34 Inspirational Tropical Bathroom Design Ideas


While winter is approaching, missing the summer and warmer days are always on my agenda. Therefore, I would like to talk about tropical bathroom design ideas and let the tropical fresh breeze fill the room. If you are in a tropical zone or have a warmer winter you may like some of the ideas for your bathroom remodeling. Else you can follow the tropical decor ideas to give a new face to your bathroom.   

Tropical Bathroom Outdoor Shower Floating Vanity Green Walls Style Toilet Walls Plants

Photo Credit | Ethan Tweedie

L shape double sinks floating vanity, pyramid hood roof, pool with pebble stone and a travertine stepping stone to reach the jacuzzi, and tropical landscape. The experienced design level, the travertine jacuzzi, and the pool show creativity. Pampered the design… 

Inspired Zen Contemporary Garden Bowl Create Outdoors Mirrors Fun Appliances Posts Inspiration Beach White Materials

Photo Credit | Susan Jablon

Vertical spa shower in a tropical bathroom. The mosaic backsplash colors are flowing from earth tones to turquoise blue, water blue, and purple. Feel the tropical sea while under the shower. 

Greenery Bright Island Leaf Space Lights Window Cabinets Light Natural Tile Tropical Bathroom Style Vanity Shower Plants

Photo Credit | Pu’uwai Design & Construction

Where the tropical bathroom greets the tropical landscape backyard, the happiness is there. The layout matchstick backsplash is the best pick for this bathroom design.

Tropical Bathroom Modern Tropical Vanity Shower Walls Plants Tiles Wall Bath Stone Wood Green Sink

Photo Credit | Peabody’s Interiors

Peculiar garden shower connected to the tropical bathroom. The shower flooring is river pebble stone and the shower wall is tectonic rock. Totally box shower design and is very authentic. The bathroom window provides natural ventilation and a white bathroom vanity cabinet with a concrete top completes the puzzle. 

Tropical Bathroom Vanity Shower Walls Plants Tiles Wallpaper Pink Tub Glass Wall Style Outdoor Tile Bathrooms Natural Light Cabinets

Photo Credit | Reuter Homes

If you take the Balboa Island Ferry to Newport Beach, you probably have been watched from this bathroom.  Such an eclectic bathroom style by melting the tropical bathroom design and modern bathroom design in the same pot. 

Tropical Bathroom Vanity Plants Wallpaper Pink Tub Glass Stone Green Toilet Tiles Potted Outdoor Space Modern Greenery Bright Décor

Photo Credit | Edmond Kitchen & Bath LLC

Skylight in a bathroom is definitely proof of the good combination: Detail-oriented interior design and goal-oriented architecture consist of many horizontal grids and are also made out of solid teak. 

Tropical Bathroom Vanity Shower Plants Walls Wallpaper Pink Bath Green Greenery Inspired Bowl Create Mirrors Bold

Photo Credit | Stephen Green Architecture, Inc

Tropical bathroom design ideas with windows, over the vanity top, high ceiling, and recess lighting.

Tropical Bathroom Style Vanity Shower Toilet Walls Plants Tiles Wall Bath Stone Wood Green Sink Potted Bamboo Decor

Photo Credit | Three Roses Interiors

The vanity top is raised for the sink and the vanity top itself is used as a makeup vanity. James Martin Louvered cabinet doors are part of the design. 

Tropical Bathroom Tropical Vanity Toilet Walls Plants Tiles Wallpaper Pink Tub Wall Bath Stone Wood Green Sink

Photo Credit | DESIGN 4 CORNERS

Moroccan blue tiles four-leaf floral light blue aka electric blue, vessels sinks, and tropical bathroom plant. 

Tropical Bathroom Tropical Vanity Plants Tiles Wallpaper Pink Tub Bath Stone Green Potted Decor Outdoor Tile Bathrooms

Photo Credit | Dean Homes

Pebblestone is usually good for flooring in any beach house bathroom design and tropical bathroom design ideas. 

Tropical Bathroom Tropical Vanity Plants Tiles Bathroom Wallpaper Pink Bathroom Tub Green Bathroom Potted Decor

Photo Credit | Paulina Perrault Interiors

Eclectic bathroom design with a tropical touch. The long white vanity cabinet with white marble top and glass door towel cabinets is the masterpiece in this picture. The craftsmanship shows itself. 

Greenery Tropical Bathroom Interior Ceiling Bathroom Tropical Bright Mirror Tropical Room Bathroom Blue Tropical Curtain Bathroom


It would be so nice having this pampered bathroom while the stress level of the world is incrementally increasing after the Covid. Humans need more green even in their bathrooms. 

Wallpaper Tropical Bathroom Green Tropical Tub Bathroom Pink Tropical Potted Bathroom Lights Tropical Space Bathroom

Photo Credit | Norelco Cabinets Ltd

Take the shower first then take a rest on the bathroom pouf and drink your refreshment and soak yourself in a bathtub. 

White Tropical Bathroom Floating Tropical Outdoors Bathroom Appliances Tropical White Bathroom Mirror Tropical

Photo Credit | Studio M Interior Design

Transitional bathroom design by using tropical greens and tropical sand colors. Sea Pearl Green granite vanity top completes the color blending. 

Pink Tropical Bathroom Wallpaper Tropical Leaf Bathroom Modern Tropical Greenery Bathroom Bright Tropical Interior Bathroom 1

Photo Credit | DESIGN 4 CORNERS

Neutral color tones in a tropical bathroom with a black stone vessel sink. The concrete vanity top over the floating shelf has another matching color. 

Floating Vanity Tropical Bathroom Wallpaper Tropical Pink Bathroom White Tropical Leaf Bathroom Bright Tropical Contemporary Bathroom

Photo Credit | Kevin Williams Construction, Inc

A Mediterranean-style bathroom can be used in tropical climates as well. From head to toe: The high travertine floor tiling is all mesmerizing. 

Cabinets Tropical Bathroom Wallpaper Tropical Pink Bathroom White Tropical Plants Bathroom Shower Tropical Toilet Bathroom 1

Photo Credit | Studio Geiger Architecture

The simple white bathroom idea turns into a tropical bathroom by only changing the wallpaper! The bathroom remodeling ideas are always very creative and endless. 

Tropical Bathrooms Modern Tropical Wallpaper Tiles Pink Tub Glass Wall Bath Stone Wood Sink Potted Bamboo Decor

Photo Credit | ZAK Architecture

Tropical bathroom design ideas with bamboo paper leaf design light pendants to create a soothing ambiance.

Windows Fixtures Gorgeous Room Plant Countertops Mirror Relaxing Blue Curtain Related Floor Ceiling Interior Decor

Photo Credit | KNS Architects

Here, privacy is provided with the tinted windows on the sliding glass doors. Large format marble looks like porcelain tiles, soak in the bathtub, espresso color vanity tops, and elevated double sinks are part of the modern design. The classic touch comes with the standing tower rack.  

Tropical Bathroom Inspired Zen Contemporary Floating Garden Bowl Bold Create Outdoors Mirrors Appliances Posts Beach

Photo Credit | Pu’uwai Design & Construction

Gray apothecary vanity top and square over the sink porcelain basins. The shower door is made out of bamboo and the tropical walk-in garden is a bonus. 

Tropical Bathroom Design vanity Shower Walls Plants Tiles Wall Tub Glass Wall Toilet Potted Bamboo

Photo Credit | Design Concepts Hawaii

The unique design of the floating teak vanity has two double sinks. Sinks are partially embedded into the vanity shelf. The vanity sink and the standing bathtub are hand-carved European sinks and the trend is coming back. 

Tropical Bathroom Vanity Shower Toilet Walls Plants Tiles Wallpaper Pink Tub Glass Wall Bath Stone Wood Green Sink

Photo Credit | McCann Design Group

Marble is everywhere, from the ceiling border to the bathroom flooring and shower wall. The blue and white pattern ceramic tile brings the tropical breeze. 
Tropical Bathroom Vanity Shower Wallpaper Tiles Pink Tub Stone Potted Bamboo Decor Outdoor Space Lights Leaf Interior

Photo Credit | Edmond Kitchen & Bath LLC

Under the vanity cabinets led lighting, large format porcelain tiles, and pebble stone shower flooring. 

Tropical Bathrooms Modern Tropical Bold Fun Inspiration Appliances White Gorgeous Room Plant Fun Blue Relaxing Mirror 1

Photo Credit | Blackdoor Design by Tamra Coviello

Glossy finish teal green cabinetry, marble vanity top, and tropical design wallpaper with blue leaves.  All you need is a keen-eyed designer to coordinate with them. 

Tropical Bathroom Tropical Outdoor Shower Green Walls Style Vanity Tub Tiles Wallpaper Pink Tropical Tropical Fun Inspiration

Photo Credit | Three Roses Interiors

The impressive shower door has a wavy cut top which looks very unique and the tropical elements inside the bathroom. 

Tropical Bathroom Tropical Style Vanity Plants Tiles Wallpaper Pink Tub Bath Stone Wood Green Sink Potted Decor

Photo Credit | Kensington Smith Design, LLC

The backyard is isolated tops that follow the soft color code. Hand-carved marble vessel sinks and buddha figurines send my heart to ancient times. 

Tropical Bathroom Tropical Bathroom Design Vanity Plants Tiles Wallpaper Pink Tub Bath Green Potted Decor Natural Light Window

Photo Credit | JMDG Architecture | Planning + Interiors

The wallpaper has a nice flow and built-in thick glass shelves for transparency. There is always a door to open a tropical landscape backyard or a balcony in tropical bathroom designs.

Tropical Bathroom Plants Wallpaper Pink Bathroom Tub Tropical Wallpaper Pink Tub Green Potted Bathrooms Light Window

Photo Credit | Kevin Rugee Architect, Inc

Thick Cambria vanity top, antique brown vanity cabinet, high ceilings and windows, floating wall shelves, and bamboo flooring bordered with natural stone and large format ceramic tiles. Soft, cozy, and charming.

Modern Tropical Bathroom Greenery Leaf Space Tropical Curtain Bathroom Ceiling Tropical Bright Bathroom Space Bathroom Windows Tropical

Photo Credit | Fine Design Interiors, Inc

I would like to shout through my heart that Titanium Gold granite rocks in any place when it blends. Catch the bathroom vanity trends by following Countertopnews… 

Bright Tropical Bathroom Leaf Tropical Interior Bathroom Curtain Tropical Greenery Bathroom Pink Tropical Room Bathroom Bold Bathroom

Photo Credit | Goedecke Flooring & Design Center

Cherry cabinetry in tropical bathroom décor. The Greek-style mosaic flooring is bordered by the traditional bathtub. Bamboo mirror frames and bamboo blinds carry tropical inspiration. The success hides inside the details. 

Interior Tropical Bathroom Leaf Tropical Modern Bathroom Greenery Tropical Curtain Bathroom Mirror Tropical White Bathroom

Photo Credit | Ruffino Cabinetry

Eclectic bathroom design with two-tone cabinetry and white marble vanity tops. Victorian-style bathrooms and tropical-style bathrooms are followed.

Leaf Tropical Bathroom Bright Tropical Curtain Bathroom White Tropical Wallpaper Bathroom Pink Tropical White Bathroom

Photo Credit | London Bay Homes

Victorian-style bathroom design with taupe cabinet color and Cambria quartz vanity top in a tropical climate. The bathroom window plantation shutters are well emphasized for this.

Design Tropical Bathroom White Tropical Leaf Bathroom Wallpaper Tropical Pink Bathroom Tub Tropical Green Bathroom 1

Photo Credit | LCA Architects

Tropical green is always welcoming in tropical bathroom remodeling. If I am not mistaken, James Martin’s cabinets have a patent over this louvered door. 

Large Format Porcelain Tiles White Wallpaper Vessel Sink Tub Toilet

Photo Credit | Oceanside Abbey Carpet

The ceiling indicates that this bathroom is located in a tropical zone. The accordion shutters are used as ceiling material. 

Tropical Bathroom Design Elements

There are many design elements to make the bathroom like a living space in tropical bathroom ideas. The design elements and layouts are completely different from the regular bathroom design. The color selection varies by the homeowner’s decision. 
Shower: The shower would be outdoor or indoor 
Tropical landscape backyard: Connected to the bathroom with large glass sliding doors. 
Tropical view: If the backyard is not available, the large windows are the substitute for the tropical view. 
Indoor tropical plants: The fresh and vibrant colors make your bathroom more lovable. 
Flooring: There are some live ponds inside the bathroom, and some pebble rocks can be added to the large format porcelain tiles or natural stone tiles. 
Ceilings: High ceilings with some tropical murals
Decor ideas are colorful and doable. Some examples are; 
Tropical Design Wallpaper: By only changing wallpaper, you can add a nice breeze to your bathroom. Even one wall with wallpaper would make a huge difference.
Tropical Murals on the ceiling: You can buy adhesive murals and add them to your ceilings or if you are talented you can paint by yourself or a mural decor specialist will be resourceful.  
Indoor tropical plants: Fresh ones are preferred but artificial plants will turn out well.  
Bathroom accessories with tropical design: Pick your design and apply it to all accessories. 
Open shelves on the bathroom wall: These will be combined with wallpaper and plants.

Tropical Bathroom Design Materials

Design materials are also way far different than the other design materials. 
Tectonic and volcanic rocks for wall covering 
Pebble stones for flooring: free standing or mosaic style are the options. 
Teak, bamboo, mango tree, and rose tree cabinetry, wood paneling, or ceiling  
Accordion shutter ceiling  for storm protection 
Concrete or stucco for vanity top or wall covering.
After those detailed writings, looking into the pictures that I picked for you would be a pleasure for you. Happy picture hunting…