35 Exciting Powder Room Vanity Ideas That Inspire Homeowners


Powder room vanity ideas: As an interior design rule working with limited space shows one of the most difficult parts of the home interior.

If my readers will check out the white bathroom design, the restriction in square footage in the bathroom, and the myriad of creative solutions introduced by the interior designers.

Inpired Powder Room Furniture Solid Dark Decorating Renovation Traditional Details Toilet

Photo Credit | Thompson Photographic

Rustic style powder room with an earthy touch. Do you have the same feeling going into an underwater cave and getting some relief and refreshment? The wall and ceiling are stuccoes painted in earth colors and match well with the natural stone flooring. 

Wallpaper Decor Designer House Farmhouse Guests Inspiration Project Fun Fixtures Stotage Space

Photo Credit | Liguori & Son

The powder room reminds me of Rainforest Cafe.

Small Powder Room Half Bathroom Bath Makeover Remodel Blue Storage 2

Photo Credit | Jamestown Estate Homes

Here, a matching backsplash with the vanity top is used to make the eternity effect from left to right and in the back of the vanity console, it introduces the deepness. 

Dark Furniture Decorating Budget Fun Farmhouse High Impact Remodel Makeover Decor Room Feel Bath

Photo Credit | ROTHERS Design/Build

Every bathroom remodeling has a remarkable story behind it: Mexican folk art has extraordinary mermaid stories which come from the states of Oaxaca, Guerrero, and Michoacán. She is a humanoid and she is at least 4 thousand years old. She hails the lakes and rivers. 

Small Powder Room Modern Farmhouse Room Powder Room Design Small Space Bath

Photo Credit | Highgate House

Chinese wall art in a traditional design powder room vanity ideas. The birds and branches look real and the feeling is so meditating. The white vanity cabinet with a gray natural stone top has a bold contrast with the black wallpaper.

Powder Room Design Ideas Interior Design Room Bathroom Vanity Space Sink Style Walls Classic Renovation Toilet Details

Photo Credit | Beyond Beige Interior Design Inc

French Country design powder room vanity ideas with peony wallpaper. Comfort and convenience meet the charmful design. 

Powder Room Ideas Powder Rooms Design Ideas Small Space Wall Farmhouse

Photo Credit | J. Kurtz Design

Modern vintage design white bathroom with framed open wall shelf. The name of the sink is Coupe d’Carre, which has high back porcelain for the faucet. 

Small Powder Room Design Ideas Remodel Storage Project Inspiration Timeless

Photo Credit | BOWA

Powder room vanity ideas with dark wood panels, dark vanity cabinets white vanity top. The walls are like the pivot connection in between the black wood panels and white ceilings

Modern Powder Room Half Bath Chic Inspired Idea Spaces

Photo Credit | Structure Home

Here in this beautiful bathroom, she looks like a hail fellow well met: Cabinet with a white top which matches with the blue ceiling and white crowns express her personality.  

Framed Mirror Guest Bathroom Room Feel Decor Ideas Fun Budget Guests High Impact House

Photo Credit | Esther Boivin Interiors

Eclectic design powder room design influenced by rustic powder room design, contemporary powder room design, and traditional powder room design: Natural look, mirror with sconce on the side, floating console vanity with three-dimensional cabinet doors, color patterned ceramic bathroom flooring and elevated drawer seem unique. The stone decorative accent is priceless.

Powder Room Space Floor Paint Fixtures Inspiration Small Bathroom

Photo Credit | Cippananda Interior Design

Contemporary powder room design with espresso brown open shelf wood vanity console and polished metal vessel sink. The bathroom windows with bamboo blinds provide privacy and adjust the daylight inside the bathroom. The horse figurine is a part of fine taste design. 

Powder Room Ideas Space Makeover Remodel Designer Light Project Paint Timeless Countertop

Photo Credit | Stephanie Kratz Interiors

Contemporary bathroom design with a myriad of floating elements: The round, wall-mounted toilet bowl is ideal for limited space. I think the TOTO brand name was picked for this project.


Small Powder Room Ideas Small Bathroom Blue And White Guests Spaces Decorating Dark Cabinet

Photo Credit | Allan Edwards Builder Inc

Butterfly and hummingbird garden in your powder room. Butterflies or hummingbirds drink water and take a rest. Custom-made Roman shades and custom-made wallpaper are all amazing.  

Small Powder Room Guest Bathroom Budget Fixtures Fun House

Photo Credit | Nicholson Companies

Elongated vessels sink over a white vanity top. The vanity console has fine legs and allows you to see the beautiful patterned bathroom flooring. 

Powder Room Ideas Half bath Interior Design Modern Farmhouse Decor Style Tile Floor


Traditional style vanity console with open shelf, contemporary style thick white vanity top and industrial design cast iron closed caged, 2 light sconces made my day.

Powder Room Ideas Vanity Space Makeover Paint Project Farmhouse

Photo Credit | Steven Dailey Construction

The color palette is soft. The three-dimensional white backsplash is just right for perspective illusion and the backsplash texture is calming. 

Powder Room Ideas Bathroom Vanity Wall Tile Space Bathrooms Solid Spaces Toilet Timeless Inspiration House

Photo Credit | Lori Carroll & Associates

Contemporary powder room design: The designer has keen eyes for narrow spaces. The long vanity cabinetry and wave shape vessel sink are the best choices. 

Small Powder Room Ideas Half Bath Rooms Floor House Farmhouse Designer Bathrooms Decorating Solid

Photo Credit | Gaskill Architecture

City tricks in the busy small space powder room: Beautiful perspective wall art to blow all minds… Industrial design powder room, and stainless steel framed white basin. This is like a rare gem. 

Small Powder Room Ideas Bathroom Vanity Half Bath Designer Chicc Inspired Decorating Furniture

Photo Credit | Integrated Resources Group

As you see on the right side, there is a little door and the lighting is installed inside the vanity console.  

Small Powder Room Ideas Remodel Designer Inspiration Fixtures Idea Solid Spaces

Photo Credit | Khadine Schultz Interiors

This unique look basin is crafted from natural stone therefore it is called an artwork that combines both rustic look and functionality. If you look closely at the picture, the soap dish is carved into a rim on the right side. The interior of the basin is polished and the outer trim is honed. 

Small Powder Room Ideas Half Bath Modern Powder Room Guest Bathroom Vanity Storage Walls

Photo Credit | C2 Paint

God’s eye protects you even if you are in an eclectic design powder room. The separation of the toilet bowl from the vanity console is very traditional. The mirror on the wall and built-in decorative bookshelf, and vanity console are both contemporary design elements, stainless steel backsplash is from industrial bathroom design and, marble look vanity top is farmhouse style, bathroom light fixtures remind the retro design and large format porcelain tiles belongs to modern bathroom design. The ceiling mural is very extraordinary and the reflection on the wall makes it almost a real vanity top. Two thumbs up for the designer’s talent!

Small Powder Room Ideas Space Rooms Decor Remodel Paint Storage

Photo Credit | Alloy Homes Incorporated

Inspirational solutions for narrow very modern approach for small bathrooms. The aim is to eliminate the backsplash cost if your space is limited. The designer has a rich taste for cubby hole powder rooms. 

Small Powder Room Ideas Interior Design Small Bathroom Tile Style Makeover Remodel Ideas

Photo Credit | A. Keith Powell Interior

Rectangular pedestal bathroom sink with overflow. The guest bathroom deserves a  classic, timeless touch at the same time elegant look. The bathroom flooring is matching with the bathroom wall by having the same large format two-tone ceramic tile. The advantage of ceramic tile is that it has a wood look and has texture.

Small Powder Room Ideas Interior Design Tile Style Decor Paint Guests Walls Floor

Photo Credit | Guimar Urbina Interiors, Corp

The modern sconce, black and white bathroom flooring. The three-dimensional backsplash reflects all the recess lights and mirror lights. In my opinion, the best part is the extraordinary faucet. The memorable signature for the designer.  

Small Bathroom Powder Room Space Bath Modern Tile Guests

Photo Credit | Artisan Inc

Wallpaper and wall panels are custom-made. The tall bathroom mirror and towel cabinet door also match. 

Powder Rooms Design Ideas Space Makeover Remodel Walls Paint

Photo Credit | Solitude Homes

Go green means go sustainable with nice decorative flowers. Yellow trims match the bathroom flooring.  

Powder Rooms Interior Design Decor Paint Tile Remodel Floor

Photo Credit | ABK Interiors – Annette Kuester

Farmhouse style powder room with rectangular drop-in bathroom sink with overflow has an endless taste which combines well with the walnut bathroom vanity console.

Powder Room Ideas Chic Renovation Budget Fun Idea Guest Decor Bath

Photo Credit | Budget 2 Beautiful Designs

Vintage design in a small powder room. The bathroom vanity console has two parts: shelves and vanity cabinets. The wood looks distressed with vintage style as birdcage-style bathroom pendants.

Powder Room Ideas Decor Tile Renovation Idea Style Bath

Photo Credit | i4design, LLC

Lovely eclectic guest bathroom design by connecting the valuable element: First of all white, eagle green or midnight green, copper, and aged black colors are always in harmony. Therefore color selection hits the target. Second, the styles fused well which this quadruple combines well; Industrial bathroom design, rustic bathroom design, traditional bathroom design, and contemporary bathroom design.

Powder Room Guests Design Ideas Modern Floor Paint Chic Idea Countertop

Photo Credit | Hamilton-Gray Design, Inc

Feng Shui design bathroom with driftwood vanity console and gray soapstone top and gray stone vessel sink. Faucets, and bathroom mirror frames have a soft contrast in the design. 

Powder Room Modern Tile Style Floor Black Cabinetry

Photo Credit | Alyssa Lee Photography

Antique finish ebony cabinets with legs, and honeycomb marble bathroom flooring. The color contrast shows itself and does an excellent job. 

Design Ideas Powder Room Powder Room Powder Room Countertop

Photo Credit | Bart Edson Photography

Apothecary style white vanity console in a wood essence guest bathroom

Design Ideas Powder Room Powder Room Powder Room Countertop 1

Photo Credit | Blackline Renovations

Traditional classic white guest bathroom. The soft whites are the main colors but soft grays on the wall and inside the bathroom flooring and the natural stone vanity are all complementary.

Powder Room Powder Room Wood Floor Ideas Powder Room Powder Room

Photo Credit | Trickle Creek Designer Homes

French Country design powder room with strong wood accent. Bathroom flooring, vanity console, and wall panels are real wood and natural colors make this powder room extremely warm. 

Small Powder Room Powder Room Ideas Powder Room Powder Room

Photo Credit | Vicki Simon Interior Design

The steps on the backsplash are also an impressive addition. The wallpaper and ceiling are also designed for the same reason and abstract lines over the green surface make you think that you are in a different ambiance.  

Creative Solutions For Small Powder Room Ideas

There are a few solutions to be considered. I may call them illusion tricks as well in powder room vanity ideas. In this case,  the guest or homeowner won’t even feel claustrophobia while confined space is an issue.

1. White and Bright Colors: Always works and turns out beautiful in powder room design. 

2. Contrast Colors: If the balance of the dark and light colors is just right, there is no doubt that your powder room would look gorgeous. Usually, this contrast is provided by dark wall color and a dark vanity console with a white vanity top, white toilet bowl, and white flooring 

3. Distraction: It is like reverse psychology. What distracts you in a small place means actually what attracts you. It might be a figurine or decorative accent.

Powder Room Design Ideas

My favorite is eclectic design since I like distractions in the guest bathroom. The requirement is a keen eye to combine everything from different tastes. Moreover, as long as creative solutions are followed, traditional powder rooms, french country powder rooms nautical powder rooms, and industrial powder rooms would be so attractive after any bathroom remodeling.  

Hope my pictures make you satisfied, please do not skip the reading under each picture. Every picture has plenty of details for your next project.