27 Most Popular Green Granite Kitchen Countertops Ideas


Green granite kitchen countertops: There is also very little light green color granite in the US market. This light green granite is an overwhelmingly light green stone that attacks past creative energies. Some green granite has an excellent light green with white veining which gives it a marble look.

Another “hint” for you to make a decision for the kitchen remodeling process is adding value to your house. Lighting is very important for green granites because direct light shows more flex inside the stone and makes the stone special for homeowners. One of the main features of natural stones has to be unique. Green granite kitchen countertops are one of them which serve the homes.

peacock green tops light brown shaker cabinetry cream floor tile glass typhoon green granite pine green granite surf green granite verde bamboo granite

Photo CreditGR8WORK Builders Inc

The oversize granite countertop for the island provides an extra place to sit and eat in the kitchen. Besides, the dark stone color contrasted perfectly with the cabinets and natural stone tiles.

dark brown cabinetry peacock counters travertine tile wood floor light wood cabinets emerald green granite rainforest green granite countertop jade green

Photo CreditCurb Appeal Renovations

Peacock granite countertops design ideas with the beechwood cabinets and a medium oak staining. Beautiful kitchen design 4X4 travertine backsplash made a contrast with dark stained hardwood flooring. This does not mean that darker is better, just has more personality I believe. It is just a very elegant look. It stands much better with darker cabinets which makes this stone richer and heavier rather than using white cabinets.

green tops dark wood floor cream tile natural beauty bathroom vanity countertop granite colors gold flecks natural look

Photo Credit | J. Janis Company

Cabinetry allows for a contrast with the Verde Peacock granite countertops. The natural stone backsplash adds texture and interest to the walls, while also providing a subtle contrast to the smooth, polished surface of the Peacock granite.

light cabinetry peacock green granite pink gold gray marble

Photo CreditLandis Architects / Builders

Limestone purple slate quartz green granite slabs are designer choices. Medium blue has industry names with green sort of beige shades.

verde peacock green tops subway tile dark wood floor gray slabs gold pink blue quartzite sign material walls country explore

Photo CreditTrish Namm

Verde Peacock granite kitchen countertops design ideas combined with backsplash and cabinets. The reason is that a dark countertop and white(glazed) cabinet paired with nice warm beige color travertine have been used. Moreover, the travertine backsplash and almost the same color paint as travertine color are featured with white cabinets. Actually, it looks stunning with green color island cabinets and stainless steel appliances.

granite dark floor white pendant light nature bath quarries browns decorating deep edge surface other types country blue

Photo CreditEurotech Cabinetry

As a sample of contrast color selection, this kitchen is a good example with a center island that has a sink, pendant lights, and nice round bar stools. On the other hand, glass front wall cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and an open layout made the kitchen very useful. Pure white cabinets are designed with tops that look like black granite countertops from a distance.

Verde uba tuba granite kitchen countertops

Photo Credit Paula Grace Designs

A breathtaking example of a great combination backsplash which a glass subway tile designed in a wave pattern for Uba Tuba granite with maple color cabinets. Light color matching hardwood flooring completed with recess lights and stainless steel appliances.

uba tuba granite countertop green subway tiles

Photo CreditStuart Cohen & Julie Hacker Architects

Remarkable kitchen with Uba Tuba granite and green subway tile. Uba Tuba granite is a beautiful, dark green granite that features flecks of gold, brown, and black. It pairs well with a variety of cabinet colors and styles.

uba tuba granite countertop shaker style cabinets

Photo CreditThe Top Shop

The Uba Tuba granite countertop provides a striking contrast to the warm, golden tones of the shaker cherry cabinets. The dark green color of the granite complements the brown color stone floor tile, creating a cohesive color palette throughout the space. Darker stones will look great with golden honey color shaker cabinets.

uba tuba granite countertop maple finish cabinets

Photo CreditCurt Hofer & Associates

The flooring for this home was maple, site finished along with stainless steel appliances and crown molding combined. A beautiful “L” shape pantry with a custom-made shelf added extra space for the kitchen design. It this actually a very rare condition for small-size kitchens to have a re-designed and added walk-in pantry like this.

uba tuba granite kitchen countertop marble beige gray slabs country

Photo Creditdepotgranite

One of the Uba Tuba green granite kitchen countertops ideas is to use white cabinets and light flooring. Plus glass & stone mix backsplash with under cabinet lighting made the kitchen a fabulous place. This is actually one of the unique colors if you choose the right backsplash combination with white cabinets. Besides, a small kitchen with no daylighting always needs extra light under the cabinets or up the ceiling as recess lights.

emerald pearl granite countertops alder cabinetry

Photo CreditNicely Done Kitchens

If I can catch your attention I want you to see the floor colors and cabinet colors and how they are matching. Same thing with the backsplash and wall cabinet compliance together. Besides, four different colors have been used to see this wonderful view…

emerald pearl granite countertop alder cabinetry granite colors beige gray slabs

Photo CreditHouzz

Dark color combinations are elegant. Stainless steel appliances and modern look dark cabinetry made a stunning combination for the kitchen.

emerald pearl granite countertop cherry cabinets

Photo CreditMary Porzelt of Boston Kitchen Designs

Cherry cabinetry combined with Emerald Pearl and decorated also with mosaic tile.

emerald pearl granite white shaker cabinetry

Photo CreditSmith Kitchen & Bath Gallery

A creative kitchen designed with Emerald Pearl and white shaker cabinetry. It is very very important to pick the right backsplash because it will affect the whole picture believe it or not. Besides, stainless steel appliances and stainless steel under-mount sink with a double ogee edge made this small kitchen almost like a custom home looking…

emerald pearl granite counters

Photo CreditCase Design/Remodeling

Regardless of whether it is a level roof or a calculated one with additional windows at the top, Emerald Pearl granite makes the sparkle out of the whole kitchen. A wall paint reflection makes the tops look like gray quartz countertops when you look from a distance.

green granite counters

Photo CreditWestborough Design Center

Costa Esmeralda granite is a versatile material that can work well in a variety of design styles. Whether you’re looking for a coastal-inspired kitchen or a spa-inspired bathroom, Costa Esmeralda granite can provide the perfect foundation for your design. Costa Esmeralda granite is a stunning stone that features swirls of green, blue, and gray. It’s a versatile material that can work well in a variety of kitchen and bathroom designs.

green granite counters

Photo CreditCraig Denis

The soothing green and blue tones in Costa Esmeralda granite make it a perfect choice for inspired kitchen ideas. Pair it with white cabinetry, a freestanding tub, and natural wood accents for a serene and calming retreat.

white Carrera tiles green granite quartzite

Photo CreditCasa Design

Costa Esmeralda granite is a durable and low-maintenance material, making it a great choice for an outdoor kitchen. Pair it with stainless steel appliances and natural stone or brick accents for an outdoor space that’s both functional and beautiful.

costa esmeralda granite countertop dark cabinet

Photo CreditHahka Kitchens

The swirling green and blue tones in Costa Esmeralda granite make it a perfect choice for a coastal-inspired kitchen. Pair it with white or light-colored cabinetry and add natural wood accents and sea-inspired decor for a fresh, beachy feel.

costa esmeralda granite countertop

Photo CreditM S International

For a more traditional kitchen design, pair Costa Esmeralda granite with warm-toned cabinetry and classic hardware. Add a tile backsplash in a neutral color, such as white or beige, to complement the granite’s swirling pattern.

costa esmeralda granite countertop white and dark cabinet

Photo CreditNormandy Remodeling

Costa Esmeralda granite can also work well in a modern bathroom design. Pair it with sleek, minimalistic cabinetry and chrome fixtures for a contemporary look. Add a pop of color with brightly colored towels or a colorful piece of artwork.

butterfly granite countertop

Photo CreditGrainda Builders

This kitchen is a very good example of dark and light creating contrasting ideas. Kitchen island with stainless steel under-mount sink on it which has an overhang for bar stools to make a conversation spot for the homeowners with their guests. Pendant lamps and recess lights with light yellow wall paint color along with under cabinet lighting over the light wood floor look gorgeous.

butterfly granite countertop cream color cabinet

Photo CreditHann Builders

While thinking Verde Butterfly green granite kitchen countertops color here is a very good example. Furthermore, glass front wall cabinets, bay windows, recess lights, and all the other hardware fixtures made the kitchen a beautiful place to live.

Verde butterfly granite counters

Photo CreditLankenau Architecture

This is a beautiful example dark-light combination for creating art. Multi leveled kitchen island with a stainless sink and faucet on it was designed also with stainless steel appliances and recess lights completing the kitchen design.

butterfly granite countertop two different cabinet colors

Photo CreditThe Furniture Guild

This traditional look classic kitchen became creative by Verde Butterfly green granite kitchen countertops by using two different cabinet colors. As you see the island is creamy white and the rest of the kitchen has dark maple cabinet color surrounded by creamy subway-style backsplash tiles. The hood is wood which is on top of the 6 burners stainless steel stove. The kitchen island has a stainless steel double bowl sink with oil rubbed kitchen faucet featuring a linear chandelier above it. 

Difference Between Peacock Green Granite & Typhoon Green Granite

Since it is a darker stone it is less like to be seen if it gets stained. But if you apply a sealer once a year properly I believe you will not have any problems. Buy the strongest sealer product which is good for granite pour it on top of the green granite and wipe it till absorbs. Leave it overnight and clean it with soap& water before starting to use it. The other useful method is that clean it after you make a mass basically!!!

The cost of the 3cm green granite countertop is about $40 per square foot for residential usage. Most of the green granites such as Uba Tuba, Peacock Green, and Verde Butterfly are known as builder-grade granite.

What color goes with green countertops? While remodeling the kitchen main dilemma is which cabinet style and color goes with which granite countertops. Usually, the main purpose is to create a contrast to give a better result according to your taste. The dark green granite countertops kitchen is a very elegant stone that goes very well with dark cabinets rather than light ones. There are some applications with white cabinets also but mainly dark cabinets are preferable. Because this stone looks rich with dark cabinets and affordable prices. 

The usage of green dominated color granite in most kitchen applications with dark cabinet color and similar floor color which is used for flooring. Usually, light color wall paints are good with this stone such as white, light yellow, cream, light green, and grey very popular among others. One of the best features is that could go with either dark or light color combinations.

One of the light green granite countertops options is not to ruin the resale value of the house and if you like dark cabinet colors. This is the perfect candidate for your upcoming kitchen renovation projects in the house.

What I have experienced during the years while I was working with the customers when they decide on countertop colors to match the cabinet colors most of the job is done. Of course, the rest will be colored up with backsplash, flooring materials, lights, appliances, and paint color with green granite countertops as wall paint options.

If you catch the perfect color combinations in your dream kitchen while picking these components that we mentioned above you will be in good shape. So, the question is what idea goes with green granite? A good lock on your remodeling searches…

Uba Tuba, Verde Butterfly, Verde Peacock, Costa Esmeralda, Emerald Pearl, Seafoam Green, Hawaiian Green, Seaweed Green, Silver Sea Green, Galaxy Green.