34 Modern Charcoal Gray Kitchen Cabinets (Dark or Light)



Charcoal Gray Kitchen Cabinets: I have to admit that gray cabinets are very trendy and have any shade of flexible elements in any kitchen design. It can be used as base cabinets and wall cabinets. If you have extra daylight that would be the perfect pick with a white backsplash and white countertops. Please listen to the hearts of professional designers.

Here are some pictures of kitchens with gray cabinets:

Flat Panel Charcoal Cabinets Gray Backsplash Floor Concrete Countertops

Photo Credit | Angela Inzerillo Design, LLC

The open-shelf wall unit is connected to charcoal wall cabinets and under cabinet lighting has a charm.

Charcoal Gray Cabinets Quartz Countertops White Floor Tiles Mosaic Marble Backsplash

Photo Credit | JGM Enterprise Inc

An excellent example of multicolor backsplash fusion in kitchen remodeling with charcoal cabinets and black and white granite countertops and white marble flooring.

White Subway Tile Backsplash Quartz Countertops Charcoal Shaker Glass Front Cabinets Gray Porcelain Floor

Photo Credit | Neptune Home Germany

If charcoal gray cabinets match that passionately. I can name the kitchen “new tuxedo kitchen“. Ergonomic and very good-looking kitchen.

Cream Matchstick Tile Backsplash Raised Panel Charcoal Cabinets Quartz Countertops Dark Wood Floor

Photo Credit | KSI Kitchen & Bath

Two-tone cabinets in traditional kitchen with charcoal gray cabinets and dove wings cabinets. The light color quartz countertop shows the smart blending combination.

Charcoal Gray Shaker Cabinets Cream Travertine Backsplash Tiles Lapis Brown Granite Countertops Beige Floor

Photo Credit | Christian Builders Margate Ltd

Charcoal cabinets with Baltic Brown granite top and travertine square backsplash and matching travertine floor tiles. The farmhouse kitchen sink is the center of the design. Neat found.

Gray Floor Tiles Shaker Charcoal Cabinets Wood Countertops Subway Backsplash Marble Island Tops

Photo Credit | Lukonic

Charcoal gray kitchen cabinets with gold color hardware and two-tone countertops in a farmhouse kitchen. Honeycomb gray ceramic tiles have melange, which makes an extra attraction in the kitchen.

Flat Panel Gray Charcoal Cabinets White Quartz Countertops Backsplash Dark Wood Floor

Photo Credit | Spacecrafting / Architectural Photography

Dark gray kitchen cabinets, gray shaker cabinets, and a glass full high backsplash are like eye candies.

White Subway Backsplash Tiles Gray Charcoal Cabinets Quartz Countertops Dark Wood Floor

Photo Credit | Houzz

Grey kitchen cabinets with styles, warm, neutral, and transitional dark gray kitchen cabinets.

Gray Porcelain Tile Floor Charcoal Shaker Cabinetry White Marble Backsplash

Photo Credit | Murphy Maude Interiors

Light gray leather bar stools, white quartz marble look countertop. Dark gray ready-to-assemble drawer with solid search quality.

Charcoal Cabinets White Subway Backsplash Brown Porcelain Tiles Farmhouse Sink

Photo Credit | Normandy Homes

Gorgeous black kitchen cabinets, French-style glass door cabinets, subway white marble backsplash, marble look countertop, and marble look island top. Both marbles have very artistic golden and gray veins which match the hickory distressed hardwood flooring.

Shaker Gray Charcoal Cabinets White Quartz Countertops Subway Backsplash Tiles Farmhouse Sink

Photo Credit | Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Charcoal gray cabinets in a farmhouse kitchen: Open shelf, white farmhouse sink, large window, white engineered countertop, and white ceramic subway backsplash are the essentials and they look amazing.

Charcoal Gray Cabinets Mosaic Tile Backsplash Medium Tone Wood Floor Black Countertops

Photo Credit | T. Jerulle Construction, LLC

Three-tone cabinets with two-tone countertop kitchens are very rare but the skilled designer made it happen.

Brown Porcelain Floor Tiles Shaker Dark Wood Cabinets Countertops

Photo Credit | Exquisite Kitchen Design

Breathtaking wine cellar in your kitchen with charcoal gray cabinets set in a herringbone design. The custom-made countertop is comprehended well with the whole picture.

Gray Charcoal Shaker Cabinets White Quartz Cabinets Subway Backsplash Tile Light Wood Floor

Photo Credit | Studio Geiger Architecture

Charcoal gray kitchen cabinets with light gray countertops and glass door kitchen cabinets are like the bijoux in the traditional kitchen design.

Charcoal gray Shaker Cabinets Granite Countertops Mosaic Tile Backsplash Light Wood Floor

Photo Credit | Tartan Homes

Would you like to meditate while you cook in your kitchen? So, this charcoal cabinets gray kitchen is your style. A light gray diamond shape full high backsplash is calming.

Charcoal Shaker Gray Cabinets White Quartz Countertops Backsplash Wood Floor

Photo Credit | Hammonds Furniture

Dark grey kitchen cabinets have a focal point that features a transitional shaker door style to give.

Chacoal Gray Cabinets Porcelain Floor Tiles Black Quartz Countertops

Photo Credit | Plain English

Multi shades of gray in a traditional kitchen design: I think the designer has keen eyes for the fusion of the two-tone kitchen design. Either two-tone cabinets or two-tone countertops stick together with a strong color bond. Clean and calming.

Flat Panel Charcoal Gray Cabinets White Marble Countertops Backsplash Light Wood Floor

Photo Credit | Domus Nova

Contemporary kitchen design with charcoal gray cabinets and handle-free cabinet doors. The marble countertop and full high marble backsplash are both popped in the kitchen. The wood-look ceramic floor has gorgeous patterns to complete the puzzle.

Mirror Backsplash White Marble Countertops Gray Charcoal Flat Panel Cabinets Medium Tone Wood Floor

Photo Credit | Unknown

Charcoal gray kitchen cabinets in a contemporary kitchen design. Raised island top with a waterfall edge is like a diamond in this kitchen. It stands on the walnut-thick breakfast bar. The mirrored full high backsplash is giving extra light to prepare the food. The undermount work station stainless steel sink also welcomes the party animals.

Light Wood Floor Gray Charcoal Shaker Cabinets White Quartz Countertops

Photo Credit | Morph Interior Ltd

White oak hardwood flooring seems more bright under the sunlight which is provided by arched french windows. 

Flat Panel Charcoal Cabinets Light Wood Floor Dark Quartz Countertops copy

Photo Credit | Complete Kitchens

Two-tone cabinets in a modern kitchen remodeling. The countertops are chestnut and marble. White subway backsplash is the proper pick while it is used with black grout.

Recessed Panel Charcoal Gray Base Cabinets Mosaic Tile Backsplash Wood Floor

Photo Credit | Artistic Designs for Living

Two-tone kitchen cabinets with plenty of space to store things and a surface to create an attractive display. The color selection is catching your attention. 

Flat Panel Charcoal Cabinets Gray Quartz Countertops Porcelain Floor Tiles

Photo Credit | MW|Works Architecture+Design

Contemporary kitchen design with charcoal gray cabinets, charcoal countertop, and walnut cabinets. Light gray kitchen cabinets are used very well since there is a natural connection between charcoal and walnut colors. Sleek, clean, and functional. Deserves a big love.

Flat Panel Black Charcoal Cabinets Metal Backsplash Granite Countertops Light Wood Floor

Photo Credit | Laurence Cafritz Builders

Customer plywood sign price styles construction warm shopping room to create stainless steel full high backsplash and gray square backsplash.

Gray Porcelain Floor Tiles Charcoal Flat Panel Cabinets White Quartz Countertops

Photo Credit | Studio Dearborn

Two-tone cabinet kitchen design with white glass subway tile and gray melange ceramic tiles. The reflection of the light on the high gloss white cabinets has a feeling that your kitchen is infinite.

Flat Panel Gray Charcoal Cabinets Glass Taupe Matchstick Tile Backsplash Light Wood Floor Black Granite Countertops

Photo Credit | Fredman Design Group

Two-tone cabinets in kitchen remodeling. Since charcoal gray has a fluence bond with every bond. This marble-look countertop is a hit to catch the trend. Thumbs up kitchen design.

White Quartz Countertops Black Charcoal Flat Panel Cabinets Backsplash Beige Floor Tiles

Photo Credit | In-Detail Interiors

Charcoal gray cabinets with frosted glass cabinet doors in U shape kitchen design. The countertop and full high backsplash are from the same material as stone slab quartz material. Fresh feeling in the kitchen with keen eyes.

Flat Panel Charcoal Gray Cabinets White Quartz Countertops Cream Matchstick Tile Backsplash Terra Cotta Floor

Photo Credit | RIKB Design-Build

Sleek design contemporary kitchen with addition to this beautiful kitchen remodeling.

Flat Panel Charcoal Black Cabinets Light Wood Floor Countertops

Photo Credit | Studiotrope Design Collective

Contemporary kitchen with charcoal cabinets. The sleek look design is such a good match for a neat and tidy personality. Earth-tone kitchen base island and light birch hardwood flooring support the contemporary kitchen design elements.

Charcoal Gray Kitchen Cabinets Stone Tile Backsplash White Marble Countertops Natural Wood Floor

Photo Credit | Claude C. Lapp Architects, LLC

The gray countertop is such a gem. The slate brick-style three-dimensional backsplash is noticeable. Color blending is admirable.

Kitchen Backsplash For Charcoal Gray Cabinets

The backsplash is another important kitchen design element. The same rule is valid for color and material selection. Backsplash by color: The most satisfying colors are white and gray tones but sometimes earth colors or neutral colors can be used as backsplash according to floor color. It should coordinate with the floor color.

Matchstick white marble backsplash is used as a full high backsplash and the white countertop has ample space. White glossed subway backsplash is used as a full high backsplash.

Diamond shape ceramic backsplash is connected with black connectors and black grout. White quartz marble looks a full-height backsplash is also an option.

How To Add Modern Grey Kitchen Cabinets Remodeling Ideas?

Two-tone cabinets in kitchen remodeling. Since charcoal gray has a fluence bond with every bond, cappuccino cabinets go well with charcoal gray cabinets and a transition between the two colors is provided. The material of the gray backsplash is gray travertine and a subway setup is used.

Kitchen Flooring Ideas For Charcoal Cabinets

The channel design of black and white is a good addition. The color code is completed with light oak hardwood flooring and what paint color walls go with grey kitchen cabinets? Usually, light color wall paints would be a good idea for grey cabinets.

Kitchen Countertops For Charcoal Gray Cabinets

Countertops are essential kitchen design elements. You should either pick the color or the material. Countertops by color: White colors are the best but light grays and sometimes very dark browns or blacks are also considered.

Countertops by material: Marble countertops, marble look countertops, granite countertops, wood countertops. Light grey kitchen cabinets with dark countertops are another option. Stained shelves panels framed for business to cool finish painted nearly cart log rta and dark gray kitchen cabinets.