37 Amazing Walk-In Closet Ideas & Designs


I have very good news for you: No more suffering living with laundry bags, drawers, and disorganized shoe boxes… you can convert any place to walk-in closet ideas or you can organize your own belongings… Fall clutter cleaning would be a fun project by checking out the walk-in closet ideas. 

Walk-in closet design styles can flow with your house design style or can individually stand by themselves. 
The most popular designs these days are the Modern, Contemporary, Victorian Style, New York Style, Hollywood Style, European style, and Small walk-in closet ideas.
Hope you like my pick and that they inspired you. If you would like to inspire other readers, you can share your projects in the comments sections. 
Custom Closet Hanging Space Shelves Storage Storing Feature Rug Double Stylish Dressing Mirrors Idea

Photo Credit | California Closets

Head to toe luxury: Crystal chandelier for lighting, glass door wall cabinets for displaying the handbags, open shelf for hats and shirts, just right height for the tall dresses following the closet dimensions, and a fancy custom-made and decorated shoe storage island with a comfy puff seating in the walking closet.

Shelves Storage Room Closets Ideas Clothes Cabinets Wall Shoes Drawers

Photo Credit | Stuart Silk Architects

Every walk-in closet design uniquely serves the owner’s desires. This homeowner has a special interest in shoes and shoe storage is like an island in the middle. The open shelves and drawers are a sign of being tidy. The tall dresses are behind the mirrored doors.

Wood Hanging Custom Shelf Shelving System Hang Style Organization Bedroom Clothing Accessories Lighting Systems

Photo Credit | G.A. White Homes

The shoe island has a Giallo Fiorito granite countertop which is a great hue with espresso cabinets. The crown over the cabinets is showing the custom design. Closet dimensions are just the right size and the baseball hat collection is displayed well. 

Ststems Light House Example Store Baskets Doors Mirror Island Corner Hangers Walls

Photo Credit | Houzz

Ceiling height spinning shoe rack in a walk-in closet. The cabinets’ color is distressed gray and contrast is provided with white lazy susan shoe storage. I can call the inspiring style “New York Style walk-in closet ideas”.

Install Organized Display Create Jewelry Rods Ceiling Designer Wardrobe Wallpaper Free

Photo Credit | Houzz

Limited space walk-in closet design by having the active corner lazy susan with drawers, shoe racks, and hangers. Cubicle on the wall cabinets is the details for night-out handbags. Open shelves are for knit tops and frosted glass door cabinets are for intimate wear. All is covered with a smart design. 

Budget Fun Racks Shoe Related Idea Mirrors Dressing Stylish Double Rug Feature Storing

Photo Credit | Haven Development Group, Inc

European-style walk-in closet ideas included a washer and dryer. Two-tone cabinets emphasize the modern look. One wall is designated for shoe storage and the other wall is for clothing. Polished steel crossed-leg bench stands like a gem in this room. 

Walk In Closet Space Shaker Cabinets Mirror Quartz Countertops Wood Floor

Photo Credit | Closet Art

Transitional white cabinetry with a shaker door in a walk-in closet. Mirrored cabinet doors give an extra dimension to the space. The gray quartz countertop over the island base is pretty and elegant.

Make Your Closet Space Closet Organizers Master Bedroom Shelves Storage Room Ideas Floor

Photo Credit | Terradon Construction

Glassdoor display cabinets in a walk-in closet. Shoe and night-out bag protection is the first priority. Glass shelves are giving a deep dimension to the cabinets. Both functionalities count: The perfume bottle displaying and drawers for underwear and socks. 

Clothes Cabinets Wall Shoes Drawers Wood Hanging Custom Shelf Shelving System Hang

Photo Credit | Rockport Doors & Closets Inc

Craftsman designs dark cherry cabinetry with plenty of shelves and drawers in a walk-in closet. 

Style Organization Bedroom Clothing Accessories Lighting Systems Light House Example Store Baskets

Photo Credit | The Container Store Custom Closets

Shelves and cubbies are the dreams of a clutter-free life in a walk-in closet. White and blue have a calming effect as well. Soothing and relaxing design. 

Doors Mirror Island Corner Hangers Walls Install Organized Display

Photo Credit | The Container Store Custom Closets

Inspired by the department store fitting rooms in walk-in closet design. The white massive wood island, dressing room bench with two shelves underneath, shirt and jacket hangers, and drawers come from a detail-oriented designer, and the resting chair, accent lamp, and long cylinder pendants with diamond design frames are evidence of keen eyes. 

Create Jewelry Rods Ceiling Designer Wardrobe Wallpaper Free Budget Fun Racks Shoe Related

Photo Credit | Cindy Aplanalp & Chairma Design Group

Taupe is such a natural color to go with any room design. Here the taupe cabinetry with open shelves, rods for street dresses, with white quartz countertops serve with plenty of daylight which is desirable immensely for any walk-in closet. 

Shelves Storage Room Closets Cabinets Wall Shoes Drawers Wood

Photo Credit | erik kitchen design

A gorgeous Victorian-style walk-in closet with french windows and a reading nook is a classic touch for the walk-in closet ideas. High-quality walnut wood flooring and two cabinets fused immensely. Chandelier selection is just right for the time capsule to go to the Victorian era. The modern rustic arrangement and layout provide a peaceful atmosphere, the clean lines blend effortlessly into any aesthetic look. 

Shelves Storage Room Closets Floor Clothes Cabinets Wall

Photo Credit | Closet Factory

Feng Shui style clean line, sleek look cabinetry in a large walk-in closet. The featured elements are the quartz countertop on the base cabinets and the sliding glass door for the street dress hanger unit. Color selection is calming and motivating to meditation. 

Hanging Custom Shelf Shelving System Hang Style Organization Bedroom Clothing Accessories Lighting

Photo Credit | California Closets

Neutral color Hollywood style walk-in closet with a tufted velvet lounge chair and over cabinets recessed lights. Glass shelves display unit matches with glass door cabinets. Two-tone cabinets are for the modern look.

Light Example Store Baskets Doors Mirror Island Walls Organized

Photo Credit | California Closets

Open layout walk-in cabinets design with glass door cabinets. Inside the cabinets, lighting shows the space wider. Claustrophobia is not an issue anymore. 

Create Rods Racks Shoe Idea Closet System Space Walk

Photo Credit | McCaw Cabinetry

Welcome to the handbag cellar! Metal spiral staircase with hickory wood stairs and hickory wood flooring in modern walk-in closet ideas. This place would be in the big apple where the space is limited. 

Walk In Closet System Space Shelves Storage Room Drawers

Photo Credit | McCaw Cabinetry

Stainless steel hanger roads, quartz countertops on the base islands, and stainless steel hardware. Cubbies and drawers provide plenty of storage. 

Walk In Closet Space Floor Wall

Photo Credit | Houzz

What if a fashion designer places an order to a keen-eyed interior designer for a walk-in closet? The result is pretty straightforward: The fashion design elements blend with interior design elements.

Floor Storage Wood Shelves Table Window Hanging

Photo Credit | Built-Rite Closets

Simple, ergonomic, and functional. The three-in-one walk-in closet design is always the dream of working moms. The window in the closet room is a big bonus. Vanity is included in the design elements to make more beautiful this space. 

Hanging Custom Shelf Shelving System Hang Style Organization Bedroom 1

Photo Credit | Closet Factory

Gray cabinetry with open shelves, built-in vanity, glass door cabinets, and open drawers design is the most deliverable design for busy families. 

Closet Design Closet Ststems Small Walk In Closet Clothing Accesories Light Example Doors

Photo Credit | Clos-ette LLC

Traditional walk-in closet design with white glossy cabinets. It is a rare gem.

Walk In Closet Systems Design Space Shelves Storage Floor Drawers Wood

Photo Credit | In-Site Interior Design

Modern touch meets old days: Victorian-style walk-in closet with french windows, balloon valance, and reading nook in front looks so fantastic. The good-quality hickory wood flooring and mirrored vanity cabinets are in harmony. Craftsman-style high ceiling white cabinets with open shelves and authentic chandeliers complete the picture. 

Walk In Closet Systems Design Ideas Space Clothing Accssories Example Storing Rug

Photo Credit | Abruzzo Kitchen & Bath

The luxury chalet design interior turns into a fantastic walk-in cabinet. The high ceiling is used as an advantage for the storage space and the aisle layout gives an equal dress-changing chance for him and for her… The lingerie chest is a built-in design and is embellished with a vanity top for jewelry.

Small Walk In Closet Systems Shelves Storage Room

Photo Credit | Closet Factory

Full-size mirrors are used for sorting and organizing cabinets for each item such as shoes, t-shirts, and long dresses, and display units for purses. Daylight is provided naturally as well as a crystal chandelier. The crowns and corbels are just for an artistic look…

Small Walk In Closet Shelves Storage Floor Cabinets Wood Shoes Drawers

Photo Credit | Keechi Creek Builders

Soft and warm brown tones are for a comfortable dress-changing zone. Custom-made walk-in cabinets with high ceiling cabinets and shelves, a shoe island with a Cambria quartz countertop, and a tufted velvet dressing lounge. 

Walk In Closet Systems Clothing Accessories Example Porcelain Floor Ottoman Chair

Photo Credit | Cullum Homes

Well taking care of the double aisle walk-in closet design in white. Glass door cabinets matched with the white quartz countertop, marble looks porcelain flooring, and even with the seating storage bench. The modern crystal pendant seems amazing. 

Walk In Closet Design Space Storage Floor Drawers Wood Light

Photo Credit | AMN Construction

Bay window bench in white and neutral color cabinetry in the closet area. Jewelry display boxes on the cabinet, perfume bottles on the vanity cabinets, and street dresses on the hangers. Neat and ergonomic. 

Walk In Closets Space Shelves Storage Floor Clothes Cabinets Shoes Wood

Photo Credit | The Couture Closet

Inside the cabinets, lighting are very functional in this walk-in closet. The thick beige countertop and built-in vanity are the eye candies.

Small Walk In Closet Systems Space Cabinets Drawers Glass Example

Photo Credit | Cullum Homes

Well-organized mirrored white frame closet in a walk-in closet. Clear glass door drawers are used for hosiery and socks which is a great idea, especially for the daughters who would like to share their belongings with their mothers. 

Walk In Closets Custom Space Shelves Floor Clothes Cabinets

Photo Credit | Payne & Payne Renovations & Design

There is a place for everything! Accessories and watches and pieces of jewelry, purses, and even picture frames. A Gray island cabinet with a perforated glass countertop is an amazing addition for all.

Walk In Space Master Bedroom Shelves Floor Shoes Baskets

Photo Credit | Closet Factory

French-style walk-in closet in gray and white tones. Elegant and attractive design. 

Walk In Closet Design Space Shelves Floor Closet Closet Closet

Photo Credit | CLOSET THEORY by Janie Lowrie

Dream space where the luxury items meet the luxury cabinets. The mullion cabinets over the mirrored cabinets door. 

Walk In Closet Design Closet Space Closets Floor Clothes Mirror Cabinets

Photo Credit | Allan Edwards Builder Inc

Contemporary walk-in closet in a taupe color and mirrored ceiling and crystal chandeliers. 

Walk In Closets Space Shelves Storage Floor Clothes Wood Closet Closet

Photo Credit | Dawn Riley, Riley Team

Daylight and dream catcher cabinets with drop ceilings and ample storage. Hickory flooring, white cabinets, and black-honed Silestone countertop are the details. Adjustable shoe shelf and Divan-style seating complete the details.

Walk In Closet Design Space Shelves Closet Closet Cabinets Storage

Photo Credit | The Fox Group

Chalet design interior in a walk-in closet. White and blue are dancing under the happy sunlight. 

Walk In Closet Ideas Space Shelves Floor Cabinets Closet Closet

Photo Credit | COOPER Design Build

European style walk-in closet design with the laundry machine addition. Very doable if the space is limited inside the house

Small Walk-In Closet Design Elements

Stretching the creativity brings any addition to your walk-in closet. Therefore being in charge of DIY projects or working with an enthusiastic interior designer with accumulated knowledge is recommended… 
Hat Organizers: The huge selection of hat organizers can be named baseball hats or derby-style hats.
Shoe Organizers: It is all up to you, the tall shelves can be a good option for the boots and short shelves would serve for the display, if you are addicted to the shoes, you can either keep them in the box or behind the glass door cabinets. 
Bag organizer: Remember that, your lifestyle is the main indicator. From the business handbag to the night-out purse you can organize them all. 
Walk-in Closet Lounge chair or pouf: Dress changing and shoe changing needs some safety rules. If you can use a lounge chair or puff even when you are in a rush you won’t hurt yourself and sitting is recommended for shoe-wearing after the age of 40 to keep the body flexible and balanced.  
Walk-in Closet Island with a nice countertop: It would be wonderful if the countertop matches the vanity cabinets top. Closet islands are perfect for shoes, sweaters, and belts and they can be used as a linen closet as well. 
Built-in Vanity Cabinets: It mostly covers your mirror demand as well. The underwear and socks would be grateful for the vanity cabinets. The first drawer of the vanity cabinets is also a good nest for jewelry, perfumes, and watches.
Mirrors: Mirrors in a walk-in closet will be a standing mirror, vanity cabinet mirror, wall mirror in a walk-in closet, or mirrored cabinet doors. 
Display units for accessories: Small boxes with glass lids are the best design and never last. It shows your watches, and pieces of jewelry. If you keep them inside the drawers, you may not use them. Make them all visible.  
Windows for natural daylight: If you convert one of your rooms into walk-in cabinets, the windows will automatically be a part of your project. Natural daylight is the best for making the cloth decision and makeup. 
Bay window bench:  This sounds dreamy but if you have a bay window or built-in cabinet, you can have a space for a bay window bench. This is the most functional addition to the walk-in cabinets to give a roomy feeling. 

Walk-In Closets Ideas

Every home is unique for the owners as well as the walk-in closet design elements.
The desirable basic elements in walk-in closet ideas make your dream true. 
Built-in hangers: It can be two standard sizes, one is for street clothing the other is for long dresses. 
Shelves: Any size and location work. Wall built-in shelves, shelves in between the drawers, and shelves above or under the drawers. 
Drawers: Built-in tall drawers, wide drawers 
Lights: Soft natural daylight is the best for cabinetry and can also be applied inside the hanger unit or shelf units.