30 Catchy Arabesque Kitchen Backsplash Ideas


Arabesque Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

An exotic touch in kitchen remodeling is easy by replacing the old backsplash with an arabesque kitchen backsplash ideas. Any kitchen style can be pampered: Formal and royal like a palace kitchen, rustic and laid back just a farmhouse kitchen, and classic upgraded look are all possible options. 

I hope the pictures that I picked, inspire you enough and are helpful for your kitchen remodeling project. 
White Arabesque Tile Backsplash Shaker Cabinets Results Home Large Built Mix

Photo Credit | Houzz

Modern farmhouse kitchen in tuxedo style is embellished with white arabesque backsplash tile with dark gray grout. Love the white open-wall shelves with Olympic bracket corbels. They provide visibility to the full-height backsplash. Light color kitchen flooring and butcher block kitchen island support make the kitchen warmer. 

White Arabesque Tiles Modern Kitchen Marble Countertops Elegant Create Light

Photo Credit | Avenue B Development

Semi-gloss white arabesque tile is picked to cover all kitchen walls. The gray cabinets and burnt bamboo hardwood floors are all in harmony. 

White Arabesque Pattern Gray Cabinets Style Wood Floor Appliances Look

Photo Credit | Lissa Lee Hickman

There are two art pieces in this craftsman’s kitchen. One is the marble look with thick countertops and island tops and the other is Dolomite arabesque framed in mother-of-pearl shell mosaic tile. The kitchen carries both of them with big pride. 

Grey Arabesque Tiles Gold Grout Space Classic Ceramic Idea Collection Room Cool

Photo Credit | Sandell Cabinets Inc

The most trendy trio in a modern farmhouse kitchen: White arabesque backsplash tiles with golden trim, metallic golden painted veneer backsplash, white apron sink, black cabinets, honed golden hardware, and honed golden faucet coordinate immensely. The golden fairy dust works!

Beveled Arabesque Tiles Granite Countertops Stone Hood Island Shape Contemporary Wall

Photo Credit | BeeTree Homes

The off-white transitional kitchen design inspired me with the details: Elongated semi-gloss white arabesque tiles, quartz countertops, kitchen lighting (natural daylight, recess lighting, and transparent pendants), saddleback breakfast stool, and butcher block raised breakfast bar are all gorgeous.

Beautiful Arabesque Backsplash Glass Shaped Beveled Shapes Mosaic Search Ceiling

Photo Credit | Hyde Park Renovations

Three-tone craftsman kitchen design picks the best art ever by adding the white arabesque tile. The art piece needs an artisan touch by having two different sizes of arabesque tile. Please stay tuned, when I find the name of the product, I will share it with you.

Arabesque Tile Backsplash With Gold Grout Patterns Subway Tiles Farmhouse Design

Photo Credit | Kate Grzymala Design

The mesmerizing trio is in another beautiful kitchen remodeling. The trend goes on for a while with golden, white, and black. Here, golden trim white arabesque backsplash and subway backsplash are covering the kitchen wall and, white cabinets and black and white pebble look quartz countertops, golden kitchen pendants, and black cabinet pull and black hardware go well with stainless steel appliances.

Traditional Arabesque Tile Backsplash Bathroom Gorgeous Shower Accents Black Lines

Photo Credit | USA Cabinet Store

Two-tone kitchen cabinets and glass arabesque tile fit the traditional kitchen design very well. Clean look with fine details.

Brown Arabesque Tile Backsplash Stone Countertops Furniture Country Inspired Styles Cooor Small

Photo Credit | Noble Johnson Architects

French country kitchen design has a new meaning by using the two-tone cabinet kitchen remodeling and tan color arabesque tiles. It is so nice to see the mullion doors on the ceiling-height wall cabinets and the wood-covered customized range hood as decorative kitchen accessories. The backsplash is known as Lyric Artisan, Iron Mountain Taupe. 

Kitchen Arabesque Tile Backsplash Unique Marble Colors Clean Size 2022 Design

Photo Credit | Drake House Construction & Design

Warm and soft tones make this transitional kitchen design dreamy. The arabesque tile is from Byzantine Arabesque, Alicia Blue Ceramic Tile. The blue is mixed with seafoam green which makes the tile a unique look and goes with any color palette.

White Arabesque Tile Backsplash Shaker Cabinets Modern Kitchen Look Create Floor

Photo Credit | Tartan Homes

A bit of contrast is provided by white arabesque tiles with gray grout and a dark kitchen floor in this white transitional kitchen. Peaceful and romantic touch in kitchen remodeling!

White Arabesque Pattern Gray Kitchen Backsplash Tiles Appliances Beveled Shaped Glass Patterns Idea Cool

Photo Credit | Drake House Construction & Design

Another example from Byzantine arabesque tile, Bianco arabesque: This pure white textured ceramic tile has magical light absorption by having a uniform glaze. The visual effect is varying; light gray in the dark and shiny mother-of-pearl look under the light. The most popular lantern pattern is very elegant and will be of value to your kitchen forever.  

Gray Kitchen Shaker Cabinets Grey Arabesque Tile Backsplash Style Traditional Island Shape

Photo Credit | KapStone Tile And Flooring

Enchanting gray arabesque tile with black ebony stained maple cabinets and granite countertops. The tile is known as Fleur gray arabesque glass mosaic. 

Traditional Kitchen Arabesque Tile Backsplash Granite Countertops Colors Beautiful Built Large Size Tiles Clean

Photo Credit | Delicious Kitchens & Interiors, LLC

Multicolor arabesque tiles in a rustic kitchen with cherry cabinets. The earth tones are so welcoming. 

Blue Glass Arabesque Tile Backsplash Shaker Cabinets Hood Island Wall Elegant Light Shapes Home

Photo Credit | LMOH Home

Multicolor arabesque tiles in a white craftsmanship kitchen. Admiring arabesque kitchen backsplash ideas with the soft sea foam tones over the tiles. 

White Arabesque Tile Backsplash Dark Floor Grey Cabinets Modern Kitchen Style Appliances Quartz Countertops 2023

Photo Credit | Savvy Interiors

Modern breeze in a craftsman kitchen design: The kitchen design elements are meticulously selected. The white shaker kitchen cabinets, soft white quartz countertops, birch hardwood flooring, and elongated arabesque backsplash are all sophisticated. 

Gray Shaker Cabinets White Arabesque Tile Backsplash Contemporary Kitchen Ideas Elegant Search Wall Room Patterns

Photo Credit | Avenue B Development

Endearing gray kitchen cabinets in a modern farmhouse kitchen design: The combination of the bluish-light gray cabinets, white countertops, and textured white arabesque backsplash are very satisfactory.

Modern White Arabesque Tile Backsplash Shaker Style Cabinets Dark Wood Floor Shapes Space 1

Photo Credit |  Transitional Interiors, LLC

A clean and rich look in the kitchen can be done by picking the right kitchen design elements. Thumbs up to the designer! The cabinet paint is from Sherwin Willams, First Star gray; the classic arabesque tile is also known as Morocco, Baroque mosaic wall tile from Emser Tile. Its glossy sheen finish provides a slight shade variation in tone. It pairs happily with high-end stone countertops, and the result will last through the decades. 

Farmhouse Arabesque Tile Backsplash Modern Small Kitchen Floor Style Appliances Pattern Island Hood Light Ceramic Home

Photo Credit | Kitchen Design Concepts

Eclectic two-tone cabinets kitchen design would not be expressed that bold without having the glass arabesque backsplash with metal trim molding. The backsplash name is Cloud 9 Amber Atlas. 

Gray Cabinets White Arabesque Tile Backsplash Pattern Traditional Island Glass Shaped Stone Style Classic Black Color Chairs

Photo Credit | Revision LLC

Dancing kitchen design elements find the best stage ever! Two-tone kitchen cabinets with white countertops and elegant arabesque tiles are the female group which pair with dark hardwood kitchen flooring, black faucets, stainless steel appliance, and arabesque style kitchen chandeliers in the line dance.

White Arabesque Tiles Grey Countertops Stainless Steel Hood Appliances Island Light Floor Classic Bathroom Color Unique

Photo Credit | DeForest Architects

It is quite clear that the designer has a very strong background in eclectic kitchen design and contemporary kitchen design. The product is an awesome mix: Thin stainless steel open shelf did not disturb the lantern pattern white arabesque full high backsplash. Two-tone countertops are following the color code and the gray and natural wood selection is just right. The stools bridge between the kitchen island top and white cabinets. The herringbone style light hardwood kitchen floor is also a nicely selected addition. Great design!

Blue Arabesque Tiles White Grout Large Island Create Contemporary Look Mosaic Glass Marble Countertops

Photo Credit | Pizzigati Designs

Traditional kitchen design in blue tones: Golden hardware, golden faucet, and golden metal breakfast stool legs are the balancing balls in between the blue kitchen island base cabinet and white perimeter cabinets. The tone of the backsplash tile is eye pleasing. The three-dimensional arabesque tile is from Roman Collection Brisk Blue and it is a glass tile. It is colored by crushed glass chips. The medley looks to capture the kaleidoscope of glittering diamonds.

Modern Arabesque Tile Backsplash Grey Cabinets Custom Hood Marble Countertops Accents Built Home Design

Photo Credit | PHX Architecture

Modern French country kitchen design with a very pale color palette and two tones of kitchen cabinets: All color can be seen in the arabesque tile as a synthesizer from the ceiling to the floor. 

Eclectic Kitchen Arabesque Tile Backsplash Blue Cabinets Custom Hood Dark Floor Elegant Look

Photo Credit | Coffee Talk Kitchens

If it is not staging for a nice family movie film set,  it should be a very luxurious kitchen with enthusiastic blue kitchen cabinets and white countertops. The connection point of the kitchen and breakfast nook is the two-tone arabesque tile with metal trims. The coffered ceiling and recessed lighting cover all ceilings in the open kitchen area. What I mean is I fell in love with this design!

Gray Arabesque Tile Backsplash White Shaker Cabinets Marble Stone Countertops 2022 Black Design

Photo Credit | Halcyon Home Staging + Design

The classic combo with two tone kitchen design matches the arabesque tile with the kitchen base cabinet. So admirable!

Grey Arabesque Tile Backsplash Brown Fantasy Granite Countertops Elegant Shape Wall Black Small Pattern Appliances Floor

Photo Credit | KSI Kitchen & Bath

Victorian-style kitchen design with roman shades, mullion glass door cabinets, mullion framed kitchen windows, painted copper custom range hood, quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances, and charmful arabesque tiles. The soft taupe color palette is a safe bet for kitchen remodeling. 

Arabesque Pattern Kitchen Backsplash Gray Shaker Cabinets Brown Fantasy Granite Countertops Black Glass Pendants Gold Hardware Shapes

Photo Credit | Triple Heart Design, LLC

Splendid eclectic kitchen design! Brown and gray contrast and medley color arabesque backsplash made this kitchen the most joyful place ever!

Black Arabesque Tile Backsplash White Shaker Cabinets Dark Floor Stone Countertops Create Wall

Photo Credit | DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen

The backsplash provides a nice motion and deep perspective to this white modern subtle kitchen. Hats off to the design!

Grey Arabesque Tile Backsplash White Countertops Shaker Cabinets Modern Style Kitchen Appliances Pattern Design

Photo Credit | CairnsCraft Design & Remodel

The traditional kitchen with two-tone cabinets and glossy arabesque backsplash reminds me of the seashore, and small fish flocks, and I feel the smell of the fresh iodine. Inspirational design!

White Arabesque Tile White Kitchen Cabinets White Stone Countertops Grey Appliances Shaped

Photo Credit | Cedar Hill Cabinets

Marble backsplash has always had an eternal flame. If it has some artisan touch like an arabesque pattern, even better! The way I see it, the white kitchen captures the beauty. 

White Arabesque Tile Backsplash

The patterns are used for any materials, especially clay arabesque tilesglass arabesque tilesmetal arabesque tilesceramic arabesque tiles, and stone arabesque tiles. These days the metal trims around each piece are trendy. It can apply to glass, metal, stone, and ceramic tiles. 

Shaker Cabinets With Arabesque Tile Backsplash Patterns

Arabesque kitchen backsplash patterns are actually from Northern Africa and infused into the Spanish- Andalusian baroque style. Therefore the three patterns are still surviving without changing the main characteristics. There are; 
Lantern pattern: Lantern pattern arabesque backsplash is the most popular one. Mostly it can be seen in two different forms: elongated lantern arabesque tile and chunky lantern arabesque tile
Sun pattern: The Mediterranean sun motif in Spanish decoration has 12 edges around the circle. Sun pattern arabesque tile is mostly made out of clay and connected with metal trims.  
Floral patternFloral pattern arabesque tile has a bit of a complicated pattern with a centerpiece and four-petal pattern. It always looks so enchanting.

Arabesque Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Arabesque tiles have curvy geometric shapes and all the squares and rectangles are from wonderland. The shape’s appeal crosses lines. So arabesque kitchen backsplash ideas are one of the rising trends among homeowners.