36 Fabulous Black Granite Countertops Design Ideas

Black granite kitchen countertops are still popular. On the other hand, black is the darkest shading, the aftereffect of the nonattendance or complete retention of light. It is truly a shading without tone. Black speaks to a secret, when it joins with white color cabinetry by making extreme differentiation in kitchen remodeling process ends up amazing.

Concurring a few talks, black isn’t a color yet white is the color. Black is required for every other shading to have profundity and variety of tone.That’s why black granite countertops are still famous. Black granite countertops that are gorgeous and can be the center of the activity, or other elements in the room can take the action.

Black countertops can also bring a rich, natural, high-end appeal to any kitchen. These stones aren’t totally black; they have a slight grey and even green tones in it. Black is a color still royal among the others.

One of the main thing that attracts the people is this black granite could be very effective when they use for their kitchen remodeling projects. They are also reasonably uniform in their color and can range from a medium gray to a slightly dark grey. Dark, black granites have always been a favorite color among the homeowners and builders in many many years. Even though black color granites lost their strength over the years but they are still popular.

Black granite is one of the countertop ideas which is an example of reliable granite which is relevant for long-time usage.

Pearl in the Dark: The combination of the black and grey mineral makes up the bulk of these stones. Black Pearl granite is almost pure black and it is very uniform. It is also generally very consistent when comes to color matching with the other slabs. The main content of the stone is dark grey mixed with black minerals which are also called a silver pearl.

Backsplash ideas, cream, and white tones are preferable with either subway-style or regular 4X4 tiles. For flooring ideas, medium floor color will be perfect either tile or hardwood. Black Pearl granite countertops are an example of reliable granite which is relevant for long-time usage.

black pearl granite kitchen countertops dark cabinets

Photo CreditAlfano Renovations | Kitchen & Bath Showroom

This attractive kitchen featured with porcelain tile floor. The key is, try to keep the contrast with reasonable level. When you combined Black Pearl with cherry cabinets backsplash soft contrast should be caught. You can catch same feeling by using green granite countertops as well.

black pearl granite countertops white cabinets

Photo CreditRebekkah Ziel

Marvelous kitchen designed with biscotti color cabinets and Black Pearl granite countertops. As you in this kitchen, brick or brick look backsplash came back in fashion and we don’t know how long will it go. Besides, this backsplash works very well with dark counters and white cabinets. Plus, stainless steel appliances and pendant lights completed the remodeling job.

honed black pearl granite white cabinets

Photo Credit | The Vintage Bean

Contemporary look kitchen designed honed Black Pearl granite with eased edge. The wall color paint is off-yellow. When it comes modern kitchen paint color is very very important please keep in your mind while remodeling modern kitchen.

black pearl granite kitchen countertops white cabinets

Photo CreditBKC Kitchen and Bath

Featuring rich dark accents and deep tones. This traditional kitchen featured with white cabinets and Black Pearl granite countertops. This countertop is one of the example of reliable granite which seems to keep its trend to serve more for our kitchens in the future as well.

black pearl granite kitchen countertops white backsplash

Photo Credit | The Cabinet Studio

One of the Black Pearl granite countertop is to make with two different color cabinets. That’s why it works equally nicely with white and darker cabinets at the same time.

Black bedrock decorated with white swirls just like an ocean wave throughout the slab. Cosmic Black granite provides a beautiful white swirl throughout the whole surface within the dominated black color.

On the other hand, Cosmic Black granite is also called Titanium granite lately and it comes three different finish. They are regular polish finish, leather finish and honed finish. These three finishes are very popular for Titanium(Cosmic Black) granite.

Well here are some tricks when you are picking the color combinations. For cabinets, Titanium(Cosmic Black) granite can go so well with any light to medium colored cabinets. It is usually good with white cabinets but if you apply dark cabinets it looks really elegant. For the backsplash, it is really nice to use the stone itself as a backsplash option but on the other hand, depends on the cabinet color you can pick always a little lighter tone than the countertop. For flooring, the best choice is hardwood and again depends on the cabinet colors. Finally, the price for the Cosmic Black(Titanium) granite is about $50 per square foot.

cosmic black granite countertops gray cabinets

Photo CreditDreammaker Bath &Kitchen

Beautiful kitchen with ultra painted cabinets and lovely Cosmic Black granite countertop matched perfectly. Lovely grey tile backsplash surrounded all the walls between the cabinets and countertops which make the kitchen neat looking. Light oak hardwood flooring is of course a big plus.

cosmic black granite kitchen countertops white cabinets

Photo CreditKon-strux Developments

Amazing kitchen designed with white cabinets and Cosmic Black granite countertops. White subway tiles as a backsplash with custom made bronze metal hood completed by dark hardwood flooring. Besides, inspiration for a contemporary kitchen white cabinets, stainless steel appliances, an under mount sink, and dark hardwood floors are outstanding.

cosmic black granite countertops gray backsplash white cabinets

Photo Credit | Ohana Construction

Stunning kitchen with white cabinets and Cosmic Black granite countertop looks marvelous. Light oak hardwood flooring and stainless steel appliances suited in a nice way. Beautiful grey color subway porcelain tiles along with stainless steel appliances created perfect contrast. Moreover, the contrast of white cabinets to the dark granite countertop is very eye-popping and you can see that we really like this kind of contrast.

cosmic black granite cherry cabinets

Photo CreditMarblex Design International

One of the Cosmic Black granite countertop kitchen design ideas is to make it with dark espresso color cabinets and light oak hardwood flooring. Solid dark stained cherry cabinets and Titanium (Cosmic Black) granite look perfect. On the other hand, light color tones for the backsplash is fascinating.

titanium granite brown cabinets and flooring

Photo CreditGranite Grannies

This is a great way to use a Titanium (Cosmic Black) granite on the counters while avoiding the overload dark. So, using the same stone as a backsplash with dark cabinets looks phenomenal. Kitchen is also finished with similar dark color like a cabinets which males it perfect conclusion.

This granite color is only available from Brazil and has a silver pattern running on a black background. Brazilian Black is a smooth looking granite. It has a touch of some highlights and lowlights allowing for both a traditional and contemporary feel. This stone has white and light shades of gray that are the dominant effect throughout the stone.

Brazilian Black granite countertop is also famous when it’s honed and leathered finish options. It has been very popular for some customer who has a modern look in their kitchens.


brazilian black granite countertops white cabinets

Photo CreditCrisp Architects

The painting over the wall is grey color. The hardwood used for floor custom stained rustic looking material. Besides, the countertop is Brazilian Black granite. This is also same feelings you can it from gray quartz countertops.

honed brazilian black granite kitchen countertops white cabinets

Photo Credit Case Design/Remodeling

The backsplash used behind the stove is a crackled porcelain tile with subway style. Additionally, Brazilian Black countertops combined with white cabinets and cream wall color which create an amazing effect.

honed brazilian black granite white cabinets dark floors

Photo CreditRobert Paige Cabinetry

Another sample of the white cabinets and leathered(honed) Brazilian Black granite countertop. The only difference is that using white plain wood backsplash change the overall appearance for this kitchen.

honed brazilian black granite kitchen countertops

Photo Credit Paul Moon Design

Moreover, white backsplash subway tile decorated with honed Brazilian Black with white oak planks finished floors. This is also a perfect example for black and white combinations.

It would seem that base of the river beds with brimming with the rocks. This stone, as a rule, isn’t just strikingly delightful, it’s adaptable in look, heat-safe and fantastically solid.

Envision strolling through the forested areas, following the beams of sun to your next goal, when abruptly your foot lands with a delicate sprinkle. Looking down, you understand you have pondered into a brook that has the clearest water you’ve found in a long time. Venturing back, you let the water settle and are awed by the site underneath the surface. Hundreds, if not thousands, of little rocks, stones and shakes make the base of this little creek. Delightful emotional examples made by gold, dark, beige, gray and tan colored bits of shake. Black Marinace rock, otherwise called Golden Marinace, catches the careful embodiment of the waterway cleaned stones.

With such an exceptional climate to it, Black Marinace stone is ideal for acquiring a tad bit of the outside into your home and is certain to genuinely wow guests. Black Marinace granite is incredible in a minor departure from the exemplary highly contrasting kitchen.

Photo Credit |  Stoneshop

Black and natural color combined with natural wood tones and Black Marinace granite countertop. If you want you can use brown granite countertops in this color combinations which will be perfect also.

black marinace granite kitchen countertops

Photo Credit Granite Grannies

One of a kind Black Marinace countertops encompass this kitchen, differentiatingwhite cabinets over dark hardwood normal flooring. Treated steel appliances and modern pendant light over the L shape two dimension island look flawless.

Photo Credittinkerthinker

White wood cabinetry and island contrast with mosaic tile backsplash, Black Marinace granite countertops, and light natural hardwood flooring.

Photo CreditUlrich

Amazing Black Marinace countertops combination with medium cabinet color.

black marinace granite countertops slate backsplash

Photo CreditChristian Gladu Design

Black Marinace granite countertop center island along with slate looking backsplash look very attractive.

black marinace granite countertops dark cabinets

Photo CreditWitt Construction

Bargaining colors carry life alongside Black Marinace granite to any space, and the kitchen is no special case. What’s more, dark and light brown colored shading mixes can ponder the beiges backsplash and dark appliances into the structure.

black marinace granite counters white cabinets

Photo CreditBrooke Mitchell-Sikora

While nitty gritty installations can highlight a two tone kitchen cabinets, your room will look awesome with basic Black Marinace counters. Besides, it will include a character if it is used cream granite countertops alongside pleasantly done oak hardwood flooring.

black marinace granite countertops white cabinets

Photo CreditPrince Kitchens

Black Marinace granite countertop fits perfectly with cream cabinets and light cherry hardwood floors.

black marinace granite countertops cream backsplash white cabinets

Photo CreditCederberg Kitchens & Additions

Dark brown center island cabinets and white kitchen cabinets work wonderful in this sleek design. Furthermore, Black Marinace granite countertops and beige travertine tile backsplash combined with light hardwood floors.

black marinace granite kitchen countertops white cabinets

Photo CreditQuartz & Granite Countertops

Black Marinace tops convey life and color to any space, and the kitchen is no special case. On the other hand, white cabinets can consider the beiges floor tiles and complete into the plan.

Supreme Black Absolute granite comes likewise two different completions which are honed and leathered. They expect to give provincial old conventional kitchen look in the room.

Photo CreditHatfield Builders

Pure Black Absolute granite and white natural wood cabinetry. The backsplash is 1×2 glass mosaic tile which create perfect transition.

Photo Creditajni Alex Design

This color scheme of white, grey, black and beige. On the other hand, Absolute Black granite combined perfectly with mosaic tile backsplash.

Photo CreditUrrutia Design

White wood cabinetry and peninsula contrast with dark subway tile backsplash, Absolute Black tops, and light natural hardwood flooring.

honed absolute black granite white cabinets

Photo Creditseattlehometours.com

Here’s a corner kitchen decked out in white cherry wood with Absolute Black granite and striking white subway backsplash over dark hardwood flooring. On the hand, gray quartz countertops can be used to give similar feelings.

absolute balck granite countertops carrara marble backsplash

Photo CreditNeumann Mendro Andrulaitis Architects

Absolute Black granite counters and a Carrara marble subway tile backsplash.

absolute black granite countertops white cabinets

Photo Creditseattlehometours.com

Absolute Black granite countertop with blue painting also add nice accent to the room.

absolute black granite kitchen countertops

Photo CreditRufty Custom Built Homes and Remodeling

Absolute Black granite counters in this kitchen separate the white of the cabinets and shield it from being overwhelming. Furthermore, the light wood of the floor and the island counter warm up the room while the uniquely crafted hardened steel hood includes a pinch of emphasize.

absolute black polished granite countertops white carrara subway backsplash

Photo CreditStewart Thomas Design-Build

The dark hardwood floor fits the white cabinet’s equipment and Absolute Black granite. Also, the whole walls secured with White Carrara subway style tile backsplash including behind the hood. Silver articulations in the installations, appliances, and hood include visual intrigue while no wall cabinets where the windows are.

absolute black granite kitchen countertops shaker white cabinets

Photo CreditLondon Bay Homes

Contemporary look white wood cabinetry subtleties possess large amounts of this kitchen highlighting huge Absolute Black granite topped island underneath coffered raised roof detail. Besides, Emerald Pearl granite backsplash tiles complimented by reflecting to black countertop with gray porcelain floor tile.

absolute black granite cream color backsplash

Photo CreditBradford Design

This open traditional kitchen utilizes the large island to widen up the space. On the other hand, counterbalancing this with Absolute Black granite counters match perfectly with cream mosaic tile backsplash.

absolute black granite kitchen counters white cabinetry

Photo CreditLamperti Contracting & Design

This beautiful kitchen makes great use of reflective surfaces to add interest and brighten the room. Moreover, the Absolute Black granite counters and barstools bring weight to this broad room and complement the striking wood floor.

absolute black granite countertops white cabinets white backsplash

Photo CreditHarte Remodels

Keeping the high-gloss finish of the backsplash and Absolute Black granite counters the same throughout the kitchen. Besides, it helps to reflect the light for this small kitchen further into the room.

It is also important how to care for this beautiful natural stone after installed in your kitchen. I would recommend to seal it once year with the sealer which is good for black granite surfaces. It is a very easy process anybody can do it by themselves. Basically, pour the liquid(sealer) top of the countertop and wiped it off with a paper towel till absorb everything by stone and leave it overnight. Before start using, clean the surface with soap and water and continue to use it again.

How to take care honed black granite countertops? Honed or leathered finish countertops are no different than the polish ones. Just put sealer more often and pick the one which is good for those finishes that’s all.  You will be able to enjoy a countertop that functions great for you a longer period of time with the proper maintenance. In the end, the care that you put into the surfaces will come back as increased enjoyment with the kitchen where you are having most of your time.

Black granite countertops are perfect with white cabinets. They are a continuing kitchen top pick, regardless of whether you are introducing them now or painting existing cabinets for an inspiring difference in pace. White cabinets pair well with a substantial assortment of many black stone examples. White and some lighter cabinets would be the right direction for black  granite but there some other applications seen such as light cherry or light green colors as well. White cabinets create bold contrast and dark cabinets create elegant look for black granite countertops.

How to select right cabinets, backsplash and floor combinations when you use black granite countertops? Since these stones have more variety then the other granite options, so white cabinets, and grey color backsplash would be suitable for kitchen designing. Black granite countertops are one of the unique color combinations which could go either white cabinets or dark ones without hesitations.
In planning kitchen with black granite and white cabinetry are striking choice by homeowners. White and black are delightful which flies of shading, dark hardwood floor and white&gray backsplash blended. Individuals most likely think black is the correct inverse of white inside and out, with regards to countertops they really have a fundamentally the same as to feel. When you join the black granite world with white cabinetry will never leave style.

White subway tiles, dark white-gray blended mosaic tiles, dark or black color subway tiles could be the best backsplash choices for black granite countertops and white cabinetry kitchens. On the off chance that you need brilliant room better to utilize light color backsplash, or on the off chance that you need current look attempt to utilize darker color backsplash supplement your taste. For backsplash ideas, subway tile backsplash would cover all the concerns regarding what to put. Carrara marble backsplash and glass subway backsplash would be the other alternatives.

  • Absolute Black
  • Black Pearl
  • Black Galaxy
  • Brazilian Black
  • Cosmic Black
  • Impala Black
  • Black Marinace
  • Virginia Mist
  • India Black