25 Breathtaking Black Quartz Countertops


Black quartz countertops can add a sleek and modern touch to your kitchen. The combination of black and white creates a classic and timeless look. Using the black quartz countertops as a backdrop to showcase colorful elements in your kitchen. 

Remember to consider the overall style and color scheme of your kitchen when incorporating black quartz countertops. It’s important to create a cohesive and balanced design that reflects your personal taste and complements the rest of your kitchen elements.

Black Quartz Countertops Design Ideas Black Veins Eye Catching Surface Durable Polished Dark Stone

Photo Credit | Parcels Design Studio

The modernity that the black island countertop added to the kitchen provided a luxurious look. The original look of black with the contribution of light wood floors, and the combination of black and white cabinets look very stylish.

Black Quartz Countertops Sleek And Modern Appearance Black Quartz Counters Kitchen Countertops Low Maintenance Elegance Shine Space Subtle

Photo Credit | Chelsea Building Group

A black countertop with white veins creates a focal point with its marble look. In this kitchen, where completely black cabinets are preferred, light wood floors and white backsplashes add elegance to the space.

Scratch Resistant Black Quartz Countertop Materials Incredibly Durable Bold Statement Ideal Choice Style Light Elegant


You see a beautiful example of extraordinary kitchen design. Modern-looking shiplap backsplashes have covered the wall instead of the hood and cabinets where the stove is located. A stylish look is provided with the pendants on the black quartz island top with thick miter edges and the bar stools around it.

Black Sparkle Quartz Countertops Just A Few Reasons White Veins Countertop Scratches Marble Great Choice Gold Complement

Photo Credit | K and Q Interiors

This T-shaped home office is in perfect harmony with the white-veined black quartz countertop. A stylish environment is created with the glass front black cabinets on the counter and the shiplap wall coverings on the side of the cabinets.

Contemporary Kitchen Design Black Quartz Countertops Soft Cloth Natural Stones White Cabinetry Pure Black Most People Perfect Choice

Photo Credit | DDK Kitchen Design Group

The modernity of black quartz with white veins accompanies it in this kitchen with a flat door and glossy white cabinets. The kitchen, where only black and white colors are used, has created a very spacious and bright environment with the effect of veins in quartz.

Dekton Black Quartz Kitchen Countertops Black Surface Modern Kitchens Bathroom Design Elements

Photo Credit | SieMatic Seattle/ Summers Studio

When you look at this kitchen, the nobility of Dekton black quartz is integrated with the cleanliness of white while creating a very stylish image. Fine details of the kitchen have been created with plain white cabinets, black wood shelves, and dark porcelain tiles and a modern look has emerged.

Black Quartz Countertops Damp Cloth Other Countertop Materials Manufacturing Process Minimalist Look Sleek Many Different Styles

Photo Credit | PAV Associates

This kitchen represents the place where the black quartz countertop stands with all its nobility. In addition, the glass subway backsplash used between the modern taupe cabinets creates a different effect with its glossy texture.

Kitchen White Quartz Countertop Black Island Quartz Countertop Granite Other Colors Dramatic Effect

Photo Credit | Andrew Rottkamp Photography

A sweet excitement was created in the kitchen with a black island counter with white veins and a white stone slab backsplash with black veins. The raindrop pendant hanging from the high ceiling is the right piece that completes the space.

Black Quartz Countertops Waterfall Edge Island Mild Soap Subtle Sparkle Elegance

Photo Credit | Four Seasons Design Team

In this kitchen, where all the elegance of black and brown is felt, black countertops with white veins and brown cabinets with design are used. The mosaic tile backsplash between the cabinets matches the countertop, while the light color floor accompanies the cabinets.

Black And White Countertop Striking Contrast Perfect Countertop Black Veining Stone

Photo Credit | Stone Interiors LLC

The kitchen side is made of black quartz with veins and the white quartz island counter with black veins meet with each other, creating a harmonious look and dazzling.

Black Quartz Countertops Black Countertops Abrasive Cleaners Gold Accents Faucets

Photo Credit | Riki S. Design

The focal point of this kitchen is veined black quartz on the waterfall island with a black pendant hanging over it. Other complementary details are the gold brass faucet, the white cabinets, and the gray porcelain tiles on the floor.

Black Quartz Countertops Black Marble Focal Point Lighter Colors Space Shine

Photo Credit | Adapt Interior Design

While the black quartz countertop surrounds the farmhouse sink, it also contrasts with the white cabinets. Additionally, the dark veined white island countertop and the marble backsplash between the cabinets complete the overall look perfectly.

Unique Characteristics Cohesive Design Black Seude Finish Soapstone Quartz Countertops

Photo Credit | Glynis Wood Interiors

Black quartz countertops are used in the kitchen design, which consists of flat-panel gray kitchen cabinets. The only contrasting thing in the kitchen is the white backsplashes which are detailed with a wood floor and bar stools that complement them.

Dark Color Quartz Countertops Design Ideas Black Veins Color Scheme Busy Kitchens

Photo Credit | Kitchen Master Design & Remodeling LLC

One of the most interesting things about this kitchen is the herringbone subway backsplashes on the wall. The kitchen is designed using only two contrasting colors. Black quartz shows itself among the white cabinets and provides a very stylish look.

Black Quartz Countertops Many Homeowners Great Choice Surface Green Cabinets Gold Hardware

Photo Credit | Black Lacquer Design

The modern kitchen consists of green flat cabinets which are desired to create a sympathetic atmosphere by using black quartz and brass hardware. The differently shaped backsplash on the wall and bar stools also look harmoniously combined.

Black Quartz Countertop Black Cabinets Style Light Wood Floor Space

Photo Credit | Berghuis Construction LLC

Combining black flat cabinets with pure black thin quartz with a matte finish features enhances modernity. This design is also combining with natural-looking light wood used on the floor and for the backsplash creating a super stylish look.

Marquina Quantum Quartz Countertops Design Ideas Style Space

Photo Credit | Houzz

In this picture, you see the kitchen where black and white are separated by natural wood floors. While the black quartz island with the waterfall edge stands in the middle with all its splendor versus the white side of the kitchen shines brightly.

Black Quartz Countertops White Quartz Countertops Surface Elegant

Photo Credit | CMDA – Cabinet Makers and Designers Assoc

The unique drop-in ceiling design is combined with the thick-edged black quartz kitchen island and wood floor to create a modern design. The use of windows instead of wall cabinets has created an outstanding image.

Black Quartz Countertop White Quartz Black Veins Style Bathroom

Photo Credit | Bayside Built

We have to admit that the use of black color is an inevitable part of the modern kitchen look. If we want to give our kitchen a modern look, we should place the black color in it somehow. Black quartz offers an enriched look with black window frames and a nearly black floor with complementary whites.

Caesarstone Jet Black Quartz Countertop Design Ideas Low Maintenance Polished Surface

Photo Credit | Kitchens by Emanuel

In this kitchen, which is completely dominated by black, we can only see the white color between the backsplash tiles. This kitchen, designed entirely in black, reminds us how noble the black color is and makes the environment a character.

Black Quartz Counters White Countertop Black Veins Sleek Style

Photo Credit | Glenco Building Group

In this kitchen, you can see how the color choice impacts the design. While the black flat-front cabinets create a modern look, the black quartz countertop, light wood floor, authentically designed black pendant lights and bar stools support this look.

Black Quartz Countertops Black Veins Blue Subway Backsplash Eye Catching Kitchen Design

Photo Credit | GreenRose Fine Homes & Design

This transitional kitchen makes a bold look with blue subway backsplash tiles covering the wall behind the stove all the way to the ceiling. Under these conditions, black cabinets and black quartz countertops appear as side factors that support the image.

Polished Black Quartz Countertops Concrete Backsplash Miter Edge Countertop Complement

Photo Credit | Jula Cole Design

Concrete backsplashes between the white shaker cabinets provide a transitional harmony with the black quartz countertops while supporting the brown cabinet and thick-sided island countertop in front of it.

Blue Cabinets Light Black Quartz Countertops Kitchen White Quartz Countertops

Photo Credit | Advance Design Studio, Ltd

This transitional kitchen with an industrial feel is designed with gray kitchen cabinets and blue island cabinets. Choosing the countertop as a black color with veins inside elevates the design with subway backsplash tiles on the wall and the floor.

Dark Black Quartz Countertops White Quartz Countertops Scratches

Photo Credit | Main Line Kitchen Design

In this kitchen, where black quartz countertops with veins are used which creates a strong appearance with white cabinets. The large size porcelain tiles on the floor are made with white grout, increasing the color harmony so much that it does not bother the eyes.

How Black Quartz Countertop Matches With Cabinets?

Black quartz countertops can be paired with various cabinet finishes to create different design aesthetics in your kitchen.

When matching black quartz countertops with cabinets, it’s important to consider the overall style and color scheme you want to achieve. Black quartz is a versatile option that can work well with both light and dark cabinet finishes, allowing you to create various design aesthetics, from classic to contemporary.

What Is A Black Sparkle Quartz Countertops Effect To The Kitchen?

A black sparkle quartz countertop can have a beautiful and eye-catching effect on your kitchen. The sparkle effect in black quartz countertops adds a touch of glamour and elegance to your kitchen. The black color of the quartz combined with the sparkle effect adds depth and texture to your kitchen design. 

So, a black sparkle quartz countertop can bring a touch of sophistication, depth, and glamour to your kitchen. It adds visual interest, enhances lighting, and provides versatility in design options.