30 Newest 2023 Kitchen Design Trends


2023 Kitchen Design Trends

This year we celebrate happy 2023 kitchen design trends that add something of a novelty. There has been an enormous acceleration this year after the pandemic. Finally, most of us feel normal. Most of us are working on new kitchen remodeling projects to raise the spirit in our house, especially in our kitchen. The biggest reason for this is remote working. Please stand on your two feet if you work in the kitchen.  

As a part of my style, I would like to share all the trends by sorting and grouping. I wish you all a great productive year with many more efficient projects. Hope my favorite pictures entertain you and your loved ones.
Let’s hop into the new year trends: 
Kitchen Trends 2023 Interior Designer Expect To See Drawers Slab Warm Appliances Details Shelving Key Point

Photo Credit | LeichtUSA

Minimalist and contemporary kitchen design is gaining votes in 2023. The natural earth color selection is still trendy.

Trends For 2023 Open Shelving Tile Backsplashes Natural Materials Kitchen Island Create Wall Paint Kitchens Room Tones

Photo Credit | Custom Home Group

Two-tone kitchen cabinets with two-toned backsplashes are accelerated in kitchen design. The white and gray palette keeps its place in 2023.

Kitchen Trend Natural Stone Natural Wood Paint Colors Blue Cabinet Space Modern Design Choices Countertop

Photo Credit | Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery

2023 will be a shining star to raise the golden touch, soft kitchen daylight bulbs, and patterned backsplash

Wood Cabinetry Past Few Years Matte Black Kitchen Cabinets Modern Kitchen Spaces Homeowners Style

Photo Credit | Aspen Homes Inc

If someone said white counters, please consider the future application. The large kitchen island top with white stone will mesmerize your new kitchen in 2023.

Making A Comeback Interior Designers Space Eco Friendly Statement Designers Full Height Backsplash Waterfall Edge Island

Photo Credit | Twist Tours Real Estate and Portfolio Marketing

Waterfall edge kitchen island tops, full height slabs, and brass framed clear sphere kitchen pendants embellish your kitchen in 2023.

Green Kitchen Trends Eye Catching Kitchen Cabinets Designer Interior Design Next Year Waterfall Islands Tones

Photo Credit | Twist Tours Real Estate and Portfolio Marketing

Shades of gray will continue to match with soft brown tones in kitchen remodeling. Love the mosaic full-height backsplash and quartz counters which are dancing with ash brown maple cabinets.

Farmhouse Kitchen Green Cabinets Stainless Steel Kitchen Space Marble Wood Countertops 2023 Trend

Photo Credit | TNHometour.com

An extravaganza return of the sage green and camel with a combination of white in 2023 for the kitchen remodeling. 

Marble Countertops Style Islands Design Space Trends 2023 Stone Create Wall Room Lighting

Photo Credit | TNHometour.com

When the faucet is black it contrasts with the bronze frame clear sphere kitchen pendants When the chair legs are bronze it creates a contrast with the brown island base. This year, contrast colors are being shown more and help to support the art piece in the kitchen. The art piece is marble-looking quartz counters and marble-looking quartz backsplash.

White Cabinets White Kitchen 2023 Design Room Cabinet Kitchens Stone Style Trend

Photo Credit | ARAS Imaging

You will fall in love with the shiplap planks in your kitchen design as much as roman shades.

2023 Kitchen Cabinet Trends Style Design Miter Island Countertop Green Base Cabinets White Kitchens

Photo Credit | Premium Cabinets Saint Louis

The fresh mountain breeze on a sunny day is still in the top 10 in kitchen remodeling. All you need is a bit of hunter-green base cabinets and snow-white counters and cabinets. Backsplash and bronze accents are complimentary.

Modern Kitchen Trends 2023 Space Matte Black Marble Waterfall Island Countertops Lighting Statement

Photo Credit | Interior Concepts Design House

Natural wood color infuses the kitchen design trend in 2023 as much as black-honed countertops and black-honed waterfall edge island tops. The white and natural birch color cabinets and natural stone countertops look good in this eclectic kitchen design

2023 Kitchen Trends Kitchen Design Paint Colors Marble Countertop Kitchens Paint Spaces Cabinetry Lighting

Photo Credit | Forward Design Build Remodel

The backsplash grouts will be in contrast to provide a rich look in kitchen design ideas. The novelty will be spoken of without any hesitation in 2023. 

Kitchens Interior Designer Trends 2023 Materials Wood Backsplashes Lighting Cabinetry Details

Photo Credit | Mantis Design & Build, LLC

Natural wood will be more visible in kitchen design elements in 2023. The other visibility is 3D backsplash ideas for the continuous flow in the kitchen. 

Kitchen Trends 2023 Paint Colors Space Materials Natural Marble Countertop Backsplash Room Tones Slab Key Wall

Photo Credit | Marrokal Design & Remodeling, LLC

The happiest kitchens will be built in 2023. The flower pattern design backsplash will greet everyone with a smiling face.

Kitchen Trends For 2023 Kitchen Island Paint Colors Space Design For Kitchens Warm Statement Homeowners Island Marble Interior

Photo Credit | Carmel Builders, Inc

Consider it done! The old kitchen has single-color cabinets. But the trend goes for two-tone kitchen cabinets. The inspiration forces the homeowner to add the color. The base cabinet paint is the most affordable project to have a new face in your open-layout kitchen design. Try this in 2023. 

Expect To See Kitchen Trends For 2023 Cabinets Materials Wood Interior Lighting Backsplash Kitchens Create Appliances Key

Photo Credit | Rogue Home Interiors

Black hardware and black faucets are always the best friends for cast iron burner grates. The other great candidate for kitchen trends is the chevron backsplash. So this kitchen is ready for 2023.

Kitchen Trends 2023 Space Black Cabinets Materials Marble Natural Lighting Kitchens Create

Photo Credit | Kbb Birmingham

The charcoal black cabinets never get old. The tuxedo kitchen is also a classic in kitchen design ideas.

Kitchen Interior Designer Trends 2023 Natural Materials Kitchen Design Space Designer Wood Style Islands Marble Countertop

Photo Credit | Set The Stage

The luxury kitchen design elements of 2023 are semi-transparent onyx countertops, a double kitchen island, separate kitchen sinks, two-tone kitchen cabinets, hickory flooring, brass framed geometric kitchen pendants, and brass-covered custom-made range tops.

Interior Designer Kitchen Trend Matte Black Space 2023 Materials Marble Countertop Homeowners Drawers Appliances Design

Photo Credit | Living Stone Design + Build

Eclectic kitchen with thick kitchen island top, two-tone kitchen cabinets, and two-tone countertops are still eye-pleasing in 2023. An eclectic kitchen design love never ends. Industrial kitchen design, retro kitchen design, farmhouse kitchen design, and traditional kitchen design melt in the same pot. 

Interior Designer Kitchen Trend White Kitchen Cabinets Backsplashes Space Stone Countertops Design Spaces Tones

Photo Credit | Monique Varsames Design, LLC

A classic subway backsplash and white countertops combo keep its place. This year glossy backsplashes with medley colors seem trendy.

Kitchen Tile Backsplashes Design Trends 2023 Matte Black Space Modern Kitchen Style Natural Color Cabinetry

Photo Credit | Cameo Homes Inc

“Time to go back to nature” is the motto of kitchen design in 2023. Woods are calling many homeowners this year. 

Natural Stone Kitchen Countertop Materials Trends Lighting 2023 Statement Island Waterfall Designers Cabinet Spaces

Photo Credit | Ochre Homes

Moroccan tiles, golden hardware, navy blue kitchen cabinets, and marble-look countertops will mesmerize your new year.

White Kitchens Marble Interior Island Trend Wood Designer Cabinets Space Green

Photo Credit | Stahl Homes LLC

Be different! Three-tone kitchen cabinets in a sunny kitchen! 

2023 Kitchen Trends Space Cabinets Designer Wood Green Cabinetry Backsplash

Photo Credit | Swanson Homes

The shades of gray and bronze stardust will shine on your kitchen in the new year. Use this color palette. It is a safe bet. 

Modern Green Kitchens Design 2023 Style Cabinets Designer Kitchen Wood

Photo Credit | Cathie Hong Interiors

Go green and contemporary in kitchen design. It is definitely a mood charger for your kitchen remodeling in the new year. 

2023 White Kitchen Trends Designers Backsplash Island Lighting Marble Kitchens

Photo Credit | Streamline Construction

The patterned backsplash refaces the white kitchen. This is also very trendy and affordable. Add this idea to the bucket list.

2023 Designer Trends Green Kitchen Design Kitchens

Photo Credit | Dan Rak Design

Remember that cabinet pulls and kitchen pendants have their harmony. If you change the kitchen pendants, consider the hardware as well. 

Trends Kitchen 2023 Green Cabinets Designer Trend


Shiplap backsplash is the best addition for your kitchen remodeling in 2023. It goes well with floating kitchen wall shelves. 

Small Modern Kitchen Trend 2023 Design Gray Cabinet For Kitchens

Photo Credit | Greenberg Construction

Layering the color is another fun project in kitchen remodeling. White wall cabinets with led lights, black quartz honed backsplash, brown honed countertop, gray stained wall base cabinets, metal look baseboard, and shou sugi ban style birch flooring is a great example for your next project. 

2023 Kitchens Interior Kitchen Cabinets Farmhouse Sink Brown Cabinet

Photo Credit | Lawless Design

Your beautiful kitchen needs some contrast in the new year and well-used windows need to be replaced. Well pick the black window frames and match them with the black faucet. Follow the trend and get some feeling into the kitchen. 

Cabinet Colors And Kitchen Trends 2023

The kitchen design colors are getting more colorful in 2023 kitchen design trends
Two-tone kitchen cabinets and three-tone kitchen cabinets are in.
Following the pastel color pallets, contrast color pallets and layering color palettes are popular immensely. 
The wood accents and natural look wood additions are a bonus. 
The shine will welcome the sunny effects in kitchen designs. Therefore bronze and gold tones are in the accessories. 
My magical trio is white, black, and wood tones with a bit of dusty golden and will be in the top 5 kitchen design trends this year. The other four in the list are: Blue-tone kitchen cabinets, green-tone kitchen cabinets, off-white kitchen cabinets, and gray-tone kitchen cabinets are also on the list.

Interior Designer Trends For 2023

White countertops appeal to the best demand. However, the analytics show that dark-honed countertops, marble-look countertops, and continuous vein pattern countertops are attractive this year. The reason for this trend is to provide more motion in the kitchen. 

Finish of Backsplash: If a patterned backsplash is picked,  the matte finish is bold in 2023. If a plain backsplash is considered, the semi-glossy finish or glossy finish backsplash can provide a warm shine.
Color of Backsplash: The backsplash color selection for the patterned backsplash ideas in the kitchen design project is recommended that any desired color matches the cabinet and countertops colors. If it is a plain backsplash idea in the kitchen design project,  medley colors will look gorgeous with the glossy finish to have a motion in the kitchen. 
Material of BacksplashShiplap backsplash is in the top 5 this year. The others are in this rank: Ceramic backsplash, natural stone backsplash, marble backsplash, and glass backsplash, respectively.

2023 Kitchen Design Trends For Pendants, Faucets, And Cabinet Pulls

The color effects on the Kitchen PendantsKitchen Faucets, and Kitchen Cabinet Pulls in 2023. These three kitchen design elements are always in the same tones to complete the meaningful picture in kitchen remodeling. Black and bronze seem to have a great fusion with clear transparent pendantsmilky glass pendants, and metal-framed pendants. 

The burned wood hardwoods in medium and light tones are the best for kitchen flooring. Shou sugi ban woods are taking place in modern kitchen design. The other options are large-format porcelain tiles and stained wood flooring.