24 Backsplashes For White Kitchens


Backsplashes For White Kitchens

When choosing backsplashes for white kitchens, you have the flexibility to explore various colors, patterns, and materials to complement the clean and versatile look of white cabinetry.

Classic white subway tile is a popular choice. It adds a timeless and clean look to the kitchen. Plus, introduce a subtle pop of color with colored subway tiles. Soft blues, grays, or greens can add a touch of personality without overwhelming the space. Glass mosaic tiles in neutral tones or a mix of colors can create a sleek and modern backsplash. The reflective surface of the glass adds depth and visual interest.

White Cabinets Marble Subway Tile Backsplash Ideas Kitchen Backsplash Tiles Wood Accents Brass Hardware Brown Countertops

Photo Credit | Yoder Remodels by A. Yoder Construction, LLC

If you dream of a luxurious design, you can achieve it by using completely white colors. The shape of the white scalloped tiles complements the modern look of the white cabinets and white countertops. The brown wooden trim on the range hood creates a slight contrast by adding a romantic atmosphere to this modern kitchen. The brown wooden floor also contributes to this beautiful appearance with modern bar chairs.

Backsplash For White Cabinets Mosaic Tiles Black Accents White Countertops Bright White Cabinetry Kitchen Cabinets

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Playing with color and texture in your backsplash choices is a great way to add interest to white kitchen cabinets. Here, a multicolored mosaic backsplash brings dynamism between the surfaces of striking white cabinets with its mixed colors and texture. Brown wood beams on the ceiling and brown wood tiles on the floor complete the earthy look.

Backsplash With White Cabinets Kitchen Backsplash Ideas Patterned Tiles Focal Point Metal Backsplash Tile White Grout

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Beautiful, minimal, and contemporary. This kitchen offers the perfect balance between a modern look and aesthetics. White cabinets on the kitchen side create a stylish background with gilded backsplashes, while the brown island cabinet and white countertops maximize functionality and add visual interest.

Backsplash Ideas For White Marble Countertops Stone Backsplash Mosaic Tile Backsplash Ideas With White Cabinets Gray Grout

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The combination of white, gray, and wooden accents adds a futuristic atmosphere while two different colored quartz countertops and metal details increase the level of elegance of the design. The white and gray mixed mosaic backsplashes made of thin sticks provide a fresh touch with their shine and add visual interest to the kitchen.

Stainless Steel Appliances Patterned Tile Backsplash Gray Backsplash Modern Backsplash White Kitchen Cabinets Natural Stone

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The combination of black tiles with white grout creates a dramatic look in the kitchen. The eye-catching beauty of black tiles adds a modern touch to the style of white shaker cabinets. While solid brass handles and hardware increase this feature, the white quartz countertop completes the clean appearance of the cabinets.

Backsplash Design Accent Wall Contemporary Kitchen Patterned Backsplash Classic Tile White Shaker Cabinets White Backsplash

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This kitchen offers both style and function at the same time with its patterned tiles. While the long counter section of the kitchen maximizes functionality, white modern cabinets and black quartz countertops with backsplashes integrate and create a trendy kitchen design. While the solid brass handles add character, the dark wood floor adds a nice color to the overall look.

Backsplash Options Marble Slab Backsplash White Subway Tile Backsplash Brick Backsplash Stacked Stone Backsplash

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Combining black, white, and wood creates a luxurious and balanced look. Subway tiles with a gray pattern on white add a little character to the white cabinets, while the white countertop creates a continuous look. The wood floor is compatible with the island cabinet, while the brass hardware creates a nice contrast to emphasize the design.

Classic Subway Tile Upper Cabinets White KItchen Cabinets Granite Countertops Marble Backsplash White Kitchen Cabinets

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The completely white color scheme offers us a bright and spacious kitchen image. The matte surface of white marble subway tile adds texture to white shaker cabinets and increases visual interest. While the subway tiles continue to the ceiling which gives the design a timeless look with white countertops, and dark porcelain floors.

Beadboard Backsplash Non Tile Backsplash Porcelain Tiles Glass Tiles White Mosaic Tiles Backsplash Materials White Kitchen

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Using an unusual backsplash can make a big impact on the overall appearance of your kitchen. Here, the glossy backsplash with white cabinets provides a clean and spacious backdrop, while the dark beams and wood floor create the focal point.

White Kitchen Grey Subway Tile Backsplash Gray Tile Backsplash Focal Point Kitchen Backsplash Material

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Crisp white cabinets, quartz countertops, and gray subway tiles create a harmonious backdrop for the gray kitchen island with white counters. Other details and chairs create contrast and emphasize the design.

White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas Subway Tiles White Cabinets White Subway Tile Green Backsplash Wood Cabinets

Photo Credit | Mitchell Construction Group

White granite countertops and white shaker cabinets create a new backdrop for this modern kitchen. While the multicolored mosaic backsplash adds a relaxing touch to the environment, nickel hardware and stainless steel appliances add warmth to the kitchen. The coffered ceiling and round glass pendants add a different charm and complete the design.

Small Square Tiles White Backsplashes Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Black Countertops Whitewashed Brick Backsplash

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Creating a harmonious look between the selected backsplashes for white kitchens is a feature that requires feedback. The more you can achieve this, the more beautiful your kitchen will be. However, if you want a bigger effect, you may need to make an unexpected touch, just like in this kitchen. The brick-like white backsplash creates the different look that you are looking for and takes the kitchen to the next level.

Traditional White Subway Tile Backsplash White Washed Brick Backsplash Ideas For White Cabinets

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These beige marble subway tiles form a key feature of this traditional kitchen. Combining white cabinets with quartzite countertops is a great way to enhance the impact of similar color tiles. In addition, the dark-colored wood floor with the harmonious appearance of the raised panel cabinets, and the farmhouse sink create an exquisite image.

White Cabinets Green Tile Backsplash With White Cabinets Subway Tiles White Grout

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Sometimes adding vibrant colors to an all-white kitchen can make your design special and take it to the next level. Since one of the design trends these days is white kitchens, it might be a good idea to add some bright colors. This transitional kitchen offers the pure beauty of white and increases its popularity with green backsplashes. Another important element seems to be the black handles which make a huge statement.

White Kitchen Blue Subway Tile Backsplash White Cabinetry Kitchen Backsplash

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While the timeless beauty of white covers the entire environment, blue backsplashes match the blue island cabinet to create a spacious kitchen design. Pairing the blue backsplash with white grout provides a fresh touch and makes it easier to match the cabinets. Glass pendant lights and light wood flooring complete the design with a final touch.

White Subway Tile Backsplash With White Cabinets Herringbone Pattern Mosaic Tile

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The craftsmanship in this kitchen makes a big difference. Subway backsplashes of gray natural stone create a soft look among white cabinets, while white quartz countertops complete the design. On the other hand, choosing the hood, sink, and stove in stainless steel adds sparkle and color to the kitchen.

White Cabinets Modern Backsplash Design Kitchen Backsplash Ideas White Cabinetry Beadboard Backsplash

Photo Credit | Rosewood Custom Builders

This solid pine kitchen backsplash with nickel spacer is a statement maker. It adds an instant change and immediately distinguishes the kitchen from other ordinary kitchens. The wooden shelves and the island cabinet, which appear to be thrown into a pool of whites, create visual appeal by slightly reducing the white supremacy in the environment.

Patterned Tile Backsplash White Cabinetry Patterned Tiles Focal Point Brick Backsplash Subway Tiles

Photo Credit | Adams Kirby Homes

These modern cabinets with matte-surface quartz countertops are designed to match the black & white backsplashes on the wall. The gray wavy countertop with backsplash and white cabinets keeps the kitchen light and airy, while the dark wood flooring adds spice to the environment. The beauty of the backsplash appears with under-cabinet lights, increasing the kitchen level.

White Shaker Cabinets Backsplash Options Backsplash Tile Marble Backsplash Patterned Tile White Cabinetry White Cabinets Kitchen Backsplash Ideas For White


This black-and-white arabesque backsplash is one of the ways to add depth to kitchens. Here, the white arabesque backsplash with a black frame creates a visual beauty due to its characteristics. In the kitchen, where almost everything is used in white except the flooring, the backsplash makes a difference with its two-tone color.

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas White Cabinets White Cabinetry Patterned Tile Brick Backsplash White Kitchen Backsplash Design

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The striking beauty of this kitchen, where white cabinets are decorated with black hardware, is the red brick backsplash on the wall. In addition to its visual effect, the brick backsplash adds an indescribable beauty to the environment and takes the kitchen to the next level. Plus, it creates a visual effect by creating contrast between white cabinets and white counters.

White Cabinets White Subway Tile Backsplash For White Cabinets Kitchen Backsplash With White Cabinets White Cabinetry Tile Backsplash Marble Backsplash White Kitchen

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The color scheme of this kitchen gives a warm and elegant feel. While the use of white cabinets adds spaciousness to the environment, the color combination of the backsplashes balances neutrality and freshness. While the gray porcelain flooring adds a light texture, the black wood chairs and metal pendant lights create contrast, changing the atmosphere of the kitchen and creating a unique beauty.

Marble Slab Backsplash Ideas White Cabinets Kitchen Backsplash With White Cabinets Marble Backsplash Stone Backsplash Marble Countertops White Kitchen

Photo Credit | Sierra Pacific Windows

The use of the same quartz in the kitchen island countertop, kitchen countertop, and subsequent wall backsplash creates a strong design statement in this kitchen. The common feature of such designs is to create a spacious image by eliminating color confusion and multiplicity. Another beauty is that you can use the colors in quartz with other materials in the kitchen without disturbing the color harmony.

White Cabinets Backsplash Ideas Kitchen Backsplash With White Cabinets Patterned Tile Traditional White Subway Tile Stone Backsplash Tile White Backsplash

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Making the countertop and backsplash from the same stone seems to be a rising trend among homeowners. When this design is combined with white cabinets and white quartz countertops, an eye-catching design emerges. In this design, emphasis is usually created by decorating it with brass hardware.

Kitchen Backsplash With White Cabinets Subway Tile Backsplash White Kitchen Cabinets White Backsplash

Photo Credit | ADŌR Homes

In this kitchen with two islands, the white subway backsplash makes a difference with its classic look. Gold accents help white cabinets and white counters, adding beauty to the kitchen.

Marble Subway Tile Backsplash Ideas

Marble subway tile backsplashes for white kitchens can add timeless elegance and sophistication to your kitchen.

Choose classic white Carrara marble subway tiles for a timeless and luxurious look. The natural veining adds visual interest to the clean and simple subway tile layout. Install marble subway tiles in a herringbone pattern for a modern and stylish twist. This pattern adds a dynamic and visually appealing element to the backsplash. Consider using a contrasting grout color, such as gray or black, to make the individual tiles stand out. This creates a bold and eye-catching effect against the white marble.

Remember to consider the overall color scheme and style of your kitchen when selecting a marble subway tile backsplash. Also, ensure proper sealing of the marble to protect it from stains and maintain its beauty over time.

Backsplash Ideas With Stainless Steel Appliances

Choosing backsplashes for white kitchens that complement stainless steel appliances involves considering both color coordination and overall aesthetics.

Embrace the modern and industrial look by choosing a metallic backsplash. Options include stainless steel tiles, aluminum, or brushed nickel. This choice creates a cohesive and sleek design. Glass tiles in various colors, including neutrals like gray or beige, can complement stainless steel appliances while adding a touch of sophistication and reflecting light. Consider a dark backsplash, such as charcoal gray or deep navy, to create contrast with stainless steel appliances. This can add drama and a contemporary flair to the kitchen.

Remember to balance the colors and materials to create a harmonious kitchen design. Test samples in your kitchen’s lighting to ensure the chosen backsplash complements both the stainless steel appliances and the overall color scheme.

Marble Slab Backsplash Ideas

Using a marble slab as a backsplash can create a luxurious and sophisticated look in your kitchen. Marble is known for its natural beauty and unique veining patterns, adding an elegant touch to the space.

Create a stunning visual impact by using bookmatched marble slabs. This involves installing two marble slabs side by side that mirror each other, showcasing the continuity of the veining pattern.

Extend the marble slab backsplash to full height, reaching the ceiling. This creates a seamless and luxurious look, especially in kitchens with high ceilings.

Before choosing a marble slab, it’s essential to consider the maintenance requirements of marble, as it can be susceptible to staining and etching. Sealing the marble regularly and using it in low-traffic areas can help maintain its beauty over time.

What Are The Backsplashes For White Kitchens?

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