33 Modern Farmhouse Living Room Ideas


The modern farmhouse living room makes everyone so homey and brings good memories. The feeling of sitting in front of a fireplace by having a comfy sofa chair or an armchair with an ottoman is always satisfying. The children love to roll over the carpet and climb over the small stools or poufs.

Farmhouse Style Living Room Modern Furniture Barn Doors Farmhouse Decor Classic Farmhouse Rustic Elements

Photo Credit | Forte Building Group, LLC

Modern farmhouse living room design with a gorgeous layered fireplace and built-in bookshelves on the sides. The fireplace mantel is covered with natural slate which is following the color code in the living room seating area. The blue armchairs and cushions popped up in this picture as well as the blue abstract wall art.

Traditional Farm Feel Chicken Wire Cabinets Interior Space Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

Photo Credit | Aneka Interiors Inc

The interior is built as a Chalet design house but the decoration… The mirror image modern farmhouse living room is sophistically designed. The fireplace and square coffee table are centered. I think a big family with many children and many grandchildren can easily fit into this living room and make a great gathering with happy conversation. 

Modern Farmhouse Design Contemporary Farmhouse Living Room Exposed Wood Beams Stone Fireplace Wall Decor

Photo Credit | DeLeers Construction, Inc

Such a charmful living room! Sentimental and live at the same time!

Distressed Furniture Open Concept Floor Plan Farmhouse Feel Farmhouse Aesthetic Chic Farmhouse Retreat Organic Elements Focal Point

Photo Credit | Zehnder Homes

Modern shabby chic farmhouse living room: Upcycling the old bicycle into an accent table is such a great idea. The layering in the living room comes with the high beams and wooden shelf over the fireplace, continuing with the accent table wood top and same color hardwood flooring.

Modern Light Fixture Traditional Farmhouse Style Farmhouse Decor Ideas Tongue And Groove Ceilings Light Fixtures

Photo Credit | Amy Storm & Company

The traditional farmhouse turns into a modern farmhouse by using the shade of gray in interior design. Gray is such a soothing color and matches almost any color. Here the supporting colors are light blue accent pillows and indoor plants. Relaxing and eye-pleasing design

Traditional Closed In Approach Great Space Savers Extra Large Abstract Canvas Earthy Tones Rustic Touch

Photo Credit | Merrill Construction Group

Instead of a modern farmhouse living style, I would say an escape room for this inspirational design. The showcase in your living room is nature itself. 

Traditional Farm Chairs Inviting Eclectic Vibe Two Barn Doors Living Room

Photo Credit | Pacific Peninsula Group

Cozy living room with an electrical fireplace luxury. 

Painted White Living Room Small Rooms Metal Barstools Modern Farmhouse Living

Photo Credit | Manomin Resawn Timbers

Chalet-style cabin house with farmhouse-style interior design. Camel color leather sectional and an armchair with an ottoman facing the fireplace. On the side, the firewood logs are stored, and ceiling recessed lights are going to the far end of the ceiling. The different lengths of clear bulbs are hanging over the high beam just like the ivy. The home feeling is pretty strong in this space. 

Farmhouse Living Room Barn Doors Coffee Table Living Rooms

Photo Credit | Alair Homes Chilliwack

A Tudor house with four skylight windows in your living room may be called a luxury but this is the dream of daylight savers. Wall niches are on the side of the fireplace are like eye candies. 

Neutral Colors Living Rooms Modern Farmhouse Living Room

Photo Credit | Knight Architects LLC

Less is more, an upscale farmhouse-style home. Pamper yourself. 

Modern Farmhouse Living Room Ideas Farmhouse Style

Photo Credit | Burge Building Consultants

Neat and trendy, boho-style home decoration in a modern farmhouse. 

Modern Farmhouse Living Room Farmhouse Style Barn Doors Tufted Sofa Coffee Table

Photo Credit | AHD&Co

Modern retro style living in a farmhouse. Delightful design.

Farmhouse Living Room Ideas Farmhouse Style Coffee Table Classic Farmhouse

Photo Credit | Nest Designs

Ergonomic and functional living room design. One side of the fireplace has a reading nook, the other side has an entertainment center. Oil rubbed windmill ceiling fan is such a great addition.

Farmhouse Living Room Natural Wood Interior Space Jute Rug Tufted Sofa Throw Pillows

Photo Credit | Melisa Clement Designs

If the skylight windows on the ceiling were not included, I would say a mirror image of a modern farmhouse living design. White, birchwood and blue colors are dancing on the stage. One side of the mirror image has a built-in niche with a cabinet, three seats blue velvet sofa, a low jute stool with a backrest, and marble look top wooden coffee table. Keen eyes are on charge. 

Farmhouse Living Room Farmhouse Living Coffee Table Barn Doors Throw Pillows Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

Photo Credit | Aerie Interiors

Layered fireplace and windows on the side! Daylights surround the charmful living room. 

Farmhouse Living Room Earthy Tones Neutral Colors

Photo Credit | Custom One Homes

Chestnut brown painted shiplap fireplace wall spreads a great hue to the light color living room design. It also matches the hardwood floor. 

Farmhouse Living Rooms Coffee Table Natural Wood Rustic Feel Wood Beams Woven Elements Jute Rug

Photo Credit | Germania Construction

Rustic touch in a contemporary farmhouse living room. Ceilings with high beams, hand-carved copper milky amber large pendant, handmade Turkish rug with geometric motives, warm-colored armchair and loveseat, driftwood accent tables, and mesmerizing fireplace with rock covered chimney wall. Inviting immensely …

Relaxed Modern Farmhouse Interior Salvaged Beam Ceiling Classic Elements Natural Elements Entire Space

Photo Credit | M.T.N Design

Southern-style farmhouse living room design with leather armchairs, suede sofa, antler-inspired chandelier, layered, stone fireplace, and shiplap wall coverage. Friendly and detail-oriented design. 

Modern Farmhouse Living Room Farmhouse Living Room Design Natural Materials Woven Rug Throw Pillows Two Styles Tonal Furniture

Photo Credit | Solitude Homes

My favorite natural trio is in the modern farmhouse living room design: Off-white, black, and wood tones are blended in the same pot.

Modern Farmhouse Living Rooms Modern Farmhouse Look Contemporary Design Firmly Planted Over The Top Wall Clock

Photo Credit |  Blue Ocean Design

Symmetry is spoken in natural color-coordinated living room design. Not only color, but the materials are also very sustainable such as driftwood accent tables, jute rugs, bamboo candle holders and linen cushions, and linen upholstery. 

Farmhouse Style Modern Farmhouse Glass Paned Wall Contour Interior Design Light Oak Color Tufted Sofa Stone Accents

Photo Credit | Studio McGee

The main subject is “feel nature emotionally and physically!”. Mindfulness farmhouse design by using a naturalist approach. 

Modern Farmhouse Design Farmhouse Style Living Room Industrial Light Fixtures Farmhouse Color

Photo Credit | Curt Hofer & Associates

The Tudor-style house is decorated with warm brown and warm beige tones in modern farmhouse style. The layers on the fireplace chimney are amazingly detail-oriented. Open inlet on the second floor, mirror over the fireplace and mantle fireplace picked as off white color to synthesize the brown armchairs. 

Farmhouse Living Room Ideas Neutral Colors Comfortable Furnishings Fresh Color Palette

Photo Credit | Winsome Construction

Layered fireplace with granite chimney wall in a modern-looking farmhouse living room. The wheel-inspired chandelier with crystal bulbs has soft lights matching the fire, rug, coffee table, and seating. Sides are embellished with built-in open shelves for decorative items. 

Farmhouse Living Room Coffee Table Modern Farmhouse Living Tufted Sofa

Photo Credit | Enfort Home

Chanel decor in your modern farmhouse living room. Wow, design! Elegant and spacious look from head to toe!

Modern Farmhouse Living Room Design Coffee Table Barn Doors

Photo Credit | Clearwater Builders

A family room with a fireplace and shiplap, vintage style decoration, and a puffy ottoman. What else would you like to add? A cup of hot tea and a great book with soft music in the background? The deal, I buy it. 

Contemporary Farmhouse Living Room Coffee Table Throw Pillows

Photo Credit | JPStyles

Mirror image farm house decoration centered by a round coffee table. Earth tone colors rock. 

Modern Farmhouse Living Room Interior Space Barn Doors Coffee Table Farmhouse Living Rooms

Photo Credit | Markalunas Architecture Group

The house is inhabited by happy spirits that come out of the chimney at night!  A classic layout of built-in bookshelves are on the side of the fireplace.

Modern Farmhouse Living Room Coffee Table Farmhouse Living Rooms

Photo Credit | Black Door Interiors

The built-in electric fireplace insert has reading nooks on the side. The low benches in front of the window are so comfortable even for adults. Very creative design. 

Farmhouse Living Room Ideas Farmhouse Style Barn Doors

Photo Credit | Rafterhouse

Vintage look farmhouse design living room interior. Simple, neat, and happy. 

Farmhouse Living Room Barn Doors Coffee Table Living Room

Photo Credit | LRWoehler & Associates

Modern farmhouse living decoration with skylights on the elevated ceilings. Wonderful design!

Farmhouse Living Room Ideas Farmhouse Living Coffee Table Painted White Natural Materials Barn Doors

Photo Credit |  Manor Homes

The vintage look is provided by the paint touch over the coffee table and shiplap wall coverage in this farmhouse-style interior living room. Crystal chandelier with aged bronze trims matches with the upholstery color and provides a great leveling. 

Farmhouse Living Room High Ceiling Coffee Table Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

Photo Credit | Todd Remington Architect

Transitional living room design by having classic armchairs, handmade woven rug, coffee table, and accent table by having modern design elements: Black matte paints concrete fireplace, black painted high beams, and hickory hardwood flooring. The homeowner is in good hands…

Farmhouse Living Room Ideas Tufted Sofa Living Rooms


An eclectic living room design inspired by Southern Living and French Country living. Indoor plants and candles are the warm touches in this living space. 

Farmhouse Style Living Room

Fireplace: I can not think of a modern farmhouse living room without a fireplace. A layered fireplace with a great mantle is the masterpiece of the living area. 
High ceiling: Farmhouse design welcomes high ceilings. The exterior may be a Tudor house, chalet house, or classic farmhouse. Each of them has a different style of a high ceiling. 
High beams: Based on the high ceiling, the high beams can be angled or used horizontally. High beams can be seen as supported columns, in the meantime, they can be used as layers in the living room. Most high beam colors are matching with the hardwood of the living room.
Windows and Skylight: The real aim of the windows in a farmhouse design is to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning or smoking in the fireplace by having chimney defects. But daylight is always desirable in a farmhouse living room design. 

The Decorative Elements Of The Modern Farmhouse Living Room

Built-in bookcase: Built-in bookcase is a great addition next to the fireplace either on side decoration or mirror image. Sometimes a built-in bench can be replaced with a built-in bookcase. It is a good addition for having a reading nook or watching outside for the kids and pets. 
Coffee Table: If a large one in the middle is my preference but small accent tables can be used as a coffee table. 
LoveSeat:  According to the room size a small loveseat, two or three-seat sofa can be used. Sectionals are also very popular for modern farmhouse living room decorations.
Armchair: The armchair can be paired or can be used alone. If it is paired, a mirror image in the living room is picked for the design idea.  
Ottoman: Ottoman can be a part of an armchair or can be a sharable one by the entire room.  
Ceiling lighting and accent lighting: With a high ceiling the living room needs more light based on the volume and square feet. The creative living room pendants and living room chandeliers embellish the design. Accent lights can be used as floor lamps or table lamps. The candles are also valuable options. The candle holder and candle centerpiece are also very decor-oriented.