30 Side By Side Kitchen Islands Design Ideas

Nowadays, Open space kitchen layout seems better by having a perspective impression: Side by side kitchen islands or double island in kitchen remodeling. The basic reason for picking these is the changing lifestyle based on the pandemic. People are being great cooks, being more home-oriented, and would like to have more functional space in their living area. 

Additionally, side-by-side island ideas are very functional and match the hygiene rules. Mostly two sinks in the kitchen provide more sanitation and an island sink brings more preparation space.  If you have kids at home the island base cabinets would be a good hideout spot or help you get well organized with sleek-looking countertops. For your after pandemic life, the double island would be the part of your hosting while you throw any party. 

Finally, side-by-side island ideas are easily applicable.  They are not to be exact material of your kitchen cabinets or kitchen countertops. Matching colors or contrast colors bring flexible thinking into your kitchen remodeling. 

I hope my selection would be very insightful and informative for your next kitchen remodeling project. Enjoy reading.

Dark Wood Floor White Quartz Counters Cabinets Pendant Lightings Marble Backsplash

Photo Credit | The TomKat Studio

Tuxedo kitchen with white countertops and white cabinets and black and white plaid backsplash tile. Black accents are like the hardware, a black dishwasher set of two, black iron kitchen chandeliers. A side-by-side island is a very functional layout for open space kitchen design ideas. Distressed hardwood floors and wooden chairs with black legs are the bonus.

Two Islands White Marble Countertop Black Granite Countertop Cabinets Plank Floor

Photo Credit | Jane Kelly, Kitchen and Bath Designer

Double island kitchen design with two-tone countertops. White island bases coordinate perfectly with warm gray countertops and dark porcelain floor tiles. The coffered ceiling has the same color as the floor and it is truly sophisticated by adding the clear kitchen island pendants. How placid is this kitchen!

Dark Wood Flooring Gray Island Cabinets Quartz Counters White Wall Tiles

Photo Credit | Trend Interior Design

Two-tone cabinets gray kitchen with the craftsman kitchen design: Well-framed design by using side by side kitchen islands, marble-like white countertops, patterned backsplash, dark large ceramic tile flooring, and clear cylindrical kitchen chandeliers with crystals. Dual functions kitchen: It can either serve as a prep kitchen in a busy family or a party kitchen for entertainment.

Two Islands Kitchen White Cabinets Marble Counters Subway Backsplash Cream Floor Tiles Pendant Lightings

Photo Credit | Monarch Development and Design

Side by side kitchen islands in a white kitchen style: Craftsman kitchen is featured by white marble look countertops, white subway backsplash, white diamond shape ceramic backsplash, golden hardware, and golden chandeliers, and travertine flooring. Island edges are a marvelous design. The smooth flow of the colors is very lucid.

Two Island Quartz Counters Gray Cabinetry Wood Shelving Dark Flooring Farmhouse Sink

Photo Credit | Magleby Construction

Modern farmhouse kitchen with three-tone cabinets and white countertop, side by side island and white marble backsplash inlet and white large subway backsplash. Brave and novelty design concept. The expression of the color tones is established immensely. White is used for wall cabinets, backsplash, backsplash inlet, countertop. Charcoal gray is for base cabinets and range hoods. Maple is used for an accent piece in the counter under the farmhouse sink, wooden open shelves, maple hardwood flooring, and maple ceiling wall panel.

Side By Side Islands Green Gray Cabinets White Counters Subway Wall Tiles Wood Floor

Photo Credit | Meriwether Design Group

Modern Mediterranian kitchen style with two-tone cabinets, white countertop, double island, and decorative backsplash inlet. Light gray, petroleum blue, white, hickory, and brushed golden are in the color palette. Hardware has a connection to the decorative backsplash inlet and to the area rug. Petroleum blue cabinets are also known as petroleum green cabinets in the decoration dictionary.

Double Island White Kitchen Cabinets Marble Counters Subway Tile Backsplash Light Wood Flooring Open Concept Pendant Lighting

Photo Credit | Griffin Designs

Elegant and neat white kitchen design by using marble look countertop and marble look island top, alabaster grout white porcelain backsplash, and double island kitchen idea. No matter what, I have a feeling a clean and hygienic kitchen is ready to serve the whole family. 

Butcher Black Wood Countertop Ceramic Wall Tiles Gray Counters Cream Floor Pendant Lightings Cabinet

Photo Credit | SOLLiD Cabinetry

Natural touch in a traditional kitchen design: Ultra-modern approach in three-tone countertops with two-tone cabinets and two-tone backsplash tile. The layout of the side island, the color contrast of the countertops, coffered ceiling with high beams, and travertine hardwood flooring are the result of having an expert designer. Marble look gray island top and marble look white countertop goes well with industrial polished maple wood countertop. 

Dark Cabinetry White Quartz Counters Large Porcelain Beige Floor Tiles Pendant Light

Photo Credit | Freestyle Interiors

Possibilities are endless! Contemporary kitchen design with side-by-side island. The countertops are the same material, brownish-gray cabinets look like distressed cabinets. Taupe base cabinets are picked for the color transition. The contrast between the double island layout comes from keen eyes. When one island has a waterfall edge marble-look island top, the other has a wooden base. Highly recommended example for two-tone cabinet kitchen remodeling.

Cream Cabinets Beige Backsplash Counters Wood Flooring Pendant Lightings Farmhouse Sink

Photo Credit | AE Interiors

Eclectic kitchen design with marvelous work! I believe that the prolific designer would be an award-winning designer. To bring many things together is not easy at all: Three-tone cabinets with three-tone countertops, with the best material selection and the best labor. 

Gray Cabinet White Subway Tile Open Concept Quartz Counters Wood Flooring Pendant Lights

Photo Credit | Arcadia Custom Homes & Renovations

Craftsman style kitchen design with two-tone kitchen cabinets and side by side island: Charcoal gray cabinets and white islands carry the same white polished quartz countertop. The white herringbone wall tiles seem just perfect to complete the puzzle. Sinks on the islands are designed for the opposite end of the island which brings a fascinating contrast.  

Open Concept Kitchen Design Pendant Lightings Subway Tiles Green Cabinetry Marble Counters Gray Flooring

Photo Credit | Hoke Ley

Nature calls you by having a beautiful color selection in this transitional kitchen. Hunter green and cream, birch, and light oak are the very pastel tones and they are called soothing colors. Applause to the keen-eyed designer

Black Counters Butcher Block Wood Counter White Subway Wall Tiles Cabinetry Darker Flooring

Photo Credit | Moore Designs Inc

Modern farmhouse kitchen design with side-by-side island and three-dimensional white subway tile. Antique white and antique black cabinets with distressed pine wood flooring follow the color code. The shelf under the island seems like an accent piece in this kitchen. 

Beige Floor Open Concept Kitchen Honed Quartzite Counters White Cupboards

Photo Credit | Christian Rice Architects, Inc

Entertain your guest and be an amazing host! The charming design of a side-by-side island and open kitchen layout.

Flat Panel Orange Cabinets Marble Counters Medium Tone Wood Flooring Miter Edge Islands

Photo Credit | bldg.collective

Such a happy eclectic kitchen! Waterfall edge marble-look quartz island tops. Caramel hardwood flooring, orange island Mocca open shelves… Just like cotton candy…

Mosaic Tile Backsplash Two Islands Gray Cabinets White Granite Counters

Photo Credit | Norris Furniture & Interiors

Side by side kitchen islands in a two-tone cabinet kitchen. This craftsman-style kitchen definitely carries a spirit. Sage green kitchen cabinets with chocolate milk kitchen islands, gorgeous Cambria quartz engineered stone, mini matchstick cream backsplash, and large porcelain tile flooring are well-combined elements. Both islands have sinks to follow the hygiene rules and one island has a raised breakfast bar. Two thumb ups design.

Wood Countertop Side By Side Islands Dark Floors Mediun Tone Cabinetry Farmhouse Sink Black Subway Tiles

Photo Credit | Miller-Roodell Architects Ltd

Side by side island in a rustic kitchen: Distressed birch cabinets with natural-looking charcoal countertops, distressed charcoal subway backsplash, distressed maple hardwood flooring support to modern vintage design. Distressed beams and white enamel farmhouse sink help to complete the whole picture. This design is for all a bold statement piece!

Charcoal Grey Shaker Cabinetry Large Size Floor Tiles Quartz Counters

Photo Credit | Tendances Concept

Double kitchen island in a traditional kitchen design: Natural color tones are followed for the richness of the warm and elegant look in the kitchen. It seems like a mirror image design by having the side cabinets, open shelves over square cabinets, and double islands. The range hood and stove are centered. Distressed gray brown kitchen cabinets, white countertops, and terra cotta large ceramic tile flooring are the main elements. The features amazingly describe themselves…

White Shaker Cabinetry Double Island Kitchen Carrara Marble Counters Farmhouse Sink Dark Flooring

Photo Credit | REFINED LLC

White traditional kitchen with side-by-side island. Two-tone engineered quartz goes well with stainless steel appliances and stainless steel island range hood. 

Marble Countertops Counter Stools Table Flat Panel Cabinetry Large Size Tiles

Photo Credit | Kitchen Design Concepts

Contemporary design with ultra meticulous labor. Teak wood is picked as the main element of the design. The island top with decorative teak wood is a real artisan work. Glossy white wall cabinet doors have swung up fitting. The swing-up fitting can be named vertical lift-up cabinet doors. Gold-connected marble tiles on the wall are following a unique pattern. Gold hardware, gold faucet, and large format porcelain tile flooring are very trendy. Breathtaking sleek design! 

Two Islands White Grey Cabinetry Quartz Counters Wood Floor Open Concept Farmhouse Sink Stone Slab Backsplash

Photo Credit | Neal’s Design Remodel

Traditional open kitchen concept with long side-by-side island. Two-tone cabinet style is followed. Soft tones of gray cabinets and dove wing white cabinets are the safe bet for showing the beauty of the marble look countertop and marble look island top. Hickory hardwood flooring, brushed iron range hood, golden hardware, and golden faucet, kitchen recessed lights and kitchen glass chandelier are remarkable. 

White Flat Panel Cabinetry Granite Counters Mosaic Tile Backsplash Darker Flooring Side By Side Island

Photo Credit | Studio G Home

Transitional kitchen style with transitional color selection. The dance of the opposite colors: Ceiling wall panel and hardwood flooring are like distressed brown wood; Light gray cabinets and taupe cabinets contrast enough with the ceiling and the hardwood floor. Homogenous transition is provided by the Cambria countertop. The kitchen layout is alley-style with a double island. Ready for a housewarming party! Let’s do it!

Blue Backsplash Brown Cabinetry White Marble Counters Dark Wood Floor

Photo Credit | Denise Morrison Interiors & House of Morrison

Contemporary kitchen with double island kitchen. The ergonomic design is being very flexible and this kitchen has many features to get rid of the wall cabinetry. I am guessing everything that you need is inside the island base. One of the island bases has functional open shelves. Quartz island top has good enough contrast with honed absolute black granite countertops. 

Multicolored Backsplash Brown Floor Inland Cabinet Quartz Countertop Pendant Lighting

Photo Credit | Havlicek Builders Inc

Modern kitchen idea with two-tone cabinets and two-tone countertops and coffered ceiling. Glass backsplash inlet and marble subway tiles, stainless steel appliances are the complementary elements. 

Green Cabinetry Grey Glass Tile Backsplash Light Wood Flooring Marble Counters

Photo Credit | Knauf-Koenig Group

Two-tone traditional kitchen design with side-by-side island: Forever spring in your dream kitchen! Sage cabinets and whites are the best selection to emphasize the gorgeous gray Cambria countertops. Sage green glass matchstick backsplash and oak hardwood flooring are complimentary for the open layout kitchen design. 

Dropped Ceiling Skylights Backsplash Windows White Counters Walnut Flooring Flat Panel Cabinetry

Photo Credit | Melinamade – Residential Design + Interiors

Two-tone cabinets contemporary kitchen features the double island style. Square islands are space savers and also give a sophisticated look into the kitchen. Light gray and neutral wood color combination with light countertops spread happiness and relaxation in the kitchen. 

Open Concept Kitchen Design Pendant Lightings Subway Tiles Green Cabinetry Marble Counters Gray Flooring copy

Photo Credit | VPC Builders, LLC

Modern rustic kitchen design with a vintage look. Earth colors warm your heart. Slate flooring, travertine tiles, and inlet matchstick backsplash contrast with red stove. The transition color is distressed brown and bronze hand-blown kitchen pendant lights.

Chopping Block Service Island Wood Ceiling Hand Scraped Oak Floors Oversize Range

Photo Credit | Moore Designs Inc

Modern farmhouse kitchen with detail-oriented design. Roman shades for kitchen windows give a romantic touch. 

Black Hardware Pendant Lightings White Cabinetry Quartz Countertops Plank Flooring

Photo Credit | Jeri Koegel Photography

Modern farmhouse kitchen with a fireplace! Tuxedo kitchen design would be applied to any kitchen style. It is a real gem. T-shaped layouts of the island are mostly used in long kitchens. The reason is the optical illusion. Therefore, the kitchen would not be empty looking or extra crowded. The fireplace mantle tile is mesmerizing. High five to the designer!

Quartzite Countertops Subway Tile Backsplash Dark Wood Flooring Stainless Steel Appliances

Photo Credit | Drawing Dept

Perspectival perception in a gorgeous traditional kitchen! The color pattern is very soft: Maple hardwood flooring, white side-by-side island, and cherry high beam ceiling!

 Side by Side Kitchen Islands Layout Ideas

There are three basic side-by-side island layout ideas according to your shape and size of the kitchen. 

Parallel layout: The countertop and islands are parallel to each other. It is usually called a double alley kitchen. If you pick this layout, mostly the outer island is used for breakfast bars. 

Perpendicular layout: The island’s deep side is parallel to the countertop. The length goes in a proper way. This kitchen can be seen like an alley kitchen. The advantage is it fits any kitchen size. You can put your oven and microwave or even your stove inside the base cabinets. 

T shape layout: If you have an extremely long wall in your kitchen it seems abundant. Designers can pick the T to shape pair of islands kitchen ideas to emphasize the depth perception

Square Kitchen Island vs Rectangle Kitchen Island

This subject has been discussed many times but in my opinion the functionality and ergonomy count for your decision. This is totally a comfort level and you should feel happy when you are in your kitchen. Square islands are more compact and mostly good for small spaces.

Distressed hickory island base, cauliflower blue island base, and white cabinets color codes are amazing. One of the double islands has a natural stone top while the other has an industrial birch butcher block countertop. The stove sides are white quartz countertops. Patterned inlet backsplash has a Moroccan taste. The islands in the middle have symmetrical sinks which allow conversation during the meal preparation. Lantern-style kitchen chandeliers have neutral lights and warm everyone’s hearts.

Side By Side Kitchen Islands Types With Pendant Lights

There are many island types available for your selection. Since side by side kitchen islands ideas are the main concern of this article, I can simplify for you;

Kitchen islands with  open shelf: Island has one or more open shelf 

Kitchen islands with side shelf: You can put some books or decorative materials or some daily used kitchen electrical utensil. These shelves are standing on the side of the base cabinets. 

Kitchen islands with base cabinets: Standard kitchen island type. 

Light gray kitchen cabinetry and white kitchen cabinetry have the balance. Gray subway ceramic backsplash and white honeycomb backsplash with gray grout look amazing.

Side By Side Kitchen Islands With Marble Countertops Ideas

All the design elements specifically stand in the right place and right color: This kitchen seems like a big orchestra. High ceiling and hardwood flooring are the hickory wood with the right color marble countertops involved.