32 Fantastic White Upper And Blue Lower Cabinets


White Upper And Blue Lower

Following the trend in kitchen remodeling is always fun and the best way is to be convertible and flexible. Upper white and lower blue cabinets are the hooked examples of this trend. 

The reason is picking any white or blue for your desired environment is pretty easy: Either creating the palette or asking an interior designer about the matching colors refreshes the homeowner’s mind and involvement with the project is simple.
White Upper Cabinets Navy Dark Blue Lower Cabinets Two Toned Few Years

Photo Credit | ReVision Design/Remodeling

Traditional kitchen design with traditional colors. Navy blue base cabinets and island base and white wall cabinets show the beauty of white onyx countertops and island tops. The adorable backsplash is a big bonus as well as a white porcelain farmhouse sink.

Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets White Subway Tile Backsplash Kitchen Features Set Rules

Photo Credit | Shelton Design//Build

Eclectic kitchen design with different cabinet pulls and two-tone cabinets. The white and soft blue provide the right contrast with the dark wood flooring. The floating shelves on the side of the stainless steel range hood are the layering elements for kitchen flooring. 

Navy Blue Cabinets Two Toned Kitchen Simple White Subway Tile Wooden Shelves Natural Wood

Photo Credit | Ealy Construction

Blue cabinets and white countertops in an open layout u-shaped kitchen. The wall shelves and medium-tone wood flooring provide amazing layering and perspective in the kitchen. 

Navy Lower Cabinets Upper And Lower Cabinets White Marble Countertops Dark Wood Marble Countertops

Photo Credit | Precision Cabinetry and Design

Inspiration for an eclectic L-shaped eat-in kitchen remodeling by having recessed-panel cabinets, white cabinets, white backsplash, stainless steel appliances, an island, and medium navy blue base cabinets which are known as Champion Cobalt under the signature of Benjamin Moore, and white countertops. Decorative layering is provided by the floating kitchen shelves and matching medium-tone kitchen flooring. 

Kitchen Island Two Tone Cabinets White Backsplash White Uppers

Photo Credit | Morey Remodeling Group

The mesmerizing contrast is by having upper white and blue lower cabinets in a traditional kitchen design. Stainless steel appliances and stainless steel hardware have a cool look. 

White Countertops Traditional Kitchen Create Instant Interest Black Stove Top Cabinets Kitchen Trends Darker Color

Photo Credit | North Bay Construction

The cabinet paint color is dark cobalt blue from Behr and the hardwood flooring is antique brown stained over red oak flooring. Subtle design to emphasize the color contrast.

White Upper Cabinets Farmhouse Sink Same Color White Kitchen Cabinets Color Combinations

Photo Credit | Moser Architects PLLC

Clare good night moon is such a strong navy blue, especially in semi-gloss kitchen cabinets. Not only having contrast has also a personality in this kitchen. I bet the cook combines rich tastes on his/her plates when working in this beautiful kitchen.

White Cabinets Blue Lower Cabinets Benjamin Moore White Kitchen

Photo Credit | You-Neek Designs

Benjamin Moore, Whipple Blue, and Benjamin Moore Timid White spread soft and dusky feelings in interior designs even in kitchen remodeling. Such a creative example of a two-tone kitchen cabinet design and such a great combination with the Tile Bar Norwalk Brown subway backsplash.

White Upper Cabinets Blue Lower Cabinets White Countertop Two Toned Kitchen Marble Backsplash Blue Kitchen

Photo Credit | KSI Kitchen & Bath

I can call a good sandwich-style interior approach to kitchen remodeling: Stainless steel appliances and marble look engineered stone are layered in between upper white and lover blue cabinets. The stone is picked as a full high backsplash, countertops, and island top. 

White Upper Cabinets Navy Lower Cabinets Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets White Quartz Countertops Dark Wood White Kitchen Cabinets Kitchen Remodel

Photo Credit | Houzz

The white glossy square backsplash is also used in two different layouts, which also support pop-up of the range hood: diamond backsplash layout as inlet and original backsplash layout as a full high backsplash. Irresistible purity!

Two Toned Kitchen Cabinets White Upper Cabinets Blue Lower Cabinets White Backsplash Kitchen Remodel White Quartz Countertop

Photo Credit | Define Home

This transitional kitchen has two noticeable design elements: The first one is golden hardware and a golden kitchen pendant. The gold color matches with stainless steel appliances if the right silver tone is picked. Here the stainless steel appliances are brushed nickel. The other element is the aging effect on the blue cabinets and hardwood flooring.

White Cabinets Blue Lower Cabinets Marble Backsplash White Quartz Countertop

Photo Credit | Case Design/Remodeling Halifax

Absolute contrast between upper white and lower blue cabinets. It is embellished with small size tiles

White Cabinets Upper Cabinets White Quartz Countertop Two Toned Kitchen Cabinets Backsplash Blue Kitchen

Photo Credit |  Homes By Dickerson

A classic color palette from Farrow and Ball makes this upper white lower blue cabinets kitchen design richer: Slipper Satin White and Oval Room Blue come out so gorgeous.

White Cabinets Navy Lower Cabinets Dark Wood Kitchen Island Marble Countertops White Backsplash Blue And White Cabinets Two Tone Kitchen Benjamin Moore

Photo Credit | Candice Prather Interiors

Transitional kitchen design with two-tone cabinets. The selection of cabinet paints is very festive since it matches red, green, pink, orange, and purple. This dream kitchen would be for party hoppers.

Blue And White Kitchen Features White upper Cabinets Blue Lower Cabinets Marble Countertops Farmhouse Sink Backsplash Navy Blue Cabinets Backsplash White Countertops

Photo Credit | SF Design Build

The joyful trio in the kitchen design elements. Golden hardware and golden faucet, white countertops and white upper cabinets, and navy blue lower cabinets.   

Blue Cabinets White Countertops White Kitchen Features Backsplash Navy Blue Kitchen

Photo Credit | K Design

Craftsman-style kitchen design with white and blue cabinets and two-tone countertops. The customized range hood is covered with a chevron design wood panel which takes all the attention in this picture. 

Stainless Steel Appliances White Quartz Countertops Navy Blue Kitchen One Wall

Photo Credit | Lacey Construction Ltd.

Such a refreshing kitchen design with white upper and blue lower cabinets. The wall cabinets are painted white with a hint of blue paint which is known as Dunn Edwards, Cool December. Dunn Edwards, Harbour Blue is such a good match for this happy design. Medium-tone wood flooring is a complementary design element for this kitchen.

White Cabinets Marble Backsplash Blue And White Cabinets Studio Mcgee Design Elements

Photo Credit | Christie Kenny Interiors

Let me introduce you to the 2021 Color Collection of the year award winner: Sherwin Williams Long Horizon blue is a medium navy blue and was picked as the base cabinet paint. The upper cabinets are painted by Sherwin Williams Extra White. The colors are soothing and match the countertops. This is a great example of the upper-white, blue lower kitchen cabinet design. 

Navy Blue Lower Cabinets Two Toned Cabinets Kitchen Island White Quartz Countertop Focal Point

Photo Credit | 12/12 Architects & Planners

A white upper, blue lower kitchen cabinet design is one of the musts for two tone kitchen cabinet design. Trendy and classic turn out well.

Two Toned Kitchen Cabinets Recessed Panel Cabinets Mosaic Tile Backsplash

Photo Credit | Reico Kitchen & Bath

The multicolor mosaic backsplash is in between the white upper and blue lower kitchen cabinets. Spreading happiness!

Kitchen Island Black Cabinets Kitchen Remodel White Countertop Brass Hardware Contemporary Kitchen

Photo Credit |  Woodbridge Kitchen&Bath LLC

A clean and neat-looking two-tone kitchen cabinet design. It combines well-holding golden hardware and golden faucets. 

White Upper Cabinets Stainless Steel Black Lower Cabinets Involves Playing Color Variations

Photo Credit | MMI Design

This transitional kitchen design has great charm. Blue and white are dancing everywhere. Even the honeycomb pattern backsplash has some hint of blue and the decorative vase! The bridge color is picked as a gray countertop and the layering is all completed. 

White Upper Cabinets Kitchen Island Benjamin Moore Gold Handles Dynamic Trend Cabinets Stark White Kitchens

Photo Credit | Laura Medicus Interiors

Magnolia Home, Under The Stars interior paint, and Magnolia Home True White interior paint provide an energy flow in this sunny kitchen. This is a great example of upper white and lower blue cabinet design: The endless solutions and combinations make your dream come true. 

White Upper Cabinets Blue Lower Cabinets Stainless Steel Appliances Navy Blue Cabinets Kitchen Island Subway Tile Backsplash

Photo Credit | Normandy Remodeling

Dark cornflower blue paint tones have two advantages in kitchen remodeling: The first is easily combined with any wood color and the kitchen flooring selection is getting less hectic. The second is matching with different white paint colors. The kitchen design by having the Benjamin Moore Twilight Blue and Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace. The alternative Whites can be listed as American White, White Dove, and Collingwood for the desired colors. 

White Upper Cabinets White Quartz Countertops Blue Lower Cabinets Kitchen Island Contemporary Kitchen Two Tone Kitchen Features

Photo Credit | Murphy Bros. Design | Build | Remodel

Soft and sophisticated! Stiffkey Blue and All White by Farrow and Ball make the upper white and lover blue cabinets so mesmerizing. The mini-mosaic gray medley backsplash is a bonus for this kitchen remodeling. 

White Upper Cabinets Blue Lower CabinetsFarmhouse Sink White Countertops Traditional Kitchen Benjamin Moore

Photo Credit | LA Dwelling

Eclectic kitchen with high ceiling and happy color palette. Kitchen design styles are inspired by farmhouse kitchen design, french country kitchen design, and Mediterranean kitchen design. Yellow, white, and blue spread happiness. 

White Upper Cabinets Navy Blue Lower Cabinets Stainless Steel Appliances

Photo Credit | Heiser Designs

PPG delicate white for upper white cabinets and PPG canyon blue for lower blue cabinets. Enrich your kitchen while following the latest trend!

Navy Lower Cabinets Stainless Steel Appliances White Cabinets Upper Cabinets White Marble Countertops

Photo Credit | Story LLC

Inspirational and brave design to insert the two-tone cabinets into a two-tone countertops kitchen design while showing the reflections and shadows over the blue cabinets! All the design elements have an eternal dance and all are in harmony. Butcher block countertops never get old in kitchen remodeling. 

White Countertops Farmhouse Sink White Backsplash Blue Cabinets Lower Cabinets Kitchen Island Dark Wood Floor

Photo Credit | Christie Kenny Interiors

If there is daylight and the upper white and lower blue cabinets in the kitchen, feel lucky. The breeze from the ocean will find you well. The white waves or the white clouds will cause happy cooking. 

Blue And White Cabinets Stainless Steel Appliances White Upper Cabinets Two Tone Kitchen Features Backsplash Navy Blue Kitchen

Photo Credit | Randall Architects

Neat and cool-looking kitchen design is for well-organized personalities. Love the balance and contrast between the colors.  

Stainless Steel Appliances Navy Lower Cabinets Marble Countertops Farmhouse Sink Blue And White Kitchen White Upper Cabinets Blue Kitchen Features Backsplash

Photo Credit | Jameson Design Group

Transitional kitchen design with two-tone cabinets and white countertops. 

Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets White Countertops White Backsplash

Photo Credit | April Case Underwood

At first sight, the feeling of the lower cabinets is like a black sailing boat. But actually, the hardware is black and the cabinets are very dark blue. This creates a contrast in the kitchen design focusing all attention on the white upper cabinets. Meticulous detail and experienced designers deserve a big applause. 

White Upper Cabinets With Dark Blue Lower Cabinets

1. Cheerfulness and spacious kitchen desire: Think about the opposite of kitchen remodeling as upper blue and the lower white, wouldn’t it be a bit depressing? Even nature has a darker color on the earth and a lighter color than the sky. 
2. Adding festive coloring to your kitchen: Blue and white are the very coordinating colors to welcome any festive time. They all match with green, red, pink, orange, purple, and natural brown. An easily decorated kitchen changes the mood easily.

Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Please mind having your kitchen design target upper white and lower blue cabinets. The real question is: What would you see in your future kitchen? What is your impact to point out? 
There are two main design elements in kitchen remodeling for two tone kitchen design that works better for upper white and lower blue cabinets. 
1. Creating contrast: Any dark blue tones for base cabinets can provide contrast for a beautiful look. 
2. Flowing the same hues: Any similar tones can make a soft look and excellent balance. Adding light blue base cabinets can change the look suddenly. 

Target In White Cabinets Usage

Hope you like my picks and match the ideas in my article. Please pin them on Pinterest for a future project.