24 Pulls For Black Cabinets


Pulls For Black Cabinets

When selecting pulls for black cabinets, you have a variety of options to enhance the overall design and style of your kitchen. The choice of cabinet pulls can influence the aesthetic, whether you prefer a modern, classic, or eclectic look.

When choosing pulls for black cabinets, consider the overall style of your kitchen, the cabinet design, and your personal preferences. It’s often helpful to bring home samples or create a digital design mock-up to visualize how the pulls will look against your black cabinetry. Additionally, consider the finish of the pulls, such as matte black, brushed nickel, or chrome, to coordinate with the cabinet color and create a cohesive look.

Cabinet Hardware Black Shaker Cabinets Modern Knobs Pulls Layer Durable Bar Shapes Wall

Photo Credit | EVCON, Inc.

Black and white are always an indispensable duo and can easily fit into almost any kitchen. This kitchen which consists of black base cabinets, white countertops, and white subway backsplash, and black shelves were preferred instead of wall cabinets. A stone farmhouse sink is used and there are patterned floor tiles. While the nickel hardware adds an elegant atmosphere to the kitchen, the cabinet handles and wooden beams on the ceiling complete the space beautifully.

Black Cabinets Drawer Pulls Cabinet Knobs Wood Accents Gold Hardware White Walls Room Dark

Photo Credit | Green Basements & Remodeling

Flat panel cabinets and white countertops always create a successful harmony. This kitchen expresses itself with quartz countertops and quartz backsplash with its modern look. While it makes a difference with its wooden-like floor appearance, the waterfall edge adds character to the island. In addition, the nickel hardware used creates a stylish environment by giving the place a luxurious atmosphere.

Marble Countertops Kitchen Cabinets Black Hardware Other Elements Style Bronze Ideas Warm

Photo Credit | Studio Architects

The combination of black shaker cabinets and wood color countertops in this kitchen design creates a clean look. The white subway backsplash shows itself even if it covers a small area. On the other hand, an attempt was made to create a unique environment with the farmhouse sink, brass cabinet handles, and pendant lighting details.

Stainless Steel Appliances Dark Cabinets One Wall Black Nickel Modern Kitchens Brass Metal Bar

Photo Credit | Southcoast Kitchen Designs

Black and white togetherness always makes a difference. Black shaker cabinets are covered with white countertops, while a perfect look is created with a white backsplash. While a warm atmosphere is given to the place with beige ceramics on the floor, stainless steel appliances and under-counter sinks are used. On the other hand, nickel hardware and pulls for black cabinets that add value to the environment make the place look exquisite.

Black Cabinet Hardware Oil Rubbed Bronze Cup Pulls Black Countertops Styles Traditional Space

Photo Credit | Carla Royder Designs & Co, LLC

In this transitional kitchen, black cabinets and white countertops are used, and integrity is provided with a gray hexagonal backsplash that appears to be three-dimensional. Finally, brushed nickel cabinet knobs helped create a kitchen that expresses its style of black cabinets.

Lighting Black Kitchen Cabinets Different Shapes Color Scheme Hardware Bathroom Contrast Blue

Photo Credit | Fine Architectural Cabinetry

Black shaker cabinets and white marble-patterned countertops appear in the black-and-white kitchen. It provides complete integrity with the same marble-looking plates between the cabinets. Glass pendant lights on the island bench and tan leather chairs around it support the modern kitchen look. The elegant pulls for black cabinets and the details of the black sink mixer attract visual interest.

Kitchen Design Ideas Cabinet Hinges Complement Contemporary Elegance Natural Shine Tiles

Photo Credit | SOL Tile & Marble, Inc.

While integrity is achieved with quartz white countertops and the same quartz backsplashes, contrast is created with black cabinets. There are wood floors in medium tones and stools made of brass that are completely compatible with the handles around the island and kitchen side. In addition, brushed brass knobs offer a stylish look in the kitchen with their simple and stylish concept.

Black Cabinets Drawer Pulls Hardware Classic Antique Green Shades Timeless Matte Sleek

Photo Credit | Duet Design Group

The dark floor attracts attention in this modern kitchen which looks quite dazzling. White countertops and backsplashes made of the same material make the environment bright and spacious. The applied metal color cabinet knobs, metal hood, and pendant lighting details create a stylish look in the kitchen.

Dark Cabinets Black Hardware Wood Marble Wall Brass Knobs Pulls Traditional Bar Green Tiles Steel Shop Styles Bronze

Photo Credit | Structural Associates

It looks incredibly elegant with black cabinets, white-gray-veined quartz countertops, and marble backsplashes on the wall. The medium-toned wood floor harmonizes with the chairs and brass handles and adds color to the design. In addition to these, large brass cabinet knobs, brass sink faucets, and pendant lights on the island were used.

Finger Pulls Cabinet Doors Round Knobs White Cabinets Art Deco Color Palette Hardware Stick Bold Pair Elevate

Photo Credit | Vivid Interiors

The harmony of black plain frameless cabinets and the black countertops that complement them is dazzling. This kitchen is dominated by black, such as black countertops create a cool effect, while wooden floors are light color. This perfect combination of modern style is concluded with Finally, brushed nickel cabinet knobs helped create a kitchen that expresses its style of pulls for black cabinets, black pendant lighting details, and bar chairs.

Kitchen Cabinets Ring Pulls Appliance Pulls Cabinet Handles Hardware Modern Creates Mirror Industrial Aluminum

Photo Credit | Atlas Marble and Granite

White quartz counters are used in this transitional kitchen with black shaker cabinets. White subway backsplash was applied to the walls and covered the hood and a unique design atmosphere was created by applying backsplash up to the ceiling. In addition, a stylish effect was created by using brass details on the hood and cabinet pulls, revealing what a modern and stylish kitchen would look like.

Black Cabinet Handles Hardware Cup Pulls Different Finishes Modern Accent Shop Pantry Accessories Feature

Photo Credit | Southcoast Kitchen Designs

The combination of white counters and white backsplash in a kitchen with black cabinets is a simple but reliable design idea. Beige porcelain tiles applied on the floor are other details of the place. Matte nickel hardware and knobs give this kitchen sparkle and vibrancy.

Best Option Create Modern Black Cabinets Round Knobs Cabinet Handles Black Cabinet Space Style Marble Sleek Brass

Photo Credit | Elizabeth Lawson Design

The kitchen combines black and white with the harmony of black shaker cabinets, white counters, and white full-height backsplash. White farmhouse sink with brass hardware while they form the focal point together, the brass handles accompany this beautiful appearance and add quality elegance which looks very cool.

Brass Hardware Marble Countertops Black Cabinet Appliance Pulls Knobs Style Sleek Room Dark Metal Lighting Wall

Photo Credit | reDesign home

This kitchen consists of matte black cabinets, a white countertop, and a white subway backsplash, providing perfect harmony with the light floors. The importance of fine details is put into effect by beautifying the environment with the brass hardware and pulls used. Finally, round cabinet handles and hood make this modern difference.

Brass Pulls Knobs Gold Hardware Bar Room Dark Metal Kitchen Cabinets Color Scheme Space Modern Wall Classic

Photo Credit | JDS Construction, LLC

I want to draw your attention to cabinet handles in this kitchen, which seem unimportant in kitchen designs but have an essential place by affecting the design greatly. These small but important details, add quality elegance when chosen specifically and carefully to give the kitchen a cool appearance. In this kitchen, you see how perfect harmony has been achieved by using black cabinets, white counters, and brass handles.

Black Cabinet Hardware Shaker Cabinets Round Knobs Brass Pulls Traditional Marble Countertops Bronze Wood

Photo Credit | OaKline Floors

In this kitchen, created with the modern look of matte black cabinets, white quartz counters were used, and a stylish atmosphere was created by perfectly harmonizing colors. Medium-toned wood floor adds dynamism to the environment and gives a mystical atmosphere. Brass color rod cabinet handles stand in front of us as an indicator of how fine details change a space, and the harmony of these beautiful pieces puts the final point in their combination.

Black Cabinet Hardware Round Knobs Brass Bold Pulls Elegance Steel Industrial Elevate Natural Contrast Bar Wood

Photo Credit | Delpino Custom Homes

In this kitchen, where the modern look of black cabinets is combined with white quartz counters, a stylish atmosphere is created by achieving perfect harmony. While the medium-toned wood floors add liveliness to the environment, the fine details of the brass-colored rod cabinet handle stand out as an indicator of how much a kitchen changes.

Cabinet Hardware Appliance Pulls Kitchen Cabinets Black Cabinets Brass Pulls Style Modern Countertops Bronze Wood

Photo Credit | The Providence Group of Georgia, LLC

The harmony of black and white is always a known fact. Black cabinets, granite counters, and white subway backsplash display the wonderful combination of the noble stance of black and the indispensable atmosphere of white. The cabinet knobs were chosen as metal hardware and an elegant look was achieved by using the bar stools around the island.

Black Hardware Brass Knobs Bar Black Kitchen Cabinets Classic Marble Tiles Steel Industrial Shades Mirror Contrast

Photo Credit | Tektoniks Architects

The kitchen, consisting of black cabinets, displays a different design with white counters and light wood trims. It captures a different style from the general with this perfect color mix. Medium-toned wood grain floor adds a warm color to the overall look. Brass cabinet knobs and even black hardware add character to the kitchen.

Brass Cabinet Hardware Black Cabinets Pulls Style Knobs Cabinet Handles Modern Appliances Classic Bronze Elements

Photo Credit | Vitex Innovation Inc.

It is one of the most well-known facts that black is an indispensable color for creating a noble image, and creates unique effects in many kitchens. This kitchen, which is created in harmony with black cabinets and Luna Pearl white granite counters, is accompanied by a mosaic glass backsplash. The nickel hardware used in this environment, where the medium-sized wooden flooring adds color, creates a very stylish effect in this transitional kitchen.

Cabinet Hardware Black Cabinets Cabinet Handles Black Cabinet Brass Knobs Pulls Appliances Modern Bar Lighting

Photo Credit | Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery

In this kitchen, where the idea of ​​black cabinets, white counters, and black subway backsplash was applied, an unusually cool look was achieved by applying white grout. The floor is dark colored and is in harmony with the cabinets. Finally, shiny brass hardware and cabinet knobs were preferred to keep the space lively.

Black Cabinets Cabinet Handles Black Cabinet Hardware Brass Knobs Pulls Modern Bar Create

Photo Credit | The Place for Kitchens and Baths

What kind of kitchen do you want? What should be your first choice? If you want a black kitchen, I recommend you take the picture above as an example. Black color conveys its nobility even without the need for any details. A wonderful white quartz countertop was used in the kitchen consisting of black cabinets. Adding style and elegance to plain cabinets with a cool effect, nickel hardware is preferred on the knobs, ensuring that it turns into a real icon.

Cabinet Hardware Black Cabinets Cabinet Handles Black Cabinet Black Kitchen Cabinets Knobs Brass Modern

Photo Credit | Johnson + McLean x Design

Black cabinets are always popular and other details determine the style of homeowners. Beige travertine floor tiles are used in the kitchen, which consists of flat panel cabinets, white quartz counters, and mosaic tile backsplash. The harmony of shiny nickel hardware with backsplashes impresses the kitchen. Besides, the successful harmony of the cabinet knobs can be seen.

Black Cabinets Cabinet Handles Cabinet Hardware Black Cabinet Brass Knobs Pulls

Photo Credit | Earthen Co Interiors

The strong contrast of black and white always creates incredible effects on people. This kitchen which consists of black kitchen cabinets, a pure white countertop is used and is the same color as the white island cabinets. White subway backsplash was preferred among the cabinets and made the design look magnificent. Original pendant lighting with transparent structures creates a cool effect by creating a transparent effect. And finally, nickel hardware and cabinet knobs create jewel-like elegant details in this fine kitchen.

Black Cabinet Hardware Options

Choosing the right hardware for black cabinets is crucial for achieving a cohesive and stylish look in your kitchen or any space with cabinetry.

When selecting black cabinet hardware, consider the overall style of your kitchen, the type of cabinets, and your preferences. Mixing and matching different styles can create a customized and eclectic look while sticking to a consistent style provides a cohesive appearance. Additionally, please pay attention to the finish of the hardware, whether it’s matte black, oil-rubbed bronze, or another option, to ensure it complements the black cabinet color.

What Is The Black Hardware?

“Black hardware” typically refers to various types of metal or material-based hardware items with a black finish. Black hardware has become increasingly popular in interior design, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms, as it provides a sleek and modern look.

Black hardware is versatile and can be used in a variety of design styles, including modern, industrial, farmhouse, and transitional. It often provides a striking contrast against light-colored surfaces and adds a touch of sophistication to the overall design. When incorporating black hardware into your home, consider the existing color scheme, the style of your space, and your personal design preferences.

Cup Pulls For Kitchen Cabinets

Cup pulls, also known as bin pulls, are a popular and stylish choice for kitchen cabinets. They have a distinctive cup-shaped design that provides a comfortable grip while adding a decorative element to the cabinets. Cup pulls come in various styles, finishes, and sizes, making them versatile for different kitchen designs.

Ultimately, cup pulls for kitchen cabinets offer a versatile and decorative hardware option. With various styles and finishes available, you can find cup pulls that suit your design preferences and enhance the overall look of your kitchen.