25 Most Trendy Silestone Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Silestone quartz kitchen countertops

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Photo CreditStudio McGee

The curved island placed on top of the white cabinets adds a nice touch to the kitchen. While the gray backsplash and yellow wall paint contrast with the hardwood floors and they look beautiful.

silestone lagoon quartz countertops dark wood floor flat panel white cabinets granite buy info we use surface wide range resistant natural quartz surfaces material suede

Photo CreditNadja Pentic

Dark floors are used as the only contrasting color in this open-concept kitchen. 

silestone lagoon quartz counters white cabinets cream tile backsplash porcelain floor bathroom textures granite hot styles stains materials scratch links polished warranty

Photo CreditSimply Home Decorating

In this kitchen, which has features that we can call the heaven of cream, almost no other color other than cream tones is used. However, a different look was obtained by using the bright mosaic tiles on the wall and using an off-white grout.

silestone lagoon quartz countertops white blue shaker cabinets farmhouse sink mosaic backsplash

Photo CreditKitchen Cove Cabinetry & Design

Countertops Silestone is not porous and has no maintenance stone. Silestone countertops are better than granite and marble. Flooring material is completely important for the surface.

silestone lagoon countertop dark cabinets mosaic tile backsplash wood floor

Photo CreditEssence Design Studios

Although dark-colored kitchen cabinets are still preferred by some homeowners, they are losing their popularity. But in this kitchen, cream countertops and brown cabinets create a perfect contrast, bringing the cabinets to the fore.

silestone pulsar quartz countertops white cabinets light wood floor gray tile backsplash

Photo CreditSilestone USA

This spacious kitchen, which uses many windows to fully see the view of the dock outside, gives the feeling of a beach house with Silestone Pulsar and light green cabinets.

silestone pulsar quartz counters oak cabinets cream floor green paint

Photo CreditJustin of Spotlight Kitchen and Bath

A nice cozy atmosphere is achieved by using white appliances and wooden cabinets in this cute little L-shaped kitchen.

silestone pulsar quartz tops white shaker cabinets farmhouse sink

Photo CreditJustin of Spotlight Kitchen and Bath

One of the most important points when designing a kitchen is the harmony of colors. That’s why the counter with yellowish-golden colors sprinkled and white cabinets look good together.

silestone pulsar quartz countertops dark shaker cabinets mosaic white subway tile backsplash wood floor

Photo CreditRemodel Works Bath and Kitchen

The effect of the quartz countertop that emerges with the combination of white and gold color suits so well with brown cabinets and cream backsplashes.

silestone pulsar quartz countertops white cabinets gray subway tile backsplash

Photo CreditCreative Surfaces

In the picture above, you can see that everything that should be in a kitchen has been carefully designed. The most important part here is that the subway-style glass tiles provide a soft transition between the counter and the cabinets.

silestone helix quartz countertops dark wood floor gray subway tile backsplash

Photo CreditJordan Shapiro

The common concern of every homeowner who has their home renovated is which color and style of backsplash they choose. Whoever provides the connection between the cabinets and the countertop could be a designer of the house. This kitchen you see above is a perfect example of this.

silestone helix quartz countertops dark wood floor white cabinets tile backsplash

Photo CreditKabCo Kitchens

The most striking thing in this kitchen with high ceilings is that the glass doors and interiors of the upper cabinets are illuminated. On the other hand, the harmony of the chosen colors and the contribution of the pendants hanging from the ceiling are indisputable.

silestone helix textures warranty links article durability bathrooms price

Photo CreditCSI Kitchen & Bath Studio

We can say that the dark color on the floor contrasts with the rest of the colors in the kitchen and combines perfectly with the Silestone countertop.

Wide range polished cosentino silestone colors for bathroom

Photo CreditLisa Garcia Architecture + Interior Design

Peninsula style is my favorite type of kitchen because it is very possible to be interactive with other people in the house while cooking.

silestone helix stain resistant counters

Photo CreditTVL Creative

The method preferred by many homeowners is used in this kitchen. The image desired to be created by utilizing the contrast of dark and light colors is achieved with Silestone quartz and brown cabinets

silestone bianco river quartz kitchen countertops

Photo CreditDonna Mondi Interior Design

In order to get a great kitchen design, it is to choose the most suitable colors and models for your tastes and apply them by combining them with various combinations.

bianco river tops dark wood floor gray island white kitchen cabinets marble backsplash

Photo CreditRedstart Construction

In this compact kitchen, almost all the walls are covered with cabinets and the massive island in the middle has a farmhouse sink and sits on dark hardwood.

white quartz countertops shaker cabinets tile backsplash

Photo CreditStamford Marble and Tile

The large window behind the sink adds natural light to the kitchen, with the white shaker cabinets and travertine backsplashes

bianco river quartz light wood cabinetry cream tile backsplash floor recess light

Photo CreditCameo Kitchens

The important thing in design is to choose the transition color very well. As seen in this kitchen above, it is the backsplash in between that makes the maple cabinets look Silestone quartz compatible.

bianco river countertops mosaic tile backsplash dark wood floor light cabinetry

Photo CreditKathy Bloodworth Interior Design

Beauty is a relative concept and can vary according to the person. The mosaic backsplashes in this kitchen are the same as the color of the cream countertops and offer a beautiful appearance by contrasting with dark colors inside.

white quartz tops cabinets black paint checker tile floor pendant lights

Photo CreditM/I Homes

White cabinets look more prominent due to the dark painting of the walls. The large metal pendants in the middle of the kitchen are in harmony with the stainless steel appliances. Apart from that, having two colors on the floor showed a very nice image.

white quartz kitchen counters cabinets dark hardwood floor full height backsplash

Photo CreditSilestone USA

Silestone countertop and white cabinets create a beautiful display, while the tall galley-shaped kitchen is illuminated by the large window behind the farmhouse sink. Stain-resistant Cosentino Silestone quartz kitchen countertops stone materials have durability and textures.

lyra quartz tops dark wood floor white cabinets tile backsplash

Photo CreditToulmin Homes

This compact kitchen with a high ceiling has almost everything. The kitchen looks useful with a small central island, peninsula, shelves, farmhouse sink, and stainless steel appliances.

quartz countertops white shaker cabinets light wood floor subway tile backsplash

Photo CreditNar Fine Carpentry

The biggest feature of this small kitchen is that the window behind the sink opens out and creates a beach house atmosphere. This image is supported by light green shaker cabinets and white appliances.

lyra quartz counters white shaker cabinets porcelain tile floor cream backsplash

Photo CreditMillennium Cabinetry

In this kitchen, where everything is white and its tones, only the floors are designed in dark colors. While the natural stones on the wall add a different dimension to the kitchen, the window behind the sink provides natural light to the room.

The main players you will use while reshaping the kitchen are clear. What are these? According to me, cabinets, countertops, and backsplash are the most important items, respectively. What comes after them is the color of the floors, the color of the walls, and the tools we will use. This is where the magic begins and your skill allows the kitchen to be rebuilt.

The Silestone countertop surface has a resistant natural stone. It is not like a granite surface for maintenance and does not get stains easily. Plus it has durability and is scratch-free.

Countertops Silestone Features

Stone countertop should be not porous materials. Silestone countertop surfaces are stain-free and high resistant styles. Silestone countertops are stain-resistant natural quartz. On the other hand granite stone surface. Suede Silestone quartz kitchen countertops

The cost of 3cm Silestone is about $75 per square foot for residential installation depending on your location. 

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