30 Stylish Chevron Kitchen Backsplash Ideas


How come a V shape pattern keeps its eternity in kitchen design? And how come it adds a comfortable feeling to the kitchen remodeling? Chevron kitchen backsplash ideas have some hidden fusions for interior decor. In this article, the questions in your mind will be happily answered.

I hope you can pin some pictures for your kitchen remodeling project. The eye candies are below.

Chevron Pattern Subway Tile Hood Interior Love Finish Wet

Photo Credit | Susan Clouse Interior Solutions

U-shaped kitchen design with an eclectic approach and the fresh mountain breeze feeling. Envy the chevron design backsplash and its reflection over the white countertop!

White And Gray Tile Backsplash Wooden Cabinets Space Style Floor


Contemporary brown kitchen design with white countertop, gray melange chevron backsplash, floating kitchen wall shelves, and plenty of kitchen recessed lighting. Just dreamy!

Mosaic Tile Kitchen Backsplash Marble Tiles Contemporary Wood Island Room Light

Photo Credit | Judith Balis Interiors

A warm welcome from a transitional kitchen design by having white wall cabinets and earthy cherry cabinets. The bronze accessories and chevron kitchen backsplash ideas are complementary.

Glass Tile Green Material Stunning Custom Backsplash Black Pendants Sign Search Traditional Accent

Photo Credit | Chace Building Supply

Collecting all-natural elements in one kitchen design is not an easy task. The chevron backsplash looks like the birch trees in the sunrise, the quartz waterfall edge kitchen island top has a sandy look, brushed stones over the river, and the kitchen pendant reminds me of Newton’s color wheel to get the pure white from the rainbows. Two thumbs-up design. 

White Chevron Pattern Backsplash Wall Glass Wood Create Bathroom Ceiling Floor

Photo Credit |  Design Group of Philadelphia, LLC

The white eclectic kitchen design with many small details: Two different kinds of backsplash in gray tones are in harmony: Both are picked as honed backsplash tiles to show the beauty of the countertops. The industrial design kitchen chandelier has a strong spiritual purpose: an angel with 4 pairs of wings, Cherub.

Gray Marble Kitchen Backsplash White Cabinets Appliances Shelves Shape Feature Brown Chairs Bar

Photo Credit | Judith Wright Design

The placid look in a transitional kitchen design: The light gray kitchen cabinets calm down the mood of cooking and convert it into a pleasure time.  The snowy mountain feeling will convey via the marble chevron kitchen backsplash ideas.

Classic Design Farmhouse Chevron Backsplash Flat Cabinets Light Floor Elegant Look

Photo Credit | SAGA Realty & Construction

Contemporary tuxedo kitchen design with gorgeous black ceramic tile in a chevron backsplash layout. The white grout pops up the backsplash just like a gem in the kitchen. 

Gray White Chevron Backsplash Kitchen Cabinets Beautiful Shelves Perfect Example

Photo Credit | The Proposed Plan

Gray is the new black kitchen remodeling. Floating kitchen shelves dance with marble look chevron kitchen backsplash ideas. The shelve and kitchen island cabinet color is Cheating Heart by Benjamin Moore to mesmerize this ballroom amazingly. 

Sleek Traditional Chevron Backsplash Installation Center Collection Floors Color Add

Photo Credit | The Iconic Space

The combination of white, gray, brown, and a bit of brushed bronze in this L-shaped open-layout kitchen design is stunning. The designer uses all the best tricks together, the reflections, the deeper look perspective, and the color palette!

Marble Chevron Backsplash WhiteKitchen Cabinets Tiled Walls Cart Flooring Projects

Photo Credit | Right Angle Kitchens

Clean, neat looking two tone cabinet transitional kitchen with an abstract look backsplash. It stands for elegance

Gorgeous Chevron Backsplash Finish Perfect Add Look Color Design Space Wall Wood Kitchen

Photo Credit | GV Design Group

Such an impressive fusion in kitchen remodeling: Japandi Style kitchen design has two main pillars to survive: Functionality and style. The kitchen cabinets are oil-finished. The cabinets are first burnt to get the color and then oiled. This technique is known as the Shou sugi ban. The result is simply earthy and goes well with the gray melange chevron tile layout. The aim of using the same tile as two different types is also supported by wabi-sabi in Japanese culture. Very admiring and endearing at the same time.

Perfect Kitchen Chevron Backsplash White Countertops Blue Cabinets Space Look Cart Color Finish Love

Photo Credit | Kirk Riley Design

Gray cabinets would not be pampered without a bit of fairy dust! The mother-of-pearl inserted chevron pattern backsplash is a great addition to this kitchen. I searched the name of the backsplash for your next project: Pearl White Thassos marble and Shell tile.

Stunning Kitchen Chevron Backsplash White Cabinets Contemporary Farmhouse Sink Interior Ceiling Create Room Hood Wood

Photo Credit | Spectra Design Build

Shades of gray with golden hardware and illusionistic backsplash in a modern kitchen remodeling. No matter what you see, make you right:  repeating pattern of the zigzags, the snow over the mountains, and even the corn stalk leaves in two tones! 

Custom Kitchen Chevron Backsplash Blue Cabinets Gray Cabinets Tile Backsplash Marble Countertops Modern Tiles

Photo Credit | JW Construction

Craftsman kitchen design with honed quartz waterfall edge kitchen island top, soft blue kitchen island base, dark kitchen hardwood flooring, and gray brushed chevron tiles. All the quality elements are in the right place. 

White And Gray Kitchen Chevron Backsplash Marble Countertops Mosaic Tile White Cabinets Style Black Search

Photo Credit | TriplePoint Design Build

The ranking of beauty is sometimes hard in kitchen remodeling. I can say that the three winners in kitchen design elements are backsplash, white cabinets, and marble look countertops. The perfect balance in the kitchen design!

Beautiful Kitchen Chevron Backsplash White Cabinets Sleek Center Flat Flooring Feature Example Accent Shape

Photo Credit | Integral Design Interiors

It is a splendid kitchen with many detailed artisan jobs: Carved crown molding, accented wood kitchen hoods, two-tone chevron tiles, classic White Ice granite countertops, and antique white kitchen cabinets.

Blue Chevron Pattern Tile Backsplash White Cabinets Coastal Look Sign Brown Cabinets Bar Classic Grout Installation

Photo Credit | Morey Remodeling Group

This contemporary kitchen opens a new window for me. I have to rethink the teal green tiles in the two-tone kitchen cabinets. The white, softwood color, and teal seem great palettes to get satisfying results. Admiring kitchen design.

Perfect White Chevron Backsplash Glass Tile Kitchen Subway Tile Marble Countertop Island Bathroom Appliances Floors Look Add Cart

Photo Credit | Christine Vroom Interiors

The tuxedo kitchen with golden accessories and honed two-tone countertops carries the shiny white chevron backsplash as an embellished fabric.

Elegant Black Tile Backsplash Look Chevron Design Wooden Interior Custom

Photo Credit | Aubrey Costello

Let the entertainment begin! Glacier’s black frosted glass tile conveys happiness in any party home.

White And Gray Chevron Backsplash Tile Cabinets Walls Modern Wood Floor Light Style Interior Add Cart

Photo Credit | AFT Construction

High-ceiling kitchens always need extra attention in kitchen design. The queer eye designer found the best fit for this problem: Mini marble chevron tiles as full high backsplash, a white custom-made range hood, mirror images on the sides with floating white shelves and bronze transparent clear sconces are the solution.

Subway Tile Chevron Backsplash Contemporary Kitchen White Cabinets Black Island Wooden Floor Hood Wall Light Room Mosaic Tiles

Photo Credit | M House Development

The tuxedo kitchen is living its golden age by having golden hardware on glass door wall cabinets and golden trims over the black range hood. The placid white chevron tile looks like an art piece in this picture. 

Blue Cabinets Farmhouse Kitchen Chevron Backsplash Tile White Countertops Wood Flooring Design Bathroom Add

Photo Credit | Grassroots Design

A Scandinavian breeze in the kitchen is pretty trendy after the pandemic effect of the Covid19. Benjamin Moore Van Deusen Blue cabinet paint over the maple wood catching rhythms of the nordic blues. The stainless steel apron sink and white countertops have enough contrast with dusty blue cabinets and great transitions for gray and white chevron backsplash. The other matching couple in this kitchen is the light color kitchen hardwood floor and floating shelves.

Blue Chevron Backsplash Tile White Cabinets Wooden Floor Walls Pattern Marble Space

Photo Credit | Classic Home Improvements

How to pop up the white cabinets and white countertops in a traditional kitchen design? Adding a contrasting backsplash is a great idea but the best idea is using the contrast color pattern layout backsplash. The tile is from Sorrento, left chevron glossy ceramic wall tile in turchese. 

Contemporary Chevron Style Backsplash Tile Gray Kitchen Cabinets Island Wood Floor Cream Walls Design Look Add Color

Photo Credit | m.o.daby design

The cabin house design welcomes the perfect pair of cabinets and backsplash. The outdoor greenery scene goes up to the mountain ridge with the calmly flowing river indoors.

Modern Chevron Backsplash Tile White Kitchen Cabinets Mosaic Tile Glass Tile Wood Floor Island Hood Space Sink

Photo Credit | Jenni Leasia Interior Design

The eclectic kitchen design with mini chevron backsplash. The idea is to break the symmetry and monotonous design. Therefore, two-tone backsplash in an altered layout and different widths of wall cabinets are in use. I can feel the continuity and harmony. 

Traditional Chevron Backsplash Subway Tile Marble Island Countertop Gray Hood White Kitchen Cabinets Material Accent Add

Photo Credit | Sweetlake Interior Design LLC

V for victory, V shapes for chevron backsplash! A shiny celebration in the kitchen remodeling by having a white glass chevron backsplash and crystal kitchen chandelier. This is also a great example of two-tone countertops two tone cabinets kitchen design. 

Black Chevron Design Backsplash Tile Wood Floor Room Walls Pattern Create Interior Bathroom Space Room Cart Add Love Look

Photo Credit | Redstart Construction, Inc

Black and white chevron design full height backsplash in a lovely kitchenette with antique black base cabinets and black honed countertops. Classy and charming at the same time!

Modern Gray Kitchen Cabinets White Countertops Chevron Backsplash Tile Pattern Room Wall Space Glass Bathroom Black Chair Collection Color Cart Look Add Finish Love

Photo Credit | Alturas Homes

This time I can see the waves over the white sand beaches in Marco Island, Florida. I also imagine the dunes around this kitchen design. The pastel tones make me calm and mediated.

Gray Chevron Tile Backsplash White Kitchen Cabinets Glass Tile Wooden Floor Bathroom Brown Color Look Finish Perfect Beautiful Sink

Photo Credit | Giammarino and Dworkin

Sometimes the simplest solution changes the face of the kitchen. When I looked at this picture, I first and most saw the chevron backsplash. It caught my attention at first sight. The beautiful tile is from Emser Tile. It is known as Velocity, F02Velo-1735. It is a porcelain rectangle tile with Chevron design projects. In the meantime, it can also be used as a floor tile. Hats off to the creativity! 

Contemporary Chevron Tile Backsplash White Kitchen Cabinets Black Island Cabinets Marble Counters Gray Hood Wooden Floor Perfect Pattern Room Glass Appliances Create Ceiling Design Color Look

Photo Credit | AFT Construction

The magical trio in the kitchen and the gray chevron backsplash. As I previously mentioned in my other blog pages, black, white, and natural wood color are the safe bet in kitchen remodeling. The magical trio goes well with any color of kitchen accessories, hardware, and faucets. 

Chevron Kitchen Tile Backsplash Pattern

Chevron kitchen backsplash pattern is a zigzag pattern without having 90 degrees of angle. If the 90 degrees angle is picked, it is called a herringbone backsplash pattern. The beauty of the pattern comes in its artisan cutting on the side. This is not a rectangular tile. It is a parallelogram tile. Thus, wide or narrow tile pattern layouts can be applied to the wall based on the angle.  
The pattern will be a repeating AAA pattern, ABA pattern, and ABACA pattern
This pattern conveys the movement in the kitchen. There are two simple forms of use: 
Chevron kitchen backsplash pattern with the legs looking up or looking down: To create the vertical flow like the set of the v shape planks in a repeating order is always satisfying. 
Chevron kitchen backsplash pattern with alternate layout: To build a horizontal flow with the zigzags showing the kitchen wall longer and wide. 

White And Gray Color Selection For Chevron Kitchen Backsplash

The color and pattern can be blended in kitchen remodeling. I will follow the AAA pattern for color selection. The others are also followed. The color selection for the chevron kitchen backsplash ideas can be grouped under two categories. 
Multi-Color Chevron Kitchen Backsplash: The aim is to break down the pattern and take all the attention over the multicolor chevron tile. This is always an affordable idea to remodel the kitchen without touching the cabinets and countertops. Natural marble backsplash tile is one example of colorful tile. The other is wood color backsplash and the other is colored tiles. 
Plain Color Chevron Kitchen Backsplash: The plain color chevron tile itself has a great look. The idea of enriching the look with a texture like the mother of pearl will enhance the kitchen design project.