28 Striking Black Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Black Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Timeless black kitchen cabinets ideas place in the top 3 ranks for the kitchen design element in kitchen remodeling. The other cabinets’ colors in the trend are white and gray. The color black contrasts well with any light color countertops, white backsplash, and light wood flooring. The new satin and matte black kitchen cabinet paint contains some hues of the green, blue, and gray inside. Applying the cabinet paint adds a sophisticated rich feeling to the kitchen under the daylight. The look is softened with golden hardware and golden faucets.

Kitchen With Black Cabinets White Walls Natural Elements White Marble Interior Design Lighting Island Stylish

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This kitchen is using Cambria quartz countertops with a simple and calm appearance, meets with black cabinets, and beautifies the environment. Bar stools made of metal and flat thin metal handles combined with cabinet colors became almost invisible.

Black Kitchen Cabinets Stainless Steel Appliances Cooking Space Create Stand Shelves Brick Backsplash Wall

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We are faced with an extraordinary kitchen design. The most striking feature of this kitchen is that the wall cabinets are replaced by illuminated shelves.  A completely natural brick backsplash continuous that overlooks the patio from the large window behind the sink.

Modern Incorporate Black Cabinets Marble Backsplash Dark Cabinets Room Sleek Inspiration Countertop Paired

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This kitchen has a combination of a light wood floor and a black kitchen cabinet is used very well. On the other hand, although the same color countertop is used with the cabinets, gray-veined white quartz the full-height backsplash shines through between the cabinets.

Natural Light White Countertops Upper Cabinets Subway Tiles Kitchen Island Style 1

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Despite the use of black kitchen cabinets ideas, we are faced with such a spacious and bright environment. Of course, white countertops, white tiles, and light-colored floors help light to reflect equally reflecting nature and warmth. 

Industrial Kitchen Cabinets White Backsplash Interior Designers Bright Kitchen Design Cabinetry Airy

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The complementary feature of almost all black kitchen cabinets is that they are designed using light-colored countertops. The color harmony of the plain white backsplash tiles, light wood countertop, and floor creates a simple yet serene look.

Small Kitchen Image Credit Dark Side Black Cabinetry Kitchen Space Open Shelving Bold Style

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The very bright farmhouse kitchen features black base cabinets and natural wood color shelves. The gold hardware and the countertop made of wood materials create perfect harmony. The design has been achieved by combining the white walls and the gray floor tiles with the day light coming in through the window.

Black Cabinets Marble Countertops White Cabinets Matte Black Cabinets Paint Wall Clever Way Cabinets Black Style

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Although black and white are opposite to each other, they show that they are in perfect harmony in this kitchen. White marble countertops and white marble backsplashes contrast beautifully with black kitchen cabinets. While the black pendant on the island supports this design, it adds warmth to the environment.

Glossy Black Cabinets Black Backsplash Black Wall Black Appliances Design Element Creative Ways Bold Style

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In this picture, you see a modern kitchen with its hood hidden in the ceiling. This design was prepared using only two colors which include glossy black kitchen cabinets ideas used with white quartz countertops. The glossy cabinet surface adds depth to the kitchen, while the white countertops complement them. On the other hand, the beige tiles on the floor increase the simplicity and give the design a stylish look.

Transitional Black Kitchen Cabinets Black Background Whole Wall Clean Lines Dark Cabinetry Style Create

Photo Credit | MMI Design

This kitchen is prepared using black, white, and gray colors that give examples from a work of art. Black cabinets and white tiles integrated with the white hood complement them to give a spacious look. The brass-equipped pendant above the island draws all the attention while creating a harmonious image.

Black Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas Busy Kitchens Black Kitchen Designs Modern Island Lighting


It is impossible not to admire the color harmony in this kitchen. The place, which is almost on three different levels, represents a great continuity and offers a very beautiful view. This movement comes from the black cabinets turning into an exquisite design with the help of a beige wood floor. The dynamic appeal of the kitchen increases with the effect of the pendant lights hanging from the ceiling.

Modern Black And White Kitchen Black Cabinets Design White Base Cabinets Choose Black Tiles

Photo Credit | Eurowood Cabinets, Inc

Handleless black modern cabinets and white quartz countertops are used in this kitchen, free of all other items that will disturb the eyes. The kitchen is divided into two colors using black cabinetry with flat panels from the kitchen side while only white cabinets and white countertops are on the island.

Modern Black Kitchen Cabinet Dark Island Cabinetry Bright Space Wall Sleek Create Light Inspiration

Photo Credit | PYRAM USA French Kitchen Design Cabinetry

The future is coming! A stylish look has been achieved by using black flat-paneled cabinets and light brown countertops in the kitchen, which attracts all attention with its minimalist design style that gives ideas from the future.

Black Kitchen Cabinets Exposed Brick Wall Marble Countertop Island Style Bold Walls

Photo Credit |  Structural Associates

This high-ceiling kitchen welcomes you with a chic appeal. Because of the high ceilings, the beauty of all colors in the kitchen is revealed and increases the modern look of the kitchen. Shaker-style black cabinets combined with the harmony of the gold hardware and bar stools. On the other hand, an attractive appearance emerges with the help of the white countertops.

Modern Kitchen With Black Cabinets White Countertops White Backsplash White Kitchen Dark Floor Walls

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If you want a kitchen design that does not disturb the eyes, you can use gray accents with black cabinets and cover them with white quartz countertops. You can add a serene look to the kitchen by softening the sharp lines. You can also add liveliness to the kitchen with black cabinetry, white countertops, and accompanying gray accessories.

Bold Kitchen With Black Cabinets Full Height Marble Backsplash Walls Waterfall Island Countertop Stylish Paint

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If you ask what is the first thing you see when you look at this kitchen, I would say white quartz countertops shining like the sun through the black cabinets. As beautiful as the waterfall quartz countertops used on the island meet the floor, the integration of the countertops with the full-height backsplash on the kitchen side looks just as good.

Full Height Backsplash Black Countertops Kitchen With Black Cabinets Cooking Space Waterfall Island Edge

Photo Credit | Hsu McCullough

Harmony of different colors or complete blackness? I think the designer tried this kitchen to see what kind of beauty it will add to the space by using only black colors. Covering the black modern cabinets with black quartz countertops with white veins and using light wood on the floor seems to be a daring design.

Stainless Steel Appliances Kitchen With Black Cabinets Kitchen Island Black Kitchen Design Style Light Room

Photo Credit | Rochon New York

The harmonious appearance of the chrome hardware with the other elements in the kitchen and the backsplash made of White Carrara marble complement each other. The black cabinets are shining by the white quartz countertop.

Natural Light Kitchen With Black Cabinets White Countertops White Cabinets Black And White Kitchen Cabinetry

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If you want to push your limits, you may be able to achieve this with an eye-catching backsplash in the kitchen. For example, a shiny glass backsplash placed between black cabinets can be a good idea. You can also add to this design with a white quartz countertop and black wooden stools.

Stainless Steel Appliances White Marble Countertop Full Height Backsplash Datk Floor Matte Black Cabinetry

Photo Credit | Tamara Johnson, CKD

The indispensable part of black cabinets is white countertops. In this kitchen, the same idea was applied while the slab stone backsplash was extended to the ceiling, leaving the wooden tiles on the floor dark to go a little out of the ordinary.

Contemporary Kitchen With Black Cabinets Lighting Black Backsplash Island Countertop Walls Create Stand

Photo Credit | Maric Homes & Renovations

This kitchen, which was thought very simple was designed using different tones of black. The harmony of similar colors softens the contrast, making the beauty of the kitchen stand out even more. Covering the hood with porcelain countertop material provided a perfect appearance.

Black Kitchen Cabinets Black Cabinets White Countertops White Backsplash Porcelain Island Countertop Miter Edge Stylish Light

Photo Credit | Southcoast Kitchen Designs

Such a beautiful design can only be achieved with two contrasting colors! The kitchen invites you to hang out with black cabinets and white countertops while drop-shaped pendant lights hang from the ceiling above the miter edge island which is convenient for sitting.

Black Cabinets White Kitchen Island Countertop Black And White Kitchen Light Tiles Walls

Photo Credit | Castle Rock Custom Homes

The glossy backsplash that covers the entire wall behind the hood draws all the attention. You can give the kitchen an expensive look with black cabinets, pure white quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances, and metal fixtures.

Dark Black Cabinets Cooking Space Kitchen Island Black Kitchen Style Marble Countertop Small Kitchen Wall

Photo Credit | Fratantoni Interior Designers

In the kitchen where the black cabinets are used is designed out of the ordinary and creates a beautiful appearance. Shelves on both sides of the hood display a modern look while stools around the island add a classic look to the butcher block countertop and pendant lights.

Black Cabinets Stainless Steel Appliances Full Height White Backsplash Black Kitchen Wall Room White Countertop

Photo Credit | Windham Builders

The two islands plus the kitchen side and the wall where the hood is located were designed using the same stone. The gray metal hood, metal framed pendant lights, and gray floor add depth between the black cabinets and provide a priceless look. Marble-looking quartz countertop provides a rich look by harmonizing with other elements.

Modern Black Cabinets Black Kitchen Cabinets White Marble Countertop White Backsplash Black Cabinetry Space

Photo Credit | Knock Architecture and Design

I think the most interesting thing about this kitchen is apart from the ordinary use of white leather bar stools. Sharp lines are drawn with black flat panel cabinets and plain white quartz countertops and the design is crowned with a waterfall edge. White floors highlight the black cabinets while pendants on the peninsula add depth to the glossy kitchen.

Modern Black Cabinets Black Kitchen Space Black Kitchen Cabinet Black Countertop Black Backsplash Tiles Light Floor

Photo Credit | Urbanology Designs

The warm and unstylish harmony is used in this kitchen where a different concept is tried with black cabinets, black backsplashes, and black countertops. On the other hand, light wood cabinets and light-color floors are used to achieve contrast. Plus, an inviting appeal is achieved with the design of brown leather bar stools.

White Dekton Quartz Countertops Black Cabinets Black Kitchen Waterfall Island Countertop Interior Design Wall Space Modern Backsplash

Photo Credit | Tina Marie Interior Design

Marble-like white quartz covering the wall behind the hood as well as the countertops fills the entire kitchen with rich charm. The contrast between the black cabinets and the counter adds depth to the kitchen. To complete the color harmony of the design, light wood floors are used to add movement to the kitchen.

Black Cabinets Black Kitchen White Kitchen Open Shelving Kitchen With Black Countertop Stone Slab Backsplash Light Wall Modern Bar Stools 1

Photo Credit | The Providence Group of Georgia, LLC

This kitchen has been cheered up by adding glass doors to the upper parts of the black cabinets, giving a breeze from the past to the present. It creates a harmonious look with the chevron-shaped white subway backsplash design and the Viscount White granite countertop covering the cabinets. Chrome hardware eliminates color pollution by creating a balanced image with dark floors.

Black Cabinets With Stainless Steel Appliances

The most popular techniques for black kitchen cabinet paint and black kitchen cabinet stains recommended by designers are Antique Black Cabinets, Shou Sugi Ban Black Cabinets, and Spray Painted Black Cabinets. 

Black Kitchen Cabinets With Natural Light

All kitchen design styles happily carry the black kitchen cabinets since black kitchen cabinets have an eternal flame in kitchen remodeling.