36 Fabulous Black Granite Countertops Design Ideas


Black granite kitchen countertops are still popular. On the other hand, black is the darkest shading, the aftereffect of the nonattendance or complete retention of light. It is truly shading without tone. Black speaks to a secret when it joins with white cabinetry by making extreme differentiation in the kitchen remodeling process that ends up amazing.

Black is required for every other shading to have profundity and a variety of tones. That’s why black granite countertops are still famous. Black is a color still royal among the others.

The combination of black and grey minerals makes up the bulk of these stones. This type of granite is almost pure black and it is very uniform. It is also generally very consistent when comes to color matching with the other slabs. The main content of the stone is dark grey mixed with black minerals which are also called silver pearl.

Dark Granite Counters White Shaker Cabinet Marble Subway Tile Backsplash Dark Hardwood Floor

Photo CreditThe Kitchen Company

This attractive kitchen featured with hardwood floor. The key is, to try to keep the contrast at a reasonable level. You can catch the same feeling by using green granite countertops as well.

Honed Black Granite Counters White Cabinet Dark Hardwood Floor Handles

Photo CreditDuffy Design Group

As you in this kitchen, brick or brick look backsplash came back in fashion and we don’t know how long will it go. Plus, pendant lights completed the remodeling job.

Black Pearl Counters Multi Color Stone Mosaic Backsplash Light Wood Cabinet Gray Porcelain Floor Tiles

Photo CreditGranBrazil

Contemporary look kitchen designed Black Pearl granite with eased edge. The backsplash is mixed gray as long as the floor tiles.

Black Countertops Metallic Subway Gray Backsplash Medium Dark Cabinet Porcelain Floor Tile

Photo CreditKitchen Solvers of Kansas City

Featuring rich dark accents and deep tones. This traditional kitchen featured dark cabinetry and a black granite kitchen countertop.

Farmhouse Sink Plank Floor Slate Backsplash

Photo CreditGranite Plus

That’s why it works equally nicely with white cabinets at the same time.

The Cosmic Black countertop provides a beautiful white swirl throughout the whole surface within the dominant black color.

On the other hand, Cosmic Black granite is also called Titanium granite lately and it comes in three different finishes. It is really nice to use the stone itself as a backsplash option but on the other hand, depending on the cabinet color you can pick always a little lighter tone than the countertop. For flooring, the best choice is hardwood and again depends on the cabinet colors. 

Cosmic Black Granite White Cabinets Light Hardwood Floor

Photo CreditClassic Granite & Marble

Light oak hardwood flooring is of course a big plus.

Cosmic Black Granite Tops Cherry Frameless Cabinetry Hand Cut Walnut Travertine Porcelain Floor Tiles

Photo CreditHomeTech Renovations

Travertine tiles as a backsplash with custom-made metal hood completed by cream porcelain floors.

Cosmic Black Granite White Cabinet Gray Natural Stone Subway Backsplash Tiles

Photo CreditAgeless Stoneworks

The beautiful grey color of subway natural stone tiles along with stainless steel appliances created perfect contrast. Moreover, the dark granite countertop is very eye-popping and you can see that we really like this kind of contrast.

Cosmic Black Countertops Dark Flat Panel Cabinets Pendant Lights Sink

Photo CreditMarblex Design International

Solid dark-stained cherry cabinets and Titanium (Cosmic Black) look perfect. On the other hand, light color tones for the backsplash are fascinating.

Cosmic Black Granite Tops Dark Cherry Wood Cabinetry Glass Mosaic Backsplash Hardwood Floor

Photo CreditRocky Mountain Stone Company

This is a great way to use Titanium (Cosmic Black) on the counters while avoiding the overload of the dark. So, using similar colors as a backsplash with dark cabinets looks phenomenal. The kitchen is also finished with a similar dark color to a cabinet which makes it a perfect conclusion.

This granite color is only available from Brazil and has a silver pattern running on a black background. Brazilian Black is a smooth-looking granite. It has a touch of some highlights and lowlights allowing for both a traditional and contemporary feel.


Brazilian Black Granite Counters White Cabinet Marble Subway Tile Backsplash Dark Hardwood Floor

Photo CreditThe Kitchen Company

The hardwood used for the floor custom stained rustic-looking material. Besides, the countertop is Brazilian Black granite. 

Brazilian Black Granite White Cabinet Cream Subway Backsplash Tile Dark Hardwood Floor

Photo Credit The Kitchen Company

The backsplash used behind the stove is a crackled porcelain tile with a subway style.

Black Granite Tops Shaker White Cabinets Subway Backsplash Tile Dark Hardwood Floor

Photo CreditLiz Schupanitz Designs

Another sample of the white cabinets and black granite countertop. 

Honed Brazilian Black Granite Dark Cabinet Cream Porcelain Floor Tile

Photo Credit Ownby Design

This is also a perfect example of black and brown combinations.

Black granite has a striking appearance that can make a bold statement in any kitchen. It can also be paired with a variety of cabinet colors and styles to create a cohesive look. Overall, black granite can be a great choice for kitchen countertops if you’re looking for a durable and stylish option. Just make sure to factor in the cost and maintenance requirements before making your final decision.

Black Granite Countertop Taupe Island White Kitchen Cabinet Motif Tile Backsplash Light Wood Floor

Photo CreditJula Cole Design

Black and natural color combined with natural wood tones and black granite countertop. If you want you can use brown granite countertops in this color combination which will be perfect also.

Black Granite Countertop Gray Cabinet White Subway Backsplash Porcelain Floor Tile

Photo CreditWood Kitchen and Bath

One kind of black granite countertop encompasses this kitchen, differentiating gray cabinets over gray porcelain flooring. 

Absolute Black Granite Countertops Farmhouse Sink Hood Backsplash Pendant Lights Wood Floor

Photo CreditTenhulzen Residential

Cherry shaker cabinetry and contrast with gray and red subway tiles, black granite countertops, and light natural hardwood flooring.

Honed Black Granite Countertop White Shaker Cabinet Porcelain Subway Backsplash Hardwood Floor

Photo CreditJ.S. Brown

Black granite is incredible in a minor departure from the exemplary highly contrasting kitchen.

Black Granite Countertop Gray Shaker Cabinet Beige Subway Backsplash Dark Wood Floor

Photo CreditTim Cuppett Architects

Brazilian Black granite countertop is also famous when it is honed and leathered finish options. It has been very popular for some customer who has a modern look in their kitchens.

Black Granite Countertop Gray Shaker Cabinet Mosaic Tile Backsplash Porcelain Floor

Photo CreditT. Jerulle Construction

Bargaining colors carry life alongside black granite to any space, and the kitchen is no special case. 

Black Granite Countertop White Shaker Cabinet Dark Hardwood Floor

Photo CreditMadson Design

With such an exceptional climate to it, the black of stone is ideal for acquiring a tad bit of the outside into your home and is certain to genuinely wow guests.

Black Honed Granite Countertop White Cabinet Subway Backsplash Dark Hardwood

Photo CreditWitt Construction

Hundreds, if not thousands, of little rocks, stones, and shakes make the base of this little creek. Delightful emotional examples are made by gold, dark, beige, gray, and tan-colored bits of shake. 

Honed Black Granite Countertop Dark Wood Cabinet Mosaic Backsplash Slate Stone Floor Tile

Photo CreditSuperior Cabinets

Venturing back, you let the water settle and are awed by the site underneath the surface.

Black Honed Granite Countertop White Cabinet Blue Subway Tile Backsplash Light Wood Floor

Photo CreditHowells Architecture + Design

Black granite tops convey life and color to any space, and the kitchen is no special case. On the other hand, white cabinets can consider the blue subway tiles to complete the plan.

One of the main things that attract people to this black granite could be very effectively. Black granite is one of the countertop ideas that is an example of reliable granite relevant for long-time usage.

Black Granite Countertop White Cabinet Dark Porcelain Floor Tile Stone Backsplash

Photo CreditStoneshop

Pure Black Absolute granite and white natural wood cabinetry. The black and white combination is natural stone subway tiles which creates the perfect transition for a black kitchen design.

Black Granite Countertop Glossy Front Dark Cabinet Gray Subway Backsplash Tile

Photo CreditBernbaum-Magadini Architects

This color scheme of gray, black, and beige. On the other hand, black granite combined perfectly with gray subway tiles.

Leather Finish Countertop Rustic Finish Light Wood Cabinets Medium Dark Hardwood Floor

Photo CreditHomeTech Renovations

Natural wood cabinetry and a peninsula combined with natural wall painting add to the kitchen design.

 Black Tops Full High Hardwood Floor

Photo CreditPanageries

Here’s a classic kitchen decked out in cherry with black granite and a striking black slab over the hardwood flooring. On the other hand, gray quartz countertops can be used to give similar feelings.

Black Tops Medium Tone Dark Glazed Wood Cabinet Cream Backsplash Floor Tile

Photo CreditTim Wood Limited

Black granite countertops and the same stone full-height backsplash along with cream porcelain floor tile.

Absolute Black Cream Subway Tile Backsplash Medium Tone Wood Cabinet Hardwood Floor

Photo CreditCRS Marble & Granite

The Absolute Black countertops with travertine tiles also add a nice accent to the room.

Cream Cabinet Natural Stone Backsplash Dark Hardwood Floor Black Tops

Photo CreditLevantina USA

These elegant Absolute Black countertops in this kitchen separate the white of the cabinets and shield them from being overwhelming. 

Cherry Shaker Cabinets Multicolored Mosaic Tile Backsplash Light Floor Tiles Black Galaxy

Photo CreditAnna Jacoby Interiors

The cream floor fits the cherry cabinet’s equipment and Black Galaxy countertops. Also, the whole walls are secured with slate-mixed mosaic tiles including behind the stove.

Cabinet Backsplash Light Cream Hardwood Floor

Photo CreditJoel Kelly Design

Black materials beauty features renovation power off the timeless maintain to no stains creating to remodel contact.

Honed Granite Countertops White Cabinet Dark Cherry Hardwood Floor

Photo CreditRetreat Design

Supreme black granites come likewise two different completions which are honed and leathered. They expect to give the provincial old conventional kitchen look in the room

Granite Countertop Dark Raised Panel Cabinet Hardwood Floor

Photo CreditCabinet-S-Top

This beautiful kitchen makes great use of reflective surfaces to add interest and brighten the room. Moreover, the black granite counters and barstools bring weight to this broad room and complement the striking wood floor.

Black Pearl Light Wood Cabinet Gray Ceramic Backsplash Hardwood Floor

Photo CreditMerrimack Stone Industries

Keeping the high-gloss finish of the wall tiles and Absolute Black granite countertops the same throughout the kitchen. Besides, it helps to reflect the light for this small kitchen further into the room.

It is also important how to care for this beautiful natural stone after installed in your kitchen. It is a very easy process anybody can do it by themselves. Before start using, clean the surface with soap and water and continue to use it again.

You will be able to enjoy a countertop that functions great for you for a longer period of time with the proper maintenance

Black granite countertops are perfect with white cabinets. They are a continuing kitchen top pick, regardless of whether you are introducing them now or painting existing cabinets for an inspiring difference in pace. White cabinets pair well with a substantial assortment of many black stone examples. White and some lighter cabinets would be the right direction for black granite but there are some other applications that are seen such as light cherry or light green colors as well. White cabinets create a bold contrast and dark cabinets create an elegant look for black granite countertops.

Planning kitchens with black granite and white cabinetry is a striking choice for homeowners. White and black are delightful and flies of shading, dark hardwood floor, and white&gray tiles blended. Individuals most likely think black is the correct inverse of white inside and out, with regards to countertops they really have fundamentally the same as to feel. When you join the black granite world white cabinetry will never leave style.

  • Absolute Black
  • Black Pearl
  • Black Galaxy
  • Brazilian Black
  • Cosmic Black
  • Impala Black
  • Black Marinace
  • Virginia Mist
  • India Black