25 Design Ideas With White Cabinets In The Kitchen

White Cabinets In The Kitchen Design

White cabinets in kitchen design have gained immense popularity over the years for their timeless and versatile aesthetic. They offer a clean and bright look that can complement various styles, from traditional to modern.

White Kitchen Cabinets Marble Countertops Gray Subway Tile Backsplash Space Style

Photo Credit | Blythe Interiors

While modern white cabinets combine with white quartz counters to create a white wave, gray subway backsplashes break this dominance and add a calm and clean look to the environment. Glass pendant lights over the central island and bar chairs made of brass metal form the focal point.

White Cabinets Neutral Backdrop Modern Kitchen Visual Interest Cabinetry Paint Stains

Photo Credit | Fireclay Tile

The beautiful contemporary kitchen becomes more beautiful by using marble countertops with a motif tile that adds joy and beauty to the environment. The island top in the middle is chosen from the butcher block, providing a slight contrast to the environment. The modern two-tone faucet and wooden floors complete the look.

White Cabinetry Stainless Steel Appliances Granite Countertops Timeless Look Room Walls Sleek

Photo Credit | Marquis Fine Cabinetry

The elegant kitchen represents the details used and therefore has a unique beauty. As for the details of this kitchen, the compact and spacious environment is provided by the use of white colors, and only the wood on the floor is considered a dark color. While all the necessary details complement each other, the pendant lights and backsplash in the middle attract special attention.

White Shaker Cabinets Farmhouse Sink White Paint Off White Kitchen Cabinet Bright Light Room

Photo Credit | Houzz

It is impossible not to love the components of different touches. Contemporary white cabinets integrate with the white slab backsplash, filling the kitchen and appearing integrated with the waterfall-edged island. Black-yellow pendant lights match the brass faucet, creating a warm glow.

Glass Tile Backsplash White Kitchen Cabinets Upper Cabinets White Lacquer Cabinets Clean Look

Photo Credit | Kimberley Harrison Interiors

This open-concept kitchen gets a lot of daylight from the window and glass door. Combining white cabinets with black quartz countertops creates a contrast, while the dark color on the floor helps this. The dining table and the original pendant light combine with the kitchen to create a warm atmosphere.

White Quartz Countertops Cabinet Doors Brass Hardware Wood Floor Flat Panel Kitchen Island

Photo Credit | Integrated Resources Group

Do you know why white cabinets are the most preferred color for small kitchens? Because it makes the room bigger and brighter. The use of beautiful marble, both on the counter and on the wall behind the hood, takes the kitchen to another level, accompanied by porcelain tiles similar to wood on the floor.

Contemporary Kitchen White Cabinets Interior Designer Natural Light White Backsplash Spaces

Photo Credit | Terri Sears, Kitchen and Bath Designer

Love the harmony of the backsplash, the cabinets, and the tiles on the floor. White shaker cabinets shine on the cement backsplash. The second island used in the kitchen is designed for dining and for the family to come together and have a joyful time and is completed with chairs.

Simon Upton All White Kitchen Designed White Cabinets White Tile Backsplash Focal Point Style

Photo Credit | Kitchen Intuitions

The dark wood-like porcelain tile on the floor creates the only contrasting look in the kitchen while giving personality to the environment. The miter edge island countertop is extended to create a seating area, while the white cabinets create a contemporary look. Brass lamps, handles, and faucets create a warm glow and complete this design.

Farmhouse Kitchen Pure White California Kitchen Cabinets White Kitchen Clean Lines Room Style

Photo Credit | Olson Defendorf Custom Homes

Indispensable for kitchens with white cabinets are dark floors. Because interior designers always recommend homeowners to use a contrasting color, because when there is color separation, the beauty will come out better. If we look at this picture, you might ask, what are the main elements, they are cabinets, counters, and floors. At least one of these must be a contrasting color.

Simple White Cabinetry Black Hardware Black Pulls White Cabinets White Kitchen Bright Modern

Photo Credit | Oceanside Cabinetry Corp

This completely white kitchen offers an eye-catching beauty with black fixtures and handles. The white porcelain farm sink, the white wooden backsplashes, the porcelain tiles on the floor, and finally the white counters create a clean look.

More Traditional Look White Cabinets Coastal Kitchen White Kitchen Cabinets Lower Cabinetry

Photo Credit | Bungalow 56

This kitchen is completely dominated by white and draws attention with its black lighting. While contemporary white cabinets add texture, quartz counters provide continuity. The design is completed by assisting these with backsplashes and floor tiles.

White Subway Tile Vaulted Ceiling White Walls Kitchen Cabinet Other Elements Style All White

Photo Credit | Patterson Custom Homes

The all-white kitchen is simply colored with dark lamps and chairs. In this kitchen, cabinets, counters, backsplash, and even appliances are preferred in white, while dark colors are used only as an accent. In addition, dark-colored floor tiles are indispensable for white kitchens.

Most Popular Color White Kitchen Cabinetry Small Kitchen All White Look White Cabinets Sleek

Photo Credit | H. Bero Interiors

We love the strong character of dark floors in white kitchens. White shaker cabinets complemented by white ceramic wall covering tiles and a white quartz countertop. In order to ensure continuity, white color was used on the island in the middle and the chairs around it.

White Cabinetry Black Countertops Open Shelves Kitchen Island White Kitchen Modern Walls

Photo Credit | Hallmark Homes

This small but functional kitchen embodies the importance of simplicity. The black counters match the white cabinets, while the handles are black. However, the floor is covered with light wood and the wall is covered with dark tile. 

Perfect Complement White Kitchen Cabinets Work White Cabinetry Room Butcher Block Top

Photo Credit | Houzz

I think that it is necessary to be inspired by this island, which adds character to this wonderful kitchen. The two ends of the miter edge white island countertop are covered with butcher block countertops on both sides, making it the only element that contrasts with the floor.

White Kitchen Cabinets Room White Kitchen Hardware Modern Paint Pendant Bar Stools

Photo Credit | Kitchen Associates

In this kitchen where simplicity meets white, shaker cabinets offer a different touch accompanied by quartz counters and backsplashes. On the other hand, the metal parts add variety such as the dishwasher, hood, stove, and even bar chair legs while the wood floor helps to complete the design.

White Kitchen Cabinetry White Cabinets Quartz Countertops Light Farmhouse Sink Space

Photo Credit | The Fox Group

Dark wood floors and dark wood beams add dimension to this contemporary kitchen. White cabinets create simple touches with white counters, while wooden shelves and pendant lights add extra charm. The large kitchen looks airy thanks to its high ceiling and creates a comfortable environment for the homeowners with its two islands.

White Cabinetry Off White Kitchen Cabinet Space Full Height Backsplash Marble Countertop

Photo Credit | InHance

This white kitchen idea stands out with the elegance of marble and shows us its beauty. While the white glass-door cabinets match the gray marble slab backsplashes, they provide integrity with the same marble counters. While the dark floor creates a natural environment, it silently complements the necessary contrast.

White Kitchen Cabinets Light White Kitchen Style Bright Space Quartzite Countertop

Photo Credit | Signature Interior Designs

This white kitchen used all the necessary materials to achieve its perfect look. It combines effortlessly with the white cabinetry and the white marble counters and backsplashes that complement them, giving us a timeless ambiance.

White Kitchen Cabinet Space White Cabinets Kitchen Designed Hardware Brown Custom Hood

Photo Credit | Waterview Kitchens

This white kitchen with different color schemes looks very rich. It is undeniable that it owes its classic and lasting appeal to the custom-made hood and the natural travertine tiles on the floor in harmony with it. In addition, the color selection of the island cabinet and bar chairs supports this wonderful environment.

French Country White Kitchen Cabinet Space White Cabinets Black Hardware Travertine Floor

Photo Credit | Period Architecture Ltd

This environment is designed with white kitchen cabinets, and natural materials add warmth to simple forms! While white cabinets match with white counters, black handles add color. Worn-looking details create a perfect balance while adding warmth to the kitchen.

Black Pendants White Kitchen Cabinets Marble Backsplash White Cabinets Waterfall Island

Photo Credit | Houzz

Indisputably, the most striking thing is that the white kitchen cabinets with black pendant lights offer a perfect look with marble counters. The colorful appeal of the subway marble backsplash creates a bridge between the cabinets and the counter while adding visual warmth to the kitchen.

White Cabinets Kitchen Designed White Kitchen Cabinetry X Trim Island Black Counters Sink

Photo Credit | E2 Homes Ltd

These white kitchen cabinets are so beautifully designed that other wooden accents add charm. While the countertop of the kitchen side is chosen from black, the island countertop is preferred in white, separating the island and the kitchen from each other and creating a contrast.

White Kitchen Cabinets Black Hardware White Cabinets Gray Paint White Spring Granite Top

Photo Credit | Susan Clouse Interior Solutions

All-white kitchen cabinets and gray counters create a harmonious design, while the sunlight coming from the window gives warmth. The dark wooden floor and gray wall paints accentuate the kitchen.

White Kitchen Cabinets Cabinetry Quartz Counters Pendant Lights Fabric Covered Chairs

Photo Credit | Casey’s

Here is the design where pure white kitchen cabinets with dark floors take the stage. While this contemporary kitchen, where everything is white except the floor, offers examples of flawless design, the dark bar chair helps with this.

White Cabinets With Stainless Steel Appliances

White cabinets paired with stainless steel appliances create a sleek and contemporary kitchen design that balances classic and modern elements. This combination offers a clean, sophisticated look with a touch of industrial flair.

Ultimately, the way white cabinets and stainless steel appliances look together depends on the specific shades of white, the style of the cabinets, and the type of stainless steel finish used for the appliances. It’s a versatile combination that works well in a variety of kitchen designs, from contemporary to transitional to even some traditional settings.

White Cabinetry With Marble Countertops

White cabinetry paired with marble countertops creates an elegant and luxurious kitchen design that exudes sophistication and timeless beauty. This combination is a classic choice that can work in a variety of design styles.

When working with white cabinetry and marble countertops, it’s essential to consider the specific shades of white and the type of marble you’re using. The goal is to achieve a harmonious and visually pleasing balance between the two elements, creating a kitchen that’s both functional and breathtakingly beautiful.