceiling Beams Light Wood Floor Grey Walls

Photo Credit | G.A. White Homes

Contemporary living room design with marble look large format tile-covered wall and recessed electric fireplace. The frame of the picture is giving the layer to the design. Mixed match sofa chairs are bonded by having the striped color area rug.

Framed Picture Artwork Wall Decor Cream Stone Shleves Hardwood Floor

Photo Credit | Christopher Jones Photography

Pedestal leg layered mantel fireplace ideas in a white living room. The mosaic tiles can withstand heat and humidity. Therefore marble or porcelain tiles are usually used in fireplace design. They also look very decorative and they are very convenient.

Gray Blue Green Soapstone Surrounds Cream Paint Light Wood Floor High Ceiling

Photo Credit | Mosaic Architects Boulder

Craftsman style double framed fireplace with double chimneys. Chimneys are hidden on both sides of the wall window. The angled high ceiling holds the layering idea in the living room. 

Green Walls Granite Stone Fireplace Wall Mounted TV Shelves Recess Lights Vases

Photo Credit | Daniel Contelmo Architects

Craftsman-style pedestal leg double framed layered fireplace mantel ideas in a very sophisticated living room. The balance between the bookshelves and chimney walls is amazing. In my opinion, this fireplace is in charge of heating the living room. Functional design

White Carrara Marble Stone Hearth Art Surrounds Dark Brown Flooring

Photo Credit | Chesney’s

Decorative fireplace with artisan labor. Marble columns remind the roman baths and herringbone bricks are so fancy. Mirror image is provided by having the matching dark color velvet chairs, matching sconce on the side of the wall art, and matching curtains.

Black Granite Hearth Surrounds Walls Art Accessories Objects Interior Design Room

Photo Credit | GreenSpur Inc

Three dimensional framed decorative fireplace with layered art pieces in a modern living room.

Fireplace Accessories Room Decor Mirror Space Art Painting Vintage Objects

Photo Credit | Muse Architects

Functional fireplace with abstract wall art. Open shelf bookcases are on the side. Black and white are in balance just like a yin and yang. 

Art Painting Display Mantel Decor Decorate Objects Living Room Focal Point

Photo Credit | Fiorella Design

Contemporary double-sided, meshed curtain screen electric fireplace. It is double framed with Cambria engineered stone and craftsman-style legs and mantels. Layering is provided by a batten board wall, fresh flowers, and an abstract frame. 

Mantel Decor Room Hearth Painting Diy Decorate Interior Space

Photo Credit | Beechen & Dill Homes

Double framed, driftwood layered mantel fireplace in a modern high ceiling farmhouse. The layered mantel has also layered accessories. Roman shades are another option to give the layer to the room. Three paneled metal mesh framed fireplace screen is the best pick to show the beauty of the living room and fireplace itself. 

Absolute Black Granite Surrounds Grey Porcelain Floor Wall Mount TV Shelves

Photo Credit | G.A. White Homes

Coastal house with driftwood flooring and chimney wall with fireplace. The fireplace is layered by the tv and side floating shelves complete the mirror image. Natural colors, white and black are in harmony with mantel decor. 

Mantel Decorating Ideas Living Room Focal Point Art Gold

Photo Credit | Romanelli & Hughes Custom Home Builders

Rich mirror image centered by a fireplace in this traditional custom-made living room: Scones, roman style amphora standing vases, artisan arched bookcases look sophisticated. The layered frame over the mantel, and in front of the batten wall are both great ideas for interior decoration. 

Wallpaper Brick Accesories Space Mirror Hearth Artwork Cream Stone Focal Point

Photo Credit | Eldorado Stone

Layered fireplace by using double frame and metal-framed three-dimensional fireplace screen. Neat and smart design. 

Brick Decor Blue Ceiling Objects Display Interior Layering Sweet

Photo Credit | Eldorado Stone

Modern farmhouse kitchen with fireplace mantels. The chimney wall contains two chimneys on the sides, heat will be convected perfectly. The layered part is the wood stock over the fireplace. The perspective is gradually shown.

Fireplace Mantel Decor Room Art Light Wood Floor Framed Pictures

Photo Credit | Joseph Farrell Architecture

Layered mantel over the electrical fireplace in a coastal design home. Color coding is just right. Accessories and decorations make the room warm and comfortable. 

Dark Wood Floor Living Room Fireplace Mantel Decor

Photo Credit | Mary Cook

Abdala cabinet style fireplace layered with driftwood mantel and raised hearth. The slate wall of the fireplace goes well with the off-white built-in shelves. The lightbox is also giving another layer to the living room. A black fireplace front panel is a good pick to have plenty of contrast with the other accessories. 

Type Of Fireplace Mantel Decorating

Before talking about the part of the fireplace, let me introduce you to the most common type of fireplace. 

Traditional: It works with wood or coal and pellet but your design would be tolerable for carbon monoxide inside the room. Pellets would be more sustainable for your choice but think about your budget first. 

Gas: The faux wooden logs have a great look and your firebox is always clean. you don’t need to swipe the ashes. 

Electrical: Heat convention is provided by pebble stones or fake wooden logs. 

Part Of The Fireplace Mantel Decor Ideas

The next educational session would be how to layered the fireplace. Moreover, it is better to have a little information about the part of the fireplace.  

All above-indicated fireplaces have mostly these specifications.

Mantle: Main heat insulation case or jacket in the fireplace, the upper part of the fireplace and can be used as a shelf 

Facing or Breast of Fireplace: It supports the mantle and legs of the fireplace. 

Pedestal legs or columns (if it is a masonry fireplace): They will be connected to the facing and mantle.  

Fire surround (if classical or gas fireplace is in use ): The high-quality bricks, porcelain tiles, marble, granite, quartz and engineered other stones, french limestone, stained concrete, precast concrete, natural slates, travertine are materials not affected by the high heat and at the same time being very decorative.

Firebox: Where the combustion process is taking place 

Fireplace screen (optional): If you need to use the fireplace for heating purposes, a screen is a must. There are glass, mesh, metal screen, and foldable fireplace door panels which may be counted as the options.  

Heart (optional in masonry fireplace ): The safety barrier to keep your home from the fire and usually it is made of fireproof and durable materials like granite, concrete, stone, brick, cement.  

Chimney breast: Traditional name is still valid. The chimney breast is the name of the wall of the fireplace. The electric fireplace also has a wall under the same name.

How To Layered Fireplace Mantel Ideas & Surrounds?

There are many different ways to make the layered fireplace

1. Framed the pedestal legs and fireplace surround: If there is a texture, dimension, angle, and lining for the pedestal legs and fire surround, it is called a framed layered fireplace. 

2. Raised hearth: Raised heart layered fireplaces are good to keep home safer and also leveling gives a great layer. They are also good for decorative purposes. To celebrate every season you have an extra lower shelf in front of your fireplace. 

3. Layered mantle: The fireplace is usually built-in. There is no fire surround, chimney breast substitutes for it. The additional floating shelf is mounted to the chimney breast and it is called a layered mantle. 

Layered mantle also has accessories or art frames in front of the fireplace wall and they also give perspective to the room. 

4. Layered with an abstract, television, or built-in storage box over the fireplace: Mantle and/or facing are optional but chimney breast is a must.

The monotonous look would be broken by having any idea of layering in a layered fireplace.  

Just insert your comments about the layered fireplace and do not forget to pin your best pictures for your future layered fireplace project.