30 Must-See Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas

This is going to be a head-up article for the holiday season. Every year, this season embraces the people from inner and outer circles with joy and peace. Christmas kitchen decor ideas and indoor decor are naturally designed for collecting all memories. 

Christmas Kitchen Decorating Ideas Picture Perfect Holiday Season Tree Festive Space Wreaths Vintage Greenery December Space Window Winter Cookies Mug Gingerbread

Photo Credit | Alexandra Crafton

Titanium granite with a red cabinet welcomes the Christmas season. The red cabinet color is always very nice, fresh, and alive. In my opinion, red is the most festive color. It can go with Christmas, New Year, Saint Valentine’s Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, Memorial Day, and Independence Day. If you live in a festive home, you should definitely consider red cabinets in your kitchen cabinetry. All Santa and snowman figurines sit and stand on the open shelves, white angels repel the Christmas. 

Kitchen For Christmas Decorations Christmas Tree Candy Wonderful Mugs House Mini Windows

Photo Credit | Alison Kandler Interior Design

The eclectic colorful kitchen is ready to celebrate Christmas. Colorful trees and homemade holiday cookie trees made the children’s day already.

Christmas Wreaths Holiday Spirit Beautiful Christmas Holiday Little Christmas Garland Santa Style

Photo Credit | Trinity Custom Builders

Artisan kitchen craftsman design Christmas decorations: Full of ornaments are all very sophisticated. If you have keen eyes you can catch the bird’s nest as well on the tree which represents the meaningful effort, love, and commitment to building a sweet home. The Christmas Wreath and Reindeer on the top of the wall cabinets bring some forest themes to this kitchen decor. 

Christmas Kitchen Lights Ornaments Ribbon Cozy Decorate Display Cabinets Hang Creating Holidays

Photo Credit | Alexandra Crafton

Two-tone kitchen cabinets and butcher block island top is the most attractive base for the Christmas trees with fake snow on them and led Christmas lighting. Cotton balls or marshmallows are all good options for making fake snow at your house. 

Christmas Kitchen Decor Kitchen Island Garland Wreath Cabinets Cozy Display Green Post Table 2

Photo Credit | Jacklynn Little Interiors

The hanging pot rack is the best decorative piece in the kitchen if the homeowner has a festive spirit. In every season or in every occasion a hanging pot rack can be used. Here it carries Christmas gift boxes, and Christmas ornaments in a clear cookie jar are the bonus. 

Christmas Kitchen Vintage December Post Subway Backsplash Shelves Quartz Countertop Wreath Window

Photo Credit | Julie Ranee Photography

Red Christmas wreath made the perfect duo in the Christmas kitchen decoration. 

Christmas Decorating Tree Space Vintage Garland Greenery Glass Santa Window Winter Table

Photo Credit | John Bynum Custom Homes, Inc

White farmhouse kitchen design with JOY! Evergreen is always very inspiring over the white cabinets.

Christmas Decorating Ideas Kitchen Candy Mini Tray House Windows Gingerbread Trees Decorate

Photo Credit | Reed & Acanthus Interior Design

The fresh Christmas scent participates in the Christmas kitchen decor.

Kitchen Decor Tiered Tray Green Hanging Lights Bar Island Picture Fabulous Create

Photo Credit | A LA MAISON

Luxury touch Christmas kitchen decor in a fine taste French country kitchen. Hand-carved kitchen cabinet doors, and white plant-based Christmas decors. Admiring decoration style. 

Kitchen Christmas Tree Tiered Tray Mini Windows Hang Trees

Photo Credit | Impressions Redesign

Open layout kitchen design brings peace all over the world with colorful led lighting Christmas trees. 

Decorating Kitchen For Christmas Trees Holiday Vintage Santa Window Garland Greenery Hanging Winter

Photo Credit | Reisarchitettura

Contemporary kitchen design with open layout and with a natural stone pillar which is also covered with a wire fence. This is such a creative idea by having a festive corner at the home.

Farmhouse Christmas Kitchen Decorations Wreath Garland Window Blue Island Cabinetry Light Hardwood

Photo Credit | Michelle Berwick Design

This is such a good example to follow if “Go Green” is on your Christmas list. The rosemary bushes and stick-figure reindeer branches in modern-looking metal-framed glass pots are over the white quartz island top. Neat and fresh immensely. 

Christmas Kitchen Decor Window Winter Space Garland December Gingerbread Cookies Tray Granite Countertops Mini Mugs House

Photo Credit | Lori Pedersen Home Staging+Styling

Snow affected a slightly rough surface. The bells are ready for jingling over the countertop. White pine tree look candles are also on the windows seal. Another snow effect is used. 

Christmas Kitchen Decor Farmhouse Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas Wreaths Wonderful Candy Hood Cheer Windows Creating Gingerbread Holidays

Photo Credit | Maria Barcelona Interiors, LLC

Such a cute little Christmas town over the countertop in a white kitchen. I utterly support the idea of flying a Christmas tree by using the kitchen chandelier. Once upon a Christmas Miracle.

Christmas Kitchen Decor Holiday Season Wreaths Decorations Tree Green Table Lights

Photo Credit | Chambers Interiors & Associates, Inc

The long Christmas centerpiece is made of fresh pine branches, and pinecones and wrapped with red ribbons. Simple but rich-looking. 

Farmhouse Christmas Kitchen Tiered Tray Merry Christmas Range Hood

Photo Credit | Kerrie Kelly Design Lab

Ohhh, the smell of the fresh wreath is on your kitchen island, over the kitchen windows, and even in the stone inlet!  The candy jars and candy canes spread joy.  

Christmas Decor Christmas Decorations Kitchen Christmas Trees Kitchen Island Affiliate Links

Photo Credit | Julie Ranee Photography

Rustic kitchen design with beautiful Christmas decor: The dwarf Christmas tree with Eiffel tower ornaments and Eiffel Tower tree topper is just for a granted wish to trip to Paris. The pictures hanging on the strings gather all good memories… 

Christmas Holiday Wreath Glass Green Post Table Hanging Fabulous Create

Photo Credit | AJ Margulis Interiors

A colorful ornament wreath as a Christmas kitchen decor in a white kitchen is such a joyful idea.

Christmas Kitchen Holiday Light Cheer House Cookies Hood Mugs Wonderful Candy

Photo Credit | Gertz Building Co

Two-tone kitchen cabinets with two-tone countertops greet the Christmas kitchen decor ideas. The kitchen chandelier is wrapped like a Christmas tree are also on top of the custom-made range hoods. Kitchen windows have wreaths as well.

Christmas Kitchen Decor Decorating Festive Wreaths Wreath Glass Decorations Hanging Bar Tiered

Photo Credit | Crystal Blackshaw Interiors

Contemporary kitchen with European style Christmas kitchen decor ideas: A bronze reindeer figurine is on the white kitchen island top

Christmas Kitchen Bar Gingerbread Cheer Travertine Backsplash Mugs Candy Tray Holidays Cabinets Decorate

Photo Credit | Allen Tate Realtors

Simple is the best! The essence of Christmas in the kitchen is by having Santa cookies. All green and reds pop over the white cabinets. 

Christmas Tree Tiered Tray Range Hood Space Festive Greenery December

Photo Credit | Dawn Hearn Interior Design

Santa will first visit the outdoor kitchen then will look into the glass doors and will see the festive tree, festive chandelier, and festive dining table….. He will be…… (please fill in the blanks) 

Christmas Kitchen Decor Space Vintage Greenery December Garland Wreath Decorations

Photo Credit | Designs by Debra Cruz

This dining room set is nicely decorated and at first sight, it inspired me to make Christmas kitchen decor ideas. The top of the cabinets is full of large gold and red ornaments and gold and red glitter Christmas ribbon. 

Farmhouse Christmas Kitchen Decorating Ideas Garland December Vintage

Photo Credit | Twenty-Two Fifty Interiors

Are you ready to pick your Santa, your gift, and your cookie box? I can not wait to see this house on Thanksgiving or on Halloween. Therefore I leave you with your imagination. Keep imagining….. 

Ribbon Ornaments Tiered Island Fabulous Lights Bar Christmas Kitchen Decor Santa

Photo Credit | Jacklynn Little Interiors

Red and white remind me of the candy canes as always. Red and white Christmas flowers, red and white striped bowls, snowflakes, and marshmallows in margarita glasses. The white kitchen is embellished with Christmas decorations. This kitchen has a personality. 

Farmhouse Christmas Kitchen For Christmas Tree Brick BacksplashWindow Garland Greenery Mini Lights Picture Gingerbread Tray

Photo Credit | Katherine Joy Interiors

Traditional kitchen design with red and white roses and red dahlia’s. Love the simple look of the dahlia standing. It looks like dahlias were naturally grown in between two vintage planks. Such a sweet Christmas kitchen decor for open kitchen layouts. 

Christmas Kitchen Decor Christmas Decor Wreaths Window December Santa Space Glass Winter Ribbon Ornaments

Photo Credit | Brick & Mortar Home and Outdoor

Two-tone cabinets, traditional kitchen design with evergreen centerpiece over the gorgeous Black Marinace granite island top, and some artichoke and white snowy bead look flowers over the range hood. Green is such a great transition color in between a cream and brown cabinets. 

Christmas Kitchen Decor Holiday Festive Vintage December Window Santa Winter Post Wreath Greenery Tree

Photo Credit | Lori Pedersen Home Staging+Styling

Natural colors are dancing in this sunny festive kitchen. The Christmas centerpiece consists of white dahlias and white mums. I think this house is either in the Southern Hemisphere or in the equator line, missing many snowy Christmas. The countertop’s name is Bianco Antico granite.

Christmas Kitchen Decor Merry Christmas Wreaths Decorating Holiday Cozy Tiered Hang Display Fabulous

Photo Credit | Regina Gust Designs

The most valuable part of Christmas is the big family and friends gatherings. I think this Christmas kitchen decor welcomes everyone with a big hug. Snowy heather seeds, Chef Santa, red candles in clear glass bulb candle holders caught my eyes. How about you? 

Christmas Kitchen Decor Kitchen Island Decorating December Winter Festive Christmas Kitchen Decor

Photo Credit | House of Brazier

In orthodox Christmas especially in Greece, this fruit is the symbol of carrying prosperity and good fortune, may you feel this prosperity and happiness all year round. Merry Christmas! 

What Are The Christmas Kitchen Decorate Colors?

The most popular three colors are red, white, and green but some golden, silver, or bronze tones are available. In the last three years, trends have gone for more green. The reason is to support sustainability and have a fresh look at the house.

What Are The Christmas Kitchen Decor Elements?

I would like to emphasize the top 4 Christmas kitchen decor elements which are not getting old. 
The lights and candles: I like the festival of lights. Such as Hannuka, the Japanese Winter Illumination Festival, the Chinese and Taiwanese Lantern Festival, October Berlin Light Festival, and Diwali are some of them besides Christmas. Without lights and candles, festive feelings will be missing. 
Live plants and veggies: The last three years’ trend shows that people would like to add some more live plants rosemary and sage, fresh pine branches, fresh wreaths, and fresh centerpieces, pomegranates, apples, oranges, and their products  are the options 
Figurines and ornaments: Wish-related ornaments to make real the Christmas Carol. If the wish is to travel all around the world and spread joy and peace, put some flags around, If the wish is to see the snow on your Christmas, put some fake snow. If the wish is a candy cane, use the candy canes as ornaments.  
Christmas Tree and ribbons: Pick a tinsel colorful Christmas tree or an artificial snowflake or a real one. The tree toppers and gifts over the skirts can be the best compliments. 

Where To Put Christmas Kitchen Decor?

Christmas kitchen decor can be put over. 
Kitchen island top: If the house has a kitchen island top, definitely put the Christmas kitchen decorative items on it.
Kitchen countertop: You can even make a mini Christmas town on the countertop. 
The wall cabinets: If there is a nice garland and some gift boxes, over-the-wall cabinets are the best place. Especially in the busy kitchen. 
On the windows seal: Just like a busy kitchen, if the homeowner likes the minimalist design, the window seal will be in charge. 
On the kitchen chandelier: Ribbons give a sophisticated touch to your Christmas design.
On the range hood: Garlands and wreaths are good over the range hoods. 
Hope the joy is spreadable in my article, please pin your ideas to share with your friends and get ready to see my picture exhibition for Christmas kitchen decor.