32 Charming Rustic Kitchen Ideas For Country Life Style

Rustic Kitchen Ideas

The simplest and the most nature-calling interior design is known as rustic.  The trend never fades up. These days, people flow to work at home, and the pastoral breeze is a big must in the kitchen and at home. I am helping you to go more into rustic kitchen ideas.

My lucky numbers are 3 and 2, which makes 32 side by side for the number of pictures. They will bring good luck in rustic kitchen remodeling as well. Enjoy looking at them. 

Stainless Steel Appliances Granite Countertops Rustic Style Gray Backsplash Wood Cabinetry Range Hood

Photo Credit | Panache Inspiration Center

Rustic kitchen design ideas with warm tones and modern kitchen design elements will warm the hearts: Two-tone stained cabinets such as Varathane Briarsmoke over red oak wood and Varathane Smoke Gray over red oak wood, and two-tone countertops such as absolute black granite and white ice granite, matchstick travertine backsplash, and large format travertine flooring have the feeling of drinking a hot chocolate with vanilla whipped cream.

Rustic Kitchen Stone Tile Backsplash Brick Walls Natural Stone Wooden Cabinetry

Photo Credit | Crosby Creations Drafting & Design Services, LLC

Such an admiring eclectic kitchen design with inspirational rustic kitchen ideas. Two-tone kitchen cabinets with weather-look base cabinets distressed open shelves and stained flooring.

Rustic Country Kitchen Wood Countertops Custom Cabinetry Wooden Beams Focal Point Knotty Pine

Photo Credit | John Kraemer & Sons

I can feel the dominant essence of the wood in this rustic kitchen design. The high beam and cabinets are stained. The butcher block is waxed. The floor is triple stained for endurance. 

Contemporary Rustic Kitchen Weathered Wood Beams Wood Cabinets Wood Flooring Accent Wall Marble Countertops

Photo Credit | Anderson Clark Interiors, Inc

A chalet house interior with a rustic kitchen design is always the best combo. The high ceiling with wood panels and Minwax English chestnut-stained pine cabinets seem great with cream countertops and cream three-dimensional travertine backsplash slab.

Exposed Wooden Beams Farmhouse Sink Rustic Kitchens Modern Appliances White Cabinets Interior Designer Stone Wall

Photo Credit | Pleasant View Construction

Hats off to the designer! Eclectic kitchen design would not be expressed that impressive without vintage kitchen design, rustic kitchen design, and farmhouse kitchen design. Modern two-tone cabinets, hickory flooring, onyx countertops, and onyx island tops are the indicators of being upscale.

Rustic Kitchens Rustic Aesthetic Kitchen Island Marble Backsplash Brick Backsplash White Subway Tiles Ceiling Beams

Photo Credit | 2 Design Group

Raised breakfast bar in a rustic kitchen! The butcher block waxed table top and honed Viscount White granite countertop is the artistic elements in this kitchen. The floor is distressed wood look porcelain tiles and the cabinet stain is Varathane Smoke Gray over red oak.

Modern Rustic Kitchen Gray Quartz Countertops Hardwood Floors Pendant Lights Wooden Elements


Rustic stained kitchen island in a transitional kitchen design. The two-tone countertops and two-tone cabinets are trendy. The white, taupe melange honeycomb backsplash is elegant. Stylish and charming. 

Rustic Appeal Wooden Cabinets Stone Walls Design Ideas Exposed Beams Natural Materials

Photo Credit | Miller-Roodell Architects Ltd

Rustic kitchen with two-tone cabinets and two-tone countertops. The best part is the perimeter countertops and kitchen island base are the same color. The countertop is Verde Guatemala Green Marble and it is honed. The island base is Benjamin Moore Aegean Teal paint with Benjamin Moore Hamilton Blue stain.

Butcher Block Island Wooden Floor Gray Countertops Beige Backsplash Country Style Backsplash Tile Open Shelves

Photo Credit | Conrad Brothers Construction

The combination of white and natural wood in a rustic kitchen design comes with inspirational kitchen remodeling ideas. The honed white countertops, weathered cabinets, and off-white backsplash show their beauty under the natural daylight.

White Quartz Countertops Farmhouse Style Reclaimed Wood Multicolored Backsplash

Photo Credit | CIRCLE Design Studio

Head to toe rustic kitchen design is dreamy. The ceiling-framed wood panel, the windows crowns, the door arches, and antique painted cabinets gather smoothly. The wood accessories such as cheese plates, nut bowls, and two-tone saddle-back breakfast stools are a bonus for this view.

Wood Floors Dining Room Beige Countertops Window Backsplash Rustic Space

Photo Credit | Pillar & Peacock

An eclectic kitchen inspired by a rustic kitchen design, Japanese kitchen design, and industrial kitchen design: The result is envying and eye-catching. 

Rustic Kitchen Stone Slab Backsplash Range Hood Wooden Floor Focal Point

Photo Credit | Ence Homes

The warm tones in a rustic kitchen design with thick countertops and matchstick backsplash. Stunning design!

Log Homes Rustic Kitchen Wooden Exposed Beams Raised Panel Cabinets

Photo Credit | Golden Eagle Log Homes

The sustainability of the material selection steals my heart: The thick Titanium granite countertops, travertine backsplash, travertine mosaic inlet, hickory wood kitchen flooring and hickory wood ceiling, and rustic cherry cabinets are mandatory.

Stainless Steel Appliances Rustic Kitchen Wood Cabinet Wooden Ceiling

Photo Credit | Tebbs Design Group

Modern rustic kitchen with high beams, ceiling height cabinets, thick and layered cabinet crown molding(detailed crown molding), wooden window frames, granite subway backsplash, and white countertops. This kitchen is ready to welcome any guest.

Brown Backsplash Rustic Kitchen Rustic Elements Butcher Block Countertops Table

Photo Credit | Lampert Lumber – Rice Lake

The wood in different forms makes this rustic kitchen desirable: The substitutes are given respectively: High beams in the ceilings are converted into a lumber panel with thinner side beams, and the backsplash is selected as the shiplap in natural colors.

Black Granite Countertops Rustic Kitchen Wood Cabinets Stone Fireplace Rustic Beams

Photo Credit | Echelon Builders, Inc

The rustic kitchen design has strong pairs for the satisfaction turnout: The honed stone countertops and weathered cabinets. Here we can see more supportive elements such as wooden high beams/ slate rock range hood pillars, wooden ceiling/travertine flooring, and cast iron double apron sink/ stainless steel appliances.

Wood Countertop Rustic Kitchen Blue Cabinets Concrete Floor

Photo Credit | Locati Architects

The color palette of the woods is inspiring. The modern rustic kitchen with five different tones of wood and two-tone countertops are all fantastic items. The custom-made range hood covered by slate rocks is a matching addition to this theme.

Copper Undermount Sink Rustic Kitchen Shaker Wood Cabinets Granite Countertops

Photo Credit | Dianne Davant and Associates

A transitional kitchen in the woods! A vintage and rustic kitchen design blend with a few modern touches: White Ice granite countertop, copper sink, silver-golden opaque ceiling pendants, and Hallman Italian range in burgundy.

Stainless Steel Appliances Rustic Kitchen Wood Beams Kitchen Ideas Marble Countertops

Photo Credit | Alpine Lumber

A rustic touch in a transitional kitchen design. The warm and happy colors push me hard to work in this kitchen. The layering of the wall cabinets and layered attached breakfast nook to the kitchen island is eye pleasing.

Custom Wood Hood Rustic Kitchen Wooden Floor Open Shelves

Photo Credit | Spyglass Design, Inc

Such a homey modern rustic kitchen design with many amenities: The books are within reaching distance, the pantry is off the bookshelf, and the wine is on the table. I can imagine many good conversations and great gatherings are on the way. 

Log Homes Modern Rustic Kitchen Country Style Kitchen Ideas Stone Wall

Photo Credit | Jayden Homes

The Japanese kitchen cabinets with Shou Sugi Ban burning technique are replaced with the weather kitchen cabinets, and the chestnut table and chestnut chairs are another form of the woods to be considered in the kitchen design. Fall in love with the wood design! This is quite rustic! The pastoral approach in the kitchen design. Adorable!

Farmhouse Sink Rustic Kitchens Wood Countertops Pendant Lights

Photo Credit | Glynis Wood Interiors

What is the most notable design element in this white kitchen? The thick and rustic butcher block island top. Live edge is admirable. I love the English chestnut stain on the maple wood. 

Log Cabin Modern Rustic Kitchen Gray Countertops Kitchen Island

Photo Credit | New Dimension Construction Inc

Maple cabinets, thick stone-honed countertops, and subway backsplash are in a rustic kitchen design. The round log timber beams and rustic shelf enriches the rustic kitchen decoration.

Wood Cabinets Rustic Style Kitchen Ideas Wood Countertop

Photo Credit | Veritas Fine Homes Inc

The coffered ceiling is the most decorative addition to the rustic kitchen. Here all the essence of wood is used as a decorative piece: Wood plank backsplash, floating kitchen shelves, wood panel kitchen islands, and butcher block kitchen island tops.

Country Style Contemporary Rustic Kitchen Design Ideas Wood Ceiling

Photo Credit | Keith Allen-Custom Builder

Layering between the kitchen ceiling and the kitchen floor is an inspirational design idea when the rustic kitchen is spoken. This design idea is supported by two-tone cabinets in the kitchen and two-tone countertops in the kitchen. 

Modern Rustic Kitchen Island Natural Stone Wooden Cabinets Focal Point Interior Designer

Photo Credit | Rob Bramhall Architects

The natural look of the kitchen design is an important issue. Addressing the honed stone countertops, rustic cabinets, and slate range hood pillars are solution-oriented approaches in kitchen remodeling.

Stainless Steel Appliances Rustic Kitchens Farmhouse Sink Stone Walls Kitchen Ideas Pendant Lights

Photo Credit | Witt Construction

Weather cabinets and weather stool seats provide a rustic look to this modern kitchen. The trend of two-tone cabinets and two-tone countertops is still going on. They are best friends forever.

Rustic Kitchens Wood Cabinets Kitchen Ideas Concrete Floor Brown Backsplash

Photo Credit | Edgell Building, Inc

Two-tone rustic kitchen cabinets rock! The stain colors are Varathane Carbon Gray Stain on Oak Cabinets and Light Oaking Stain on Texas Oak Cabinets. 

White Cabinets Rustic Kitchens Stainless Steel Appliances Wooden Cabinets Kitchen Island

Photo Credit | Studio West

White kitchen design with rustic inserts wooden high beams, floating wooden kitchen shelves, and a hickory floor are the noticeable rustic kitchen design elements.

Wooden Floor Stainless Steel Appliances Rustic Kitchens Wood Cabinetry

Photo Credit | Stringline Design

Rustic kitchen design elements are endless and bring joy to your kitchen remodeling. How do two-tone cabinets carry these elements with pride? The selection of a hammered copper curved apron sink, high beams in the kitchen ceiling, thick wooden kitchen island legs, and wooden flooring helped to complete the project. 

Rustic Kitchens Wood Cabinets Hardwood Floors Stainless Steel Appliances

Photo Credit | Ann Stillman O’Leary

The antique Georgian china cabinet looks gorgeous in this rustic kitchen. The background and cabinet door colors are rich and bold. Its cabinet doors match with Absolute Black granite countertops. The kitchen peninsula points out the beauty of the china cabinet. 

Rustic Kitchens Wooden Cabinets Wooden Ceiling Kitchen Ideas

Photo Credit | MossCreek

The gorgeous butcher block kitchen island top and the cabinets are Minwax English stained pine. The mesmerizing thick ceiling beams and thick wood shiplap backsplash provide the best matching look. Feel the wood along. 

Rustic Style Kitchens With Stainless Steel Appliances

There are three main elements for woodwork in rustic kitchen ideas. It can be used with desired stains like weathered stains, colored stains, and clear stains.  Sometimes both paint and stains can be used together. The target is to show the woodwork in the best way. 
The Kitchen Cabinetry: The kitchen cabinetry for rustic kitchen ideas uses favorite woods such as pine, oak, and maple. For each of them, the stain color varies and ends up beautifully. 
The Beams: The rectangular prism beams and round log beams are the most known beam types. They can serve as high beams, supporting beams, and table legs. 
The flooring: Hickory wood floor and maple wood floor with natural stain provide the most durable flooring ever. 
The floating kitchen shelves look charming if the space is not limited. The shelf addition is optional. 
Woodfork for countertops and backsplash will be seen below. 

Rustic Kitchen Ideas With Granite Countertops

This pure simplicity can not carry heavy colors and patterns as a countertop. Therefore, warm-color countertops are in use. The homogenous patterns and veins on the countertops are a good addition to the rustic design. 
Natural stone countertops and quartz stone countertops: The recommendation is honed countertops for light and dark color countertops.
Butcher Block Countertops: Since the theme is nature, butcher block countertops are a great combo with rustic kitchen ideas.
Everything is simple and good-looking in rustic kitchen ideas. The backsplash selection is a piece of cake for any rustic kitchen remodeling. The main subject is using natural elements as much as possible. The most satisfying materials are: 
Travertine Backsplash: The warm colors of travertine backsplash are always a supplement for wood stain colors. The colors give relief to the eyes.  
Granite Backsplash or Marble Backsplash: The veins and the patterns of granite or marble backsplash provide flow and motion to the rustic kitchen design.  
The Shiplap Backsplash: The artisan woodwork shows itself. The triple-stained backsplash means quite a bit of labor in shiplap backsplash in a rustic kitchen. 
Subway Backsplash and Full-Height Backsplash are the most used layouts in rustic kitchen projects.