30 Amazing Cambria Bentley Quartz Countertops

Cambria Bentley: The Most Popular Quartz Countertops In 2021

Thinking with opposites is actually the beginning of being creative. Recently the whole family watched the movie Cruella. Then after I have been inspired and would like to talk about my favorite engineered stone Cambria Bentley quartz countertops. By having it, you never go wrong and you always have great applause. The only thing is you need a keen-eyed interior designer just like Cruella. 

Cambria Quartz Countertops Natural Stone White Background Countertop Veins Marble Slab Gray

Photo Credit | Stone Interiors LLC

Rich taste tuxedo kitchen by having a full high backsplash as Cambria (black quartz )and stove inlet and range hood as Cambria Bentley quartz countertops. The waterfall edge Cambria island top looks so gorgeous.  Breathtaking design.

Charcoal Color Finish Black Size

Photo Credit | Martin Bros. Contracting, Inc

Open layout kitchen design with beautiful Cambria Bentley waterfall edge island top. It has the right contrast with the entertainment unit wall. I was assuming this engineered stone is also from the Cambria C series. My guess goes for Cambria Charlestown. Usually these two dance arm to arm in contemporary house design. 

Black Size Finish Color Charcoal USA Design

Photo Credit | Tracy Tesmer Design/Remodeling

Eclectic bathroom vanity design with beveled stained glass, victorian style classic pleated skirt pouf with customized black and white fabric skirted pouf. The fabric is a Japanese Seigaiha pattern (my kids call it a wifi pattern) which is the symbol of the power of resilience. Charcoal vanity cabinetry and zebra pattern vanity top. Totally mesmerizing. 

Kitchen Available Find Copyright Colors Black Finish

Photo Credit | Soda Pop Design Inc

Contemporary kitchen design by having glossy black diamond tiles, gorgeous quartz countertop and quartz waterfall edge island top, and gold trims. If you notice, the range hood is also covered as the same engineering stone. Please welcome a piece of abstract art in your kitchen. 

Find Kitchen Size Color Product Products Background

Photo Credit | StoneWorks, Inc

Modern wet bar design by three dimensional light gray batten board bar base, bolt and thick Cambria Bentley bartop, gray tone decorations. It looks like a futuristic approach in your basement.  

Cambria Quartz Bentley Color Product

Photo Credit | Stylecraft Cabinetry and Construction, Inc.

Tuxedo kitchen design elements are dynamically placed in this kitchen layout. The contrast between the white shaker cabinets and black hardware, the subway backsplash and charcoal grouts, and the stone itself indicates a rich taste 

Cambria Quartz Marble Slab Natural Veins Product

Photo Credit | Kitchens and Baths by Cardigan

There is always a fascinating debate between the designers: If blue goes well with black and white or not. This traditional kitchen design is a tie-breaker. If you have the right blue, right matching the natural wood color, right countertop, and right backsplash, black and white blends into the blue with a smooth vibe. 

Bentley Cambria Products Size Copyright Find Like Black

Photo Credit | Cambria

The trio is still eternal: Black, white, and gold. If you have a tuxedo kitchen and if you consider remodeling please add some gold colors. Even changing the hardware and kitchen pendants make a drastic change. The white countertops are specially picked to show the flow of the island top and full high backsplash. 

Cambria Quartz Granite Warm Gray Surfaces Product

Photo Credit | Jennifer Hutton

Admiring kitchen remodeling process by keeping old ebony black cabinets and by adding a countertop, island top, and modern hexagonal backsplash tiles. The tile pattern includes black and white porcelain tiles

Cambria Quartz Countertop Slab Gray Product Products Countertops

Photo Credit | Village Home Stores

Surprisingly the previous kitchen design picture has the same hexagonal tiles. But here the waterfall edge island top is the demonstrated difference. 

Cambria Quartz Countertops Product Find Slab

Photo Credit | Interiors by J. Curry

A basement wet bar with curvy full high backsplash and open shelves with under the shelf led lights: It seems like the homeowner is ready for a fancy party. The ramp on the wall reminds me of backcountry skiing. 

Cambria Quartz Countertops Products Available Durable Colors

Photo Credit | Martin Bros. Contracting, Inc

If the design elements are the right, the designer can play with them by giving different shapes. Here, the coordination of the opposite colors is simply blending. Waterfall edge engineered quartz is white over bold black pattern on the other hand entertainment unit is black over white pattern engineered quartz. 

Cambria Quartz Bentley Warm Color Copyright

Photo Credit | Spazio LA

Powder room design with floating vanity, floating toilet bowl, large format concrete tiles, golden trims, and three-dimensional frame over the bathroom mirror. The best part is creating a great pattern on the vanity stone. Three arrows show the exit door. 

Cambria Quartz Bentley Slab Bold Veins

Photo Credit | Interiors by J. Curry

Use the full high backsplash and countertop by having the same quartz stone and letting the lights dance over them. 

Bentley Quartz Vanity Countertop Black Shaker Cabinetry Gray Porcelain Tiles

Photo Credit | Siegler’s Custom Kitchens

Submitting the modern trio in our review: Golden, black and white in bathroom vanity design. Black leather look wallpaper, thick dimensional golden framed vanity mirror, brushed gold hardware, and brushed gold faucet matches boldly with Cambria Bentley vanity top and black vanity cabinetry. Admiring design.

Bentley Cambria Granite Surfaces Warm Durable Search Bathroom

Photo Credit | Village Home Stores

Contemporary kitchen with Cambria Bentley waterfall edge island top. The tuxedo kitchen finally finds the best kitchen design element! Two-tone countertops have a comprehensive design approach and it worked well in this kitchen remodeling. Elongated honeycomb white porcelain tiles are used as a backsplash and the tile grout color is charcoal. Truly satisfied kitchen design. 

Made Copyright Like Add Available Find Colors Product Products

Photo Credit | Village Home Stores

Modern kitchen design by using the black, white, and natural wood color. Mirror image is provided by centering the stainless steel wall mount range hood and the faucet over the rich and bold look thick vein quartz island top. The kitchen acquires a vision by having elongated white porcelain honeycomb tiles as a backsplash. 

Bold Durability Natural Stone Granite Warm Search

Photo Credit | Tracy Tesmer Design/Remodeling

Gray vanity cabinet with black hardware and black faucet combines well with Cambria Bentley vanity top. As you see, vanity top quartz is the shining star in this bathroom design. 

Cambria Quartz Stone Veins Natural Surfaces Durable

Photo Credit | Soda Pop Design Inc

Redefining tuxedo kitchen by having some matte black cabinets, gold trims around the glass door cabinets and kitchen island shelf, three-dimensional square backsplash tiles, black open shelves, and two-tone countertops. The black flooring looks like a sophisticated mirror to reflect all the beauty. Hats off design. 

Stone Surfaces Slab Gray Countertop Product

Photo Credit | Stylecraft Cabinetry and Construction, Inc.

Transitional white kitchen design with two-tone cabinets, black hardware, classic subway tile backsplash with charcoal grout, and wave motioned quartz countertops. Calming and charming at the same time. 

Product Add Size Color Bentley Quartz Veins Bold

Photo Credit | Stylecraft Cabinetry and Construction, Inc.

A black sink always appeals to the island top or countertop which has black and white patterns. Here the island top looks like a whale body having barnacles and blubbers. The designer has keen eyes for catching the right part of the stone slab.

Bentley Cambria Countertops Background Search Finish

Photo Credit | Kitchens and Baths by Cardigan

My analogy for this traditional kitchen is an upside-down look to the sky which spreads the rain clouds over the snowy mountains. Very elegant and neat.

Cambria Quartz White Background Countertops Marble Products

Photo Credit | Cambria

Cambria Bentley island tops in an open layout kitchen. The beauty shows itself.

Cambria Quartz Countertop Stone Veins Natural Products

Photo Credit | Jennifer Hutton

Surprisingly the previous kitchen design picture has the same hexagonal tiles. But here the waterfall edge island top is the demonstrated difference. 

Cambria Quartz Countertop Granite Bentley Stone Veins

Photo Credit | Kitchens and Baths by Cardigan

Soft curly medley blue countertop and bolt wavy white countertop are proficiently inserted into this kitchen. Influenced interior styles are Retro, contemporary, and minimalist kitchen. Two thumbs up kitchen design. 

Cambria Quartz Countertops Warm Made USA Stone Product Color

Photo Credit | Martin Bros. Contracting, Inc

Where the vintage gray cabinets meet with the fine taste of engineering stones! Cambria Black Brook and Cambria Bentley quartz countertops make the best combo ever in the tuxedo kitchen design ideas. The white marble flooring and semi-glossy white subway backsplash complete the picture. 

Cambria Quartz Products Surfaces Color

Photo Credit | Martin Bros. Contracting, Inc

What is the most attractive piece in this picture? Generally speaking, it is probably the utterly charming piece is the waterfall edge of a long island top with detail-oriented labor. 

Cambria Quartz Bentley Countertop

Photo Credit | Buchanan Kitchen Curators

Eclectic kitchen design with two-tone cabinets, two-tone countertops, colorful backsplash tile, and probably Futuro hood: This aisle layout kitchen would not be pampered without the right design elements. I am still searching for the name and series of the backsplash. Please stay tuned. The color palette, diamond, and honeycomb backsplash provide a deep perspective to this limited space. Batten board look cabinets are picked white wall cabinets and gray base cabinets. This is the second part of playing with the perspective.

Cambria Quartz Blue Cabinetry Countertops Bentley Natural Product

Photo Credit | Pietra Granite

Cambria Bentley quartz countertops in a two-tone cabinet, two-tone tops kitchen remodeling. White cabinets and a gray textured kitchen island are a good company to the Cambria Bentley island top and full high backsplash. 

Contemporary Waterfall Island Edge Black Wall Cabinetry Large Format Porcelain Floor Tiles

Photo Credit | Kitchen & Bath Studio

Cambria Bentley! White to dark charcoal Pantone colored sand art-inspired man-made stone! The bold touch in your office remodeling project. Neutral oak base cabinets, black aged black wall cabinets, Cambria Bentley full high backsplash, Cambria Bentley quartz countertops, and Cambria Bentley waterfall edge island top are all in harmony with large format porcelain tiles and molecule design scattering silver pendants. 

Cambria Quartz Bentley In Interior Design

Since the stone has black and gray tones over the white surface and patterns are so visible, it becomes a celebrity in the quartz world. 
Therefore, bathroom design, kitchen design, basement wet bar, and living room design elements would like to include this beauty into their combinations. 
The other important thing is making the combinations and Cambria Bentley shows its friendship to Cambria Charlestown, Mammoth Cave, Black Brook as well. These man-made stones are all dark and black with some white pattern on them. 
Cambria Bentley goes for different design styles such as 
Contemporary design: Simple, delicate, and neat lines
Eclectic design: A little bit of everything combined with deliberate labor
Traditional design: History lover’s dream about 18th and 19th century 
Transitional design: A bridge between traditional and contemporary  
Minimalist design: Focusing on the essentials without and decoration  
Modern design: Ergonomic with natural elements and monochromatic colors.

Characteristic Of Cambria Bentley

In the Cambria series chronology, having some veins on the white surfaces starting with Cambria Ella and Torquay, I can say that the first generation veins are still beautiful and in the market. By the time the patterns get thicker and some sandy feelings are inserted in between the veins and veins converted into smooth waves. Let me name these second-generation babies: Cambria Britannica, Britannica Gold, Lakedale, and Britannica warm. The last generation also has some addition of bubbly circle splats and backlit options. In this condition, the very rich but relaxing, bold but attractive, the calm and sophisticated results made everyone jealous. These newcomers are Cambria Skara Brae and Bentley.