43 Exciting Gold Color Granite Countertops Ideas (Gold Trend!)


Why are gold color granite countertops so popular? Granite is formed in various color mixtures. Gold is the perfect granite color to fit many projects. But recently, gold has been used more and more in man-made quartz to accentuate the white color.

Yellow and earth tones are generally matched many things we use in our homes or kitchen. When we look at the last 30 years trend, kitchen cabinets showed a big change. This means gold color granite kitchen countertops and similar tones are still popular and still will be used for kitchen design.

Top Trend Gold Granite Colors

Gold color granite kitchen countertops were always famous then and now. One of the most famous gold granite is Santa Cecilia. Since the color trend went from dark to white gold granite remains popular. After years of usage, gold granite still attracts the attention of many designers. Gold metal already is very attractive as a color. 

Splendor Gold is an amazing color that has an overwhelming gem with an overpowering quality to use in kitchens.

Splendor Granite Countertop Dark Cherry Cabinet Mosaic Tile Backsplash Hardwood Floor

Photo CreditCapstone Marble and Granite

The around structured modern and useful kitchen including Splendor Gold counters and two separate cabinetry colors. 

Splendor Gold Granite Countertop Dark Cabinet Hardwood Floor Farm Sink

Photo CreditArchitectural Justice

Perfectly created Splendor Gold tops and utilizing the light darker cabinetry make the room colorful. Great gold and brown granite countertop.

Splendor Gold Granite Countertop Backsplash Gray Cabinet Dark Floor

Photo CreditCounter Culture

Splendor Gold Granite owns the intense expression in this kitchen alongside shaker cabinets. In addition, multi-colored tiles are eye-getting with porcelain floor tiles.

Splendor Gold Leather Granite Countertop White Cabinet Mosaic Tile Backsplash Porcelain Floor

Photo CreditCosmos Marble and Granite

Splendor Gold granite has an alternate example which is a major piece of unadulterated white segments just like the little strong dark parts. 

Splendor Gold Granite Countertop White Kitchen Dark Island Cabinet Multi Color Tile Backsplash

Photo CreditReal Stone and Granite Corporation

Tumbled travertine and Splendor Gold granite complement each other. It creates a slight contrast in the medium-tone floor tiles, creating a beautiful image.

It has a comparable look to St. Cecilia Classic’s prevalent, yet the example isn’t as tight. Giallo Rio granite has unbiased tones that go well with an assortment of enlivening choices which makes it speak to numerous customers. It is additionally known for its shocking rich brilliant tones.

Giallo Rio Granite Countertop White Cabinet Dark Harwood Floor Subway Stone Beige Backsplash Tile

Photo CreditRebecca Driggs Interiors

Encompassing beige color travertine tiles, while stainless steel appliances coordinate in the floor.

Giallo Rio Granite Countertop Natural Stone Travertine Backsplash Dark Cabinet Farm Sink

Photo CreditTuran Designs

Giallo Rio granite looks like a shining star under this pendant light.

Giallo Rio Granite Countertop White Kitchen Dark Island Cabinet Hardwood Floor Natural Stone Backsplash

Photo CreditBloomday Granite

This kitchen has a feeling of complexities: medium-tone cabinetry with Giallo Rio golden color granite kitchen countertop is combined with a dark-colored wood island with a similar color top. Also, porcelain cream flooring includes a modern style.

Giallo Rio Granite Countertop Travertine Subway Backsplash Cherry Cabinet Cream Floor Tile

Photo CreditEstate Cabinetry

Another incredible case of tiles combined with cherry cabinetry, this kitchen includes a champion homestead sink with Giallo Rio granite tops and an island.

Giallo Rio Granite Countertop Cabinet Natural Stone Backsplash Farm Sink Hardwood Floor

Photo CreditLenton Company, Inc.

Complexity and example all rely upon a specific section that you are searching for stone counters. Gold color granite kitchen countertops can open up most of the space to act as connecting elements.

Giallo Rio Granite Countertop Brown Travertine Backsplash

Photo CreditTuran Designs

Splendid, open plan throughout this kitchen, standing white cabinetry, Giallo Rio granite, and subway tiles over the medium-tone hardwood flooring.

Giallo Rio Granite Countertop Cream Glazed Plank Hardwood Floor Brick Backsplash

Photo CreditCabinet-S-Top

The design and color combinations are presented as white granite countertops in this kitchen.

This stone has a total one-of-a-kind color mix to permit homeowners to settle on their choice rapidly. 

Giallo Napoli Granite Countertop White Shaker Cabinet

Photo CreditTuran Designs

Giallo Napoli granite countertops against white cabinets to keep the prep territory of this kitchen clean with stainless steel appliances. 

Giallo Napoli Granite Countertop Travertine Subway Style Backsplash Hardwood Floor Black

Photo CreditCase Design/Remodeling

White kitchen cabinetry is an individual touch by picking hardwood floors to pull the required difference in the room.

Giallo Napoli Granite Countertop Plank Floor Beige Backsplash

Photo CreditKleppinger Design Group

There are various ways to approach Giallo Napoli Gold color granite kitchen countertops.

Giallo Napoli Granite Countertop Full Height Backsplash Cherry Cabinet Dark Hardwood Floor

Photo CreditONE21 Kitchen Consulting & DESIGN

Dark cabinets have been the directing decision for new kitchens. On the other hand, frequently supplanting old countertops by Giallo Napoli granite countertops looked dated.

Giallo Napoli Granite Countertop Dark Maple Cabinet Cream Travertine Tile Porcelain Floor

Photo CreditCabinet Artistry

Adding a contract is one of the easiest ways by picking an unexpected material comparison to utilize for the countertops. On the other hand, it will be the place a great deal of sustenance prep and engagement happens, yet dark hardwood floors are what this kitchen required.

Giallo Napoli Granite Countertop White Cabinet Gray Subway Backsplash Tile Dark Hardwood Floor

Photo CreditCase Design/Remodeling

The kitchen island frequently includes a sizable piece of Giallo Napoli granite top. So this can be utilized deliberately to light up space or include the detail that supplements unadulterated white cabinets.

Giallo Napoli Granite Countertop Dark Shaker Cabinet Mosaic Tile Backsplash

Photo CreditCarl Mattison Design

Giallo Napoli appears as an earth-toned granite with dark cherry cabinets and a grey/beige mixed glass backsplash.

Giallo Napoli Granite Countertop Gray Tile Backsplash Cream Cabinet Dark Hardwood Floor

Photo CreditCase Design/Remodeling

Stainless steel sinks have been kitchen backbones and the equivalent immortal look which makes an interpretation.

Giallo Napoli Granite Countertop White Shaker Cabinet Natural Stone Backsplash

Photo CreditCharter Building Group

White cabinets can accomplish that unadulterated white look with dark black handles. 

Giallo Napoli Granite Countertop White Shaker Cabinet Dark Hardwood Floor Full Height Backsplash

Photo CreditSylco Cabinetry

This granite is used to call New Venetian Gold. On the other hand, yellow and white examples with chocolate chips with darker spots were spotted all through the stone. It has a comparative look to the prevalent, St. Cecilia Classic, however, the example isn’t as tight. 

Magma Gold is an extraordinary stone quarried in Brazil. This granite is a dazzling mix of dark, charcoal, rust, and gold of high variety. These veins can demonstrate a more grounded tone or a lighter one. This stone is one of the most out-of-control granite the stone market has. It has an extremely irregular design to it.

Magma Gold Granite Countertop Dark Hardwood Floor Cabinet White Stone Backsplash Tile

Photo CreditYK Stone Center

Magma Gold exhibits an exceptionally interesting example: huge gold veins move over a medium-tone foundation.

Magma Gold Granite Countertop Dark Wood Flooring Cream Stone Backsplash Brown Cabinet

Photo CreditYK Stone Center

Especially, it gives black granite countertop effect in this kitchen with all other color combinations.

Magma Gold Granite Countertop Backsplash Oak Cabinet Hardwood Floor

Photo CreditNorthern Stone

U shape kitchen paired with Magma Gold color granite kitchen countertops and light color hardwood floorings.

Magma Gold Granite Countertop Dark Brown Cabinet Gray Floor Tile

Photo CreditMarble of the World

This bright dark traditional kitchen features Magma Gold counters which allow an open dining room area at left. On the other hand, because of the color combination stone tops also give a green granite countertop effect.

Magma Gold Granite Countertop White Cabinet Cream Backsplash Tile Dark Hardwood Floor

Photo CreditWebber Coleman Woodworks

This kitchen features a strong balance between various modern elements such as Magma Gold tops and white color tiles which complement each other perfectly.

Magma Gold Granite Countertop White Cabinet Multi Color Tile Backsplash

Photo CreditLaura Vlaming | Arkiteriors

The floor is covered in smooth cream marble tiles and matching Magma Gold tops with the rest of the kitchen.

Magma Gold Granite Countertop Rustic Dark Cabinet Cream Floor Tile

Photo CreditAGS Granite

Magma Gold granite colors and sporting both a full high slabs from the same stone and plenty of space for in-kitchen dining.

Magma Gold Granite Countertop Backsplash Glazed Cream Cabinet Dark Hardwood Floor.pg

Photo CreditDesign Line Kitchens

A large island centers this kitchen over red cherry hardwood flooring, with a rich Magma Gold countertop and brown ceramic tiles.

Magma Gold Granite Countertop Cream Cabinet Subway Tile Backsplash Light Hardwood Floor

Photo CreditEuropean Stone Tile & Design

A different application of color went well with Magma Gold color granite kitchen countertops.

Magma Gold Granite Countertop White Kitchen Brown Island Cabinet Stone Mosaic Tile Backsplash

Photo CreditM.J. Whelan Construction

We love Magma Gold with the sleek texture of the two-tone cabinetry which combines well in this kitchen.

Magma Gold Granite Countertop Dark Brown Cabinet Glass Subway Backsplash Tile Pocelain Floor


Magma Gold color granite kitchen countertops made a remarkable effect on this wide-open kitchen.

Magma Gold Granite Countertop White Cabinet Cream Subway Backsplash Tile

Photo CreditMacLaren Kitchen and Bath

Rich natural Magma Gold countertops and light hardwood flooring.

Magma Gold Granite Countertop Dark Brown Shaker Cabinet Multi Color Tile Backsplash

Photo CreditOhio Property Brothers

Indeed, warm dark wood cabinetry contrasts the cream travertine flooring in this large, open-plan outside grill area. Also, Magma Gold tops made a good color matching.

Santa Cecilia generally has significantly more gold and dark spots than other similar stones. The predominant colors of St. Cecilia will be yellow, white, and dark burgundy. The gold granite colors are so extraordinary to be seen first when you see this stone. It can appear to be unique for the duration of the day and has distinctive lighting. The colors would appear to be unique each time depending on the daylight and time.

Fabricator experts like us are keen on finding out about color blends with regard to kitchen and shower redesigning. Most homeowners like St. Cecilia in view of the light foundation and gold colors joined the general plan.

Santa Cecilia Gold Granite Countertop White Cabinet Multi Color Tile Backsplash

Photo CreditCase Design/Remodeling, Inc

The exemplary unadulterated white works with the present prominent St. Cecilia Gold countertops in the scope of configuration styles. On the other hand, the main cabinets were created with a cutting-edge look, and the island was implanted with a vintage-motivated style.

Santa Cecilia Gold Granite Countertop Dark Cabinet Hardwood Floor

Photo CreditCase Design

Burgundy and white colors in the stone make a blend of contemporary and customary highlights, with wonderful yellow tones that fit delightfully in numerous kitchen structure applications.

Santa Cecilia Gold Granite Countertop White Cabinet Mosaic Tile Backsplash

Photo CreditHammer Design Build Remodeling

This kitchen catches people’s consideration by coloring blends and agreement in a striking plan for kitchen renovation. Additionally, St. Cecilia Gold granite describes how to make ideal kitchen splendor.

Santa Cecilia Gold Granite Countertop Dark Hardwood Floor White Kitchen Cabinet Gray Subway Backsplash

Photo CreditMid-Atlantic Custom Builders

The enormous kitchen with dark brown colored and white cabinets permits one to make differentiation by utilizing Santa Cecilia Gold granite tops.

Santa Cecilia Gold Granite Countertop Cream Cabinet Dark Wood Floor Beige Backsplash Tile

Photo CreditCabinet-S-Top

A plausible and breezy kitchen structured with Santa Cecilia Gold granite and white cabinets. Moreover, this kitchen planned to be more shading cordial, as an uncluttered space with clean lines.

Santa Cecilia Granite Countertop Cherry Dark Wood Cabinet Beige Travertine Tile Backsplash

Photo CreditStoneshop

To go along, Santa Cecilia Gold granite is including an additional dash of warm extravagance. Blue marble quartz materials are from Brazil black colonial light golden Madura Gold.

Granite colors which are starting with gold, definitely contain the colors of yellow and variations. That’s why granite manufacturers would like to give the golden name when they see yellowish color on the surface of the stone. On the other hand, the prices of gold-colored granites are generally not too expensive. Generally, the cost of the most common gold granite countertop colors is between $40 to $50 per square foot installed. Granite is such stone that is so much production in the stone market and the price is often low when compared to other stone products.

Gold granite countertop is one of the products used more than any other color of granite, especially in the kitchen. Kitchen counter prices vary according to the model you choose and the size of the area you will make. However, our average prices start for golden granite countertop colors from $1600 and go upwards. Neutral and elegant blue slab decor gallery posts for dream kitchens.

The gold pattern has combined quartz materials which are very popular and free from black dots. This design is wall-free ideas and patterns which has golden accents slabs.

It is our natural right to protect the granite countertop that we have received in our house. It needs similar or the same care as whatever we bought for ourselves. So, the same way applies to granite if we try to protect it as we have just received it under the first-day conditions.

The most important problem you may face with granite is staining.  A lot of granite is porous and if not observed it may get stained on the surface. For those times comes, we have to be ready which means sealing the gold granite countertop periodically.

Here are some popular golden color granite countertop names;

New Venetian Gold, Santa Cecilia Gold, Kashmir Gold, Magma Gold, Splendor Gold, Namib Gold, Carioca Gold, Colonial Gold, Brazilian Gold, Madura Gold, Golden Crystal, Sunny Gold, Almond Gold, Solarius, Savanna Gold, Lapidus, Caravelas Gold and many more.

The color selection of kitchen cabinets is very important. First, the kitchen cabinets should be selected, and the appropriate stone countertop color. 

When choosing the color of the granite countertop you may have two options depending on how are you going to design it. One of them is the kitchen cabinets which are in place-not new. We called them existing cabinets. The other option is brand-new cabinets. It is absolutely necessary to keep this in mind when designing, for example choosing the color of the golden granite countertop.

Brazil marble patterns are the most popular design ideas for kitchen countertop slabs.