28 Kitchen With High Ceiling Ideas

Kitchen With High Ceiling Ideas

Maybe we are not aware of it, but when we enter houses with high ceilings, we feel a great sense of relief. It is very surprising that a kitchen with high ceiling ideas can have such an impact on the kitchen and the face of the house.

I hope we have expanded your horizons a little bit with the pictures we have put above, we will be very happy if we did that.

High Ceiling Vaulted Ceilings Elegant Tiles Rustic Shelves Break Brick Glass Decorating

Photo Credit | Haven Design and Construction

High ceiling ideas in kitchen remodeling and kitchen layout always welcome the glass windows and craftsman cabinets. Here the matching tuxedo cabinets and black window frames rock the design. Golden hardware provides a soft touch as well as the light wood kitchen floor. 

Vaulted Ceiling Granite Countertops Natural Light Spaces Skylights Beams Countertop Art

Photo Credit | Rufty Custom Built Homes and Remodeling

This Tudor-style kitchen has high ceilings with mirror image high ceiling windows, wall scones and centered a narrow window, stainless steel range hood, and a kitchen island. The deepness and perspective are amazingly balanced. I like the feeling of living in an upside-down boat which is very creative. This idea is supported by recess lighting and pendant lighting.

Marble Countertops High Ceilings Kitchen And Dining Area Huge Ceiling Painting Creating Inspired Stone

Photo Credit | Trilogy Cabinets & Design

Contemporary high-ceiling ideas in kitchen remodeling are very trendy. As you noticed in the picture to show the perspective of the high ceiling the wall cabinets were kept short and the chimney of the range hood was kept as long. The backsplash is seen like sand dust in the sunset and the kitchen cabinet and range hood were like the boats over the sea. The sky color aka the high ceiling wall paint is from Farrow and Bowl, Slipper Satin.

High Ceiling Storage Space Kitchen Cabinets High Vaulted Ceiling Shelving Shelves Table

Photo Credit | Advance Design Studio, Ltd.

The full-height backsplash is one of the best high-ceiling ideas in the kitchen. This eclectic kitchen with colorful tones proudly carries the white subway backsplash with dark grouts.

Light Fixtures Cathedral Style Kitchen Ceilings Upper Shelves Modern Hood Fill Hang Art

Photo Credit | Drury Design

This inspiring kitchen is integrated with large white cabinets suitable for high ceilings, a white quartz countertop, a white subway-style backsplash, and light color floor tiles.

Kitchen Ceiling Exposed Beams White Countertops Range Hood Kitchen Cabinetry Floor Paint Create Lighting Wood


Great eclectic kitchen design with many details: The different material is used as a countertop and breakfast bar. The countertop is dark gray and matching with the backsplash. The backsplash has an eternal flow feeling since the ceilings are high. The white shiplap side ceilings and the triple-coated wooden breakfast bar remind the vintage touch. Open shelves match the live-in museum concept and three different tones of cabinets are balanced with the wood open shelves and light hardwood in the kitchen.

Ceiling Kitchen Decor Interior Design Ceiling Height Small Kitchen Large Kitchen Wall Whole Kitchen

Photo Credit | A-Design By Gustavo Arredondo, Inc.

Chalet house welcomes the contemporary kitchen design. In this kitchen, the designer’s consideration is layering and all the layering elements are used in order from light wood floor, dark cabinets, two-tone countertops,  and light high ceiling paints. The ceiling paint is Benjamin Moore, Thousand Island which is a warm neutral color with tints of yellow and beige.

Wall Color Room Feel Contemporary Design Cooking Recipes Ceilings Appliances Lighting Walls

Photo Credit | Peppertree Kitchen & Bath

Double island kitchen with light cabinets and high ceilings. The recommended ceiling paint is greige which is the natural blend of gray and beige. Here the designer seems to go with Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray. The design looks neat and rich.

White Ceiling Big Asset Calming Effect White Kitchen Ceilings Vaulted Ceiling

Photo Credit | Swanson Homes

Modern farmhouse kitchen design with light color cabinets, apron sink, floating kitchen shelves, light wood flooring, quartz backsplash, high ceilings, and wooden beams. 

High Ceiling Vaulted Ceilings Kitchen Decor Space Room Walls Wood Style

Photo Credit | Jarrett Design, LLC

Craftsman kitchen design in white with Silestone black countertop and light gray semi-matte subway backsplash. Love the details on the crowns. 

Vaulted Ceilings Natural Light High Ceilings Elegant Tiles Rustic Break Glass Spaces Beams

Photo Credit | McRae Lambert Dunn

Ultra-modern multicolor backsplash installation example. Using the advantage of high ceilings, the window was partially closed with patterned tiles to create a place for the hood. Very clever idea…

High Vaulted Ceiling Cathedral Style Ceiling Large Kitchen Cabinetry Ideas Modern Shelving

Photo Credit | Redstart Construction, Inc.

In my opinion, the light blue-colored tiles are the focal point in this kitchen. It’s the first thing I see when I look at the picture and the kitchen is designed around blue tiles. You can use this method while making your own design.

High Ceiling Quartz Marble Countertops Backsplash Rustic Create

Photo Credit | AFT Construction

Brick backsplashes have always reminded me of rustic kitchen design. It adds a very mystical look to this vaulted ceiling. On the other hand, not to mention the white cabinets and quartz countertops.

Brown Fantasy Granite Countertop Brick Backsplash High Ceilings Skylights Style Create

Photo Credit | The Creative Kitchen Company

A vaulted ceiling is designed for active families who love to have fun. The large island covered with Brown Fantasy granite countertop became an environment where the family socialized.

High Ceiling Space Style Cabinetry Lighting Walls 1

Photo Credit | The TomKat Studio + TomKat Real Estate

Black motif backsplashes meet seamlessly with white cabinets and appliances that are also black. When this created design is combined with a vaulted ceiling, the resulting picture is magnificent.

Vaulted Ceilings Kitchen Decor Space Room Wall Light Quartz Countertop Style

Photo Credit | Lewis Design-Build-Remodel

I think an example of a cabinet color that will never die-peal blue. This kitchen gives people the pleasure of cooking and spending more time there. A high ceiling, created by the colors complementing each other, allows people to spend more time in the kitchen.

Vaulted Ceiling Kitchen Decor High Ceilings Space Room Style Cabinetry Modern Ideas

Photo Credit | Istoria Interior Design

Patterned backsplashes with a mixture of blue and white colors harmonize with the cabinets and countertops in the kitchen. Using the advantage of the kitchen with high ceiling ideas, the designer added the room by installing the tiles up to the ceiling.

Vaulted Ceiling Natural Light High Ceilings Space Room Wall Cabinetry Lighting Modern

Photo Credit | Pineapple House Interior Design

The invisible truth behind closed doors. Example of a kitchen designed simply using two colors. This is called twinned color matching. Using the advantage of the vaulted ceiling, the two islands are supported by pendants hanging from the ceiling.

High Ceiling Natural Light Space Style Light Walls Beams

Photo Credit |  Chango & Co

An image that will not disturb the eye. White is an immaculate wall and black cannot be beaten. I feel like applauding the designer for considering this because of a clean-look kitchen design idea. There is nothing else to say, I think you can be inspired too…

High Ceiling Kitchen Space Cabinets Walls Light Style Beams Ideas 1

Photo Credit | Kitchen Choreography

An example of a tall ceiling in which brown color is dominant. The flat hood covered with natural stone adds a rustic feeling to the room. The harmony of other colors with the dark tiles on the floor was great. The only contrast in the room is the cream-colored wall paint.

High Ceiling Space Cabinets Light Modern Shelving Beams

Photo Credit | Rockridge Building Company

I love kitchens with windows behind the sink. By adding a high ceiling to this, it is ensured that the kitchen is spacious. These kinds of designs make us forget the habit of eating at the table slowly, I don’t know, I might be wrong. Maybe the future is already here…

Vaulted Ceiling Space Cabinets Style Shelving

Photo Credit | Gallery B Designs

An example of fashionable kitchen design, an angled high ceiling has achieved a wonderful harmony with the meeting of gray and white colors. The natural light from the high windows caused the Super White quartzite countertop to shine.

Vaulted Ceiling Space Style Kitchen Light Beams Subway Backsplash

Photo Credit | Redstart Construction, Inc

The kitchen is designed around a blue backsplash. White granite countertops and white cabinets become contrast with dark brown beams on the high shelving and dark floors are sandwiched while the light colors.

Vaulted Ceiling Kitchens Space Style Shelving Modern

Photo Credit | TNHometour.com

The hood hanging from the high ceiling is supported by the subway backsplash, which is wrapped around the base, with gray cabinets. In this kitchen, a White Carrara marble countertop is used and it creates a contrast with the dark areas.

Vaulted Ceiling Space Style Quartz Countertops Light Huge Ceiling

Photo Credit | Freestyle Interiors

Inspiring dream kitchen designed around a dark island cabinet. Apart from that, white color was preferred for everything else, which added a great richness to the kitchen with high ceilings.

Kitchen Vaulted Ceiling Space Style Range Hood Natural Light Beams

Photo Credit | Freestyle Interiors

Stainless steel-oriented high ceiling design. There are metal accents in everything except the cabinets and countertops. It gives a different look to this kitchen and catches the harmony.

Kitchen Vaulted Ceilings Space Modern Kitchen Decor Light

Photo Credit | E.W. Kitchens

In this kitchen, an effort was made to create a coastal feeling, and glass cabinets and high ceilings were used. Metal-covered pendant lights and subway backsplash hanging from the ceiling have been brought to the desired consistency with the help of a dark-colored floor.

Vaulted Ceiling Kitchens Decor Space Subway Backsplash Beams

Photo Credit | Structural Associates

The meeting of black with white and revealing this beauty to us. A very beautiful design of how two contrasting colors fuse together. The cabinets and counters seem to dance with the colors on the floor and beams.

Vaulted Ceilings With Granite Countertops

We are entering a period in which vaulted ceiling kitchens will become even more popular. I will try to inspire your kitchen with high-ceiling ideas that you can see in almost every home design in the upcoming years.

For example, you have a high ceilings kitchen and you want to organize it. It might be a good idea to start with the lights first, although there is a high ceiling, enough natural light will enter, but after the sun goes down, you will need extra lights. I would recommend doing a study on this first.

We definitely recommend using white stone counters in the selection of countertops. These can be used in quartz and quartzite-type stones, especially in white granite counters.

Vaulted Ceiling Design Ideas

Since you will have more cabinets in the kitchen with high ceiling ideas, I think it would be beneficial to work on this project. You can put upper cabinets with glass front doors in order to be attractive and place some decors you want in the illuminated interior section.

You can also use a vaulted ceiling to decorate with tiny little baskets and some other cute things.

Open concept design plans and vaulted ceilings are used in almost all newly built modern designed houses. In the last couple of years, people are generally bored lately because they spend more time at home due to Covid. This space of the house, which is an indispensable part of a home office, gives people a more workplace feel.

You can also personalize this type of kitchen a little more and it can become the center of social gatherings with your friends and family.