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White Bathroom Design Ideas

The white bathroom design ideas is a generic name in inspirational interior design. The term white mostly represents bold white, but it also refers to light color, some shades of very light grays, light blues, and light greens are included. It also contrasts with the tuxedo bathroom design.

Brass, bronze, or stainless steel bathroom accessories or faucets, or showerheads go well with white. 

Besides that, white just like the ceiling of the bathroom. If the walls are not covered with tiles, they would be either white or other pastel tones.  

Therefore, in my opinion, the white bathroom has more space, style, and a visual perspective.

Freestanding Bathtub Flat Panel Cabinet Marble Countertop Floor Tiles

Photo Credit | Clean Design

Love the layout of the white porcelain standing bathtub. It has a really nice view if all the bathroom windows are out of the rolling shades. 

Marble Floor Quartz Countertop Shaker Cabinetry

Photo Credit | Jane Barry Design

White bathroom design ideas with antique white vanity cabinets and antique bronze framed mirrors. The bathroom fairies work hard to make the princesses happy. The sconces are looking good by the touches of the fairies. 

Light Grey Shaker Cabinetry Marble Flooring Counter Freestanding Bathtub

Photo Credit | Alexander Design Group, Inc

Palace luxury is in the traditional bathroom with many details: Marble is the classic to have an essence of an ancient look and usually it is used for fantastic designs. Large format marble tiles are in charge of flooring and the marble vanity top seems amazing with the round sink. The candles, the sconce, and the bathroom chandelier over the standing bathtub are the finely thought details. Having said that, a royal family member is ready to relax and chill. The scenery changes with the season. Bathroom windows are large enough to capture it.

Matchstick Backsplash Tiles Quartz Countertop Flat Front Cabinetry Porcelain Flooring

Photo Credit | Clean Design

Traditional white bathrooms with double sink vanity with the rest of the white bathroom.

Marble Countertop Hinged Shower Door Gray Floor Saheker Cabinetry

Photo Credit | Jeri Koegel Photography

White bathrooms with open shelf vanity and walk-in shower. The marble vanity top symbolizes cleanliness.

Corner Shower Shaker Cabinetry Hinged Door White Tile Marble Top Grey Wall

Photo Credit | Chango & Co

Neat white bathroom with marble and marble look bathroom design elements. Clean and functional design. 

Light Wood Cabinetry Subway Ceramic Tile Wallpaper Marble Counter

Photo Credit | Kennedy Cole Interior Design

Eclectic bathroom design with white bathroom inside the steam room, black french door style framed glass shower door wood panels. The other wall covering element is the wallpaper behind the vanity. 

Multicolored Porcelain Flooring Subway Tiles White Top Cabinetry Black Hardware

Photo Credit | HDR Remodeling Inc

Mediterranean style white wall height narrow towel cabinet.

Arabesque Floor Tiles Hinged Shower Door Gray Tile White Countertop

Photo Credit | Frontier Custom Builders

Moroccan-style walk-in shower and standing bathtub are ready for your convenience.  

Large Format Grey Tile White Counters Modern Cabinets

Photo Credit | ONE eleven ltd

Such a refreshing Zen bathroom with a white vanity top, white sink, and white bathtub. The white bathtub is inside the walk-in shower. Glass brick windows are used for natural bathroom lighting and also give an elegant look. 

Freestanding Bathtub Towel Rack Mosaic Backsplash Beige Flooring Marble Counter

Photo Credit | Signature Kitchens Additions & Baths

Fancy white is always trendy. What you see in this bathroom for a quiet retreat from the day’s stress. White cotton easy dry Turkish bath towels are hanging on the standing towel rack, white vanity with a marble look vanity top has fine legs. Even the white bathroom rug seems so soft and comfortable. Adorable design.

Quartz Countertop Dark Hardwood Floor Wallpaper White Cabinetry Hinged Shower Door

Photo Credit | Terri Sears, Kitchen, and Bath Designer

This cabinet will provide extra storage and protect the wallpaper from getting wet. Some part of the linen cabinets is seen from the bathroom mirror. Smart and ergonomic design.

Freestanding Bathtub Black Hardware White Counter Medium Tone Hardwood Flooring Cabinetry

Photo Credit | Pure Builders Inc

Transitional white bathroom design with white vanity with sink and make-up of the unit. These elements are part of traditional bathroom design. The two different bathroom pendants are inspired by the eclectic bathroom design. A really nice fusion of both bathroom designs.

Mosaic Marble Floor Tiles White Counter Cabinetry Grey Walls

Photo Credit | Platt Builders

The perimeter of the floor consists of two borders: Black and white veined marble, and marble mini mosaic backsplash. The vanity top is also marble-looking quartz stone. This marble touch brings a Mediterranean breeze into your bathroom

Mosaic Tiles Black Hardware White Toilet Counter Cabinetry Subway Floor

Photo Credit | Blueberry Jones Design, LLC

The shower wall is covered by white mosaic tiles and bordered with gray mosaic tiles. The bathroom window frame, shower door handle, and vanity trims are black. In my opinion, the contrast is complete and bold. 

Large Format Porcelain Tile Freestanding Bathtub White Cabinetry Motif Backsplash

Photo Credit | Blueberry Jones Design, LLC

White bathroom by having a soft tone color palette. Gray large format flooring tiles and gray subway tile, white and gray wallpaper, and a white bath rug with gray borders are all in harmony. 

Beaded Inset Cabinetry White Tops Grey Mosaic Floor Tiles Freestanding Towel Rack Hinged Shower Door

Photo Credit | Ed Hughey, Architect & Realtor

White bathroom with walk-in shower, marble look double vanity top. The wood-framed round mirror is matched with a wood-standing towel rack and the golden hardware has a bolt taste. 

Marble Floor Tile White Cabinetry Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Photo Credit | Donna DuFresne Interior Design

White bathroom with marble tiles and marble vanity top. The walking shower floor and the wall are also covered with marble tiles. Very simple but very unique look in the white bathroom design ideas.

White Cabinet Freestanding Bathtub Light Grey Porcelain Tiles

Photo Credit | Julie Mifsud Interior Design

The color selection and the tile work are both amazing. Herringbone-style ceramic tiles are in the bathroom flooring, same tiles are used as subway tiles outside of the shower room. Steam room design is following the same color code but with different types of tiles: The standing bathtub seems like an art piece in this picture. The classic meets the modern.

Gray Porcelain Flooring Marble Stone Tops Tiles White Cabinetry

Photo Credit | V.I.Photography & Design

White bathroom design with soaking bathtub and walk-in shower. Marble-covered shower walls, soaking bathtub borders, and vanity tops are the main design elements. I love the white wood panels and gray large format ceramic tiles. Without those two elements, the picture won’t be completed. 

White Shaker Cabinetry Walls Counter Grey Ceramic Tile Sink Mirror Glass Doors

Photo Credit | J Hill Interiors

White master bathroom by space-saving steam room.  Shades of gray boost pop the color of white cabinets and a white honeycomb border inside the shower. 

Shaker White Cabinetry Black Hardware Gray Ceramic Tile Freestanding Bathtub Quartz Counter Double Sink

Photo Credit | Tracy McGuire Interiors

Under the natural light, gray, black, and white show their beauty in the bathrooms. Here, black hardware and black accessories such as bathroom wall art and bathroom frame give the right zest to the design.

Furniture Like Bathroom Cabinets Multicolored Porcelain Tile White Subway Quartz Counter Freestanding Bathtub Shower Door

Photo Credit | Spazio LA

Bright space in the steam room in the master bathroom. The wall inlet and flooring are matchings that privilege the gothic design idea in your white bathroom remodeling. 

Furniture Like White Cabinet Marble Counter Mosaic Floor

Photo Credit | Tarkus Tile, Inc

A small bathroom turns into a spacious room by using the right design elements. Color selection and the fancy style of crystal bathroom chandeliers. The mirror and the crystal chandeliers are like accessories and take the most attention. Really nice idea to be promoted. 

Mosaic Tile Floor Undermount Sink Tub White Marble Counter Cabinetry

Photo Credit | Mosaic Architects Boulder

Cotton white color is a classic master bath design. The white walls, custom-made tub, and excess bathroom lighting create a relaxing space. White bathrooms are showing the pop of color shower curtains for interior design accents.

Free Standing Bathtub White Cabinetry Mosaic Flooring Marble Tops Hinged Shower Door

Photo Credit | Joy R. Dabill Interior Design

Modern style master bath with white walls and three-dimensional look flooring.

Beaded Inset Cabinet White Carrara Marble Flooring Counter Undermount Sink Mirror Bathtub

Photo Credit | JDP Interiors

Modern farmhouse-style master bath with white walls and authentic kilim rugs. Bright and happy bonds immensely.

Hammered Polished Nickel Sink Quartz Counter Marble Tile Hinged Door

Photo Credit | Tamara Mack Design

Poseidon ordered to have a bath and send Hermes to Circe to spell a cast on Marmaros. The shine of silver and brass, the richness of mosaics, and the quality of accessories were submitted to Poseidon. He replied ” This is the style what it is supposed to be”.

Multicolored Floor Undermount Sink Marble Top Gray Walls Recessed Panel Cabinetry

Photo Credit | Artsaics Studios

Medieval style luxury in your master bath. Flooring mesmerized me already.

Freestanding Tub Undermount Sink Grey Flooring Marble Tops

Photo Credit | MHK Architecture & Planning

New York-style bathroom white bathroom with walk-in closet. Broadway shows call you urgently with a lightbox are innovative interior design ideas to create a living space in a master bath.

Large Format Cream Flooring Cabinetry Undermount Sink Hinged Shower Door Free Standing Bath Tub Mosaic

Photo Credit | MHK Architecture & Planning

Inspirational traditional master bath design. The steam room and tub are behind the glass shower doors. Meditate your soul and your body as well.  

Subway Wall Tiles Gray Counter Shaker Cabinetry Blue Freestanding Bathtub Toilet Shower Head

Photo Credit | KBG Design

New York Style dreamy master bath with a legged standing bathtub. The main element of this style is using white color as bold. The other colors are all supplementary. A typical example is shown in this bathroom, blue contrasts an outstanding result. 

White Bathrooms Interior Design Ideas

1. Space is limited: If bathroom space is in the apartment, white is the clean and fresh look. It is also called the New York Style Bathroom Design. The small bathroom has a magic touch to be converted into a large bathroom. 

2. Brighter bathroom: The three-dimensional white tiles change the light’s direction. This textured space provides a brighter bathroom. The white color reflects the light anyhow.  

3. Show off the beauty of standing bathtubs in the master bathroom: When designing white bathrooms, having the tub in the master bathroom adds a rich and specific look.

4. Targeting the beautiful scenery from the bathroom windows: White is such an impressive color to focus on the other colors. If your bathroom design is white, you will see all the details of the outside looking through the windows.

5. Hiding the unwanted plumbing fixtures: Think about an eraser that touches your bathroom and covers all the plumbing fixtures. White color is served this purpose as well. Contemporary bathroom design ideas or modern bathroom design ideas are always the most effective ones if floating shelves and floating sinks are picked as the design elements. 


White bathroom design ideas with vintage house accent property of interest painted features with cozy texture to paint warm dimension white subway plus black and white floor tile. Subway tile with white walls, shower curtain, space, tub, and bathrooms with cabinets. White bathrooms property accents to create a brass dark palette to interest fixtures. Cozy painted elegant texture to contrast storage with dimension interest elegant dark inspired warm ceiling. The vintage house with white bathrooms has space to paint features accent and palette. White bathrooms for vintage house features paint window.