30 Fresh White Kitchen With Blue Backsplash Ideas

White Kitchen With Blue Backsplash

A white kitchen with blue backsplash can create a bright and airy feel in the space while adding a pop of color and personality. It is also a good experience to consider the shade of blue you want to use in your kitchen, as different tones can create different moods and vibes. Light blues can create a calming effect, while darker blues can create a more dramatic look.

Blue Backsplash White Cabinets Blue Island Kitchen Features Tile Stone Quartz Countertop

Photo Credit | Artistic Stone Design

Light blue scalloped backsplash tiles give a different look and add air to the kitchen. It is supported by island cabinets and hoods while elevating the kitchen’s appearance. The harmony of these tiles with the pendant lights, the brass fixtures, and the dark wood on the floor creates a desirable look.

Glass Tile Backsplash Kitchen Backsplash Focal Point White Kitchen Brown Floor Create Table Stove Wood

Photo Credit | Wynne Taylor Ford

One of the most important features of beach-style kitchens is that they use the color blue in a way. While making this design, the homeowners want to see the calmness of the coast in one of the most important parts of their homes. The beach-style kitchen is an environment that invites relaxation and creates charm. The combination of the mosaic backsplash covering the whole wall and the white cabinets with counters creates a modern look.

Blue Backsplash Tile Brown Fantasy Granite Countertops White Shaker Cabinets White Grout Space Shape Sink Stand Style

Photo Credit | Wilson Design & Construction, Inc

The installation of light blue backsplash tiles using white grout adds a transitional impression to the kitchen. Blue island cabinets and white kitchen cabinets have colored the design in harmony with Brown Fantasy granite countertops. Brown wooden floors on the floor complete the modern feel of the X trim island design.

Subway Tile Backsplash Stainless Steel Appliances Recessed Panel Cabinets Marble Countertops Drawers Splash Shapes

Photo Credit | Kustom Home Design

The herringbone pattern of dark blue backsplashes surrounding the white shaker cabinets and the color harmony of the island cabinet add a different beauty to the kitchen. Using white grout for the blue backsplashes both emphasizes the blue countertop on the island cabinets and makes the white countertops on the kitchen side look beautiful.

White Quartz Countertop Blue Tile Paneled Appliances Kitchen With Blue Tiles Ceiling Brick Hood Refrigerator Room

Photo Credit | NICHE home styling

This subway-shaped backsplash and dark countertops in between whites add a beachy vibe to the kitchen. White kitchen cabinets, a white island with a white countertop, and its clean and spacious appearance has provided a bright environment. This eye-catching single-blue color creates the focal point of the all-white kitchen.

White Quartz Countertops Undermount Sink Blue Kitchen Brass Hardware White Cabinetry Clean Lines Kitchen Design Blue Tiles

Photo Credit | Lauren Rubin Architecture

This kitchen gives you a wow feeling when you look at these light dark designed blue tiles. The unique pattern of the tiles enlivens your living space by dragging you into a comfortable environment. White cabinets with flat doors, modern designed bar chairs, and shiny nickel hardware complete the look.

White Countertops Beach Style Kitchen Island Backsplash Color Blue Backsplash Ideas Interior Design Style Create Tiles


The blue backsplash combined with the white grout brings modern vibes against the traditional style of the kitchen. This kitchen design, where the upper cabinets are white, makes it stand out in other colors. Brown flat door base cabinets add a sense of luxury together with the light wood floor.

White Kitchen Cabinets Blue Tiles Midcentury Kitchen Different Shades Visual Interest Perfect Match Backsplashes

Photo Credit | Annie Hall Interiors

The blue tiles installed differently are a game changer. While the white cabinets in the small and cozy kitchen offers a timeless appeal, the white countertop’s natural wood color trims add an upscale look. While blue tiles add a modern look, it is accompanied by white countertops.

Blue Tiles With Gray Cabinets White Upper Cabinets Farmhouse Sink Subway Tile Stove Wood Kitchen Island

Photo Credit | Case Design/Remodeling, Inc

When blue tiles are combined with white grout, they bring liveliness to the kitchen. The bold and eye-catching color of the backsplash adds a different atmosphere to this small kitchen. Plus, these bright blue porcelain tiles add texture to white cabinets with flat doors. The glossy surface of the porcelain backsplash reflects the light and adds width to the space.

Blue Hexagon Backsplash Tile Blue Kitchen White Color Palette Wood White Countertop Brown Floor Island

Photo Credit | Madison Modern Home

These blue hexagon tiles give the kitchen a different look. While the white grout shows itself among the hexagonal shapes, it is compatible with the white countertops and provides a contrast to the brown cabinets. On the other hand, the harmony of other colors in the kitchen with each other offers a clean and fresh look.

Kitchen Blue Backsplash White Cabinets White Quartz Countertop Shelves Beach Style Kitchen Island Wood Floor Kitchen Sink Brick Space

Photo Credit | D.K. Boos Glass Inc

The aqua-blue subway backsplash gives the kitchen a unique burst of color while hiding behind the shelves and covering the entire wall. Pure white quartz countertops make the blue color on the wall stand out next to the white cabinets. On the other hand, eating at the waterfall counter placed on the living room side of the island seems to be another remarkable feature.

Blue Kitchen White Color Palette Waterfall Island Kitchen Backsplash White Grout White Tile

Photo Credit | Woodhull of Maine

This kitchen offers very nice breezes from a modern design. Blue subway backsplashes that are hidden behind a waterfall-edged island add color to the kitchen and give it a beach-style life feeling. The fact that the tiles on the floor and the coating on the coffered ceiling are the same color that provides a very stylish appearance.

Blue Kitchen Island Blue Cabinets Blue Backsplash Style Create Stainless Steel Appliances Wood

Photo Credit | Wanda Ely Architect Inc

The most interesting thing about this modern kitchen is the blue-weighted cube-shaped backsplash on the wall. In this kitchen, where not many different colors are used, the coloration of the wall behind the hood adds charm and creates a one-of-a-kind look.

Kitchen With Blue Backsplash White Cabinets Kitchen Backsplash White Quartz Countertop Blue Island White Kitchen Cabinets Wood Floor

Photo Credit | Zoe Feldman Design, Inc

The indispensable friend of white kitchen cabinets is the dark backsplash. In this kitchen design, a blue backsplash is used with the same thought. Using all its charm, the color blue adds an air of mystery to the kitchen. Other complementary colors used are dark wood floors and dark handles.

White Quartz Countertops Kitchen With Blue Backsplash Tile Drawers Sink Stone Space

Photo Credit | Rasmussen Construction

The blue backsplash used in this beach-like kitchen adds color and texture to the design to attract visual interest. The kitchen serves a coastal view with its doorless wall cabinets and colorful pots inside. White countertops and wooden floor tiles complement the color palette beautifully while personalizing the design.

White Shaker Cabinets Tile Backsplash Quartz Countertops Blue Backsplash Stove Dark Wood Floor Ceiling White Kitchen

Photo Credit | Carolyn Woods Design Inc

This kitchen with ocean blue backsplashes has an inviting feel. It adds interest to the design, which looks like ocean waves spreading through the white cabinets. Glass-fronted wall cabinets and pendants hanging from the ceiling add a modern flair to the kitchen while increasing its charm.

White Shaker Cabinets Blue Backsplash White Cabinets Blue Tile Backsplash Kitchen Island Dark Wood Floor Ceiling Tiles Sink Table

Photo Credit | Savvy Kitchens

Light blue backsplashes are placed in the shape of a chevron design and surround the window behind the sink area covering the entire back wall. The purpose of this design is to provide refreshment while working in the kitchen and to enable the homeowners to enjoy it. The light color used creates an elegant appearance together with other factors.

Blue Backsplash White Cabinets Stainless Steel Appliances Kitchen With Blue Subway Tile Backsplash Stone

Photo Credit | Houzz

This small but cozy kitchen has a romantic and elegant look. The color harmony of the island cabinet with the blue-shaded backsplashes adds a sense of luxury to the environment. Matching the gray quartz countertop color covering the white cabinets with the tiles on the floor adds a personal touch and elevates the design.

Blue Glass Tile Backsplash White Shaker Cabinets Undermount Sink Focal Point Kitchen Island White Kitchen Brick Tiles Dark Wood Floor

Photo Credit | TriCrest Homes, LLC

This mosaic backsplash creates a visual solace that is created with many shades of blue. This stylish and clean-cut kitchen creates a unique look with its white cabinets, dark wood tiles on the floor, and dark countertops. If you want to capture this image, you can be inspired by this kitchen.

Mosaic Blue Backsplash White Cabinets White Kitchen Features Stove Room Island Dark Wood Floor Sink Quartzite Countertop

Photo Credit | Croom Construction Company

Elegant details stand out in this traditional kitchen, where a breathtaking blue backsplash is used. For example, the stove area was kept very wide and the base cabinet colors were chosen as blue. On the other hand, the white island cabinets and the beige countertop that covers them create a contrast with the dark tiles on the floor, adding warmth to the environment.

Square Blue Backsplash Kitchen Backsplash White Quartz Countertop Farmhouse Sink Kitchen Island Room

Photo Credit | DESIGN 4 CORNERS

Blue ceramic tiles are stacked on each other to achieve a modern look. Thanks to the shelves used in place of the wall cabinets while the kitchen offers a timeless appeal with the skylight on the ceiling letting the sunlight in to create a sense of luxury. The white base cabinets and quartz countertops that cover them wrap around the farmhouse sink, completing the traditional design.

Navy Blue Backsplash White Cabinets Shaker Cabinets Waterfall Kitchen Island Stainless Steel Appliances Wood Floor

Photo Credit | J Lynn Design Group

Dark blue backsplashes transform this kitchen which mostly consists of white and light colors into a stylish design. The unique combination of tiles, white cabinets, and waterfall island countertops arouses visual interest and increases the design effect. Other contemporary touches modernize the design and transform the kitchen into a stylish shape.

White Cabinets Blue Tile Backsplash Brass Hardware White Cabinetry Blue Kitchen Design Subway Tile Cambria Quartz Countertop

Photo Credit | J&J Carpet One Floor & Home

The harmony of the blue and white color scheme creates a warm and friendly atmosphere with the soft touch of the wood floor. This idea adds joy to the kitchen by integrating with the blue backsplash between the white shaker cabinets and the blue&white mixed quartz countertops.

White Cabinets Blue Kitchen Island Farmhouse Sink White Countertops Backsplash Tile Stainless Steel Create

Photo Credit | Beacon Construction Group Inc

This idea takes an ordinary-looking kitchen to a higher level by using this ocean wave backsplash. The kitchen makes us think that we are in a coastal beach environment while the three-dimensional pattern of the tiles creates a visual illusion. The reflection of the wall cabinets which are covered with patterned glass on the exotic marble countertops makes a dazzling effect on the design.

Beach Style White Kitchen Backsplash Tile Subway Tile White Countertop

Photo Credit | Boardwalk Builders

This beach-style kitchen makes us feel relaxed feelings. Blue backsplashes completely cover the wall behind the sink in this peninsula kitchen for a bold look. This window brings a beautiful nature view to the kitchen and provides a spacious environment by allowing natural light to enter.

White Cabinets Quartz Countertops Undermount Sink Blue Tiles Kitchen Sink Stainless Steel

Photo Credit | Yama Architecture

An odd-shaped blue backsplash was used in the design of this modern kitchen to create a cute and warm environment. The natural color island cabinet and floor tiles increase the interest in order to highlight the beauty of white cabinets with flat panel doors and white quartz countertops.

White Cabinets Quartz Countertops Blue Tiles Kitchen Design Stainless Steel Tiles

Photo Credit | The Rath Project LLC

I love the simple but functional kitchen design! The combination of white, blue, and brown creates a calm and inviting environment. Blue subway-style backsplash creates a visual feast between the white cabinets and white countertops. Brown bar stools and wooden floor tiles in the same color add another feel and complete the design.

White Cabinets Blue Backsplash Quartz Countertops Kitchen Backsplash

Photo Credit | Cullman and Kravis

Extending the white cabinets to the ceiling makes the kitchen look rich while offering a stylish and elegant look. The turquoise-blue plastic backsplash stands out among the other whites in the kitchen. Brown bar stools and dark flooring complete this elegant overall look.

White Cabinets Kitchen With Blue Backsplash Island Countertop Tiles

Photo Credit | Wilson Lighting

We see that there are two things that attract attention when we look at this picture the blue chairs and the blue backsplash. We see white cabinets and white counters hidden behind the blue fabric chair that covers the L-shaped huge island. It also adds a feeling to the design with porcelain floor tiles and pendant lights.

White Cabinets Shaker Cabinets Kitchen With Blue Tiles Kitchen Island copy

Photo Credit | Amato Architecture

The appeal of the blue porcelain backsplash is priceless. The blue backsplash wraps around both windows, adding another layer of texture. The reflective surface of the black countertops above the white kitchen cabinets emphasizes the effect of the porcelain backsplash.

White Cabinets With Blue Backsplash Tile

Classic subway tiles: A classic choice for any kitchen, white subway tiles with blue grout or blue subway tiles with white grout can create a timeless look.

Mosaic tiles: Consider a mosaic tile backsplash with various shades of blue to add depth and texture to your white kitchen.

Patterned tiles: Patterned tiles in shades of blue can add a playful touch to your white kitchen. Choose a pattern that complements your style and color scheme.

Glass tiles: A blue glass tile backsplash can add a sleek and modern touch to your white kitchen.

Painted backsplash: If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, consider painting your existing backsplash with blue paint. You can use stencils or create a pattern with painter’s tape to add interest.

Marble backsplash: A white marble backsplash with blue veining can add an elegant and luxurious touch to your white kitchen.

Glass Tile Backsplash Ideas

Designing a blue glass tile backsplash with white cabinets can create a beautiful contrast in your kitchen. The shade of blue will complement your white cabinets. A deep navy blue can create a bold contrast, while a pale blue can create a more subtle look.

Larger tiles can create a modern look, while smaller tiles can create a more traditional feel. Choose the size of the tiles that will complement your overall design style.

You can also think about whether you want a simple, straight pattern or a more intricate pattern for your blue glass backsplash. A herringbone pattern can create a classic look, while a diagonal pattern can add interest.

The other design elements in your kitchen are also important, such as countertops and flooring. Make sure your blue glass backsplash complements these elements and does not clash with them.

Lighting plays an important role in showcasing the beauty of your blue glass backsplash. Consider under-cabinet lighting or pendant lights to highlight the backsplash.

Remember that designing a blue glass tile backsplash with white cabinets is all about finding the right balance and creating a cohesive look that complements your personal style.