35 Exciting White Granite Kitchen Countertops Ideas

Do you want to change your countertops in your home? Or do you want a modern kitchen or bathroom countertops that will never go out style? If you are hoping to make a stylish yet ageless move up to your kitchen design, white is a very trendy choice. Because white color is interestingly lighting up living space, white granite counters include tastefulness with no penance of strength.

White granite countertops are not made equivalent. Even though they named white but sometimes white color looks like as an accent when you look at the whole slab. When we talk about white granite, we’re discussing a dominating foundation of white or grayish bedrock with different hues inconspicuously blended in.

alaska white granite countertops white shaker cabinets

Photo CreditEllen Grasso & Sons

Absolutely lovely kitchen has been designed with custom made white cabinet, stainless steel appliances and finishing up with dark hardwood floors. Stainless steel hood by the window is really rare and the kitchen island has fancy pendant lights. On the other hand, Alaska White granite countertops look stunning in this kitchen.

alaska white granite kitchen countertops

Photo Creditjodi foster design + planning

Lovely open lay out kitchen with white cabinet and Alaska White granite countertops look beautiful. Center kitchen island which has a veggie sink on it along with pendant lights above it. Besides, dark hardwood floors with stainless steel appliances completed the remodeling in the kitchen.

alaska white granite kitchen countertop

Photo CreditRivky Ungar Designs

Amazing kosher kitchen designed with two-tone cabinet colors completed light gray glass tile – long and thin rectangle shape. White cabinet color on the perimeter side and the island is the stone brown color painted which is completed with dark hardwood floor. Alaska White granite countertops perfectly fitted this color combination in the kitchen. So like always we say warm colors have remarkable results.

alaska white granite counters

Photo CreditOakville Kitchen and Bath Centre

Stone tile backsplash and medium tone hardwood floors are excellent to share same room. One of the good thing about Alaska White granite is to make contrast from bottom to the ceiling. Besides, white cabinet and medium dark hardwood floor matched perfectly.

alaska white granite countertops white cabinets

Photo CreditAmy Southard

Alaska White is an example of an expansive traditional open concept for the kitchen. Using white cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and dark hardwood floors create a cozy room. Another application of white cabinet with Alaska White granite which combined dark hardwood floor. Moreover, the backsplash is taupe with a crackle finish.

alaska white granite kitchen counter tops

Photo CreditMichael Burr Design

Alaska White granite is perfect as a complementary color to white cabinets and any kitchen area that attempts a classical or modern style. This stone goes very well with white cabinets and dark hardwood floors.

delicatus white granite kitchen countertops

Photo CreditSignature Kitchen & Bath

Beautiful kitchen design with full high backsplash used from the same material which is Delicatus White granite. However, the huge center island with dark color cabinet and the perimeter side of the kitchen is a white color cabinet which made a very good contrast with the cherry color hardwood floor.

delicatus white granite countertops dark cabinets

Photo CreditJay Rambo Co

Amazing color contrast combination has been used in this lovely kitchen with dark cabinet and Delicatus White granite. Creamy looking light tile flooring also nice. This stone can be considerd like a cream granite countertop in most kitchen applications.

delicatus white granite kitchen countertop

Photo CreditKitchens of Diablo

Stunning kitchen again with two-tone cabinets combination look fabulous with dark hardwood flooring. Moreover, dark subway tile backsplash between the white cabinets and Delicatus White granite look stunning.

delicatus white granite kitchen counter tops

Photo CreditTuran Designs

Delicatus White granite applied with kitchen remodeling. Besides, light floors, dark cabinets, white countertop, and transitional color backsplash made a beautiful combination.

delicatus white granite kitchen counters

Photo CreditEarlene Scheid

Amazing two-tone cabinet usage with Delicatus White granite on the island and bar top side. On the other hand, it made a very good contrast floor, cabinet and countertop combinations.

moon white granite kitchen countertops

Photo CreditGonyea Homes & Remodeling

Remarkable kitchen mixed color cabinetry and Moon White tops.

moon white granite kitchen counter tops

Photo CreditGranites Unlimited

A traditional kitchen also featuring Moon White countertop and pristine white cabinetry. A glass front upper cabinets and glossy mosaic backsplash, with stainless steel hood and cook top are priceless.

moon white granite kitchen countertop

Photo CreditGranite Plus

Moreover, Moon White and same stone backsplash contrasts gorgeously with the pattern of the dark hardwood flooring.

moon white granite kitchen counters

Photo CreditThe Design Yard

Luxury brown and white color combination kitchen cabinets with 2-tier island combined nicely. Besides, this is a spectacular kitchen with Moon White and Black Galaxy granite countertops. Massive island with elevated glass dining area on one end along with modern bar stools matched light floor tiles.

moon white granite kitchen countertops gray cabinets

Photo CreditGonyea Homes & Remodeling

Great color combination with gray cabinets and Moon White counters.

moon white granite countertops dark flooring

Photo CreditGranites Unlimited

Stunning look color combination with mosaic tile backsplash and Moon White countertop.

river white granite kitchen countertops

Photo CreditFour Brothers

River White granite for contemporary kitchen designed by brown cabinets. Since it is kind a small kitchen for modern look and usage of the backsplash became very flashy. Red painted glass backsplash with black grout suited very well this lovely modern kitchen with brown hardwood floors.

river white granite kitchen countertop

Photo CreditBarker Kappella Construction

River White granite also looks great with white cabinets. Glass tile mosaic style backsplash perfectly matched between two main things in the kitchen. However, hardwood flooring creates a wonderful contrast along with stainless steel appliances.

river white granite kitchen counter tops

Photo CreditDalrymple/Sallis Architecture

River White granite countertops with white and grey color combinations. Smooth white glass subway tiles used with white grout. The color used on the walls is gray tint paint for the kitchen and leaving room. Trims and moldings are white to create contrast. The cabinets are white for the kitchen side and gray for the island. Besides, engineered cherry color hardwood perfectly matched with red color wood bar stools.

river white granite kitchen counters

Photo CreditParkes Interiors

One of the River White granite backsplash ideas is to use same stone with same thickness as full height backsplash where the all wall need to be cover between base and wall cabinets. This actually one of the best option if the stone like this which has a smooth flow. On the other hand, the reason behind this while we cut the slab we cut it from the same place and it seems after installation like 3D continuation piece.

moon white granite kitchen countertops white cabinets

Photo CreditStudio Design

White cabinets combined with blue island cabinets which are also decorated River White granite countertop. The backsplash is white porcelain subway tiles with off-white grout which becomes clean and full of light design. Moreover, the wood floors are wide plank hickory with a light brown stain the rest of the kitchen and leaving walls paint colors are light brown to give accent to the floor.

river white granite kitchen countertops white shaker cabinets

Photo CreditHatfield Builders & Remodelers

White cabinets actually creates in the small kitchen a spacious feeling. Upgraded appliances lend to an easy work triangle when cooking and entertaining. The gorgeous River White countertop is a stunning yet neutral backdrop to give this remodeled kitchen class! Moreover, the light blue backsplash looks beautiful with the white cabinetry.

river white granite kitchen countertops white cabinets

Photo CreditDesign Directions

Outstanding lovely kitchen designed with River White granite countertop and coffee color paint on the cabinets. Additionally, medium dark color stained hardwood floor gives enough contrast.

river white granite countertops

Photo CreditHutton Bielmann Design

Here is the two similar color cabinets sample other then dark&white combinations with River White granite tops which give gray quartz countertop feelings to the kitchen.

colonial white granite kitchen countertops

Photo CreditIrwin Construction

Light brown subway tiles with white grout in modern kitchen. Colonial White countertops with under counter lighting and white cabinets. Dark brown-grey mixed contemporary porcelain tiles flooring. Beautiful light green wall paint and dark hardwares. A subway tile backsplash always gives a timeless vibe to the kitchen.

colonial white granite kitchen countertop

Photo Credit400 West Design

Rich taste for your dream kitchen. Colonial White counters with white backsplash and white cabinets and espresso hardwood flooring. Like a galore in the kitchen. This is almost like the Silestone quartz countertop design concept.

colonial white granite kitchen counters

Photo CreditArmina Stone

Colonial White granite with same stone 4″ high standard backsplash and white cabinets. Stainless steel appliances and dark hardwood floor. Besides, perfect wall paint and countertop coordinations along with recess lights.

colonial white granite kitchen countertops white shaker cabinets

Photo CreditIrwin Construction

Colonial White granite with glass subway tiles and white cabinets. I really liked the bay window looking sink area surrounded with glass front wall cabinets and window. The kitchen looks so bright the way they picked light green wall paint color. The reason behind that Colonial White granite has some green tones in it that’s why light green wall paint with dark hardwood flooring create a perfect contrast.

colonial white granite countertops dark flooring

Photo CreditStoneworks

White kitchen cabinets with pops of color from Colonial White granite countertops and mosaic glass tile backsplash. Mosaic tiles installed in a stacked pattern to givea modern look. Moreover, stainless steel appliances and dark hardwood flooring look remarkable as well.

colonial white kitchen countertops

Photo CreditAncient Art Stone

Colonial White granite used with two different color of cabinets in this kitchen. Main perimeter side is white cabinets, and island is dark espresso color cabinet. Regular 4″ high backsplash has been used. Plus stainless steel appliances and medium dark hardwood floors compliment the rest of the kitchen materials.

viscount white granite kitchen countertops

Photo CreditSweatman-Young, Inc.

Small cozy kitchen with island equipped with slide in range in it. Viscount White granite countertop can go with white cabinets no matter what is the other surrounding colors. Besides, light navy blue wall paint has been chosen carefully to compromise the rest of the coloring. Swirling figures give marble look countertop illumination to this stone.

viscount white granite countertops white cabinets

Photo CreditPerfectView Remodeling

White porcelain tile backsplash combined dark engineered hardwood floor add a little touch of elegance to the kitchen. However, without the this contrast could be little too white and depressing for many people taste, so Viscount White is a great little addition to this lovely kitchen. Nice fancy pendant lights over the island also nice with white painting overall the room.

viscount white granite kitchen countertop

Photo CreditAffordable Granite Surrey Limited

This kitchen is interesting point of combining two different cabinet colors. Wall cabinets are pure white and base cabinets are dark espresso with Viscount White counters on it. Floor tiles are light grey porcelain which gives enough contrast with base cabinets. Additionally, gray wall paint and 4″ high backsplash make it simple but elegant space.

viscount white granite countertops

Photo CreditTitan Granite STL

Gray on hickory at the island cabinet and super white paint on hickory for the perimeter cabinets. Viscount White countertops covered this beautiful cabinets.

As you see above I selected some of the popular white granite countertop colors. There is much more than this one in the natural stone market. White granite prices are not in-expensive anywhere in the US or abroad. One of the reasons is that they are still on demand by the homeowners. Popular ones starting price are $45 per square foot for installation and go up depending on where you are and how unique the stone is.

Like I said before there are many more white granites in the market and I am going to list the most popular ones.

  • Alaska White
  • Alps White
  • Colonial White
  • River White
  • Moon White
  • Salinas White
  • White Ice
  • Viscount White
  • White Spring
  • White Valley
  • Kashmir White
  • White Galaxy
  • Glacier White

With such a significant number of Haute tones to look over, how would you choose between the one which fits your style of white granite in a variety of cabinet colors? I can tell you this much, believe me, it is a very hard decision for all of us. Moreover, white granite flaunts awesome flexibility and can be an excellent supplement to a wide range of white color cabinets. If you match white granite with white cabinets which will give a contemporary feel that suits new trends.

White color has a modern look that works well with a wide range of configuration styles, including everything from conventional to trendy kitchens. Basically, white granite can match almost every cabinet color with the right supporting elements in the kitchen. White granite offers a consistent appearance that, attached to the slab, can shift from splendid white to a progressively quieted look.

Picking cabinets that feature this quality is the most ideal approach to display white counters. White cabinets are a conspicuous decision with regards to supplementing white granite, however, darker cabinets additionally give the engaging difference.

I would recommend you use sealer once a year. Natural stones like granite will require sealing upon installation, so it is important to get sealer which is good for granite. After the installation happened, you can re-seal it once a year by your self. It is a very easy process just pour the sealer top of the countertop and wipe it out till stone absorbs the liquid. You can use a paper towel or old clothes to do this. Leave it overnight and before start using clean it with soap& water.