39 Floating Vanity Bathroom Designs For Every House


Floating Vanity Bathroom Designs

Floating bathroom vanity ideas: Welcome to open space, easy clean bathroom remodeling ideas by using the floating vanity bathroom designs. I would like to share an interesting moment with you to show how the human brain works so differently. When I asked my kid’s opinion about floating vanity they both responded the same way. Their analogy was incredible: Flying carpet! deserve soaring above the bathroom.

Stone Free Sleek Create Rooms Large Chic Size Tiles Shower Doors

Photo Credit | Dresser Homes

Floating bathroom vanity in a contemporary bathroom design. Glass enclosure showers with full high backsplash quartz engineered stone and large format gray melange porcelain tiles would not be seen that bold without having the cherry floating vanity. The contrast in bathroom design is just right. 

Spacious Materials Elegant Rustic Bath Drawers Porcelain Mounted

Photo Credit | Distinctive Domain

Here the selection is warm natural colors matching with a wood look of porcelain tiles: The vanity top is specially picked as absolute black granite to emphasize the harmony of the colors.

Ceramic Design Sinks Storage Vessel Marble Interior Stylish

Photo Credit | AIBD – American Institute of Building Design

Double sink floating vanity design in a modern bathroom design. Brown and soft white are some of the best pairs for futuristic bathroom design elements. 

Bathroom Design Modern Bathroom White Walls Floating Bathroom Vessel Sink Double Sink Vanity Ideas

Photo Credit | Christiano Homes, Inc

Espresso floating vanity with floating shelf and rectangular vessel sink in a tropical bathroom design.

Floating Vanity Stone Sleek Create Rooms Quartz House Features Lighting Minimalist Door Undermount

Photo Credit | Planning and Building, Inc

Contemporary design bathroom with white porcelain standing bathtub and mocha brown floating vanity.

Bathtub Furniture Ceiling Ceramic Design Sinks Storage Vessel

Photo Credit | Alair Homes

Contemporary bathroom design with a sleek look and “No Hardware” vanity doors. Other features are a bathroom skylight, standing towel rack, and an art piece full high backsplash. If there is a soft opening for this exhibition, I really would like to visit. 

Undermount Rustic Bath Drawers Bathrooms Porcelain Mounted Master White Flat Bathtub Ceiling

Photo Credit |  Redl World Class Kitchens

Tuxedo bathroom designs never get old. White glossy vanity cabinets, the frame of the cabinets is black and the double sink vanity top is white. The mini honeycomb mosaic backsplash is filled with charcoal black tile grouting. The textured wall is amazing with distressed black color. 

Sleek Large House Minimalist Stylish Marble Gray Style Contemporary Mount Cabinet Freestanding

Photo Credit | Ciel Property

Brown floating vanity cabinet with gray vanity top and white rectangular vanity vessel sink. 

Bathroom Vanity Floating Sink Room Wall Wood Mirror Large Format Tiles

Photo Credit | Brandt Real Estate

Such a great example of nature bathroom ideas! The large windows capture the woods view and the floating vanity cabinet doors look like wood trunks. Nature definitely calls you in your bathroom. 

Walk In Shower Bathroom Vanity Floating Modern Floor Countertop Flooring

Photo Credit | Boswell Construction

All in mint clean and shiny! Zen bathroom design with marble look flooring, wall-to-wall bathroom mirror, long floating vanity bathroom designs. A glamorous lifestyle is one click ahead… 

Bathtub Flat Porcelain Marble Design Sinks Vessel Storage Style Contemporary

Photo Credit |  Steve Burnstead Construction

Spa freshness in your home. Bathrooms with fireplace ideas are appealing all the time. The warm colors and the fire will melt your heart. Floating bathroom vanity is a bonus.

Floating Vanity Walk In Shower Bathroom Vessel Sink White Walls Tile Flooring

Photo Credit | Azul Designs

Contemporary bathroom design with two-tone cabinets. This is a rare gem having two-tone cabinets in floating bathroom vanities. Two trends are followed and combined immensely: “No Hardware “and “Wall Mounted Faucet”. 

Floating Vanity Walk In Shower Bathroom Modern Cabinet Stylish Storage Marble Freestanding

Photo Credit | Keeper Construction Services

European-style golden bronze bathroom pendants.

Floating Vanity Bathroom Designs Floors Idea Fixtures Custom Styles Example Brown Remodeling Concrete Gallery Shelves Blue Dark 1

Photo Credit | BAUFORMAT

Contemporary bathroom design with a sleek look and “No Hardware” vanity doors. Birch and gray are happily dancing in this bathroom.

Floating Vanities Bathroom Vanity Floating Vanity Sink Wall Room Master Bathroom Tile Shower Tub Walls Light Wood

Photo Credit | Haustech

In this condition, with birch herringbone layout flooring and moss green wallpapers. Natural stone bathroom pendants and mirror-mounted sconces are the other good choices for this project. 

Floating Vanities Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Cabinets Cabinet Freestanding Space Tile Tiles Tub Stylish Flooring

Photo Credit | Jim Kuiken Design

Lovely contemporary bathroom design with dark cabinets, marble touch, and dark wall coverings. Contrast colors speak for themselves in this recharging energy room.

Floating Vanities Bathroom Vanity Double Sink Vessel Sink Wall Wood Room Bathroom Tile Tub Walls Floor Modern

Photo Credit | Regal X Inc

Boho style bathroom design: The palette of soft tones will calm your inner core after a long stressful day. Floating two-tone vanity cabinets and dark stone vessel sink follow the color code. Three-dimensional wall tiles are part of the bathroom’s personality. 

Floating Vanity Ideas Floating Bathroom Room Tile Wall Sink Tub Walls Shower Modern Floor Flooring Tiles Space Cabinets Cabinet Freestanding Contemporary

Photo Credit | C&J Custom Builders Inc

Redefine your taste while you remodel your bathroom! Ceiling-hung bathroom mirrors which are connected to the ceiling with an artisan touch by using square steel tubes and whose brand name is Grand Mirrors are the main elements. The missing element is the double sink white vanity.

Floating Vanity Double Sink Bathroom Design Wall Room Wood Tile Shower Tub Walls Modern Floor Tiles Cabinet Cabinets Gray Stylish Flat White


Considering the purple undertone gives some extra brightness to your bathroom and also looks very professional. The color is Benjamin Moore, Abalone, and is very trendy these days. Half-moon drawer pulls are finger edge pulls especially designed for futuristic design approaches. 

Floating Vanity Bathroom Sink Room Wood Tile Shower Tub Walls Modern Floor Cabinets Cabinet Contemporary Gray Large

Photo Credit | Platinum Homes by Mark Molthan

The height of floating cabinets is always flexible. The minimum gap should be 3 inches from the ground.

Light Wood Walls Tub Trough Sink Master Bathroom Room Wall Tile 1

Photo Credit | Heartfelt Townhouse Builders

Under cabinet led lights are very soft and well bled with the natural lighting which goes through the large bathroom window. Admiring modern, sincere, and futuristic design.

Bathrooms Master White Flat Bathtub Furniture Ceiling

Photo Credit | Alexander James Interiors

Gorgeous eclectic floating vanity bathroom designs: Floating vanity cabinets with mirrored mullion cabinet doors, atria matte resin vessel sink which is a large and an artistic abstract reflection of a full high backsplash over the standing bathtub against the vanity mirror. 

Gray Style Contemporary Mount Cabinet Freestanding Cabinets Space Flooring Countertop Floor Modern

Photo Credit | O plus L

Contemporary bathroom design with ceiling coverings. The flooring is also bamboo. 

Walk In Shower Floating Vanities Bathroom Vanity Undermount Powder Door Minimalist Lighting Photos Features House Quartz

Photo Credit | Holscher Architecture

Tropical island bathroom design with warm tones of browns and beiges. The two-tone floating vanity seems like a flying carpet…

Spacious Materials Elegant Rustic Bath Drawers Bathrooms Porcelain Mounted Master White Flat

Photo Credit | Dean Homes, Inc

Futuristic bathroom design with skylight, oblong white porcelain bathtub, and tuxedo floating vanity. The marble vanity top and marble frame all over the vanity utterly catch the eyes. 

Sleek Rooms Large House Lighting Door Minimalist Spacious Materials Elegant

Photo Credit | Vicky’s Homes

Creative transitional bathroom design. Floating vanities are connected to linen cabinets. The linen cabinets are used as a separator between the makeup vanity and the bathroom vanity.

Spacious Porcelain Master White Flat Ceiling Design Sinks Storage Vessel

Photo Credit | avenue design inc

Contemporary bathroom design by having the most popular design elements: Black floating vanity, white vanity top, wall hung toilet or best known floating toilet bowl, toilet paper niche, full high quartz backsplash, glass door walking shower. 

Modern Space Flooring Tiles Cabinets Tub Walls Light Wood

Photo Credit | Effect Home Builders Ltd

Feng Shui bathroom design with calming colors and classic look floating vanity. 

Walk In Shower Floating Vanities Bathroom Double Sink Room Wood Tile Tub Modern

Photo Credit | Tate Studio Architects

Eclectic bathroom design inspired by earth tones and natural stones. Nature-inspired accessories all look very welcoming. 

Floating Vanity Ideas Bathroom White Walls Room Wood Tile Walk In Shower Bathtub

Photo Credit | chas architects

Contemporary bathroom style with open space layouts and floating vanity. Two in one package, view in the box: The lake view is one curtain away, and the garden view is in full service. 

Walk In Shower Floating Vanity Floating Bathroom White Walls Sink Room Modern

Photo Credit | Labra Design Build

Minimalist bathroom design in a cabin house. Clean, neat, and tidy. Floating vanity is a big advantage to show the open space wider. 

Floating Vanity Walk In Shower Bathroom Wall Space Modern Contemporary Freestanding White Room

Photo Credit | Studio Munge

White bathroom design with floating basin sink and floating shelves. Simply sophisticated. 

Walk In Shower Floating Vanities Bathroom Design Sink Wall Room Large Tile Tub Modern Floor Tiles

Photo Credit | Blue Sky Homes

Modern retro style bathroom design: Large format porcelain tiles are charcoal color and herringbone flooring layout is for tiling. Oblong hexagonal wall tiles move like waves over the ocean. Glass door walk-in shower, floating bathroom vanity, and led lighting under the vanity. 

Floating Vanities Bathroom Vanity Bathroom Design Wall Room Wood Tile Tub Freestanding Cabinets Tiles Space

Photo Credit | Mikenny Design

Distressed chestnut tree floating vanity with black vanity top in a transitional bathroom design.

Floating Vanities Bathroom Vanity Sink Wall Shower Tile Modern Floor Countertop Flooring Tiles Space Cabinets

Photo Credit | RI Studio

Minimalist bathroom design, and of course floating vanity with white bathroom vanity top. Seeking the stillness and meditation is over. 

Floating Vanities Bathroom Vanity Floating Bathroom White Walls Sink Shower Wood Tile Tub Cabinets Cabinet Style Gray Contemporary Stylish

Photo Credit | Alair Homes

Transitional bathroom design transparent restroom, and “No Hardware” white vanity. 

Floating Vanity Ideas Floating Bathroom White Walls Bathroom Design Tile Shower Tub Walls Modern

Photo Credit | Built-Rite Kitchens

The well-experienced designer shows her/his talent in this modern bathroom. The corner floating vanity is a space saver and an art piece in this charming bathroom. 

Floating Vanity Double Sink Floating Bathroom Tile Shower Wood Room Tub Walls Cabinets Cabinet Tiles Flooring Modern Stylish Gray Floor Minimalist Large

Photo Credit | Payton Edison

Modern vintage bathroom design with driftwood floating vanity and marble vanity top. Excellence means working with details. 

Floating Vanity Bathroom Sink Wall Room Wood Tile Shower Tub Walls Modern Floor Cabinets Cabinet Contemporary Gray Large

Photo Credit | Exceed Home

How to make a double vanity if you have more space than expected? Set two separate under mount vanity tops and vanity cabinets side by side for inspiration. Softwood color matches with black vanity top. Golden hardware colors to contrast against gray and black tones. 

Walk-In Shower With Floating Vanities

Kids-friendly, simple design bathroom: If you have kids around you know how messy they are. They love to play everywhere and even in the bathroom, they like to play with the water. Are you ready to have a safer environment for the kids? Remember the first design rule: “Simple is the best.” 
Easy clean and larger look bathroom: Especially for the limited spaces, floating vanity shows its magical touch just like a flying carpet. Space looks larger and of course, wet area cleaning will be easier. 
Following the trends: These days every part of interior design inspiration. Why won’t the bathroom take advantage? 

Double Sink Floating Vanities

Freestanding stylish floors with flat storage materials and elegant custom-made styles for inspiration gallery.


Floating Vanity Bathroom Designs

Freestanding trough sink which is very stylish for master storage idea. Concrete custom floors idea for inspiration.