30 Eye-Catching Ceiling Wallpaper Ideas


Eye-catching ceiling wallpaper ideas can be applied to any room in the house. Sometimes I find myself so curious, and mystic but happy and satisfied when I visit historical places, temples, museums, and even restaurants. The reason is the inspirational ceiling with many different designs. Then after being at home, I feel like I’m missing some pieces. In this article, I will learn with you how to look up in our home and how to have some eye-catching ceiling walls. As a Latin expression, this article is “Docendo Discitur”.

Wherever we need joy, a dramatic statement, a fresh look in the bedroom, bathroom, powder room, kitchen, dining room, living room, and even in the home office room, these ideas are more visible in the creative minds.
Please check the best picks of the pictures for your next project and pin them in your Pinterest book. Enjoy the eye candies.
Wallpaper On The Ceiling Interior Design Wallpaper Ceiling Spaces Soft Look Add Art

Photo Credit | Lisa Weiss Interiors

This dining room, where blue rose patterned wallpapers are used, has a sophisticated look with the touch of other blue-tone colors. The dark chairs surrounding the light blue table, the painting on the wall, and the pendant hanging from the ceiling create a bold image.

Wallpaper Ceiling Dining Room Floral Wallpaper Space Window Add Subscribe

Photo Credit | Ana Claudia Design

The large-size floral wallpaper evokes the feeling of spring by looking at you from the ceiling. The beige color table and other relevant colors help this decor on the ceiling complement the environment.

Wallpapered Ceiling Living Room Inspiration Paneling Color

Photo Credit | Cornerstone Interiors

The image of the calming ceiling wallpaper ideas seems to have affected the mood of the whole room. In a second focal point that attracts attention, the tree-shaped pendant dazzles us.

Wallpapered Ceilings Focal Point Wood Texture Creative Stylish Design

Photo Credit | EAG Studio

The mysterious wallpaper that decorates the ceiling of an enclosed dining room surrounded by black walls adds a mystical touch to the room. The simple-looking dining table is made of only solid wood and the wood on the floors adds a rustic feeling.

Fifth Wall Pattern Furniture Home Design Bed Wallpapering

Photo Credit | Kane Development Corporation

This dining room has white walls separating the brown ceiling wallpaper and the dark wooden tiles on the floor look very bright because of the abundance of windows.

Blue And White Home Office Ideas Walls Floor Bedroom

Photo Credit | JBMP Architecture and Interior Design

Both aesthetics and a tropical look can make appreciate that you feel like you are always in vacation mode. This creates a pleasing atmosphere thanks to the high ceiling and furniture that is compatible with the environment.

Blue Walls Patterned Rooms Dark House Style Idea Painted 1

Photo Credit | VanderHorn Architects

The bunk bed and barn door attract attention in this rustic room designed by Vanderhorn Architect. On the other hand, the similarity of the ceiling wallpaper ideas and the wooden tiles on the floor adds a different flair to the room.

Black And White Colorful Green Bright Pink Create

Photo Credit |  Kathy Morgan

The most striking thing in this living room, designed eclectically by Kathy Morgan, is the blue-white wallpaper. Yellow carpets and furniture on the floor have taken their places as factors that bring the past to the present.

Floral Patterns Contrast Decor Search Light Paint Sky Creates

Photo Credit | Laura U Design Collective

Laura U Design Collective’s dining room adds a spring mood to the room thanks to the Chiang mi dragon-inspired wallpapers on the ceiling created in vibrant colors. Gray side walls and classic furniture add a different energy to the room.

Geometric Statement Throughout Interiors Match Gold Bold

Photo Credit | Arciform

The traditional library room is designed with dark colors that do not compete with each other. One of the ceiling wallpaper ideas is to give a cloudy weather look, and the blue tiles attract attention from Arciform’s additions.

Bathroom Ceiling Wallpaper Print Formal Inspired Color

Photo Credit | Ashby Collective

Blue walls, a mid-tone wood floor, and ceiling wallpaper ideas helped to create a contemporary look in the boy’s nursery room from Ashby Collective.

Wallpapered Ceiling Room Space Pattern Bedroom Bold Color

Photo Credit | USI Design & Remodeling

The timeless L-shaped kitchen is designed on light floor tiles, while the striking blue patterned wallpaper on the ceiling adds color to the room. White cabinets are combined with marble countertops and the same color backsplash with the help of golden hardware.

Room Wallpapered Ceiling Wall Space White Color Window Paneling Add

Photo Credit | Widell + Boschetti

A bedroom designed by combining the spaciousness created by the high ceiling with lively wallpapers. The contemporary black pendant and the black framed modern artistic painting on the wall is a touch that feels up to date.

Wallpapered Ceiling Room Space White Look Formal Inspired Match Color

Photo Credit | AHG Interiors

This small bedroom is surrounded by white walls and crowned with black patterned ceiling wallpaper.

Interior Design Wallpapered Ceiling Room Space White Contrast Texture Painted Decor

Photo Credit | Traci Connell Interiors

This stunning bedroom has so many features that I don’t know where to start. It has a striped ceiling wallpaper that matches the color scheme of the room and blends in with the rest of the room.

Interior Design Ceiling Wallpaper Room Walls Blue And White Living Room Color Add Look

Photo Credit | Joni Spear Interior Design

The original tray ceiling and the dominant luxury wallpaper in this area have made the dining room more elegant. In addition, the abstract carpet on the floor has added a modern look. Gray walls and furniture also gave endless inspiration.

Interior Design Wallpaper Ceiling Living Room Dining Room Look Color Paint

Photo Credit | Pineapple House Interior Design

The crystal chandelier filtered through the abstract wallpaper and dark gray wall paints, which add excitement to the calm stance of the dining room, are fearlessly added and have an elegant appearance.

Interior Design Ceiling Wallpaper Living Room Furniture Ceilings Bed Patterned Colorful Dark Green

Photo Credit | Nolen Homes & Interiors

Laying ceiling wallpaper ideas in a harmonious color can make your well-designed decor feel like it’s more than worth it. In this stylish living room by Nolen Homes & Interiors, gray wall paint, a beige fireplace, and a beige carpet combined with the wallpaper on the ceiling give the room a spirit.

Home Office Ceiling Wallpaper Living Room Interior Design Pattern House Print Rooms Bold Green

Photo Credit |  Scott Arthur Yerkey Design LTD

This stylish neutral-toned living room brings the beauties of the past to the present with eclectic sculptural furniture, multi-colored walls, and detailed touches that add spirit to the room. Ceiling wallpaper, curtains, and tufted chairs have kinda matching designs that make the room authentic.

Green Wallpaper On The Ceiling Bedroom Floor Floral Wallpaper Wood Gold Bright Style Create

Photo Credit | Shelter 7

This beach-style green bedroom of Shelter 7 gives you the feeling of being in a tropical place when you enter the room. Carefully chosen colors and selected furniture give you the feeling of sleeping in a quiet environment without competing with each other.

Floral Wallpaper Interior Design Colorful Ceilings House Print Bright Stylish

Photo Credit | HSH Interiors

The most important feature of this dressing room is decorated with butterfly-patterned ceiling wallpapers and mirror-covered cabinet doors that add width to the room.

Patterned Wallpaper Ceiling Walls Bedroom Space Floor Furniture Dark House Geometric Interiors

Photo Credit | Masterpiece Design Group

This stunning master’s bedroom was designed using unique ceiling wallpapers to create a warm and inviting space.

Blue Wallpaper Ceiling Interior Design Room Space Floor Wall Bedroom Furniture Bed

Photo Credit | Fresh Start Contracting Company

This medium-sized nursery under stunning blue and white patterned ceiling wallpaper is designed in a modern style and adds a touch of childlike wonder to the room.

Bedroom Wallpaper Ceiling Room Space Floor Wall Pattern Furniture Light

Photo Credit | Gemma Parker Design, LLC

Large children’s room decorated with beige tones regardless of gender. Striped wallpaper on the ceiling and a large world map is used to make the room feel more comfortable.

Blue White Wallpaper Ceiling Bedroom Wall Design Bed Bright Bathroom Stylish Patterns

Photo Credit | Dina Holland

This children’s room is an excellent example designed to achieve a different style. The liveliness of the ceiling wallpaper boldly adds confidence to the room, thus making the room feel sensual.

Pink Wallpaper On The Ceiling Furniture Gold Bathroom Patterns Search Design Room

Photo Credit | Urbanology Designs

A children’s room design that impresses your lifestyle. This room is full of weirdness and charm. A chandelier with a soft plush velvet tuft, pale plain rug, and ceiling wallpaper add a lot of texture to this room. To put it bluntly, this diversity can make us fall in love with it…

Eclectic Nursery Bedroom Ceiling Ideas Room Wall Furniture Design Pink White

Photo Credit | Swati Goorha Designs

The eye-catching ceiling wallpaper ideas draw all the attention while maintaining the serene feel of this intriguing room. On the other hand, this mid-sized eclectic gender-neutral room has an impressive look on its other 4 walls.

Living Room Ceiling Wallpaper Walls Space Blue Pattern Black And White Table

Photo Credit | Houzz

Maybe your living room doesn’t have the ornately designed plaster ceilings like in Florence, Italy as in your dreams, but you can achieve it by using ceiling wallpaper that matches the other colors in the room like in this design.

Dining Room Ceiling Wallpaper Space Wall Blue Pattern Design House

Photo Credit | Architecture in Formation

The ceiling wallpaper with red ikat print on black color accompanies the other dark-colored walls of Architecture in Formation. The living room, decorated with simple furniture that does not compete with each other, gives peace of mind.

Ceiling Wallpaper Floral Design Look Add Furniture Floor Space

Photo Credit | Lea Shulman Interiors

This dining room by Lea Shulman Interiors is designed in gray colors and the illuminated ceiling in the tray is completed with cloud pattern wallpaper.

Wallpaper On The Ceiling

My followers know my style. I would like to target the top three items in each paragraph but this time creativity counts and pairs with decoration. Let me classify first in two ways. 
Easy Decorative Eye-Catching Ceiling Wall Ideas 
Stucco Ceiling or Popcorn Ceiling: For both the cottage cheese ceiling acronym is also used. The stucco ceiling provides a nice texture with small curds to the ceiling. It has a natural stone look if the stucco finish is applied by hand troweling. The popcorn ceilings have chunkier cottage cheese and it is blown by a spray gun.  
Painted Ceiling: The painted ceiling will be either in contrast colors of the room or stripes. Both are the best, giving depth to the room. It can be used for limited spaces to put attention on the ceiling.  
Panel-Added Ceiling: The panel-added ceiling project can carry shiplap wood planks, tin, and PVC which are very light materials. The final feeling is very satisfying based on your design like antique, vintage, rustic, and oriental. 
Wallpaper ceilings: The wallpaper ceilings are always gorgeous if there is thick crown molding around them. They look like fine art in your room. 

Wallpaper Ideas For Interior Design

Any 3D addition to the ceiling will bring an extra positive motion to the room. 
High Beam Ceiling: High Beam Ceiling matches with high ceiling rooms if a Tudor Style Interior, Chalet Style Interior, FarmHouse Style Interior, Cabin Style Interior, French Country Style Interior, Southern Style Interior, or Victorian Style Interior is considered. 
Coffered Ceilings: Coffered ceilings are seen in traditional-style Interiors and the inside of the ceilings can be covered with either wallpaper or painting ideas.  
Molding around the Ceilings: Thick molding and thin molding can be added to the ceiling design to frame the ceiling. If the windows are on different walls in the room this will turn out so sophisticated. 
Ceiling Medallion: Any ceiling medallion can be painted or colored before being mounted to the ceiling and needs to coordinate with the chandelier. 
Planted Ceiling: The upside-down interior planting would be a nice addition to any room inspired by the RainForest Cafe. You do not need a jungle but a dangling piece of ivy or small green plants inside the chicken fence brings the natural fresh breeze into the room. 
Dangled Fabric and Art Pieces in the Ceiling: Lightweight cut-out paper ornaments, lightweight transparent colorful fabrics, and lanterns will provide a nice ambiance for the room.