24 Dazzling Brick Backsplash Ideas For Every Kitchen


Brick Backsplash Ideas

Brick backsplash ideas can be a stylish and appealing choice for a kitchen, depending on the overall design aesthetic you’re aiming for. When it comes to using bricks for a kitchen backsplash, there are a few different options to consider. 

White Brick Backsplash White Cabinets Granite Countertops Wood Accents Rustic Charm Wooden Hood Modern Industrial Look Kitchen Style

Photo Credit | Tray McCune Homes

Even though it has a rustic appeal thanks to the island cabinets, the clean look of the gray brick wall adds modernity to this kitchen and creates an elegant harmony with the countertops. While white granite countertops and metal stools strengthen the look, the wooden kitchen island adds strength to the design with its beautiful textures and veins.

Red Brick Backsplash Brick Wall Brick Veneer Wood Floating Shelves Natural Light Backsplash Area Shaker Style Cabinets

Photo Credit | Livingston Designs

This farmhouse kitchen features white cabinets, quartzite countertops, red brick backsplashes, and wood shelves. One of the most striking features of this kitchen is that hood is covered with the same backsplash and shelves are used instead of wall cabinets.

Brick Backsplashes Brick Kitchen Backsplash Stainless Steel Appliances Red Brick Walls Gray Countertops Metal Hood

Photo Credit | Jan Hiltz Interiors LLC

The red brick backsplash between the gray and white cabinets adds an industrial look while the wooden tiles on the floor add an inaccessible level to the kitchen. Stainless steel appliances complete the industrial look while red brick walls add a dose of rustic charm.

Whitewashed Brick Backsplash Exposed Brick Backsplash Marble Countertops Stainless Steel Stove Shaker Cabinets Gray Lower Cabinets

Photo Credit | Hudson Construction Group

This farmhouse kitchen seems to have been modernized while preserving its original appearance. The whitewashed bricks piled up to the ceiling surround the custom-made hood while the island with the onyx countertop expresses itself beautifully under the large lamps.

Painted Brick Backsplash Wood Floor Totally Transform Kitchen Design Black Knobs Kitchen Island White Countertop

Photo Credit | lisa furey interiors

Almost everything you want in this eclectic kitchen seems to have been created by using different colors and preserving the essence of the design. While the green kitchen cabinets accentuate the natural wooden shelves, the dark brown kitchen island reflects the timeless beauty of the traditional style with its metal stools and white countertop.

Classic Brick Backsplash Quartz Countertops Red Brick Wall Brick Tiles Wood Beams

Photo Credit | Set To Sell, LLC

A soft transition is provided without compromising the original beauty of the whitewashed brick backsplash placed between the white cabinets and countertops. A bright and spacious appearance is obtained in this kitchen, where white is used abundantly.

Red Brick Backsplash Solid Brick Backsplash Dark Countertops Black Cabinets Light Grey Modern Kitchen

Photo Credit | Ocala Kitchen and Bath, Inc

This is the kitchen where hanging shelves are used instead of wall cabinets. The kitchen seems free of unnecessary clutter. The view of the red brick backsplash from behind the shelves creates a timeless and elegant look. The stools paired with the marble counter on the black island cabinets form part of the beautiful combination.

Herringbone Brick Backsplash Brown Brick Backsplash White Countertops Cabinet Hardware

Photo Credit | Laslo Custom Kitchens, Inc

This farmhouse kitchen, where exposed brick walls add a high-end look created a design that can always be talked about. Green shaker kitchen cabinets and gray kitchen island are paired with white quartz countertops, and the rustic atmosphere is supported by glass pendant lights.

Brick Backsplash Kitchen Walls White Cabinetry Backsplash Materials

Photo Credit | Carolinas Custom Kitchen & Bath Center

This modern rustic kitchen has where the red brick backsplash between the shaker-style cabinets is used while the butcher block counters attract attention. Floating shelves are placed on either side of the window while modern pendant lights hanging from the ceiling and wooden material on the floor add a rustic charm.

White Hood White Cabinets Blue Island Cabinets Red Brick Backsplash Brick Walls Modern Kitchens

Photo Credit | Zieba Builders, Inc

The red brick backsplash that covers all the walls of the kitchen and surrounds the window displays a timeless look. While the white kitchen cabinets are covered with gray countertops, the blue island cabinets are covered with white quartz counters. Dark wood floors and interestingly designed glass pendant lights create a harmonious appearance.

Exposed Wood Beams Flat Panel Cabinets Red Brick Backsplash Dark Gray Floors

Photo Credit | Element 5 Architecture

While the stainless steel cabinets create an impressive appearance, the shelves covering the wall with the red brick backsplash create a great effect. Ceiling beams made of large natural wood add an industrial look together with the wood floors. The butcher block countertops also complete the desired theme in the kitchen.

Herringbone Pattern Red Brick Backsplash Concrete Countertop Brick Veneer White Cabinet

Photo Credit | Ultimate Remodel

The kitchen, where the red brick backsplash comes to the forefront while takes advantage of the absence of wall cabinets. This look offers an elegant look and sets a great example that shows the economical use of space. On the other hand, the peninsula counter under the pendant made of copper metal creates an elegant appearance by supporting the colors on the other side of the kitchen.

Gray Brick Backsplash Gray Cabinets Concrete Countertops Farmhouse Kitchen Design

Photo Credit | Sterling Construction

Everything that should be in this modern design has been designed in accordance with the book. First, the exposed brick kitchen backsplash makes a huge statement. The porcelain floor materials, exposed wood beams, and the rustic charm of the brick wall are complemented by the farmhouse sink. The smooth flat face of the gray cabinets supports the timeless look.

Black Countertops Black Hood Black Island Cabinets Red Brick Backsplash Brick Wall Backsplash Material

Photo Credit | Usable Space Interiors, LLC

This design, in which the black color is minimal but very effective, adds a unique look to the warm and inviting kitchen. White shaker cabinets and black countertops offer a timeless look while a red brick kitchen backsplash reflects the elegance of traditional style.

Red Brick Backsplash White Brick Wall White Shelves Black Bricks Black Appliances

Photo Credit | Reef Builders

The red brick kitchen backsplashes placed between the white shaker cabinets carry the charm of modern style while black stone countertops and light porcelain tiles create a harmonious look. On the other hand, it seems that high-end materials change the mood of the kitchen.

Red Brick Backsplash Red Brick Walls Kitchen Design White Brick Backsplash Ideas

Photo Credit | NV Kitchen and Bath

Quite frankly, the brick kitchen backsplash has been the most interesting point in this kitchen. Except for the dark wood floors, everything used is composed of white and tones of white, thus modernizing the design.

Whitewashed Brick Backsplash Brick Wall Painted Brick Backsplash Shaker Style Cabinets White Countertops

Photo Credit | Haggard Home Cabinetry & Design

White-painted brick backsplashes and white cabinets create a different texture and somehow add a rustic feel. Matching the color of the island cabinet with the hood also compromises the pendant hanging from the ceiling. The kitchen dazzles with white countertops, wooden floors, and most importantly black hardware and handles.

Black Brick Backsplash Brick Wall Brick Veneer Black Shaker Style Cabinets Farmhouse Kitchen

Photo Credit | Haggard Home Cabinetry & Design

We can see how black has an effect on the environment In this contemporary kitchen. Imagine a room where the black brick backsplash covers the whole wall that is blended with the paint texture of the hood and offering a different and stylish look. The only contrast to the black counters surrounding the farmhouse sink is the light wood floor.

Red Brick Backsplashes Green Shaker Style Cabinets Natural Light Farmhouse Kitchen Island

Photo Credit | Jennifer Ryan Design

Natural light enters this kitchen from the windows around the farmhouse sink in the corner which emphasizes the color of the green cabinetry. Plus, the red brick backsplash adds rustic charm to the kitchen while lights placed in various areas add character to the room.

White Shaker Style Cabinets Red Brick Wall Brown Brick Backsplash Farmhouse Kitchen

Photo Credit | Iris & Oak Interiors

This kitchen with red brick backsplash ideas adds character and charm while creating the focal point with custom-made white hoods and cabinets. Pairing the white kitchen cabinet with dark granite countertops to create a luxurious feel seems to add a different atmosphere.

Red Brick Backsplashes Brick Backsplash Brick Wall Farmhouse Kitchen White Brick Kitchen Design

Photo Credit | Pearce Scott Architects

Here is a comfortable and inviting kitchen with a design character. It satisfies the sense of luxury by scattering a few dark cabinets among the white shaker cabinets while contrasting it with its clean look. On the other hand, the fact that the brick backsplash continues up to the living room gives a feeling of infinity and offers a magnificent view.

Brick Backsplash Brick Wall Red Brick Wall Farmhouse Kitchen Shaker Style Cabinets Brick Backsplashes Gray Island Cabinets

Photo Credit |  Infinity Custom Homes, LP

In this farmhouse kitchen, red brick backsplashes under the shaker wall cabinets with black countertops reflect the beauty of its own style. A harmonious image has been created with the cylindrical pendant lights hanging from the ceiling, the black metal bar chairs, and the dark wood floor that complements them.

Whitewashed Brick Backsplash Exposed Brick White Brick Backsplash Kitchen Design Shaker Cabinets

Photo Credit | Arbogast Custom Homes

I don’t know what you think, but I think we are faced with a magnificent kitchen design. This design is created by completely covering the walls with brick backsplash and leaving the beams exposed which is on the list of rising trends. Respectively, the wood colors on the ceiling, the backsplash on the wall, the island cabinet, and the harmony of the floor is priceless.

Brick Backsplash Stainless Steel Appliances Painted Brick Backsplash White Brick Backsplash Shaker Style Cabinets Brick Floor

Photo Credit |  ID.ology Interiors & Design

It may not sound like a good idea to you, but putting brick on the kitchen floor is not a bad idea. Red brick floors are paired with off-white cabinets while gray brick backsplash creates a distinctive focal point between the cabinets and black countertops.

Red Brick Backsplash Options

Red brick backsplashes can add warmth, character, and rustic touch to your kitchen. Here are some choices to inspire your red brick backsplash ideas.

Classic Exposed Brick: For a timeless look, leave the red brick exposed without any additional finishes. This showcases the natural texture and color of the bricks and creates a traditional, rustic ambiance in the kitchen.

Whitewashed Brick: If you want a lighter, more contemporary feel, consider whitewashing the red brick. Dilute white paint and apply it to the bricks, allowing some of the red tones to show through. This creates a softer, more subdued appearance while still retaining the brick’s texture.

Painted Brick: If you prefer a specific color scheme, you can paint the red bricks to match your kitchen decor. Opt for a paint color that complements your cabinets, countertops, or overall theme. Consider neutral shades like gray, beige, or cream for a versatile and timeless look.

Brick Tiles: If you prefer a more uniform and streamlined look, consider using brick tiles. These thin slices of brick can be arranged in a variety of patterns, such as subway or basketweave. Brick tiles offer more flexibility in terms of size, color, and finish, allowing you to achieve the desired aesthetic.

Industrial Accents: Embrace the industrial charm of red brick by pairing it with metal accents. Consider incorporating metal shelving, pendant lights, or stainless steel appliances to enhance the industrial aesthetic of the kitchen.

Contrasting Elements: Create visual interest by combining the red brick with contrasting elements. For example, pair the brick with sleek, modern cabinets and countertops for a striking contrast of textures and styles.

White Brick Backsplash Options

White brick backsplash ideas can bring a clean, fresh, and modern look to your kitchen.

White Painted Brick: Opt for white bricks or paint traditional red bricks white to create a crisp and bright backsplash. This clean, monochromatic look works well in contemporary and minimalist kitchens.

Subway Tile Effect: Arrange rectangular white bricks in a classic subway tile pattern. This arrangement adds a touch of elegance and complements various kitchen styles. Use white grout to maintain a seamless, cohesive appearance.

Stacked Bond Pattern: Stack the white bricks vertically in a stacked bond pattern for a sleek and modern backsplash. This arrangement creates clean lines and a visually appealing texture while keeping the overall look minimalistic.

Whitewashed Effect: Apply a thin coat of white paint or diluted whitewash over the bricks to achieve a whitewashed effect. This technique allows some of the brick’s texture and color variations to show through, creating a soft and rustic look.

White Brick Tiles: Opt for white brick tiles instead of traditional bricks. Brick tiles offer a more uniform appearance and are available in various sizes and finishes. They can be arranged in different patterns such as stack bond, subway, or herringbone.

Contrasting Grout: Consider using dark-colored grout, such as gray or black, with white bricks. This creates a striking contrast and highlights the individual bricks, giving a contemporary and graphic look to your backsplash.

Mixed Materials: Combine white bricks with other materials, such as glass tiles or stainless steel accents, for a modern and eclectic design. Play with texture and finishes to create a visually interesting and unique backsplash.

Brick Backsplashes For Every Kitchen

Ultimately, whether the brick is a good choice for your kitchen backsplash depends on your personal preferences, the style you’re aiming for, and how well it complements the overall design and functionality of your kitchen. Brick backsplash ideas can serve as a starting point to inspire your creativity and help you design beautiful and unique brick backsplashes.