28 Designing Ideas With Dekton Kitchen Countertops

Dekton Kitchen Countertops

Think outside the box in kitchen remodeling opens new doors in terms of material invitation. The thickness of Dekton kitchen countertops varies. Countertops, backsplash, kitchen flooring, and even kitchen cabinet doors can all be made from the same material in different thicknesses. The innovation aims to reduce the conflict between matching kitchen design elements. Meanwhile, to maintain the low process and production costs. Are you ready to take the next step in trendy kitchen designs by saving the planet?

Enjoy looking at my favorite pictures meticulously picked just for you. Enjoy remodeling!

Dekton Kitchen Countertops Natural Stone Countertop Material Raw Materials Dekton Colors Outdoor Kitchen Hot Pots Edge Styles Slab Sizes

Photo Credit | Hasler Homes Ltd

The real beauty of this contemporary kitchen is due to the fact that it was designed entirely using white colors. It creates a perfect look with its flat surface cabinet doors and Dekton counters with sharp lines.

Dekton Vegha Quartz Countertops Dekton Countertops Heat Resistant Sinterized Particle Technology Outdoor Kitchens Ultra Compact Surface

Photo Credit | Dekton Australia

The color harmony of the kitchen is striking and at the same time visually pleasant and relaxing. Cream-colored wood cabinets and Dekton kitchen countertops harmonize with each other while square-shaped glass pendants hanging from the ceiling lighten up the space.

Dekton Countertops Natural Stone Undergoes Sophisticated Blend Decorative Beveled Edges Solid Colors Scratch Resistance

Photo Credit | Cosentino North America

It is remarkable that there is nothing irritating to the eyes in this modern kitchen which is dominated by straight and sharp lines. The kitchen island, completely covered with light-colored Dekton stone, adds contrast to the dark cabinets and reveals the beauty of both parts.

Dekton Countertop Materials Dekton Counters Bind Crushed Stone Large Slabs Resisting Abrasion UV Rays

Photo Credit | Keystone Granite

This decoration consists of natural pastel colors that will attract you to the kitchen with a relaxing environment that does not strain the eyes too much. The combination of light color kitchen cabinets and tiles on the floor reflects a warm atmosphere when combined with the Dekton countertops. However, the island waterfall’s edge reflects the face of the kitchen, creating an uninterrupted image.

Install Dekton Countertops Silestone Quartz Countertops White Marble Square Foot Dekton Trilium Other Surfaces Stain Proof

Photo Credit | Cosentino North America

A full-height Dekton backsplash is paired with the same Dekton counter color to create a naturally contemporary look. The box-shaped design of the island draws all the attention while the black shaker cabinets help this beautiful environment.

Can Dekton Countertops Stain Resistant High Temperatures Surface Finish UV Light

Photo Credit | Cosentino North America

An excellent design example that reflects the beauty of black color. Black Dekton with brown veins beautifully reflects the modern spirit while displaying the full-height backsplash on the wall and kitchen countertops covering all surfaces of the island with waterfall edges.

Cosentino Dekton Kitchen Counters Range Includes Solid Colors Other Countertop Materials

Photo Credit | Cosentino North America

The waterfall island is made with Dekton in the middle of this kitchen and is dominated by black flat sharp lines that create a stylish and flowing character. The fact that the cabinet colors are the same as the countertop color offers an illusionist look and takes it to the future.

Cons Dekton Countertops Insulate Hot Pots Dekton Surface Cutting Board

Photo Credit | Brad Ross Homes

A design that attracts you and proves that the modern-looking island made with Dekton is the center of the kitchen. The absence of counters on the side of the kitchen where the dark cabinets continue all the way to the floor made the island more important while bringing the idea of ​​a kitchen with only an island countertop to life.

Cosentino Dekton Countertops Abrasive Particles Cream Detergents Natural Material

Photo Credit | Cindy Aplanalp & Chairma Design Group

The undeniably beautiful kitchen shines with Dekton countertops. Off-white cabinets with a white subway backsplash, wood accents on the floor, and glass pendants hanging from the ceiling form the foundation of the kitchen. The waterfall edge island adds special warmth with open back stools made of dark wood.

Dekton Colors Outdoor Kitchen Hot Pots Edge Styles Slab Sizes

Photo Credit | Jan Hiltz Interiors LLC

We love how it combines the modern with the classic. Brick backsplashes are placed between the white plain wall cabinets and the natural wood-look base cabinets while the gray Dekton kitchen countertops complement them and blend seamlessly.

Find Dekton Countertops Other Countertop Material Options

Photo Credit | Boss Design Center

The gray veined white Dekton kitchen countertops and the backsplash are made from the same color that is set between the light gray cabinets. In this way, visual pollution is prevented by using less color, and faucets and pendants made of brass are also gently hidden.

Cosentino Sinterized Particle Technology Outdoor Kitchens Ultra Compact Surface 1

Photo Credit | Cosentino

Dekton Kairos countertops are used in the small but bright kitchen which receives plenty of daylight. In this charming kitchen, floor-to-ceiling shaker white cabinets are used and interconnected with a marble tile backsplash.

Entzo Dekton Surfaces Square Foot Installed Glossy Polished

Photo Credit | Sea Pointe Design & Remodel

This kitchen which was designed using Dekton counters in Entzo color completely covers the wall between the dark cabinets, creating a dramatic effect and adding depth to the space. On the other hand, black bar stools and wood floor tiles add color and warmth to the kitchen.

Dekton Countertop Surface Half Bullnose Edges Scratch Resistant

Photo Credit | Pedini PDX

This island is designed using a dark Dekton counter, which offers an eat-in area for a large family, and draws all attention to the island with its cooktop and the hood hanging from the ceiling above it. In this contemporary kitchen where sharp lines have used the harmony of the color of the bar stools and the counter stand out.

Entzo Dekton Material Dekton Kadum Quartz Countertops Extreme Pressure

Photo Credit | Nar Design Group

Marble veined countertops are used in this kitchen by Dekton Entzo. Recently, Dekton countertops have become one of the favorite aspects of customers’ homes, as they are extremely durable. 

Installing Dekton Countertops Slab Thickness Entire Slab Extremely Durable

Photo Credit | City Homes, LLC

The main feature of this two-tone kitchen is the white Dekton countertops that contrast with the black cabinets. The modern and elegant lines of the black flat panel cabinets create a seamless design with white countertops, adding a seamless look.

Heat Resistant Dekton Countertops Patterned Surfaces Professionally Installed Non Porous Material

Photo Credit | Ann Lowengart Interiors

The most striking thing in this kitchen is the dark glass pendants hanging from the ceiling. One of the essential features in the kitchen is that Dekton countertops are used as a backsplash, offering clean and tight lines.

Highly Resistant Dekton Countertops Accelerated Version Large Format Slabs

Photo Credit | Gervis Design Studio

This kitchen offers a different style! High window openings give a spacious look over the wall cabinets apart from the usual ones. It draws all the attention by creating a harmonious look with the three-dimensional modern backsplash and cabinets with Dekton kitchen countertops behind the stove.

Building Facades Dekton Countertops Natural Stone UV Resistant

Photo Credit | Cosentino

Dekton Stonika: The meeting of hyper-realism on the counter surface. The creation of lifelike veined textures and patterns with revolutionary works on a stone surface. Although this realistic look is revolutionary for quartz countertops I believe that it will contribute greatly to the design of our homes in the future.

Dekton Countertops Ultra Compact Surfaces Kitchen Countertops 1

Photo Credit | Cornerstone Construction and Property Services

This kitchen has an industrial-style feel with pendants hanging from the high ceiling and wood flooring. Herringbone-mounted white subway backsplashes reflect the light onto Dekton countertops, thus illuminating the kitchen more.

Dekton Calls Dekton Offers Exterior Applications Dekton Countertops Kitchen Countertops

Photo Credit | Green Basements & Remodeling

Dark cabinets with flat panel doors and white Dekton countertops with gray veins contrast with each other while highlighting their true beauty. The natural look of the gray veins of the stone slab backsplashes and the combination of the counters bring mobility to the kitchen. When the stone slab backsplash is the same as the countertop, it increases the naturalness of the kitchen.

Dekton Cosentino Dekton Kitchen Countertops Highly Resistant Dekton Counters

Photo Credit | Cosentino North America

This kitchen represents a combination of blue and gray with a different style. In this kitchen, where gray Dekton countertops are used with yellow fixtures and a farmhouse-style white sink is another striking feature. We should say that the design of the island in the form of a waterfall countertop creates a transitional kitchen atmosphere.

Dekton Counters Stain Resistant High Temperatures UV Light

Photo Credit | Cosentino North America

We are faced with a gray paradise kitchen design here. Gray cabinets, gray Dekton countertops, gray porcelain floor tiles, and more in this kitchen where almost everything is considered gray. The most notable areas are the handleless cabinets and stone slab backsplashes.

Dekton Countertops Dekton Countertop Material Scratch Resistance

Photo Credit | Cosentino North America

Dark brown cabinets and light wood floors with white Dekton countertops can create a dramatic look in this kitchen. This trio can bring stylish warmth to the look of your kitchen. Using a white sink with a white Dekton slab backsplash allows it to brighten up the kitchen a bit more.

Dekton Kitchen Countertops Dekton Countertops Raw Materials

Photo Credit | Cosentino North America

If you are considering a matching kitchen design, you can use black cabinets and white countertops. White Dekton counters create a striking contrast to black cabinets allowing all the beauty to emerge. The appearance is also enriched by using gray accents in this kitchen.

Dekton Stonika Kitchen Countertops Dekton Countertops Dekton Colors Highly Resistant

Photo Credit | Cosentino North America

The kitchen, which consists of light-colored flat cabinets displays a contemporary look. Dekton Arga countertops draw attention with their minimalist design style, which can be used everywhere except the floor.

Dekton Kitchen Countertops Dekton Countertops Highly Resistant

Photo Credit | Cosentino North America

The charming view of the kitchen attracts you and gives you happiness. While the plain panel gray cabinets represent the modern look, the waterfall Dekton island countertop and stone slab backsplashes support this idea.

Dekton Kitchen Countertops Full Height Backsplash Waterfall Edge Island

Photo Credit | Cosentino North America

The Dekton-covered waterfall island and countertops with their harmony draw attention with the same backsplash. The veins of the Dekton countertops add a cosmic feeling to the kitchen with the harmony of dark cabinets. Brased-nickel accessories and high bar stools made of metal give the kitchen an expensive look.

Dekton Countertop Materials & Patterns

The patterns of Dekton kitchen countertops can be sorted under two main groups: 
Natural Look Countertops Patterns are marble-inspired, granite-inspired, ocean-inspired, and solid homogeneous night sky-inspired patterns. 
Industrial Look Countertop Patterns are more wood, concrete, and metal inspired. The aging effect is generally applied to create a well-used lived-in feel in the kitchen.
Like most engineered countertops, the surface has some polishing types, including polished, smooth matte, textured, and velvet. They are suitable for any pattern.

Dekton Countertops Look Like Natural Stone

Dekton kitchen countertops convey European Kitchen Design inspirational Ideas. The multi-optional kitchen design ideas result in beautiful kitchen remodeling. Without any hesitation, this material is a safe bet for Transitional Kitchen Design, Contemporary Kitchen Design, Traditional Kitchen Design, Eclectic Kitchen Design, Industrial Kitchen Design, Minimalist Kitchen Design, Asian Kitchen Design, Feng Shui Kitchen Design, as well as French Country Kitchen Design, Southern Kitchen Design, or Rustic Kitchen Design, Vintage Kitchen Design, and Modern Retro Kitchen Design.