25 Different Ideas For Raised Panel Cabinet Doors

Raised Panel Cabinet Doors

Raised panel cabinet doors are a classic and timeless style of cabinet door commonly used in traditional and transitional kitchen designs. The raised panel is typically surrounded by a decorative frame, creating depth and visual interest.

Raised Panel Cabinet Styles Wide Selection Door Designs

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This kitchen is one of the most representative of raised panel cabinets. The color and texture of the cabinets make the kitchen adorable. The harmony of the other colors used supports the rest of the kitchen colors. 

Stained Panel Cabinet Doors Rails Hinges Style

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This cute yet functional kitchen looks great thanks to its off-white raised panel kitchen cabinets. White subway backsplashes and dark hardwood floors support the stylish look of the kitchen.

Painted Raised Panel Door Stiles Ready Explore

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Combining white raised panel cabinet doors with brown island countertops is a beautiful combination. On the other hand, we should not forget the floor that matches with countertops that support this appearance.

Maple Raised Panel Doors Arrival USA Sold

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Raised panel cabinet doors make this traditional-looking kitchen fresh and cute. It seems like a look we can’t get enough of has been created with gray cabinets, countertops, and backsplashes that balance them.

Mdf Raised Center Panel Cabinet Door Vary Shaker

Photo Credit | G. Terbrock Luxury Homes

White and gray raised panel cabinets form the focal point of the kitchen. While the gray island cabinet makes the dining area attractive, the white cabinets on the kitchen side and the gray backsplash that balances them add texture and movement to the environment.

Pre Sanded Raised Panel Cabinet Door Frame

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Striking light-colored quartzite countertops add an elegant look to black raised panel cabinets. On the other hand, raised panel cabinet doors complete the look of the kitchen while adding warmth and style.

Unfinished Wood Cabinet Doors Construction Aesthetic Replace

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Brown raised panel cabinet doors support the bright and fresh look of the kitchen where this unusually shaped island is located. Cream-colored countertops and light-colored wooden floors allow the beauty of the cabinets to emerge.

Cost Effective Centre Panel Cabinet Doors Replacing Shaker

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Combining cream and black is always a great idea to create a modern kitchen space. Cream-raised panel cabinet doors give such a beautiful atmosphere to the environment that they help to create the magnificent appearance of backsplashes made of natural stone.

Wood Species Constructed Beadboard Cabinets Stain Slab

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Raised panel cabinet doors with white quartz countertops add a fresh look to the kitchen environment. This environment, where no colors other than gray and white are used, adds cuteness to the space.

Painted Cabinet Doors Automatically Style Mdf Rails

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Chevron-shaped backsplashes that match the other colors in the kitchen look striking together with gray raised panel cabinet doors. Countertops consisting of many color mixtures complete the look by adding excitement and style to the environment.

Transitional Kitchen Cabinet Doors Styles Ready

Photo Credit | J. Schwartz, LLC Remodeling & Fine Homebuilding

This kitchen, created entirely in shades of white, adds excitement and color to the space with its raised panel cabinets. Only the wood floor brings contrast and balance to the design.

Green Raised Panel Doors Style Selection Explore

Photo Credit | Thaddeus Drew Remodeling

This kitchen looks cute and fresh with raised-panel green cabinets, a copper farmhouse sink, and white countertops. White subway backsplash and multicolored granite countertops create color balance and make the kitchen look spacious.

Glazed Raised Panel Cabinet Door Shaker Doors

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White raised kitchen cabinets look extraordinary with white marble backsplashes and white countertops. The very bright and exciting look of this kitchen is complemented by the wood floors.

Raised Center Panel Cabinet Doors Style Stiles

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This kitchen, where a gorgeous marble backsplash forms the focal point, consists of blue and brown raised panel cabinets. Another bright idea was to build the hood using marble tiles.

Raised Panel Cabinet Doors Selection Styles

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Gold color countertops direct all attention to raised panel cabinets and mosaic tile backsplashes. Black iron pendants and dark wood floors add enough contrast to the environment to complete the look.

Green Panel Cabinet Doors Wood Species

Photo Credit | Richard Drummond Davis Architects

Thanks to this kitchen window, raised panel green cabinets take center stage and integrate with the green trees outside. The dark wood floor with white countertops and brown accented backsplashes balances the environment.

Brown Raised Panel Cabinet Door Styles

Photo Credit | Rigsby Builders Inc.

Raised panel cabinet doors add a special beauty to this kitchen created by dark, darker, and even darker colors. It makes the place look more spacious with its brown wood floor and black countertops.

Cream Panel Cabinet Doors Painted Door Style

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The star of this kitchen is the distressed white raised panel cabinet doors. Light quartzite countertops together with light brown glass subway backsplashes complete the bright look of the environment.

Raised Panel Cabinet Door Centre Panel Shaker

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Raised panel cabinet doors create an elegant kitchen appearance. Quartzite countertops and marble backsplash add luxury and style to the cooking area. Plus, this L-shaped kitchen is trendy with its dark flooring.

Two Tone Raised Panel Doors Cabinet Door

Photo Credit | Tesi Design, Inc. Interiors and Cabinetry

Blue subway backsplashes look cute and stylish among white raised panel cabinets. While the small kitchen area does not look stifling due to the white touch in the space, the use of gray countertops and gray floors creates a cute environment.

Gray Panel Cabinet Doors Raised Panel Cabinet Door

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White raised panel cabinet doors create a beautiful combination with black subway backsplashes. Luna Pearl granite counters and dark wood floors add comfort to the environment and complete the traditional kitchen look.

Raised Panel Cabinet Door Shaker Doors

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Off-white raised panel cabinets give the kitchen a warm and romantic atmosphere. The large island in the middle covers a significant part of the kitchen while containing the sink.  Additionally, white subway tiles successfully support the kitchen look.

Dark Raised Panel Cabinet Door Beige Backsplash

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Beige backsplashes and similar color countertops make this kitchen look stylish with dark raised panel cabinets. This combination gives the kitchen a unique style.

Cream Panel Cabinet Doors Raised Panel Cabinet Door

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This modern kitchen looks gorgeous with raised panel cabinets. Chevron-style backsplashes create a bold kitchen look with black countertops. White marble floors make this stylish kitchen cute and inviting.

Cabinet Doors Cabinet Door Granite Countertops

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This kitchen looks magnificent with its raised panel cabinets which are decorated with straight lines. Light-colored countertops prevent it from being too dark and overwhelming. Pendant lights on the island add texture and movement.

What Does A Raised Panel Door Mean?

A raised panel door is a type of cabinet or interior door characterized by a decorative panel in the center that is raised or elevated in comparison to the surrounding frame. This raised panel is often framed by a border, creating a three-dimensional design that adds depth, detail, and visual interest to the door’s surface.

Plus & Minus For Raised Panel Doors

Raised panel doors add a touch of elegance and sophistication to kitchen design. They are a suitable choice for those who appreciate traditional or classic aesthetics and want to create a warm and inviting kitchen space. Be mindful of their maintenance requirements and consider how they fit into your overall kitchen design when making your selection.